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Truth by ginny_malfoy22
Chapter 1 : Liar
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Disclaimer: Guess what! I OWN Harry Potter! I don't...what a downer

Two years they had been hiding from me, secretly together, but not saying a word. They never told me. Why? I would’ve been happy for them! My two best friends. I had been rooting for them since day one. They said they didn’t want to make things awkward. But I looked at her, and could see that wasn’t it. She had tried to keep the whole thing quiet. There was something wrong here. I wasn’t the youngest Seeker in a century for nothing. I could always see something that other people can’t, and I could definitely see something was wrong. Well, them hiding from me was wrong, but there was more to it, I could tell, by looking at her. I couldn’t tell what…but there was something missing. She had been my best friend for years; I should be able to tell when something is wrong. She didn’t seem as happy as she should be. When I told them it was great, however, she just thanked me, smiling broadly. I pushed the thought of it to the back of my head, until I remembered it two months later, when I saw her sitting the library by herself; looking the happiest she had in the past two months. I walked up to her, and sat beside her.

"Is there anything wrong? Because, you know you can tell me? Anything wrong with your relationship with Ron?" I asked. I instantly knew this was the wrong thing to say. She looked up at me, a scared look in her eyes.

"What gives you that idea? Ron and I are very much in love, Harry," she said. I nodded.

"It’s just, you, sitting in the library by yourself is the happiest I’ve seen you in two months," I said. Hermione scoffed.

"I am very happy with Ron. Two years, and two months, Harry. Maybe forever," she said. I knew then that there was most definitely something wrong. That was the moment girls were supposed to look all dreamy-eyed, thinking about forever with their boyfriends. But she didn’t. I could tell, by the tone of her voice, and the look in her eyes, that she didn’t like the idea of that.

"I’m always here to talk, if you need it," I told her, and I walked off. I didn’t like seeing her like this. She had always been like my sister, and something was hurting her. If it was Ron…well, he’d understand what I had to do. He had a sister himself to protect.


After Hermione had gone to bed that night, making a big show of kissing Ron good-night, I suspect to assure me that everything was fine, I turned to Ron. He raised his eyebrows.

"What?" he asked impatiently.

"What’s wrong with Hermione?" I asked bluntly.

"Nothing. Does anything seem wrong to you?" asked Ron.

"Yes, that’s why I’m asking," I said, pointedly

"I don’t see anything wrong with her. Harry, do you think something’s wrong?" asked Ron.

"She just seems…unhappy," I said. Ron frowned.

"Why would she be?" he muttered to himself.

"Look, Ron, it doesn’t matter. I was just wondering if maybe you were hurting her in anyway. Because she’s like my sister," I said. Ron looked at me, and our eyes locked. He understood where I was coming from.

"I would never hurt Hermione. I love her," said Ron. I smiled.

"I know, mate. But I had to be sure," I told him. I then went upstairs, my head buzzing. What was wrong with Hermione?


The next day was a Hogsmeade visit. Hermione and Ron were going together, and I was going with Neville, Luna, and Ginny. Luna, I knew, liked Ron, so didn’t like the idea of Ron and Hermione. Neville and Ginny were completely oblivious. Ginny had long since given up on me, and now liked Neville. Neville liked Ginny, too. I knew this, because Neville had asked Ron how he would feel if he dated his younger sister. Ron had just shrugged. I knew Ginny liked Neville, because she kept giving him all these little glances. It is amazing how easily others can pick up on these things but the two involved have no idea.

"Where do you guys want to go first?" I asked to break the silence.

"Let’s go to the Three Broomsticks. I’d like a Butterbeer," suggested Ginny. The other two nodded in agreement, and once we arrived in the village, we immediately headed to the little pub. I got everyone drinks, and then sat down at the table. It seemed like I’d have to be the one to do the talking, as Neville and Ginny were just ignoring everything, oblivious to the other one liking them, and Luna was looking over at another table. There sat Hermione and Ron. Ron seemed to be doing a lot of talking, and Hermione was just moving her chips around the bowl, looking gloomy. I frowned, and then shook my head.

"So, Neville, anyone you like?" I said, diverting everyone’s attention. Neville went pink, glanced at Ginny, and then went even pinker.

"What about you, Ginny?" I asked. Ginny followed in Neville’s example.

"I see. Luna, would you like to take a walk. I think these two," I pointed at Ginny and Neville "Need to talk." Luna looked up at me, and nodded. We left Neville and Ginny at the table, looking at each other nervously.

"Hermione doesn’t look happy," said Luna. I looked at Luna cautiously. She didn’t notice.

"Maybe she’ll break up with Ron," Luna said.

"Maybe it’s none of your business," I snapped.

