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Harry Missed You: III by xLaurx
Chapter 17 : You Can't See the Bride Before the Wedding
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"Ron! Ron! Get up!" Hermione's shrill voice echoed throughout the small room.

"Mmmmph wha?" Was Ron's muffled reply.

"Hurry! It's already half-eleven!" Hermione screeched at him.

"So what?" Ron muttered.

"So what? It's your sister and best mate's wedding day, that's what!" Hermione continued to yell, smacking him across the head as Ron lay on his stomach in bed.

"I told you Hermione, a long time ago. I'm not going, and nothing will change my mind. Now leave me alone, I'm going back to sleep." Ron said with a yawn.

If looks could kill, Ron knew he'd be dead within a second of looking at Hermione right now, but he ignored the daggers she was shooting at him. He was angry and Harry right now and this was the only way he could prove his point. But the truth was he didn't know what he was trying to prove.

"I hope your happy with your ... your thick-headed decision!" Hermione snapped at him, but she sounded close to tears, and Ron felt guilty. Deep inside he really did want to attend the wedding, but at the same time he and Harry hadn't spoken for weeks. The door to his room slammed shut and he knew Hermione had left. As much as he wanted to run after her, and tell her he was coming, he had just been pretending, but Ron knew he couldn't and he was still trying to figure out why.


"Hermione, come on! I just need to talk to Gin for one second!" Harry pleaded. He was getting awfully frustrated with Hermione and her reply of 'it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding'.

"No!" Hermione hissed at him through the small crack between the door to Ginny's room and the door frame. "Stop asking!"

Scowling, Harry turned and went down the short hallway to the bathroom. It was empty so he walked in, shutting the door behind him so he could check his appearance in private.

His raven black hair was as messy as ever, and it bugged him. The only thing reassuring him that it was fine was Ginny's comment the other day that she loved his tousled hair just the way it was.

Grinning to himself, Harry turned back in forth in front of the mirror to make sure his black robes were not spotted with anything. Luckily, they weren't.

He honestly could not believe that he was getting married in less than 2 hours! To Ginny Weasley none the less. The little girl who had tripped over everything in sight, and put her elbow in the butter dish when he was at the Burrow. The little girl who had cried when she had to say goodbye to her brother's as they boarded the train to Hogwarts. The little girl who had loved him since she was 5-years-old. The little girl who he had loved since he was 16.

A knock sounded at the door, arousing Harry from his thoughts.

"Harry? Is that you?" It was Mrs. Weasley.

"Oh, yes, Mrs. Weasley," Harry said, opening the door and the plump red-headed woman stood before him. She was doing much better since she came home from the hospital, and had lost a lot of weight. Harry thought she looked stunning before him in a yellow sun dress that came just below the knees on her.

"Look at you," Mrs. Weasley crooned, grabbing Harry's hand. "All grown up and marrying my Ginny," she pulled him into a hug. She released him, and looked him over, "You look dashing, Harry."

"Thank you," Harry replied, feeling his cheeks heat up. "I only hope Ginny thinks so."

"She will, dear," Mrs. Weasley assured him. "Ginny's very excited and looks absolutely marvelous in her wedding dress! You should see her ... oh my goodness, I'm sorry Harry. I forgot, Hermione told me she's been trying to keep you out of Ginny's room all morning."

"Yeah, well, I haven't seen Ginny yet if that's what your wondering." Harry muttered.

"Oh, not at all. Hermione actually just informed this morning of the Muggle tradition of the groom not seeing the bride before the wedding." Mrs. Weasley explained, she patted him on the shoulder, and left to the bathroom, leaving Harry to scowl again.


In all her wildest dreams, Ginny never believed she would end up marrying Harry Potter. It felt absolutely wonderful! Checking the clock on the wall, it read 12:15. She couldn't believe that tonight when she went to bed, her new name would be Ginny Potter.

"Ginny, this is so exciting!" Hermione squealed into her ear. Since 8 o'clock this morning, it had been Hermione's duty to do Ginny's hair, nails and makeup and so far Ginny actually thought she looked great. Her hair was abundant with spectacular, soft and wavy curls and Hermione had added just the right amount of makeup on her face. She knew that Ginny did not like heavy makeup, so she had added a thin line of black eyeliner above her eyelid, a dab of mascara, a streak of blush on her cheeks, a rose-coloured gloss on her lips, and a light, sparkly lilac colour on her eyes.

