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Loving you, Hating you by dragonlovesh2o4eva
Chapter 11 : Telling Jasmine
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So sorry about the wait guys, i just haven't really been motivated to write :( Hope you enjoy it anyway.

Having walked back to her compartment Diana’s friends wanted to know what took her so long “oh, we were just organizing…stuff” she muttered evasively

Luckily she didn’t have time to explain it to them as she had to change into her robes and had to get too the exit so she could be one of the first off the train, so as to direct the students. For once she was glad to be away from her friends, she wasn’t exactly sure how they would take the news of her and Matt now dating.

It was now almost time and Diana said goodbye to her friends and made her way to the front of the train. The whistle sounded and the train began to slow down. She grabbed onto one of the rails to keep from falling and once the train stopped she opened the door and hoped out.

It took quiet a while to round all the first years up and get them into the boats with Hagrid but she managed. She could see Matt on the other side of the platform yelling at two boys from Ravenclaw who had apparently been throwing a pigmy puff as if it was a tennis ball. She rolled her eyes “come on guys!” she yelled above the student’s chatter “the sorting will be finished by the time you get inside!” she chuckled. At last all the students had found a carriage and she and Matt jumped into the last one.

She smiled at him but didn’t say anything as they sat across from each other in the cramped carriage. Matt was looking at her and he opened his mouth to ask her something “Hey, do you want to go to Hogsmead with me tomorrow?” Seventh years were allowed to visit Hogsmead during their lunch break. McGonnagall had changed the rules a few years previously.

Diana was surprised but she nodded in agreement “I’d like that” she said softly. Matt beamed at her.

The carriage rumbled to a stop and Diana jumped out, Matt followed and they made their way up the steps to the great hall, “Well, see you” Diana muttered to him turning to the Slytherin table

“Yeah see you’ Matt muttered.

Jasmine watch Diana walk over to her friends and her brother turn and walk over to sit next to her, she frowned.

After dinner finished and headmistress McGonagall dismissed them Jasmine jumped up from the table and called “I’ll meet you up their” to her brother before she ran out of the hall after a group of Slytherin. She spotted Diana talking to her friends and ran up behind them “Diana!” she shouted breathlessly “I need to talk to you!” at the sound of her name Diana turned and when she spotted Jasmine she frowned confused

“What about “ she asked cautiously.

Jasmine took a deep breath “I just have to ask you something ok” her eyes were pleading, she really needed to know.

Diana seemed to sense that it was important because she nodded and jerked her head to the ground floor corridor “In one of the classroom” she offered

Jasmine nodded in agreement. Turning they weaved there way through the mass of student’s leaving the great hall and ducked down the corridor. They arrived at the first classroom, unlocked the door and creeped inside

“Lumos” whispered Diana once the door was closed behind them, she didn’t completely trust Jasmine not to hex her. She gazed at the other girl surprised that Jasmine was looking confused. “What did you want to talk to me about” she asked quietly, whispering so that they wouldn’t be discovered.

Jasmine looked up and met her eyes. “Do you like my brother?” she asked bluntly, her voice clipped, her eyes narrowed.

Diana’s eyes widened and she gasped “What” she muttered trying to look surprised “I don’t know what you’re talking about” she lied.

Jasmines eyes narrowed “Don’t play dumb” she snapped angry “I saw you and Matt come into the great hall together, I heard you guys taking on the train and I’ve seen the way he looks at you” she told Diana “He’s crazy about you” she added.

Diana fell silent and studied the girl before her. There was no hint of malice or cruelty in her voice, she was just curious. “Yes” she whispered.

“I knew it!” Jasmine exclaimed smirking and Diana’s heart sank

“You won’t tell anyone will you?” she asked quietly.

Jasmine’s eyes widened “What?” she snapped. Diana sighed and glanced behind her “Know one knows” she whispered.

Jasmine blinked and then she through back and laughed, tears of mirth streaming down her face.

Diana scowled annoyed; this was no time to be laughing! “So are you going to keep this a secret of not!” she snapped.

Jasmine wiped her eyes and looked up into Diana’s eyes “And why would I want to do that?” she asked softly.

Diana’s eyes narrowed “Because it would be nice” she snapped “Because both our parents would be pissed if they found out!” she was angry now.

“Yeah, Yeah” muttered Jasmine dismissively “What’s in it for me” she asked, lifting her chin and looking Diana in the eye.

Diana sighed and rolled her eyes “What do you want?” she asked suspiciously

Jasmine grinned “Alex Miller asked me out at dinner and I wan’t to borrow your new dress!”

Diana smiled, that wasn’t so bad “Fine! I’ll let you borrow my dress for you’re date!” she agreed “Now, are you going to keep quiet about this or not”

“It depends” Jasmine whispered.

Diana’s eyes narrowed, she was starting to get really annoyed at this! “Depends on what?” she asked

“It depends on whether you like my brother or not” Jasmine answered serious no hint of a smile on her face “I know he likes you, but I have no idea how you feel! If I find out that you don’t like him and are just using him! Well… I’m going to tell our parents”
Diana swallowed “I do like him” she whispered “A lot actually” she admitted, looking down at the floor embarrassed.

Jasmine studied her for a few seconds, trying to work out if she was lying or not “Ok, I won’t tell” she whispered softly.

Diana looked up and smiled “Thank you” she whispered, touched at Jasmines unexpected agreement.

Jasmine waved off the thanks “So how many people know?’ she asked, not really believing that know one knew!

Diana grinned, knowing Jasmine hadn’t believed her “After Me and Matt, you’re the only one!” Jasmines eyes widened in surprise

“Really?” she asked in disbelief

Diana nodded, smiling

Jasmine chuckled “Oh I can’t wait to see there faces when they find out!” she muttered

Diana’s eyes narrowed “But you said you wouldn’t tell them!” she accused

“I’m not” Jasmine said annoyed, “But stuff like this always gets found out!”

Diana sighed “your right” she muttered “Well lets just try and keep it a secret for as long as possible!”

Jasmine nodded. “That sounds about fair” she murmured thoughtfully

Diana smiled “You know” she mused “I thought you would take this pretty bad, after all we haven’t exactly been friends have we?”

Jasmine shrugged “True! But there are worst people out there!” she said with a smile, “besides” she added grinning “He’s been telling me for ages that he likes you. I’m just glad I don’t have to listen to him going on and on about it anymore!” she laughed

Diana rolled her eyes and smiled “Thanks that makes me feel so much better” she said drily

Jasmine laughed and smiled back “So are we friends then?” she asked shyly

Diana paused and nodded “Yeah, I‘ll like that” she said.

A/N: What did you think of this one! Please review so I know how I’m going with this story, I love feedback!

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Loving you, Hating you: Telling Jasmine


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