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Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder by Harry Potter FrEaK04
Chapter 18 : A Wedding And A Beautiful Baby Boy
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Chapter 18

Adora’s miraculous recovery was spread all over the Wizarding World in the Daily Prophet and other newspapers. That was not the only thing that was spread around. There was another Potter/Weasley engagement and a wedding in a few months. Once you add a baby on the way and this story spread like wild fire.

Every wizarding magazine and newspaper wanted an exclusive interview with Miss Adora Potter, but Adora only agreed to accept the interview with one person.

“Thank you Miss Potter for seeing me today.”

“No,” Adora smiled. “It is my pleasure.”

“Still in your hospital bed? I figured it would be a few more weeks.”

“A few more weeks and one of my family members will take all the spotlight away from me,” Adora joked.

“Well we all know how the Potters hate the press.”

“No Luna,” Adora shook her head. “We do not hate the press, we hate the press that spread horrible lies about us. So is it really a mystery that we decline all interviews?”

“No not really,” Luna agreed. “So why did you agree to an interview with me?”

“I knew I could trust you. We went to school and you were never a liar or liked my family just because we were the famous Potters.”

“Thank you,” Luna blushed.

“So let’s get along with this interview, I am suppose to get discharged today.”

“Wow, congratulations.”

“Thank you.”

“Now Miss Potter you know that this interview is not only going into the Quibbler but also live on the WWN?”

“Yes Luna,” Adora smiled. “Please call me Adora, like you always did in school.”

“Right,” Luna nodded. “So are the rumors true?”

“Which ones?” Adora joked.

“That you and Mr. Ronald Weasley are getting married?”

“Yes we are,” Adora smiled. “We were planning at first to get married in a year or so, but because of recent events we have planned to get married in two months.”

“Now is this because of the rumor that you are expecting his child?”

“No,” Adora shook her head. “Yes I am pregnant with Ron’s child, but that is not the reason we are pushing up our wedding date. We are moving up our moving date because of the last attack on my family we have realized how short life really is. How close my baby and I were really close to death.”

“Yes,” Luna nodded. “I also heard a rumor that there was a chance they were going to have to choose between you and the baby.”

“Yes there was a scare for a while, but I fought for my life with Ron and our unborn son.”

“Son?” Luna smiled.

“Oh,” Adora blushed. “Yes a son.”

“I thought it a bit too early to know?”

“Yes,” Adora nodded. “For most people of course, but I am seer and I have already seen our little boy.”

“Care to share his name with us?”

“No not at the moment, but when I am ready I will give you another interview.”

“Thank you,” Luna laughed. “So the wedding date is planned to be on?”

“March twenty-eighth.”


“It will be.”

“Any press welcome?”

“Only the Quibbler and WWN’s best reporter, Luna Lovegood.”

“Thank you Adora.”

“No thank you Luna.”


“Wow,” Arabella smiled at Remus. “She did that interview better than I thought she would.”

“Luna or Adora?”

“The both of them.”

“So have another wedding to plan do you?”

“Yes,” Arabella sighed. “Hopefully it is the last.”


Roselyn’s third birthday party went very well and Roselyn got tons and tons of presents. Arabella just smiled down at her little girl that looked so much like Sirius and for once it did not hurt to think about him.

Everyone else at the party was watching how closely Remus was sitting next to Arabella and how well Roselyn interacted with him. You would have thought that Remus had always been around her, he was stepping in as a father like figure. The father like figure she really needed, but Arabella was too stubborn to go look for another man or admit that Roselyn needed a father like figure around. What Arabella did not know that the rest of the family did know was that her very close friend Remus was sliding easily into that role without any of them realizing it.

Breeanna just kept going on and on about all of Roselyn’s presents and soon she was going to be a big girl and be three like her Rosie. Arabella had tears in her eyes and just say that she could not believe how fast her little girl had grown.

James was running around and playing with his cousin Lily who was only a month and a half younger then him. Ginny was holding Nicholas and Harry had Nicole who was asleep.

After cake and presents, the kids went on playing and Arabella spoke up. “I just got word from one of the house elves that there was an owl from St. Mungo’s.”

