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If Ignorance Is Bliss... by hpef1006
Chapter 1 : If Ignorance is Bliss...
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This was just a cute little one-shot that came to me after I saw this saying on a bumper sticker and I feel that it describes the majority of the guys I know :) If the original characters confuse you it's because they are part of another story of mine that I haven't posted yet but they will show up again(i.e A.J.)

Lily Evans hurried down the corridor that led from the library. It was nearly after hours and she still had patrols to do. Ugh, patrols…she thought. They actually wouldn’t be so horrible if it weren’t for the fact Lily was paired off with Satan himself. Alright, maybe not Satan, but definitely like his second cousin once removed or something. Two words were all it took to send shivers down her spine.

James Potter.
Both the bane of her existence and her reason for living.

Lily was constantly told, more often than not by A.J, that she was fickle. Wishy-washy. Indecisive. And she was, especially when it came to James Potter. She hated him but he made her weak in the knees all at once. If Lily were a less intelligent person she would chalk it up to pure physical attraction. But she knew it was more and that irritated her. James was arrogant, self absorbed, and the tiniest bit rude. But he was also smart, compassionate, and hopelessly handsome.

Lily couldn’t help but reflect on her shallowness as she gave the password to the Fat Lady’s portrait outside Gryffindor and entered the tower. There were still plenty of students around even though it was a Thursday night. Fridays were the worst day for the professors as the students had absolutely no interest in learning whatsoever. But upon seeing the Head Girl enter, her house mates quieted down a little and sent her wary looks. Lily rolled my eyes to herself; she wasn’t always around to hand out detentions, she did have other worries.

Actually, the reason Lily was even in the Gryffindor common room was that she had borrowed Aubrey’s potion book as her own, weighed down with notes and research, was unnecessarily heavy and A.J.’s, the spine barely even cracked two months into N.E.W.T. year, was much lighter. She looked around for the familiar dark hair and blue eyes but found none. However, Lily did spot Haley Jade showing Remus some complicated charm and made her way over.

“Evening,” she said placing the book down next to Haley Jade. She smiled up at Lily, her concentration on the charm which was repelling the heat from the fire. Remus sent a nod in her direction.

“Lily,” he said politely as ever, “Aren’t you on patrol duty tonight,” he asked, checking his watch. Lily nodded and gestured to the book.

“I’m just leaving A.J.’s Potion’s book. Have you seen her?” Both Haley Jade and Remus shook their heads.

“She walked back from dinner with me,” Haley Jade offered, running a hand through her short, blonde locks, “but after that she disappeared. I assumed she was with you.” Remus chuckled to himself.

“Sirius is gone too,” he pointed out. Lily sighed and nodded in response.

“Oh, really now… those two are ridiculous,” she groused before heading to the door.

There was really no getting through to Aubrey. Sirius Black was possibly the only boy at Hogwarts who was worse than James. Granted he too looked as though he was hand crafted by the gods, but he was still an ass. It amazed Lily to no end how he managed to avoid catching a venereal disease but she supposed with a reputation like his, he must know all the tricks in the book. What was worse, A.J. was hooked on him. Lily failed to see the fascination, but to each her own.

The halls were dark and getting chillier by the minute and Lily couldn’t help but think that she would be glad once she found James. Even if she was forced to do rounds with him, at least she wouldn’t be alone. The shadows cast onto the cold stone walls were eerie and Lily wondered more with each step why she didn’t ask Remus to walk her up to the Head’s common room. It was after hours and all the students who had been lingering before were long gone. Her footsteps echoed loudly as the slight heels hit the floor with each step. She picked up her steps, calculating that there were only five more corridors until her common room.

A door somewhere behind her creaked slowly and Lily’s heart leapt into her chest. She wasn’t sure when she’d become such a coward but she suddenly felt very small. Several deep breathes calmed her nerves considerably and she continued on.

Just four more corridors.

But Lily started to feel as if she wouldn’t make it to the end of the one she was in let alone the next three. Her hair stood on end as she could feel someone’s eyes on her. Lily looked around but she was alone.

“Oh come on, Lily,” she scolded herself, “it’s Hogwarts, nothing to fear.”

Out of nowhere, there were footsteps behind her. She whipped around to find nothing once again. But even as she picked up my pace, so did the disembodied footfalls. Lily whimpered softly as she found herself finally in front of the Head’s portrait hole. In her frenzy, she struggled to remember the password.

“Um, Elixir of Life… Ah, Fairy Floss… Godric, Godric,” Lily shouted as the answer came to her but not in time as a hand grabbed her shoulder from behind.

“Aaahhhhhhhh,” she shrieked, swatting at whatever had a hold of her.

“Ouch,” someone yelled and released her. James’ head appeared in thin air as a silvery sheet fell off of him. Lily gaped at him, one hand thrown out in front of her still and the other grabbing her chest. He took one look at her and fell over laughing. Lily scowled darkly as James rolled around, clutching his side.

“Oh… Merlin…you should have seen your face,” he chuckled, “Did you think an ickle ghosty got you, Lils?” She bit the insides of her cheeks to keep from crying and yelling at the same time.

