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Through Her Eyes... by American Ginny
Chapter 4 : The Surprise...
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A/N: anything bolded is her/someone’s thought, but most likely hers.

Chapter 4: The surprise


I looked at her with a confused looked and said, “What do you mean I won’t ever hav-…”


My eyes widen as a realization came to my mind, and I said, “Hermione, does that mean what I think it means?”


She gave me a blank look and said, “I am sorry! I don’t read minds! What do you think it means?”


She received an “I hate you” look from me and said, “What? It is the truth!”


I rolled my eyes and said, “True, but the day you actually don’t know what I mean is the day that Voldemort comes back again! You know what I mean.”


Hermione smiled and said, “Well, that day must have come because I don’t have a clue what you mean. Oh! I guess I should go tell Harry that Voldemort came back from the dead.”


With that said, she skipped out of the room happily.I rolled my eyes and thought, She’ll be back.


I looked back at the orchard and remembered when Hermione and Ron had played 2 on 2 quidditch against Harry and me. I let out a soft but depressed sigh and bent down to pick up my scrapbook. I walked back over to my nightstand and flipped through the pages before whispering to myself, “Maybe we just weren’t meant to be.”


I opened the drawer and put the scrapbook in its rightful place for maybe forever. I jumped as a voice I recognized said; “Now you sound like me while we were in Hogwarts.”


I smiled and said, “And yet all you have done is date even though you both love each other.”


The person of the voice came up behind me and spun me around saying, “And you and Harry love each other it will happen…just give it time.”


I knew you would be back. Hermione pulled me into her sisterly arms and hugged me like we were never to see each other again. I started to cry again. I had nothing left in me to do; I couldn’t go on like this.


Hermione kept on comforting me and whispered in my ear, “You were right. I knew what you were thinking, and yes. Ron and I are going to get married.”


I pulled away and said, “Really?” Hermione nodded and let me continue, “So you will finally be my sister.”


She nodded again, and the tears that had been running down my face were now falling 3x faster. I hugged her again and said, “Congrates.”


She laughed and held me like a sister she hadn’t seen in years. I pulled away and asked, “Did you tell Harry that Voldemort has come back from the dead?”


She laughed and said, “Yep and then I walked out of the room so…he should be coming in 5…4…3…2…1.”


As she said 1 the door burst open and sure enough there stood Harry and Ron. I laughed as they looked like, as the muggles say, had just seen a ghost. (Wow! Who hasn’t seen a ghost for that fact talked to one?)


They looked at Hermione with a worried face, but once they saw her laughing, their looks changed from worried to “I hate you!” Ron looked at her and turned on his heels, walking away while mumbling who knows what.


Harry just stood there quite confused; he stood straight up and glared at Hermione who was still laughing. When she saw this, she rolled her eyes and said, “Harry, come on! You didn’t even believe me because you saw me wink. Boys!”


She turned around to go mess with something in the room. Harry let a chuckle out, but he stopped when our eyes met. We held our gaze until we were snapped back into reality when mum yelled, “Dinners ready!”


Harry shook his head to get his thoughts straight and said, “Sorry for distracting you. Well see you in a while.”


Harry walked out of the room a little shocked at everything that had happened in the last few moments. I turned around and saw Hermione looking at me with a mischievous smirk on her face. I looked at her confused and said, “What?”


She rolled her eyes and said, “It is obvious he still wants you. He is just being stupid!”


I rolled my eyes and said, “Come on!” I pulled her out of the room and downstairs where everyone was gathering around the table.


We were all gathered around the table and enjoying our meal, when Ron said, “Err…Can I have everyone’s attention?” He paused out of nervousness and then continued, “Well as you already know Hermione and I have been dating for a while, and we would like you to know that I have asked her to marry me!”

A loud group of applause broke out and everyone was running to the new to-be-wed couple. Well everyone except me and Harry for we had already had known. Mum was congratulating Hermione and lecturing her on calling her Molly or at least mum. While Fred, George, Bill, Charlie, and dad were over congratulating Ron, and Fleur was waiting till mum left Hermione alone to congratulate her.


At least she has some sense, I thought bitterly after I had gotten stuck sitting by Harry at supper.


Fleur had just finished talking to Hermione when mum said, “Well Ginny might as well share her bit of news while our supper has been disturbed. Ginny?”

I faked a smile and said, “Well, I am going to play for the Chuddle Cannons as a chaser.”


There even louder applause at this, but I didn’t care I was still bitter. Hermione stood up, came to me, and whispered in my ear, “Would you please meet me in your room in let’s see… now!” I nodded and stood up while mumbling an excuse us.


I followed her up to my room where she shut the door and cast the silencing spell on it. Then came the horror, “What the hect are you so upset about Ginny! You faked that smile and you have been staring at your plate the whole time. You would think that you could grow up and stop acting like you are 10 again!”


I lost my temper at the last sentence and started to yell, “Oh shut up, Hermione! I am not the only one doing it. He does it too! And what do you suggest I do? I can’t think of anyone when he is around. And…” I took a deep breath and continued, “And I look like an idiot when he is around.”


She pulled me into a hug (once again) and said, “Listen. Just try to act like you did in your 4th and 5th year when he didn’t think he liked you. Okay?”


She pulled away and looked at me. I nodded my head, and she said, “Good! Now deep breathe…release. Good now come on we still have a supper to finish.”


I nodded and told her to go a head and that I be down shortly. Hermione left the room, and I walked over to my window sill and sat down. I looked out over the field and at the orchard. I opened my window and took a deep breath taking in the smell of the country and nature. Nature is so wonderful, I thought happily.


I let my head lean against the trim of the window and looked up into the stars. The most wonderful thing in nature was those that only came out at night. I smiled at them and saw a falling star. I closed my eyes and thought; I wish Harry would finally realize I love him, and that I want to be with him!


I opened my eyes and found that a warm, happy feeling had appeared inside of me. I closed my window, took one last look at the stars, and went back down stairs to supper…

A/N: Well, I finally got this chapter done. I had a little writer’s block, but after talking to a friend about something on IM, I finally got it done. It will be getting harder for me to write some of these chapters, just because my inspiration was the country, and we moved so I will have to discover another inspirational thing. Some people can be inspired by songs, but I’ve tried it and it no work. So yeah I am going to try the best I can and hurry to get my chapters up ASAP (Aka: As Soon As Possible/Always Say A PrayerJ). I thank C.P. (The friend I mentioned about above) for unblocking my mind, and everyone who has followed my story. I thank even more those who took their time to review my story. Thank You!!! I ask again to review especially on this chapter because I spent about 3-4 nights staying up till 1 o’ clock just trying to finish it for you. So please just give me a review even if it is just a simple one I would be extremely grateful.                             


With much love,

           American Ginny   

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Through Her Eyes...: The Surprise...


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