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Along Came Sirius by HPsmartone32
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four: Stuck
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Chapter Four: Stuck

Adara woke up the next day, Saturday morning, and kind of wished she could no longer feel her back. Whenever she tried to move, her back angrily protested and it felt like her back muscles were being kicked very hard, constantly. She slowly moved so that she was on her back and staring up at the ceiling. She had thrown her pillow off the bed the previous night as it hurt her neck to lie on it.

The curtains around her bed were cracked just enough that the sunlight streamed through and landed on the comforter where her legs were. She heard moving in the bed next to hers: Christine was awake.

“Christine!” Adara called.

“Hmm,” her tired friend answered.

“Come help me up, I can’t move.”

“What d’you mean ‘can’t move,’” the girl asked wearily.

“I mean, I fell off my bloody broom yesterday, landed on my back and now I can’t bloody move without dying,” Adara told her.

“Go take a hot shower,” Christine told her and rolled over.

“Great idea,” Adara replied sarcastically, “I think I might do that. Oh, wait. I can’t get up.”

“If I help you out of bed can I go back to sleep?” Christine whined.

“I won’t stop you.”

“Fine.” Adara heard the curtains of Christine’s bed pull back, then saw her own being drawn, “Hello.” Adara smiled when she saw her friend glaring at her, hair stuck up in every direction and exhaustion written all over her face.

“You owe me,” she muttered as she grabbed Adara’s hands and helped her into a sitting position. Adara cringed, her back really hurt.

Adara stood up with Christine’s help and took a tentative step. Her back protested by sending a sharp pain up her spine. Adara moaned.

“You okay?” Christine asked.

“Er, yeah,” Adara leaned on her friend, “a hot shower will help.”

“What happened?” Christine asked as they made their way to the loo.

“I told you fell off my broom.”

Christine stopped, “How?” she asked, “You never fall.”

“Someone scared me out of a dive,” Adara sighed, “The shower!”

“Who scared you out of a dive?” Christine asked, not moving.

“It doesn’t matter. Shower.”

“Adara,” Christine began.

“I just want to take a shower, I feel like someone ‘crucio’d’ my back,” Adara whined, and Christine gave in. She helped Adara into the bathroom, but on her way out stopped and looked at her, “This conversation isn’t over,” she warned and Adara smiled at her friend and nodded.

Turning the shower on way too hot (she had always read that scorching hot showers relaxed) she peeling or her clothes painfully and stepped in. Turning her back to the near-boiling water, Adara was relieved as she felt her muscles loosen.

Why she didn’t want to tell her best friend, Christine, what had happened at the Quidditch pitch she didn’t know, and it bothered her. She had always told the strawberry-blonde everything, yet this time something was preventing her.  Shrugging it off, she allowed her hair to soak and her worries to be washed away for the moment.


When she had dressed and pulled her still-wet hair into a bun on top of her head, Adara slowly made her way o the Great Hall. She decided that she was going to try and be as normal as possible in front of Jayden – after all, if he saw she was hurt he probably would either insist she visit the Hospital Wing or worse, not let her participate in the Quidditch tryouts.

she told herself, when I see Sirius, I’ll kill him.

“Hey,” Christine greeted as she sat down next to Jayden, “How’re you feeling? Does your –”

“Yeah, my head feels better,” Adara sent a glare at her friend and Christine fell silent.

“Poor thing,” Jayden kissed the top of her head, “here, eat a treacle tart.” He handed her the best looking one.

“Thanks,” Adara told him as she leaned her head on his shoulder and took a bite. She was so tired having not slept well last night.

“So, I was thinking tryouts at the end of next week so that we can get training?”

“Sounds great,” Adara said after she swallowed and David nodded, too. He was a chaser for the team.

“All fe neeth is adother daser,” he spat, quite literally.

“Gross, David!” Christine exclaimed and pushed her newly toast-sprinkled eggs away from her.

“Sorry,” he offered with a smile, Christine rolled her eyes.

“Plans for today?” she asked.

“Nope,” Jayden and David said at the same time. Adara wasn’t really listening as the group around her talked of various activities they could do. She was finishing the delicious treacle tart and wondering how long her back was going to feel as if there were an extremely obese hippogriff standing on it.

“What do you think, Addie?” Jayden was asking her.

“Huh,” she replied lifting her head off his shoulder.

“You want to go for a walk?” he repeated.

Walk? That didn’t sound to incredibly painful, “Alright,” she smiled and made to stand up. She asked Jayden to grab her one more treacle tart, as she didn’t think her shoulder would extend across the table in it’s current condition. He did, handed it to her, then holding hands, they walked out of the Great Hall in into the sunny morning. As the wind hit her, Adara shivered slightly and took a bite of the luxuriously warm treacle tart.

“Here,” Jayden noticed her shivering and let go of her hand to take off his navy-blue sweatshirt.

“Jay, I’m –” her sentence was lost as Jayden put the sweater over his girlfriend’s head.

She put it on properly, with minimal pain, and smiled up at Jayden, “Thanks.”