“How is Adora?” Bridget asked sitting on top of Oliver’s lap with his arms around her waist.

“She has awoken and they are both very excited about the baby. In fact she just did an interview with Luna Lovegood that was broadcasted on the WWN and will be posted in the next Quibbler.”

“Oh Merlin,” Ginny sighed. “Love that magazine.”


James and Lily’s second birthday parties were a blast and both mother’s cried as they spoke about how fast their babies were growing.

Both toddlers both got tons of presents and many owls from the Wizarding world wishing them a very happy birthday. For these parties Adora was home from the hospital and was present with her hand above her abdomen protecting baby Bryan.


It was March twenty-eighth and Adora Potter was pacing back and forth in a room outside of the grand ball room in the Black Manor.

“You are getting married today,” Ginny said grabbing the bride and making her stay still as Ginny put the final touches to Adora’s makeup.

“I know,” Adora said nervously. “I am so nauseated and I still have horrible morning sickness.”

“I can not believe you are six months pregnant and barely showing,” Susan said looking totally jealous of her aunt. “I was huge by the time I was six months pregnant with Lily.”

“Take this,” Arabella said running from across the room and shoving a potion down Adora’s throat. “It will stop the sickness from coming, I had to take it when I was pregnant with Roselyn and marrying Sirius.”

“Can you believe that our babies are now in their terrible twos?” Susan said with tears in her eyes, looking at Ginny.

“No,” Ginny shook her head. “I can not believe I already have three children.”

“Roselyn and Breeanna are three,” Arabella pointed out.

“I’m pregnant.”

“We have just got to get a butterball inside of Bridget now.”

“Uh Susan,” Adora said barely swallowing that horrible tasting potion. “Think that is Oliver’s job.”

There was a knock on the door and Harry’s voice came from the other side, “It’s time girls.”

“Oh Merlin,” Adora said starting to really spaz.

Harry came in and bent down to Roselyn, Lily, Breeanna, and James’s level. “You guys ready.”

“Yeah Daddy!” James yelled.

“We are not guys, we are ladies.” Breeanna said in a very prissy way which made all the adults laugh. “Let’s go,” and he turned back to the adults. “I need the bridesmaids to get in line and I will be back for you.” He spoke to Adora.

Roselyn, Breeanna, and Lily were flower girls and James was the ring bearer. Ginny and Bridget were bridesmaids, but Sadie was Adora’s Matron of Honor. Arabella went to sit in the audience with Remus and Harry was to walk Adora down the aisle.


The wedding was beautiful, the bride cried and the groom cried. The reception was a smash and soon the Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Weasley were off and away on their Honeymoon.


“Did you see how close the two of them were sitting at the wedding?” Bridget asked eating lunch at Ginny and Harry’s house with Ginny and Susan.

“Yeah,” Susan nodded. “I really think there is something going on between Aunt Bella and Remus.”

“Really?” Ginny asked sounding unconvinced, “I really did not think she would ever get over Sirius.”

“She needs to move on,” Susan pointed out.

“Yeah but you guys said that to me and look who I moved on.”

“We did not tell you to move on with a Death Eater, Bridget.” Ginny said simply.

“Ginny has a point,” Susan nodded.

“Remus defiantly is not a Death Eater.”

“Yeah,” Bridget nodded. “He would be a cool uncle.”

“Yeah he would,” Susan smiled. “Even if Aunt Bella does like him, she would never admit it.”

“Then we will just have to push her over the deep end and straight into Remus’s arms,” Bridget smiled a very Potter like smile.


“Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!” Adora Potter-Weasley screamed at the top of her lungs as Ron screamed because there was now no more blood in his right hand from his wife squeezing what life there was in it completely out.

“I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!” She screamed.

Ron looked scared and looked up to Arabella.

“Ignore her, we all say that.”

“No!” Adora screamed, “I really hate you for putting me like this!”

“Trust me,” Arabella said trying to re-assure the soon-to-be-daddy.


“He is so beautiful,” Adora cried with tears down her face and her little boy in her arms after twenty-three hours of labor.

“He didn’t inherit my horrible colored hair,” Ron said sitting next to his wife and looking at his newborn son in his wife’s arms.

