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Will you Marry me? OUCH! by AK Carmel
Chapter 3 : Nitwit, Blubber, Oddment, Tweak!
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     As Harry woke up the next morning he found the room empty, for a second he’d forgotten what events took place last night, then as he pulled himself up and felt a stabbing pain run down his shoulder and saw it bandaged up. Where were Teddy and Ginny? A scent of pancakes and eggs carried into the room and he heard a faint chorus of “Weasley is Our King”. Harry pulled on a shirt and ran down the stairs into the kitchen to find Ginny flipping pancakes, as Teddy dropped chocolate chips into the batter the two of the were singing quite loudly “WEASELY IS OUR KING!” Ginny had changed out of her jeans into a pair of Harry’s sweats. 

“What’s up?” Harry asked as he walked into the kitchen. Ginny rushed to him, she had dropped the spatula and waved her wand so that the pancakes began to flip themselves. 

“How’re you feeling?” She asked and Teddy added, 

“Its noon, we woke up hours ago! And we’re having a party at Mrs.Weasley’s house tomorrow! And, and, look!” 

He picked up the Daily Prophet and showed the front cover to Harry. There was a picture of Harry, Ron and Kingsley shaking hands. The headline read “Potter, Weasley Promo”. Harry looked up, Ginny was smiling too. 

“You’ve been promoted! You and Ron I’m guessing. The letter came this morning, well two actually, one from Mum saying how proud she was, and invited us on Sunday. I guess she knew I was staying at your place and the other one from Kingsley.” 

She handed him an unopened letter embossed in gold letters 

TO: Mr. Potter
Of Number 12 Grimmauld Place
It read…
After viewing your years of dedication against the Dark Forces the council and committee of the Ministry of Magic would hereby like to congratulate you, by a promotion of rank to the Head of Auror Department in hopes that you may further revolutionize the Wizarding World. Your inaugurations for this position will be held on the 31st of July, please have prepared your fifteen minute 8792 word acceptance speech.
Kingsley Shacklebolt, Minster of Magic

“A speech?” Harry asked incredulously looking up from the letter. Ginny nodded.
“It’ll be fine, here, why don’t you help yourself to some breakfast. I’ve got a practice today in like half an hour, I’ll get back around six, and then we can all go somewhere. While I’m gone, Teddy, don’t bother your godfather, he’s got a, what was it?” She took the letter out of his hands “8792 word speech to write.” She made for the stairs, but Harry caught her and glared at her. 

“You get to go and play Qudditch, while I’m stuck here having to write a speech! What justice is that? And what are you laughing at?” He grumbled folding his arms. She hadn’t really laughed the laughter was in her eyes, he could read her so easily.
“I’m just thinking about how Ron’s coping with all this, he was promoted too you know.” 

At this Harry laughed too. 

The next hour he found himself in his bedroom sitting at his desk gazing at the picture of his parents, James and Lilly Potter and his godfather Sirius, while the dust bin in the corner was chocking and sputtering, it was overflowing with crumpled up pieces of parchment filled with ideas that were either to emotional or else as dull as a rock. Teddy entered the room. 

“Are you writing your speech? Cause Ginny said we can go somewhere when you’re done and she gets back and I’m bored, you’re boring without her.” 

“Bugger off Ted, just for a while more alright?” Harry said without really listening to him. But Teddy made his way to Harry’s desk and looked down at only words written on the paper. 

Nitwit, Blubber, Oddment, Tweak! 

Teddy looked up at Harry; “Those must be really important words!” He said, “Now you only need a million more!” 

Later that evening when Ginny had returned and they all decided that Harry had, what was a common disease in the muggle world, writer’s block, and that taking a break would allow him to rekindle fall away thoughts. 

“I know where we can go!” Ginny said excitedly “Mafalda Tittertop’s Games of Magic! It’s this really nice place, its got loads of magical creatures and excellent sight seeing. Mum took us there for birthdays, I remember one year Fred…” 

She stopped short at this sentence, Harry understood why, Fred Weasley was one of Ginny’s favorite brothers. He had died helping Harry defeat Voldemort and left his mother, family and twin bereaved. He knew however that his memory had always brought laughter to each of their faces and that there was no other way Fred Weasley would rather be remember except as an exceptional prankster who brought smiles in times of darkness, who was unafraid and courageous. 

It seemed to be decided that, that was where they were going and Teddy grabbed his back pack and he and Ginny waited for Harry who had bound up the stairs last minute. He wheeled into his bedroom and opened a small drawer in this desk; it contained a small velvet red box. It seemed that the good amount of gold his parents had left him in Gringotts was not the only thing. On his eighteenth birthday Bill had invited Harry to Gringotts something was there waiting for him to claim it, a small red velvet box.
“Why won’t it open?” Harry asked Bill attempting to pry open the box with his fingers. Bill looked at for a moment and replied, 

“It has to be presented to someone, or I suppose it’ll always remain shut.”
“Like a wedding ring?” Harry had asked him in disbelief, Bill nodded and winked.
Inside the box was a ring, the ring that James had given to Lilly. Harry took it and slipped it into his pocket, he was going to do it tonight, and that was final.

Hey guys I know this is short, but the next one is really long ;) I've already written it, its just got to be validated,
Please review, you would so make my day
and if you want me to read your fic just holler!

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