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Curiosity Killed The Cat... by lollipop_marauderette
Chapter 1 : Victories, Losses, And Purple Pickles
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 nothin iz mine except 4 origanal caharacters... that includes Ana!!! and plot

  "How long do you think it will be before he wakes up? That is, if he does." An anxious voice broke through the thick darkness and silence.

  "I have no idea Ronald. And stop talking like that!" Another voice came through. "He'll wake up, it'll just take - Ahhh!!!" A crash sounded.

  24 year - old Harry Potter had stirred. He groaned. He was sore for some unknown reason.

  He slowly opened his eyes. Everything was blurry. After a second, Harry realized he wasn't wearing his glasses.

  He reached out blindly and felt someone hand him his glasses. Harry put them on and quickly shut his eyes against the harsh light. He blinked a few times and adjusted to the light.

  To his right was a tall, freckle - faced red head. To his left was a woman with curly brown hair and deep brown eyes.

  "Hrghhhroorn..." Harry's throat was dry and slow and hurt like crazy.

  "Oh Harry!!!" Hermione Granger leaned down and hugged the young man. When Harry groaned, she let go. "Sorry, it's just, we weren't sure you would make it."

  "Who was the one saing 'be positive'?"  Ron Weasly turned to Harry and smiled. "You sure scared us mate."

  Harry looked confused. What were they talking about?

  Ron and Hermione looked concerned. "Don't you remember Harry?" Hermione said slowly. Harry shook his head.

  "We won. The war's over. Voldemort's dead! You killed him!" Ron exclaimed happily.

  While Hermoione scolded Ron for being so noisy, Harry's head started to spin. Voldemort! Dead! After over 7 years of fighting, the war was over!!

  Everything came rushing back. Every second of the two day long final battle. From the very first spell he cast to the pandemonium of Voldemort dieing and blacking out.

  Ron and Hermione were looking at Harry expectantly. Harry opened his mouth to talk. Man, his throat hurt. But when he tried to speak, not even a sound came out.

  Harry's eyes widened. He was frightened. What was wrong with his voice?

  Harry gestured to his throat and shook his head, trying to communicate with his two best friends.

  Hermione and Ron exchanged a look and looked at Harry symphathetically. Hermione started to speak in a sad voice. "Professor McGonagall was afraid this might happen. I'm so sorry Harry."

  Harry looked even more confused. This time, Ron spoke. "Do you remember your duel with Malfoy...?"

  Yes, Harry remembered.

  Harry and Malfoy had been firing rapid curses and hexes while dodging the others. When one of Harry's spells had caused Malfoy to become disarmed and fall to the ground, Harry took his chance.

  But as Harry was about to shout the killing curse at his long - time enemy, Draco Malfoy did a peice of wandless magic.

  Harry felt his throat tighten, stopping his voice and almost choking him. Harry just used nonverbal magic to finish the Deathe Eater who had assisted in the killing of Dumbldore.

  But his voice had come back after a few hours!! He still didn't understand.

  "You see Harry," Hermione was still talking in her sad tone. "When Malfoy hit you with that curse, it damaged your vocal cords."

  Harry was still confused. Seriously, what were they talking about??!!!

  "You see mate," Ron looked uncomfortable and was shifting from side to side. "You're, er, mute."

  Harry's face turned blank. Mute? But he can't be mute! Not to be concieted, but he was now the most powerful wizard in the magical world!!

  "But look at the bright side, at least you're awake!" Hermione smiled trying to lighten the mood.

  Ron anwsered Harry's unasked question. "After the fight, yo were in a coma. You stayed at Hogwarts for a while, but then the Order moved you here."

  For the first time, Harry noticed his surroundings. He was in a soft bed covered by a blue blanket. There was a wooden side table next to him covered with pictures of people he was and is close to. The walls were dark yellow and sunlight filled the room due to the window.

  Harry quirked an eyebrow and mimed writing.  Hermione understood and conjured a small white board and a dry erase marker.

  'Where am I?' Harry wrote.

  "St Mungos, in the long term wing," Ron anwsered.

  'How long?'

  "You've been here for more than two months. Ginny's been on the verge of tears the whole time," Hermione supplied.