“Don’t call me Lils,” she spat at him, now looking at the floor. James stood up, his perfect face pink.

“Lily,” he began with a smile gracing his face, “don’t be like that. Really, what did you think could be attacking you? We’re in Hogwarts, possibly the most secure place in the UK, ghosts are visible, and Peeves wouldn’t bother you: he’s too afraid. Plus you know I have an invisibility cloak.” Lily kept her gaze on the floor, feeling rather silly and embarrassed. James made her so angry; she just wanted to lay him flat. But then he’d send her one of those charming smiles, a slight touch across the face, and she’d want to lay him flat in a completely different way. Lily looked up abruptly, arms folded across her chest.

“Are you done, now, Potter,” she asked coolly, “we have patrols to do and we only have half an hour.” James nodded, still grinning and turned down the hall to follow her.

The silence was overwhelming as they checked for any remaining students who weren’t supposed to be out of bed. James would open his mouth from time to time to break it but Lily would look away quickly, signaling that she had nothing to say to him. Her small frame was tense and she made no other movement aside from walking and opening the occasional broom closet.

“Checking for any stray snoggers,” James asked casually. Lily grunted in reply.

“None tonight, eh,” he continued. Lily kept walking.

“Want to fix that,” he asked suggestively, a smirk on his face. Lily stopped in her tracks, and sent him a stony look. James shrugged and followed her brisk strides.

They had finished their rounds and were at the point of turning back when James grabbed Lily’s arm. He nodded at a tapestry.

“It’s getting late; let’s take a shortcut.” Lily shook her head firmly.

“No, James. No shortcuts; I don’t need a way to sneak into Hogmeade. Let’s just go the way we came.” James continued to tug persistently at her. As he outweighed her by at least twenty pounds, her feet slid across the floor.

“We’re not sneaking out… unless you want to,” Lily’s look answered for her, “It’ll just get us back to the dorms. Come on.” James pulled back the tapestry and pushed open a door closer to Lily’s five foot six frame that his own six foot one. He stooped to follow her and nudged her forward. It was a small, nearly pitch black stone tunnel that sloped downward. After ten minutes of following the winding trail, Lily stopped short causing James to walk into walk into her.

“What,” he asked, shining the light from his wand before them. Lily turned to face him.

“If this is supposed to take us UP to our rooms, why are we going down?”

James looked at Lily, obviously thrown for a loop. She stared back, waiting for an answer as he looked around searching for one.

“We’re going the wrong way, aren’t we,” she asked in a dangerously quiet voice. James scratched his head.

“I could have sworn Peter said this was the one… bloody wanker,” he muttered.


“Alright, alright, no need to get testy. We’ll just have to take a detour. Keep going, it’ll only take us longer to go back.” Lily growled and continued to follow the path. After a few more minutes, the tunnel began to level out and narrow.

“You might want to,” James began

“Ouch,” Lily exclaimed loudly, her head coming into contact with a solid door.

“Put your hands up,” James finished. Lily sighed loudly and groped for the handle.

“Stupid prat…. Tunnel… lost in the bloody castle,” she muttered as she pushed open the door. James stepped out after her and looked around.

“The Entrance Hall,” he said interestedly. Lily took off at a brisk pace.

“Yes, the bleeding Entrance Hall,” she said heatedly, “If one of the professors catches us, we’ll get detention for sure. We were supposed to be finished with rounds twenty minutes ago.” James ruffled his hair a bit and shrugged.

“Who would be out at this time anyway,” he asked leading Lily up the staircase to the second floor. No sooner had the words left his mouth than two pair of footsteps approached from the opposite end of the corridor.

“Now, really, Mr. Filch, Mrs. Norris will be just fine,” Professor McGonagall was saying coolly.

Lily and James froze in their spots and looked around.

“Oh Merlin,” Lily hissed. James grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the only door available.

“In here,” he whispered, dragging her behind him. He shut the door and leaned against it. Lily looked around and turned to face him.

“The girls’ lavatory, Potter,” she asked disapprovingly.

“Do you want to go explain to McGonagall why we’re still out?” Lily rolled her eyes.

“It’d be your fault anyway,” she mumbled.

Something creaked at the far end of the room, followed by a bang. Lily took an instinctive step towards James and looked around. There was another bang followed by a moan then a giggle.

“Sirius, be careful,” A.J. whispered. James smirked and Lily mouth dropped .

“Aubr-mmmmm,” she tried to get out but James wrapped one hand around her mouth, the other around her waist, and pulled into a nearby broom closet. Lily continued protesting as he shut the door and enclosed them in darkness.

“Ssh,” he whispered, his ear to the door.

“Did you hear something,” A.J. said to Sirius in their stall.

“Mmm mmm,” Sirius answered, muffled by some body part. Aubrey giggled but persisted.

“Are you sure,” she asked. Sirius seemed to have resurfaced as his answer was clear.

“No, but you know what I am sure of, love?”

“What?” There was more silence followed by another moan.

James turned Lily to face him, still covering her mouth. She was glaring at him.