“You look amazing!” Hermione commented, and hugged Ginny’s tightly. Ginny looked herself over in the mirror one last time. Her dress was snow white, strapless and was very fitted around her torso and looked like the top half of a heart. From the waist down it billowed out slightly with the layers, and layers of fabric beneath it. The dress was completed with a simple pair of white heeled shoes, which Ginny continued to pray that she would not trip in.

“Thanks so much, Hermione! So do you,” Ginny giggled slightly as her friend blushed. Hermione was wearing a light blue dress that hugged her body nicely. It had thin spaghetti straps attached to the delicate satin dress. The neckline dipped modestly, exposing a bit of cleavage. A thin, but visible line wove around her, just above the hips. The dress reached just above the knees with a floaty material. Hermione had fallen in love with it the moment she saw it while shopping for wedding dresses with Ginny. Ginny had agreed it was perfect

Two knocks sounded at Ginny’s door and Hermione went over, opening it a crack.

“No Harry, you can’t – oh. It’s you.” Hermione said. It was Ron.

“Can I come in?” He asked.

“I suppose,” Hermione said stiffly and opened the door wider, allowing her boyfriend to enter, but she shut the door right away in case Harry was walking by.

“Wow, Ginny … you look … amazing.” Ron spoke softly. “But won’t you be cold? It’s Christmas Eve, there’s snow on the ground.”

“Warming spells,” Ginny’s voice was cool. “But thanks.” Suddenly, her eyes widened, as she realized Ron was in his dress robes. “Are you coming to the wedding?” she asked quietly. Ron didn’t speak but only nodded slowly, and grinned as Hermione threw her arms around him.

“I’m sorry for being such a prat,” he said.

“It’s okay, you’ve been one for so long, and I almost think it’s your job.” Ginny said with a smile.

“Thanks a lot,” Ron growled, but perked up when Hermione kissed him on the cheek.

“I knew you’d come around!” she said, her voice filled with delight.

“You look … stunning,” Ron said, gaping at Hermione, and she blushed.

“Thank you,” she said breathlessly, and then she turned to look at the clock. 12:55. “Ginny!” she gasped, “Come on! We’ll be late!”

“We start inside, remember,” Ginny laughed. “Dad will be downstairs waiting for me and we’ll go down the isle together, you right behind me.”

“Right, Ron, come on!” Hermione nearly yelled, shoving him out the door. Laughing, Ron went downstairs and outside. A thin blanket of snow covered the earth, but the warming spell did its job for Hermione didn’t feel chilly at all. She noticed that the ground around the wedding area was not covered with snow, but instead had grass around it. Two parallel lines of flourishing flowers marked the aisle which Ginny would be walking down any moment now. He noticed Harry at the end, looking completely and utterly nervous. Ron walked down towards him, smiling at people in their seats, waiting patiently.

“Ron, what are you doing here?” Harry whispered angrily. “I thought you weren’t coming.”

“I’m your best mate,” Ron whispered back. “And it’s my favourite sister’s wedding, how could I miss it?”

Harry gave him a small smile, and Ron grinned back.

“She looks great, Harry, trust me.” Ron said.

“Ginny always looks great,” Harry muttered to him.

“I was talking about Hermione,” Ron teased, and Harry rolled his eyes. They both snapped their attention back to the wedding when soft music began to play out of no where, and Harry nearly choked on his own breath as he saw Ginny, linked arm-in-arm with Mr. Weasley and walking down the isle. He’d never seen Ginny so dressed up in his entire life and he thought she looked astonishing, and even that couldn’t describe her. She walked with such grace and precision that he could swear she was walking on a cloud.

A muffled sniffing sound made him look over, and he noticed Mrs. Weasley in the first row, tissues in her hand and dabbing at her now wet eyes. Harry grinned slightly, and turned back to his soon-to-be wife. Before he knew it, Ginny was standing before him, her hands in his and the wedding had begun.


“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride.”

Harry leaned forward slowly and placed his lips on Ginny’s, kissing her tenderly. He never wanted to let her go, but he felt Ron tap him on the shoulder and heard laughter from the audience.

Ginny pulled away first and felt Harry’s hand squeeze hers lightly. This was it: she was now Mrs. Harry Potter. Pecking him briefly on the cheek, the clapping (from the crowd) and wolf-whistling (from Fred and George) began. She looked at Harry and noticed he was absolutely beaming, and Ginny had never felt happier in her life.


Author's Note: One more chappy!! Are you sad? I am :( Thanks so much for everyone's reviews!!

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Harry Missed You: III: You Can't See the Bride Before the Wedding


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