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hermoine goes bad by hunny
Chapter 1 : hermoine goes bad
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Hermoine was rushing to the libary dragging her heavy book bag behind her.
At the top of the stairs draco and his friends were standing around talking, they saw Hermoine and draco stuck out his foot so she went flying out of the window.
saggy harry went rushing to help her! Hermoine lay on the ground, not moving.
" oi "
Harry poked her with a big stick , Hermoine opened her eyes!
" WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!" Hermoine shouted
She grabbed the stick and snapped it in two!
" now where is that draco!!"
she went to the top of the stairs and threw draco up the wall,she grabed him by his neck!
her skin started to turn green. Draco squealed with fright
crabbe and goyle both ran away screaming and crying!
" im gonna do what i should have done along time ago" Hermoine screamed laughing! She pulled out a big kitchen knife and held it up above her head!
"die, malfoy, die!" she screamed!
suddenly saggy Harry came rushing in
"noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Hermoine! noooooo!!"
harry picked up a brick and threw it at her head. she fell to the floor!
malfoy sighed in relief.
" thanks potter" Malfoy said picking up the knife from the floor
He charged at Harry and stabbed him!
Snape came in and looked at what was happening
" oi Malfoy give me that knife"
Malfoy handed over the knife. Snape started to stab Ron
"oi whats going on?" said Ron confused
After a couple of hours almost all the school was dead!

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