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Stars, Boggarts, and Extreme Matchmaking by VioletMarauder
Chapter 4 : The Dark Angels
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(Last chapter)

Glancing back at the letter, her heart fell somewhere to the very deepest depths of her navel. Maybe she was just paranoid for spending the last few hours with Harry Potter. But as she gazed at those last three words, she was sure that it was anything but coincidence.


You. Know. Who.

Her thought train was interrupted by a knocking and a thump below her.

In the area the front door was.

Ch. 4 The Dark Angels

“Mail!” Elle heard the familiar voice of the mailman call from the front porch. Relieved beyond all belief that it wasn’t John, Elle descended down the stairs to collect the bunch of envelopes that had come in through the mail slot. There was a package from Borders Bookstore. Confused, she stared at it. Then she remembered the date. The 21st. Elle cried out in delight as she tore open the package to reveal Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Excited, she ran upstairs and for the next six and a half hours she read the book.

When she was done, and wiping the tears from her eyes, she noticed that John still wasn’t back yet. She thought about her journey. She had gone to and from the magical dimension on an account of tears. Then it hit her. TEARS!!! If she cried on a Harry Potter book, she would go there. And if a sort of magical tear occurrence (such as a flaming phoenix tear) hit her, she would come back! It was perfect. Now she could get away from John.

Elle lunged over to her closet and grabbed her suitcase. She wasn’t going unprepared this time. Quickly, she threw some clothes into it and a few bare essentials. She then picked up the fifth Harry Potter book and prepared for take-off when the rest of the series caught her eye. She had two copies of each (she had gotten the second set for her birthday and had ordered two of the seventh one). As a last minute decision, she put the other thirteen into her bag, along with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Quidditch Through the Ages. She held her suitcase in her hands and opened the Harry Potter book to the dedication page. She was working up tears when she heard the front door slam open.

“Oh, Girlie!” John sang in a terrifying voice. In the moment of the realization of him being there, Elle’s tear ducts seemed to have gone dry. Cursing, she tried to come up with something to make her cry as she heard her stepfather lumbering up the stairs. Remembering the seventh book, she immediately thought of Arianna Dumbledore. Tears started streaming down her face as her door burst open and John entered, carrying a loaded gun.

“Goodbye John,” Elle said, grinning as her tears fell onto the book.

Nothing happened.

Panicking, Elle looked down at the book. She shook it slightly, but it didn’t help. She looked back up at John, terrified. He grinned, raising the gun. It only took her mind a second to figure it out.

She had left on an account of a magical tear. So maybe that was how she had to get back. But how to create a magical tear in this world? She was so shocked that she couldn’t even cry. ‘Magical tears. Think, Elle! Think!’ Then it came to her.

“Aguamenti!” Elle cried, concentrating on crying. As a waterfall of her tears fell onto the book, a blue light emanated from it. She felt herself disappear as she heard four gunshots.

*Magical Dimension*

Elle fell to the ground, the book still in her hands. She was attempting to get up when her suitcase fell on her. She cried out as it nearly broke her back. Then an unfamiliar, low voice spoke out.

“Are you all right?” it asked, concerned. Elle opened her eyes to gaze into bright turquoise ones. Searching the entire face, she saw that it was slightly angular, a boy’s face. He had tousled black hair, turquoise eyes, long eyelashes, a slender nose, and full, pink lips.

“Hello.” Elle said quietly.

“Hello.” He replied.

“Hello.” She said again. Then she blushed at her stupidity. “Sorry, I just said hello twice.” She heard other laughter and looked around. The black haired boy was crouching down in front of her. Behind him she saw three others. One was a pale boy with silverish hair slicked back. He had piercing deep gray eyes and was wearing a smirk, standing by a spectacular bed. There was another boy who had shaggy black hair and deep brown skin with slanted black eyes that were oddly bright. He lounged in a plush emerald chair. The last was a very beautiful girl with short brown hair, which was shorter in the back than in the front. Bangs fell over her hazel eyes and she held herself with a confident air, leaning against the wall.

“So who may you be, and why are you in my house?” The pale one spoke with an amused mask, but he held a real threat beneath it.

“Er, I’m Estelle Willows. Call me Elle.” She said, her voice straining because of the suitcase crushing her back. “Um, I don’t suppose you could get my luggage off of my back, could you?”