“I’ll only let go of your hand if you promise to be good. You promise,” he asked her. Lily nodded grudgingly. James reluctantly let go and Lily pushed him away, stumbling over a mop.

“Why did you do that,” she hissed angrily.

“I didn’t want you messing up my mate’s wicked score. Go Sirius,” he added. Lily pushed James further away. It made no difference as they were crammed together, chest to chest.

“You’re such a prick,” she told him and leaned against the closest wall.

“That’s a bit harsh, don’t you think,” James asked, looking at her sadly through thick eyelashes. Lily tried not to smile at what he thought was an innocent look.

“No! You got us in this mess. Who uses a shortcut they don’t even know and then gets us trapped in a closet hiding from a teacher and our randy friends?”

“Well I didn’t know that Sirius was going to come here tonight; it’s not his usual spot, you know,” James said quite seriously. Lily looked at him strangely.

“Are you taking the mickey,” she asked incredulously. James shook his head.

“Maybe you should stop using half assed shortcuts,” Lily snapped.

“Maybe you should relax,” James countered.

“Maybe you shouldn’t be such a hair brained twit,” Lily spit back, face to face with James now.

“And maybe we should take a leaf out of Aubrey and Sirius’s book and chalk this up to sexual tension,” he answered, staring Lily down with a blazing look. Lily inhaled deeply.

“Potter, if ignorance is bliss, you must be orgasmic.”

“Oh, I love it when you talk dirty,” James whispered. Lily frowned at him.

“Oh you—just make me—ugh ,” she stuttered. James chuckled softly. Lily looked up at him seriously.

“What’s the mystery, huh, Potter? What’s so intriguing about me, eh,” she pushed.

“You know what I think it is, James,” she continued while James stared down at her amusedly, “I think it’s forbidden fruit. That’s what I am to you. You can’t have me so you want me. Well guess what? Game over! You want to see what it’s like, what’s the hidden treasure, fine!” And Lily clasped her hands behind James neck and kissed him hard. James, who had been smirking down at the irritable redhead, hadn’t had time to wipe the look off his face and continued to smile into her lips. After a few seconds she pulled back, breathing heavily, eyes on fire.

“There,” she said softly, “Happy?” James shook his head and pulled her back to him, capturing her lips with his. Lily stiffened for a moment and then relaxed into his arms which carefully wrapped their way around her body. He kissed her slowly, taking the time to memorize the feeling he might not experience again. Lily’s heart thumped unevenly against his chest and it was with shaking hands that she traced his shoulders and came to rest on his neck once more.

She pushed James back, both of them tripping over a broom and bucket, and leaned into him as he rested on the wall. James smiled again and rubbed her hips gently as she put all her weight on him. Lily was determined to show that she had control of the situation but as James nudged her lips softly with his tongue, she was uncertain of who ran the show. His kisses were slow and deep, engulfing her whole body in a series of feelings and sensations. She moaned softly, surprised at her own cheek.

“James,” she muttered into his warm mouth, “we’re going about this…. all wrong,” she gasped. James broke away for only a moment.

“Okay, we can change it up,” he whispered, dragging his lips against hers. He wrapped his arms around her thighs and lifted her up against the wall. Lily smiled; she had not been referring to how they were snogging but why. But she wound her legs around his waist and squeezed. James kissed her once on the mouth before moving to her jaw line. He then paid special attention to her pale neck, gently biting her and soothing it with a flick of his tongue. Lily tilted her head all the way back to give him more access, her hands grasped tightly in his hair. James held her up, one hand sliding below her lower back and back up again. Lily pulled his mouth back to hers for another searing kiss. She opened her mouth right away this time and James didn’t hesitate in the slightest. Lily moaned again, a little louder, and instinctively he pushed her harder into the wall, his hips pushing into hers. Lily arched back, unprepared for his body pressing into hers, but wanting to get closer. She tugged at his hair, pulling him back so she could see his face.

“We have to stop,” she whispered. Their bodies were still heaving, pressed together in the most intimate of ways.

“Do we,” James asked softly, purposely moving his hips between her legs again. Lily gasped and closed her eyes. She’d need real fortitude to resist this situation. She nodded quickly before she changed her mind and wound up shagging James Potter in a broom closet in the girls lavatory.

James set her on her feet lightly. He ran a hand through her hair gently and let his hand trail to her face.

“You’re right… Besides, we wouldn’t want to embarrass Sirius,” he joked. Lily laughed shakily. She fought to catch her breath as James continued to study her face.

“You’re really beautiful, you know,” he told her, his hand caressing her cheek. Lily blushed.

“Thank you,” she whispered, looking down. James lifted her head up.

“Don’t blush when I say that; it’s true. I wouldn’t lie to you.” Lily nodded and met his eyes. They were warm, she thought, and welcoming.

“I hate that you’ve known that I really do like you even though I’ve tried to hide it,” she mumbled. James laughed.

“Call it a hunch.”

“I guess we have a lot to talk about when we get out of here,” Lily said dusting some dirt off of her shoulder. James nodded then listened at the door.

“Only question is: how the hell are we going to get out of here?”

The END!!!!! Cute and fluffy, I KNOW!! Yay!!

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