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Bex and Co. by Zokara
Chapter 20 : Dances and Dramas
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“Emily! Wow! You look spectacular!” said Peter in a rehearsed voice. He turned to look at James for encouragement and got a frustrated thumbs up in reply. Smiling naively, he turned back to Emily.

“H… h… hi!” he stuttered.

“Hi, Jess,” said Lupin, offering her his arm.

“Um, hi,” she said, pushing it away. “You realise I’m perfectly capable of walking all by myself? I don’t need to be escorted.” Lupin glanced fondly after her, and walked quickly to catch up.

“Hey, Lils,” greeted James enthusiastically.

“Potter, just because I’m dancing with you, does not mean I have to like you,” growled Lily. Without a second glance she flounced briskly out of the common room, followed by a rather saddened James. Sirius was left in the common room, with no Marauders there for comfort. Then Bex came downstairs.

“Sirius, stop drooling! Let’s go.”

“You look really, really good.”

“I know, idiot.”

“I mean, really, really, really good.”

“Yes, I know, let’s go!”

“Are you sure you want to go out? Can’t we stay in and chat instead?” Bex whacked Black over the head, and he followed her out of the portrait hole, looking a bit like he couldn’t quite believe his eyes.

Bex was wearing something quite short, extremely attractive, and black. For the rest, you can use your imagination. All I can tell you is that it looked fantastic.

The pair wandered through the doors, and all heads turned towards them. Sirius embraced the attention, Bex looked faintly amused, and most of the boys vowed to ask her to dance as soon as she was free (which Sirius decided wasn’t going to happen). As they entered further into the room, Bex noticed Lily chatting happily with Snivellus, and James sitting disappointedly on a fold up seat near the edge of the hall, looking, in vain, for his absent dance partner.

 “Excuse me, Sirius – I mean, Black,” Bex said. “Hey, Lily! Haven’t you forgotten something?” she yelled, and stormed over to her. Snivellus looked mutinous and shook his greasy hair in front of his face.

“Like what?” asked Lily.

“Like your dance partner.”

“Oh yeah, Potter!” Lily said, hitting herself on the forehead as she remembered. “Do I really have to dance with him?”

“No,” Snape said grumpily.

“Yes.” Sirius disagreed, speaking up. “He was ecstatic when you said yes. Don’t be mean!”

“Oh shut up, Black, I didn’t need your opinion,” spat Lily, and she turned on her heel. James thundered over, having spotted the group of them with his arch-nemesis.

“What are you doing speaking to him?” he growled.

“He’s my friend!” Lily scowled.

“No he is not!” said Bex, Sirius, and James simultaneously.

“He is!” Lily insisted.

“He’s a vile little Slytherin scumbag,” Bex said viciously.

“He’s a pathetic slimy git,” James added. “And he lets his friends call you a mudblood when you’re not around!”

“And even more importantly,” Sirius put in, happy to be able to agree with both his best friend and his crush for once, “He totally lowers your image. How are you supposed to be able to keep popularity when you’re seen associating with the likes of him! What a reputation ruin-er!” Lily pulled out her wand, followed quickly by Snape.

“He’s not a scumbag or a slimy git!” she squealed.

“So you admit he’s vile and little and pathetic and a reputation ruin-er?” Bex said happily.

“He isn’t any of those things!” Lily yelled. She sent a curse at James, who only just dodged it and then suddenly his wand was also in his hand.

“Lils, honey. My lovely dance partner; don’t make me curse you!” he said. Soon, Lily was firing hexes at James and Sirius; Sirius was firing them back at her, Snape, and Severus’s friends; Bex was trying to avoid Lily while hitting everyone else; Snape’s friends were cursing anyone but Snape; James was desperately trying to stop anyone hitting Lily; and the teachers were screaming uselessly and shouting ineffective and vague commands, like,

“STOP THAT!”, and,

“SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!” Finally Professor Dumbledore cast a highly difficult and complex ‘Peace’ charm. This spell was so strong that Lily actually agreed to be spun around the dance floor by James. After greeting a few other friends, Sirius eventually asked Bex to dance.

“I don’t know…” she said.

“Oh, come on! If you weren’t going to dance with me, why’d you agree to come?”

“Out of pity. Or because you won the bet.”


“Fine then, I’ll dance with you.” After spending an extended period of time under the influence of the Peace Charm, Bex began to enjoy herself. The dance was nearing the end when they turned on the slow music. Lily and James were slow dancing, and Sirius was astounded to see that Lily seemed to be enjoying herself, and was even dancing quite close to Potter. Jess and Lupin had retired to the seats and were chatting happily. Bex looked around for Emily. Emily was relaxing in a seat, and had just realised Bex was pressed as close to Sirius as Lily was to James. Bex was just deciding she couldn’t be bothered to remove herself from Sirius’s arms, when she heard a small, muffled shriek. Suddenly Black wasn’t dancing with her anymore. He’d pushed her gently out of the way, grabbed the back of Pettigrew’s robes, and thrown him halfway across the room. Emily was sitting motionless in a chair, tears pouring down her cheeks.

“Em!” cried Bex. “What happened?”

“He tried to kiss me!” Emily managed, before she broke down.

“Oh, Merlin, Emily, c’mon…” Bex kindly led Emily towards Jess and Lupin.

“Hey, Jess?” she said. “Could you grab Lily and take Em up to the dormitory? I think she’s had enough for the night.”

“Oh, yes, of course!” exclaimed Jess. “What happened?” Sirius had followed Bex across the room.

“So what are you going to do?” he asked, when he saw she wasn’t going with Jess back up to the dormitory. Bex’s face hardened.

We,” she said, placing a lot of emphasis on the word, “are going to find Pettigrew, and kill him.” Bex said this so matter-of-factly, that Sirius didn’t even protest. They eventually located him sitting next to the drinks table, looked at the floor ashamedly, his hands in his lap and his feet scuffing the ground.

“PETTIGREW!” bellowed Bex. The boy jumped to his feet, and foolishly tried to make an escape, but Bex’s wand work brought him back pretty quickly.

“Yes?” he said meekly.


“Bex, calm down!” Sirius said, looking faintly alarmed.

“Okay then,” Bex replied. Then Sirius started on his mate.

“Wormtail, what the heck were you thinking?”

“You do it!” Peter said, defending himself.

“Do what?”

“Kiss girls.”

“When they want to be kissed!”

“Don’t be so pathonising!”


“Yeah, that.”

“I’m not being patronising, I’m just saying-“

“All I did was kiss her.”

“You practically assaulted her!”

“Sor-ry!” Peter said defiantly.

“Pettigrew, you realise you could get in huge trouble for this?” Bex butted in.

“I could?”


“Oh. Whoops.”

“’Whoops’ hardly covers it, really.”

“C’mon, Peter,” Black said. “You know better than this! Even James and I don’t try and kiss girls on a first date.”

“Maybe you’re right,” sighed Pettigrew.

“Well, now that that’s sorted…” Sirius said hopefully.

“SORTED? I don’t think so. McGonagall will hear about this.”

“NO!” yelled Peter. Unfortunately, at that point, McGonagall herself was within hearing range.

“Mr Pettigrew! Refrain from shouting!” she ordered angrily.

“Excuse me, Professor, I have something to tell you,” volunteered Rebekah, wandering off with the Head of House.

“Darn,” said Sirius, as Peter began to wail, and Flitwick rushed over, convinced that someone was giving birth.

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