“He has your straight hair and thank Merlin he does not have my bushy hair.”

There was a knock on the door and the Woods entered the room, “Can I hold my little cousin?” Bridget asked looking at the little bundle.

“Of course,” Ron said letting Bridget take his seat and Adora handed her newborn son over to her youngest niece.

“He’s so little.”

“It your turn now,” Adora smiled at Bridget.

“No,” Bridget shook her head. “I am not ready yet.”

“We are not ready yet,” Oliver corrected her.

“You never really are ready,” Adora said looking at her little boy. “It is totally worth it though.”


Soon Adora was in full Mummy-mode and new what every little cry and whimper meant. Bridget and Oliver were the only family members without children and all the family kept pushing them into expanding their family. Oliver and Bridget were having too much fun with just the two of them. Their home in Milan was finally done with renovations and both working into expanding their careers now. Oliver was moving up the chains of the Auror world and Bridget’s new clothing line would be out in a few months.

Everything seemed to be getting better but the fact of the matter was that they were still stuck in a war of good versus evil. Ron, Harry, Draco, and Oliver were all working between eighteen and sometimes twenty-four hour shifts. All the wives missed their husbands horribly, but knew that it was part of the job of being an Auror’s wife.

In April there was a horrible case of Dragon Pox going around and Roselyn ended up catching it on a play date. Dragon Pox is a very deadly diseases and all the family was having to avoid Arabella’s house. Arabella and Remus had gotten like fifteen shots to make sure that they did not catch the disease.

Roselyn was screaming again and Arabella was ready to bash her head into the wall.

“You can not show her how upset you are,” Remus reminded her. “Let’s just go and give her an oatmeal bath again. Go take a nap, I’ve got her.”

“Are you sure?” Arabella asked as her hair was poking out from every direction from her blonde bun on the top of her head.

“Mummy!” Roselyn screamed from her bedroom.

“No such luck,” Arabella sighed. “Will you go get her bath toys and meet me in the bathroom?”



“Poor Arabella,” Adora sighed as she was feeding Bryan from his bottle. “Remus owled Ron this morning saying that she is going out of her mind.”

“Roselyn is that cranky?” Susan asked watching Breeanna and Lily play with their dollies just feet away from her.


“I mean I feel bad that Roselyn is in so much pain and that she is driving Arabella up the wall, but I am glad that we found out before any of our kids were exposed. I could not put up with the two of my girls sick.”

“Yeah,” Adora nodded. “I do not think I could take an infant screaming twenty-four, seven.”

“Just think Ginny has three kids.”

“Do not want to think about it.”


“Okay,” Moody said walking back and forth in front of all the Aurors. A group of now over two hundred because of the war. “The Order and the Ministry has planned a sneak attack on Autumn Lewis, Queen of the Death Eaters. After the horrible attack on the Potter family a few months ago. After plenty of planning we have decided that we attack, tonight a midnight.”

“Is it just the Aurors?” Ron Weasley asked standing up.

“No,” Moody shook his head. “The entire Ministry and Order are helping on the attack. This will be a night to remember.”


Autumn Lewis was still going insane, more than usual if that was even possible. Her lair was completely torn up and she had gone through many transformations. Losing her daughter had been the last straw to finally break her down. Autumn was completely alone and she told herself that she did not need anyone, but her daughter. Her mother was killed by that horrible Potter boy, as well as her father. Sadie Potter had stolen the first man she had ever loved and now that horrible woman and her ex-lover had stolen her baby from her.

She had finally moved on and fell in love with Vincent Crabbe and her father murdered him for walking out on the Death Eaters and running off with his daughter and granddaughter.

Bridget Potter had made Neville Longbottom turn traitor on the Order and all of his friends from Hogwarts because she cheated on him with that goody-too shoes Oliver Wood. Neville then had his way with her and he was banned from ‘their’ world. Neville helped Autumn take down much of the Wizarding World.

Neville’s hatred for the Potter family was almost at the same level that Autumn’s was and they fell in lust and got married. In fact Autumn was expecting his child and miscarried, another thing to drive her more if possible over the edge. Neville and Autumn’s second hand man, Blaise Zambini had come up with this brilliant plan to destroy Bridget and turn her over to the dark side.