“Of course!” the boy in front of her said, seemingly blushing in embarrassment that he had not offered help earlier. “Come on guys, help.” He said to the other three behind him. They sprang to action, helping drag the impossibly heavy suitcase off of her. The boy grinned and held out his hand to help Elle up. She accepted, but while she got up, Elle felt a sharp pain in her stomach. She looked down and gasped. There was blood pouring from four bullet holes.

“So the bullets came with me I guess.” She said quietly, but loud enough so that everyone’s eyes were drawn to her stomach.

“Oh, god.” The dark one said.

“No!” breathed the girl.

“How?” the pale one asked.

“ELLE!” screamed the boy in front of her. “Don’t worry, I’ll heal it.” He whipped out his wand and pointed it at Elle but she stopped him.

“Listen,” she whispered. “If you use magic, you’ll be expelled from school. And if you heal it, the bullets will stay in there and do internal damage. I’ll do my best to get them out.” She looked down at her stomach and concentrated. “Accio bullets.”

Immediately, the bullets zoomed out of her stomach and into her hand. She felt her knees buckle, but strong arms held her up. Her vision got hazy (part of that may have been because her glasses had been knocked off sometime after she arrived) as she heard murmured words and a warm fuzzy sensation in her stomach. She was brought back to the present, well, as present as you can get in 1995, by someone calling her name.

“Elle? Are you okay?” The turquoise-eyed boy asked her. She looked down and rubbed her stomach. It was a little sore, but healed. “Yes, thank you.” She stared up at him in wonder. “You saved me.” And then horror. “But what if you’re expelled from school? And it would all be my fault to! I can’t believe-”

“Elle! It’s okay. I used magic in a life-threatening situation. Well, life-threatening for you, at least. They can’t send me to Azkaban for saving someone’s life.” He put a finger on her lip to keep her silent. His touch immediately calmed her. Little did Elle know that her mysterious stranger was losing himself into her violet eyes. And that the next thing said would ruin the moment so completely that only a certain type of rodent could do it.

“What the bloody hell is ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’?” the pale boy yelled. Apparently, the suitcase had busted open and its contents were all across the floor. The girl was had been inspecting Elle’s bra size when her head and the dark guy’s head snapped up. “Potter? Harry Potter?” the dark boy asked.

Elle started to feel a bit sick. Her hero was looking at her questioningly. “Why do you have a book about Harry Potter?” he asked quietly, a hint of anger in his voice.

Elle sighed in resignation. “You all go to Hogwarts, I suppose.” They all nodded. “Oh, crap. I guess I have to tell you the whole story. So she told them everything. Her life story, all up until she had gotten shot. “And so, you guys saved my life and I thank you to the bottom of my heart.” There was a silence. Then the girl spoke. “I know this sounds crazy, but I think I believe you.”

“Pansy, are you crazy? Trusting a complete stranger?” the dark on said, jumping to his feet.

“Pansy?” Elle cried in disbelief. “Pansy Parkinson? The pugged-faced girl who was always mean to Hermione and that’s why she called her a cow?”

“Granger? The buck-toothed bookworm Mudblood?” Pansy raged. Then she turned even angrier. “The Mudblood called me a cow?”

“Well…” Elle deliberated “Not yet. It’ll be on the train in September. You see, she get’s mad because you and that absolute idiot Malfoy become prefects. She and Ron are prefects too. Actually, I take that back. Malfoy isn’t an idiot, he’s a moron. I mean, what kind of a name is Draco, anyway? He’s so selfish and cruel and heartless and vain and…” she dwindled off because the pale boy was glaring mutinously at her. She was confused why he was so angry, and then it clicked into place in her mind.

“No, no, no. Please do not tell me that you’re Draco Malfoy and I just insulted you in your own house and I’m at your complete and utter mercy which is very thin right now.” Elle felt like an idiot.

He gave her the angriest smile that she had ever seen. “You got it in one. You are so lucky that I can’t do magic out of school or you would have wished those bullets would have gotten you.”

“Draco! Is that any way to talk to someone? My apologies Elle, he can lose his head at times but he’s actually a great friend.” The mystery boy said. But Elle wasn’t listening. She was working out the details.

“So…that must mean you’re Blaise Zabini!” she said excitedly, pointing to the black boy.

“Of course, milady.” Blaise said, grinning. “I suppose that they mention me a great many times in the series, for I am very bold, sexy, valiant, sexy, good in bed, sexy-”

“Okay I get the point.” Said Elle, hurriedly. “And no, the series only mentions you in two books, the first one, where you get sorted and there they only said your name. For the longest time, everyone thought that you were a girl. And then-”

“Everyone thought I was a girl? What shoddy bloke wrote the book? I wasn’t to wring his neck!”

