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Begot By Evil by 12ewright
Chapter 1 : Genesis
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    Jordan Godfrey sat panting in an alleyway.  She had just emerged victorious from the latest battle in a long line of many.  Ever since she could remember, she had been hunted by men.  She didn’t know why.  Nobody had ever told her; not that there was anybody in her life to tell her.  Jordan was completely alone.

    Laying next to her in a pool of blood was the man she just killed.  Jordan looked at him with unsympathetic eyes.

    “Fucking bastard,” she said to the corpse.

There were voices coming from the street.  Quickly Jordan got to her feet and ran.  This wasn’t the first time she had to flee.  It wasn’t even the first time she had to kill to survive.  Since the age of five, she had lived her life on the streets.  It hadn’t taken her long to learn that if she wasn’t the one who killed, she would be killed.

    It was a hot day at the end of August.  Sweat dripped down Jordan’s pale, dirty face as she ran through the London streets.  She had no where to go, so she just kept running.  As she rounded a corner, a large group of rich school kids her age stepped in front of her.  Jordan nearly collided with one of the bigger boys.

    “Where are you going street skank?” said one of the boys cruelly.

    “None of your business,” she said brushing her black hair out of her face, “Now move.”

    “Not nice to talk to your superiors like that,” he sneered, “Why are you covered in blood?  Done something naughty have you?”

Jordan looked down at her shirt.  It was soaked with a mix of her and the dead man’s

    “I fell,” she lied.

She knew she could easily take out most of the group; enough to make the rest run away.  But the need to hide was more pressing.  The best way to handle this situation was to out wit them.

    “Actually, I have this disease,” she said clutching at her stomach, “Doctors aren’t sure what it is.  It’s really, really painful.”

    “You’re lying,” hissed one of the girls.

    “No I’m not.  I swear.  It some kind of bacteria that’s causing my blood to seep out of my skin.  Oh God, this really hurts.”

Jordan grabbed her stomach and started wincing.  There was blood pooling in her mouth from several cuts she had acquired during the fight.

    “You’d better get out of here,” she groaned, “The doctor’s said it’s very contagious.  You could have it already.”

Jordan took a step towards them.  They all stepped back nervously.  There was so much blood in her mouth by this time, she couldn’t talk anymore.  She covered her mouth and started coughing.  Her coughs became louder and more exaggerated.  After a few bubbly coughs, she removed her hands and sprayed blood all over them.

    “Oh God, you’re definitely going to get it now,” said Jordan letting the blood drip down her chin, “You’d better have your rich parents take you to the hospital.  Uh-oh, I’m going to throw up.”

Jordan heaved a little and the kids ran off.  She chuckled to herself and walked off in another direction.

    The sun was going down, so she decided to head home.  Jordan lived in an old, abandoned warehouse in a crappy part of town.  She had been squatting there for a couple years now.  Before the warehouse, she lived in one of the old bombed out buildings from WWII.  During one winter she had been attacked by several men.  One of them had died screaming, causing the police to come.  So she had to relocate.

    Jordan roomed on the top floor, close to the fire escape.  It was a small, bare room with a single window.  There were several used candles all over the room.  Jordan had stolen them from various shops around the city.  Along one wall was a huge pile of books.  When Jordan was six, she had gone to the library and taught herself to read.  Over the next several years she had procured a large collection of books.  Her favorite book was a collection of Edgar Allan Poe poems.  Being surrounded by violence and death her whole life had caused Jordan to develop a very dark, cynical personality, which Poe‘s poetry appealed to.  She wasn’t a mean person.  On the contrary, Jordan was an extremely kind, generous person.  She just had a very grim sense of reality.

    On the opposite wall from the books was a dirty mattress and blanket, which made Jordan’s bed.  Next to the bed was a large mirror.  Jordan walked over to the mirror and took off her shirt.  Her thin frame was covered with scratches and bruises.

    “Asshole got me good,” she said turning around to look at her back.

There was a large gash beneath her right shoulder blade where the man had cut her.  One more scar to add to the numerous others.  Jordan’s stomach let out a loud growl.  She patted it gently.  The man had attacked her while she was dumpster diving.  She hadn’t had time afterward to find more food.  Her stomach yelled at her again.

    “Shut up,” she said to it, “This isn’t the first time you’ve gone hungry.”

The sun had completely set by this time.  Jordan decided to go to the roof to take her mind off food.  The roof was Jordan’s favorite part of her home.  When she was up on the roof she felt so peaceful and so removed from everything.

    Slowly she walked up the stairs.  The large, rusty door at the top of the stairs stood open, letting in a small summer breeze.  She took a deep breath as she stepped outside.  It was cooler on the roof, which was another reason Jordan liked it.  She gazed down on the city.  Many of the homes had their lights on.  In one house Jordan saw a husband and wife sitting down to dinner.  In another she saw a mother and father tucking in their children.  A pang of jealousy went through her.  Never had she ever felt the loving touch of another human being.  There had been plenty of not so loving gestures, which was the only human contact she’d ever had.

    There was a noise behind her.  Jordan spun around with her fist raised.  It was only a cat.  Her fists became unclenched, but she still looked tense.  The cat walked up to her and brushed up against her legs.

    “Hey kitty,” said Jordan bending down to pet it, “Where’d you come from?”

The cat had strange markings on it.  There were black dots around it’s eyes, kind of like it was wearing glasses.  It started purring as Jordan pet it.

    The only beings on earth that had ever showed Jordan any amount of kindness were the animals.  For that, she was incredibly grateful.  Animals were the only things she trusted.  They had taught her compassion and love.  They had also taught her how to survive.  Cats held a special place in Jordan’s heart.  She liked them because they were honest.

    “I don’t really have anything for you to eat, but I have kind of soft bed I can share with you,” said Jordan picking it up, “How’s that sound?”
The cat meowed in response.  Jordan gave it a kiss and walked back inside.

    When she was down in her room she lit a few candles and grabbed a book.  The cat followed her to the dirty mattress.  Jordan laid down and started reading.  She was exhausted, but she didn’t want to fall asleep.  The book she had grabbed was a collection of Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytales.  As she read, she was transported to another world.  It was a wonderful way for her to escape the drudgery of her own life.  The cat silently padded up to her and nuzzled her warmly.

    “What do you want?” asked Jordan tiredly.

The cat meowed and stared at her.  Jordan reached over and scratched it behind the ears.  Her eyes were starting to get heavy.  She tried as hard as she could to keep them open.  The instant they closed the ghosts would come out to haunt her.  Every night Jordan fought this battle with herself to stay awake.  It was much harder tonight than previous nights.  Finally Jordan couldn’t stay awake anymore.  Little did she know, that in a few minutes her hard life would change forever.

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