It did not work and Wood survived then found out that he and Bridget were married, throwing their plan back into their face. It was at this date that Autumn realized that Neville still had feelings for Bridget. She could not take losing another man to a Potter woman and killed him after he had killed the Lestranges. Autumn’s second hand man, Blaise Zambini had been killed by Oliver Wood to protect his goody-too shoes wife, Bridget.

In a matter of months Autumn’s world had crashed down around her. She had lost her husband, both children, second hand man, and some of her most loyal servants.

She screamed at the top of her lungs as she had destroyed every room in the house, minus one. The one that had been Desi’s bedroom, it looked exactly the same from the last time Desi had stepped foot in it. Autumn collapsed upon the toddler bed, grabbed one of the stuffed animals and cried herself to sleep.


“Where’s Desi?” Adora asked watching the girls play and realized that Desdemona was no where to be seen.

Susan sighed, “Over there.” Pointed to a corner where she was playing alone and would glance every once and while to make sure everyone kept their distance from her. “She will not play with Lily or Breeanna. She only fights with them, pulls their hair and makes them cry. No matter how much I discipline her she still is a horrible little monster. Draco finally has gotten her to listen to him, but it has taken so much time.”

“A least you are trying.”

“I am at the point that I am about to pull my hair out. She finally quit crying for her Mummy at night. It was breaking my heart so badly that I finally told Draco we just needed to give her back to her mother. After all she has really only ever known Autumn.”

“You could not really want to deliver her back to them?”

“No I did not want to but I did not know how else to get her to quit crying.”


“Yeah,” Susan sighed. “She knows who Draco is, I think Autumn still had that sick obsession for him and maybe showed her pictures of him. As soon as he comes home she is glued to him.”

“At least she has a relationship with him now.”

“Yeah,” Susan sighed. “She is three now and all she does is scream, yell, and bite.”

“Oh Merlin.”


“She is still crying,” Arabella said joining in with her daughter as she was putting her pajamas on the three year old. “I do not know how to stop it!”

“Maybe climb in bed with her?” Remus yelled over the little girl’s screams.

“We will not fit! No that is it! I will take her in my room,” she picked up the three year old and her eyes bulged. “She is burning up.”

“I will go make a potion,” Remus yelled as he ran downstairs.


“Thank Merlin she quit crying,” Arabella whispered to Remus and she watched over the sleeping toddler. “I did not think I would ever get her to stop and finally go to sleep. Thought I would be half way deaf for the rest of my life.”

Remus chuckled, “Yeah but when she is not sick she is just a little angel.”

“Yeah she is,” Arabella smiled. “I wish Sirius could see how much she has grown and how beautiful she is.”

“He knows,” Remus said looking from Roselyn to Arabella. “You know he is looking down on the two of you.”

“I know,” Arabella said now turning to Remus. “It is just so hard on my own and you have helped me out so much around the house and with Roselyn. Add that you have always been a wonderful friend to me, but you have been such a really wonderful friend the last few months.”

“You have let me stay here rent free as I have just had little jobs here and there.”

“That is what friend are for,” she said as they closed the door behind them and walked downstairs to the parlor. “Merlin, there is so much of Sirius in her.”

“Just as much of you in her too,” Remus spoke. “Sure she has Sirius’s hair and is as mischievous as he was. She has got your beautiful eyes and is as beautiful as you are.”

Arabella blinked and looked at Remus, he was giving her a look she had not felt upon her since…well since before Sirius died.

Remus went on, “Did you ever think what would have happened if you and I had never broke up? You know if Lily and James were still alive and none of this would have ever happened.”

“Then I would not have my Roselyn,” Arabella asked confused.

“Well I mean, what if you and I were still an item.”

“I do not know,” Bella felt her cheeks pink.

“Please do not tell me that I am the only felt as if our friendship is progressing into something….something more?”


Remus got closer to Arabella, she gasped as he pulled her closer to him. His arms went around her waist and her arms went around his neck as he pulled her in for a very passionate kiss.

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