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Harrys SECRET!! by hunny
Chapter 1 : Harrys SECRET!!
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The sun was setting on the grounds of Hogwarts, Harry and his new friend eleanor (she was a bit weird) was strolling towards the forbidden forest
"oh Harry What a lovely evening it is! a beautiful sunset an.."
"Harry" Hagrid shouted loudly spoiling the atmosphere
Harry shot around and looked at Hagrid. he looked scared and shifty
Harry and Eleanor raced over to Hagrids hut
"come inside" Hagrid bellowed
Harry went inside and sat down, Eleanor started walking up the steps when Hagrid slammed the door in her face
" erm..... sorry not you" Hagrid said
Hagrid came and sat opposite Harry.
Harry stared out of the window where Eleanor was jumping up and down to see what was happening. getting annoyed, Hagrid walked over to the window and drew the curtains!
" now Harry, I have something to tell you!"
Harry looked shocked and confused!
" well...erm....Harry i was the one who killed your parents! i was the one who tried to kill you!"
Harry jumped up
" I WAS THE ONE WHO GAVE YOU THAT SCAR" Hagrid took out his wand and pointed it in Harrys face
suddenly a large branch came flying through the window knocking Hagrid to the floor
" can i come in yet " Eleanor asked
she came in covered in mud
" What the hell happened to you!?" Harry asked in shock!
"oh nothing" Eleanor replied turning around to shut the door
" Eleanor your back is ON FIRE"
Eleanor jumped into fangs bowl of water
" ahh thats better , so what did Hagrid say too ya?"
Harry looked around
"im not sure excatly, he saidhe tried to kill me!?"
the two walked out of Hagrids Hut. Eleanor walked on Hagrids head
Eleanor followed Harry towards the school falling into a big puddle
that was the last time she was seen

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