“Actually, J. K. Rowling is a woman. Anyways, back to what I was saying. The other time was in the sixth book. You were on the train and Pansy was accusing you of thinking that Ginny Weasley was hot. Oddly enough, she just happened to be looking at Draco the entire time. I always wondered why. It’s almost like she expected him to agree with you.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” Draco said. “I can understand Blaise liking her- he likes every good-looking girl in existence- but I would never care for some red-haired, freckled, curvaceous, filthy little blood traitor, would I?”

“You don’t have to call her all that,” Elle began, but then she stopped. “Wait, did you say curvaceous?”

“Er,” Draco searched around for an answer. “Uh, um.”

Elle was oblivious to his humiliation, but then she saved him from answering. “Hang on, If you all are Pansy, Blaise, and Draco, then who’s he?” she asked, pointing at her savior. “I know you’re not Crabbe or Goyle because they’re thick, and you aren’t Marcus Flint because you’re teeth are straight, so who are you?”

“Me? I’m Theodore Nott. But please, call me Theo.” Theo said with a grin. Elle stared, half in horror, half in disbelief.

“Nott? Theodore Nott? They only mentioned you once in the fifth book, and it said you were some small weedy guy, not a sex bomb.” She clamped her hands over her mouth after she said the last words. Draco and Blaise laughed.

“Oooooh, Theo! Looks like someone fancies you!” Draco teased.

“Leave her alone, guys. It’s hard when someone finds out that you like then.” Pansy said, in her attempt to scold them. Theo wasn’t listening. He was concentrating on the girl in front of him. “Is it true?” he asked in a soft gentle voice. “Do you like me?”

It was time for Elle to make her escape. Her mind shrieked for her to leave but her body and heart wanted to stay. Finally, her legs were able to move and she started to back away. “Er, I’m sorry, but I should get home now.” Elle turned to walk away, but an arm on her shoulder stopped her.

“Liar. You won’t go back to that maniac. Now please, just answer the question.”

“She turned back to him, her mind frantically thinking up another excuse. “Well, then, I have to get back to Harry! Yes. It’s been a few days since I disappeared on the spot and he would be dreadfully worried, and-”

Theo tried not to show how much her words hurt him. That she would rather go to Potter then stay here with him. But some of his despair must have shown because she stopped talking to stare at him.

“You’d rather go to Potter?” Theo asked in a dejected sort of way. Elle’s resolve vanished on the spot. “No.” she whispered.

“So answer the question.” He said as he stopped right in front of her. She turned her head away, but he took hold of her chin and lifted it so that her eyes were looking into his. “Do you like me?” he asked again.

Elle began to tremble, slightly. Her mind was going haywire. She had never liked anyone before; she had just kept to her books. So she decided to go with the truth. “Yes.”

She had no way of knowing how much Theo was rejoicing on the inside, save for the jubilant crooked smile that he gave her. He leaned I slightly, to see if she protested. She didn’t. He leaned in closer, his lips about to brush hers.

Suddenly, the door banged open and Lucius Malfoy entered his face slightly pink. “Everyone.” He said. “The Dark Lord is here and he wishes to meet his future servants.” Then he caught sight of Elle. “Who are you?”

“Theo’s new girlfriend.” Said Draco, lying smoothly to his father. “She just Flooed from the airport. She’s American.”

“An international witch? Oh, the Dark Lord will be pleased with that. Good job, Nott. Bring her to.” He swept out of the room with a flourish of his cape.

“What are we going to do?” Pansy and Blaise cried in unison.

“We’ll have to bring her, my father is probably telling the Dark Lord about her right now. If we don’t come down with her, we could all die.” Draco said quietly.

“A price I’m willing to pay.” Theo said viciously.

“NO!” Elle shouted. “I want to meet Voldy.”

Everyone in the room stared at her as if she was mental.

“Did you just say Voldy?” Blaise asked in a disbelieving tone. “You do realize that if you keep saying that, you will get killed.”

“Sorry, I say it out of habit. But seriously, I really want to talk to him, ask him a few questions. It’s not like we really have a choice, anyway.”

“No, I guess we don’t.” said Theo quietly. He held her hand as the five of them walked to what may be their doom.  



A.N: Wow, it's been a while since I last updated. Sorry for the  delay and stay tuned for the next chapter!

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