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Nobody said anything about love by stagzpotterfan
Chapter 1 : The new Heads
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"Bye mum, bye dad see you soon!" Hermione waved to her parents as she rushed towards the wall between platforms nine and ten.

"Bye sweetie! will miss you! make sure you write!" Her mother mother waved at Hermione and heard "I will" before she disappeared threw the wall.

Hermione entered platform nine and three quarters and saw the Hogwarts express gleaming in the light.

She hurried towards the train and heaved her trunk up the steps.
"Need a hand with that?"

She smiled and turned around to see her two best friends standing behind her; Harry Potter and Ron Weasley.

"Harry, you do know that I'll hex you if you make out that I'm not capable to carry my own trunk, but seen as though you asked I'll let you do it just this once."

Harry smiled and picked up the trunk and placed it on a rack in the nearest empty compartment. Ron laid down on the seat and sighed.

"That was hard work, Hermione next time bring a little less books."
Harry thumped him one, "You didn't do any of the work, I did"

Hermione laughed and the whistle blew to let the last of the students to board the train.

"Well, I guess I'll see you guys later." Hermione turned around to leave when she heard "hey" from the two boys.


"Where're you going?" Ron asked and Harry nodded agreeing with him.

"oh I forgot to tell you! I've been made head girl!" Harry and Ron congratulated her and Hermione made her way down to the Heads compartment.

"Hello? " Hermione opened the door and peered in. The compartment was huge. It was larger than the normal compartments and much more luxurious.

She smiled to herself and sat down on one of the seats near the window. Opening her bag, she pulled out her book and started to read.
Draco Malfoy entered the Heads compartment a few hours later. Hermione didn't look up when he entered but she soon found out who it was, when she was addressed "What are you doing here Mudblood?"

Hermione sighed, closed her book, then looked up.
"The same reason your here Malfoy, I'm the new Head Girl."

She smiled when she saw his shocked face, then continued to read

"Is it true?" Draco asked a slight humor in his voice, "That you kissed Weaslebee?"

Hermione stopped reading and slowly looked up to see Draco smirking which made her blood boil. However Hermione remained calm and replied "Why? are you jealous?"

This time it was Hermione's turn to smirk. The face on Draco Malfoy's face was unforgettable. If only she had a camera.

The rest of the journey was a quiet one; Hermione visited Harry and Ron a couple of times, but otherwise stayed in the Heads compartment.

Soon the trained slowed to a stop and entered the Hogsmeade station.

Hermione guided the first years over to Hagrid and Draco escorted the second years over to the carriages.

Then the Heads climbed into the first and biggest carriage, that had the letters HG and HB on the compartment door.

Once inside the carriage, the journey to the castle continued.

It wasn't long until they arrived, and Professor greeted them at the doors to the entrance hall.

The first years were sorted into houses and the feast begun.

Soon the plates were cleared, and students were full and Dumbledore announced the new Heads.

A round of applause surrounded the hall and then everyone went to their beds into their common rooms.

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