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The Last Venture by Lillikins
Chapter 1 : The Last Venture
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A/N/ Hey everyone...just another of my little one-shots while I wait for this battery grrr...people sent me the wrong thing  and I;m so sad because I have the whole story ready to be finished! Hope you enjoy this little thing anyway..please review...will be posting as much as i can and ignoring the one-week rule i set myself i proommmiiisee once the battery is back xoxox las always and forever ove to you all

“Come out and fight!” a slithery voice commanded. Two men crouched lower behind dustbins in a dark alley. They took in sharp breaths, having run for cover at the sound of their enemies Apparating. Each looked to the opposite end of the alley guarded by no less than five Death Eaters.

Fabian Prewitt jumped in fright at the sound of the Death Eaters exploding boxes, bins, plants and letterboxes in search for them. He looked nervously to his brother Gideon.

“Where are the others?” he whispered. Gideon sneaked a look over the dustbin at the approaching Death Eaters.

“I have no idea. I hope the Death Eaters haven’t got to them.” The words were hardly out of his mouth when he noticed movement behind shrubs adjacent to them. Peering through the foliage, he recognized two women: Dorcas Meadows and Marlene McKinnon. Motioning to the women to remain hidden, Gideon felt Fabian nudge him.

Fabian was watching the Death Eaters approaching with fear. They were almost at the shrub where Meadows and McKinnon were hidden. If they took any more steps the Death Eaters would surely find them and kill them. Fabian and Gideon were well hidden and would be easily missed if the Death Eaters passed.

Gideon looked at Fabian apprehensively shaking his head. The two knew what they had to do. They had joined the Order together against the warnings of their father and the blubbering of their sister Molly. They had made a promise to Dumbledore to support the cause. They weren’t going to simply stand by and watch two of their comrades impending deaths.

“Cradle to grave.” Fabian whispered, honoring their promise to never leave each other’s side. Gideon gave him a quivering smile.

Then, with a quick nod, they erupted from their hiding place to face the Death Eaters. Fabian and Gideon stood in the alley, in front of the shrubs, protecting their friends from their foes. Each stood with their wand raised, reflexes ready.

“Ah, Fabian and Gideon,” the slithery voiced Death Eater welcomed coldly. “Come to play?”

Gideon sneered. “Dolohov, ready to lose?”

Dolohov laughed coldly. “You don’t stand a chance.”

Fabian and Gideon looked to each other. He was right but they were thinking of the bigger picture. All that mattered was that the other’s got back safely and that they took out as many of the Death Eaters as they could.

“Avenge us.” Gideon whispered so only Dorcas and Marlene could hear, as he and Fabian engaged in the fight that would claim their lives.

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