"What’s up with you?" asked Luna, frowning

"Something is wrong with Hermione, you’re right. I Just can’t put my finger on it," I told her.

"Maybe she’s been caught by a jinklehower," said Luna.

"Maybe…wait, what?" I said "What’s a jinklehower?"

"Well, like Dementors, they make you miserable, but instead of dwelling on your worst memory, you think of the worst thing that can happen to you at the moment, or just make you think about the bad things in your life at the moment, and they make you depressed. They’re commonly associated with suicidal people," explained Luna. I frowned.

"Somehow, I don’t think she’s been caught by a jinklehower," I stated. Luna shrugged.

"Just an idea," said Luna.

"I wonder how Ginny and Neville are doing," I said, looking through the window of the Three Broomsticks. They were talking, and Ginny seemed to be nodding, looking down, blushing, and then looking back at Neville with red cheeks. She kept going redder and redder, and then she kissed Neville on the cheek. I cheered and wolf-whistled. Ginny and Neville seemed to have heard, because they both turned around and did the thumbs up.

"That’s so cute," said Luna dreamily. I just smiled, and pushed open the door, and walked out.

"Took you long enough! Congratulations!" I said loudly. Ginny just laughed, and walked over to me. She hugged me.

"Thank-you, Harry," she said.

"No problem, Ginny," I said, smiling, and patting her on the head.

"Hey!" she said.

"Midget!" I said. Ginny kicked me in the shin.

"You’re just like my brothers!" she yelled. I smirked.

"But, I, unlike your brothers, tried to set you up with your boyfriend! And we’re close enough to be brother and sister. I must be your favourite brother!" I said. Ginny laughed.

"I suppose you’d have to be," she said, smirking.

"Go back to your little boyfriend," I said. She walked over to Neville, and I made kissy noises as she walked. She turned around and gave me a rude hand gesture. I just laughed, and Ron came over to me.

"What did you do?" he asked.

"Ginny and Neville go out, and I’m Ginny’s favourite brother!" I told him. Ron snorted.

"You’re not even her brother," said Ron "And Neville, good, he’s about the only person I would trust with my sister."

"That’s good. I think they’re good together," I said. Then I left the Three Broomsticks to go to Honeydukes.


The three of us were sitting, doing our homework, when Ron looked at Hermione.

"Hermione, can we talk?" asked Ron. Hermione nodded. Ron looked around the room, and spotted a corner with no one in it. He gestured there, and Hermione followed him there. I made sure they couldn’t see me, and got out my invisibility cloak, and went over to them.

"I’m fine, Ron," Hermione said.

"Harry seemed to think…" started Ron.

"Harry!" Hermione cut him off, "Harry? What does Harry know, Ron? You ask if I’m okay because Harry seems to think I’m not? You should know me better than Harry, Ron! If you can’t see anything wrong, there’s nothing wrong!"

"Hermione, Harry’s a lot more perceptive about these kinds of things," said Ron.

"There’s nothing wrong, Ron!" said Hermione. Ron sighed.

"All right! All right, I get it," said Ron. Hermione sniffed.

"Thank-you. If you don’t mind, I’m going to bed," said Hermione, and she stormed past Ron, nearly knocking into me. Ron went back to where our homework sat. I went halfway up the boys dormitories stairs, took off my Invisibility Cloak, and went downstairs.

"Hey Ron," I said, sitting next to him.

"There’s nothing wrong with Hermione," said Ron.

"I was just making sure the other day. I didn’t say there was anything definitely wrong," I said. Ron nodded.

"I know. She was hardly eating today though, and I think you were right," said Ron. I sighed.

"Maybe she just wasn’t hungry. She loves you, Ron. If anything’s wrong, it’s nothing to do with you," I said. Ron nodded.

"I’m going to bed," said Ron, and he collected his homework, and went up to the dormitory. I watched him, wondering if Ron believed what I had just said. I wanted to believe it, I tried to convince myself that it wasn't Ron, or that there really wasnt anything wrong. But I couldn't believe it. Something was terribly wrong with Hermione, and I would get to the bottom of it.

AN~ Ok, so this is different from me. I don't like Harry/Hermione. I love Ron/Hermione. But the essence of Harry/Hermione works for this, and I really like this one, I feel quite proud of it for a number of reasons. I would number them all off for you but that would take awhile, and I doubt you'd read this anyway. Also, in the Hogsmeade scene, yes, I DID go crazy. I do that. I go crazy. I'm a wierdo. I made up jinklehowers, for Potter's sake (hehe). What do you think of my story and chapter titles? I'm normally bad at them, but they just seemed to fit! Anyway, please review, and tell me what you think!
Update: This story is now being beta-ed, so thank you to Wannabe_Writer!



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Truth: Liar


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