  Harry smiled at the thought of the red head. He had like her for a long time and she had like him. But Harry refused to date her with Voldemort at a large. Maybe now that he was dead, Harry could date Ginny now.

  At that point, the door flew open and Harry's twin burst in.

  Anaxandra Vie' Potter, she always wondered what her parents were thinking when they named her, was extremely pretty. She looked a lot like her brother too. They were both tan and tall. They each had large muscles to, and though it didn't look like it, ana's were bigger.

[ A/N - this is due to her bring a beater and for training you'll find out about in the next bood. hehe ] 

  Harry and Ana also both had black hair. Harry's was like their father's, but Ana's reach her bottom. it was straight now, but it was naturally mescurmpy.

[ A/N - it means  ' messy and half curly half crimpy' ] 

Another thing was that they both looked like their parents. With minor differences, Ana looked like their mother, and Harry looked like their father.

  But Harry acted more like Lily. He was intelligent, responsible, and more serious. While Ana was like James. Pranking and getting into trouble with her friends. She was very smart to, but was random adn crazy and had a short intension span. But they both had their mother's temper.

  And while Harry was more conservative and shy, Ana was outgoing and loquacious. But that was due partly to theire different childhoods.

  When Lily and James had died, the twins had been seperated. Harry went to their relatives and Ana went to america. They didn't meet until their 3rd year. So Ana often confused others with her US accent and sayings.

  "Lookey here! Sleeping Beauty has finally awakened from her deep slumber. Who kissed you, Ron or Hermione!!??"

  'Hi Rapunzal.' Harry thought,  forgetting that he could no longer speak.

  "My name is NOT Rapunzal. I do not like princess stuff and I do not need a man to rescue me!!"

  Ron and Hermione looked confused. "What are you going on about, Ana?"

  Ana looked at them like they were crazy. "Harry called me Rapunzal again!!!! You know how mad that makes me!!"

  "No he didn't," Hermione said shaking her head. "Harry's a mute now."

  Now Ana looked confused. "Well then how come I could hear him plain as day?"

  'I thought it. You must be able to hear me because we're twins. That and our scars.' Harry wrote. They looked at their scars. Harry's lighting bolt and Ana's crescent moon.
  "That's insane!!!" I'm like The Amazing Ana! mind Reader Extroidenaire! Yep, I like the sound of that!"

  Hermione shook her head and Harry laughed silently. Ron looked at her strangely. "Ana what are you eating?"

  Ana looked at her hand. "A pickle, duh." She took a large bite.

  "Um, why is it purple?'

  "I thought it looked boring and decided to give it a makeover," ana said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

  Harry started to shake he was laughing so hard.

  "Well enough about me and my eating habits. How ya doin bro?"

  'Fine I guess. At least it's sunny in here.'

  "That it is!" Ana said. Then going to the window and throwing it open, she began to sing at the top of her voice

Oh what a beautiful morning!
Oh what a beautiful day!
I've got a beautiful feeling
Everythings going my way!

  "Hey!" All the noise had attracted a healer. "Be quiet and shut that window! There are sick people here! Nice to see you awake Mr. Potter."

  Ron and Hermione walked out, but Ana just made a face and sat on Harry's bed.

  She started to whisper. "Harry, I really missed you, ya know? Just please get out of here soon."

  Harry thought back to here. 'How bad do you want me out?'

  "All lot!" She whispered still.

  'Fine then. If I get out in less than a week... I get to do something!'

  "All right anything, just  please get out of here soon."

  "Hey!!!! I said get out!!!!" The nurse had a red face now. Ana blew a rasberry and turned back to Harry.

  'I get to do whatever I want to your hair.'

  Ana gulped. Everyone knew how protective she was of her hair. "All right, but only 'cuz I love you and I miss ya."

  'You might want to hurry. That nurse looks like she's about to blow her top.'

  Ana nodded. "Bye Sleepin' Beauty!"

  As she walked out the door, that healer glared at her and sent Ana evil eyes. Ana just skipped out like nothing had happened.

  Harry smiled and thought about how lucky he was to have Ana as a twin.

  Then the healer came over with a new smile and started to run tests. 

  'Oh please let me get out soon!'

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