Jayden swung his arm around her shoulders and it was all Adara could do not to gasp as his arm came down on them. A searing pain was sent down her back, but she didn’t let a sound escape from her mouth. The treacle tart was now finished so Adara slid her arm around Jayden’s waist and they continued walking, comfortable enough with each other for the silence not to be awkward.

“Did you get your paper in?” Adara asked as they passed a big oak tree by the lake.

“Yeah, this morning,” Jayden replied, “You want to go flying again tonight, together?” he suggested. Adara winced that the thought of having to ride a broom with a extremely painful back.

“Maybe tomorrow night, I have to write to my mum tonight or she’ll probably come here and kill me,” Adara laughed. Jayden looked disappointed so she pulled herself closer to him and smiled up at him, “I still love you though.”

“I know,” he smiled and kissed the top of her head. They continued walking, enjoying the weather and each other’s company.

Then Adara saw something that didn’t belong up ahead by the side of the lake. It looked red… red and black. As they neared it, Adara noticed that it was a girl. A sobbing girl.

Then she saw it was Evans, the girl who hated her. The girl was now sobbing. Adara felt bad for her.

Her mother had always told her she was too nice, and that is what Adara was thinking as she stopped walking and faced Jayden, “Hey, I have to go see what’s wrong with her.” She said.

“Isn’t that the Evans girl that’s in our Defense class?  I thought you didn’t like her,” Jayden asked, puzzled.

“Well, she obviously needs someone and we are the only ones out here.”

“You confuse me.”

“And that’s why you love me, right?” Adara smiled, “I’ll meet you in the common room?”

“Okay,” Jayden kissed her, his hand touching her back. She tried to ignore it but had to break away as the ache was too much.

“Bye,” she told him and started walking along the edge of the pond towards the Evans girl.

Evans didn’t notice that Adara was there until the latter made her slow way to sitting on the soft, slightly dewy grass beside her. Evans looked up at Adara, who was staring at the lake.

“What are you doing here?” Evans asked as she tried to wipe away her tears.

“Are you okay?” Adara asked looking at Evans for the first time. Adara noticed her emerald eyes, and was slightly jealous.

“What’s it to you, anyway?” Evans asked miserably.

“You look like you need to talk,” Adara said plainly.

“I have friends,” Evans snapped.

“Yeah, me too.”

Evans looked speechless, and terrible. Her mascara was running streaks down her face and she had bags under her eyes.

“Look, I know you may find this weird and Hufflepuff-ish, but I’m here right now and if you want to talk about this, whomever and whatever it might be, then talk,” Adara sighed wondering why she was being so nice to who was recently her nemesis.

“I just don’t get why. You’re in a few of my classes this year, but other than that I’ve never seen you. I don’t even know your first name, how can I know if I can trust you?” Evans finally answered.

“I’m Adara,” Adara said.

Evans looked at her then sighed, “I’m Lily.”

“So, what or who has got you out here crying?”

“You must think I’m some weird freak, but it’s just that I can’t take it anymore. Bloody Potter and his bloody friends!” Lily threw her hands in the air.

“Tell me about it. I was stuck with Sirius in practically every class this week, and yesterday he just about – ” she stopped, why was she telling Lily what she hasn’t even told her best friend or her boyfriend?

“He what? Bet it’s not worse than what Potter did.” Lily sighed.

“It’s pretty bad,” Adara admitted deciding that if Lily was going to be honest with her, she might as well return the favor. “Bloody Sirius threw me off my bloody broom twice yesterday and I can barely walk for my back hurts so bad –” Adara started to rant.

“Bloody Potter called me 'love' for the millionth time, and just barely stopped short of asking me out –” Lily cut in.

“—and I can’t tell Jay, my boyfriend, because then he’ll know I was at the pitch with Sirius and probably castrate the poor bloke –”

“—in front of the whole bloody common room, and my friends have been telling me that ‘Potter’s not that bad’ and I should ‘give him a chance’ –”

“—which I wouldn’t really mind right now because he did throw me off a broom in the first place, even if he was just kidding –”

“ – and how they ‘would give anything to have a man like them this much.’ But Potter is just so annoying and probably doesn’t even like me. Just thinking that if he can’t have me he wants too and –”

“I HATE HIM!” the sixteen-year-olds finished at the same time. They fell silent and looked at each other, then broke into laughter.

“Feel better?” Adara asked when they’d calmed down.

“Yeah, thanks.” Lily smiled.



Even after that Saturday morning, Lily and Adara weren’t friends by any means. They just no longer hated each other. In class, Adara and Lily took turns answering the questions and laughed when Slughorn asked them if they had been studying together during the next potions class.

“What is up with you two?” Sirius whispered.

Adara ignored him, though it had been three days since the broom incident, yet her back still ached. Besides, this was the first time that Adara had come into contact with Sirius and she wanted to let him know she was not happy.

“Any one there?” Sirius asked snapping his fingers in front of her, “Any one at all.”

Adara added more powered snakeskin to her potion then started to stir it. Sirius had lost the seat to James again (though this time Adara could tell he wasn’t making as much as an effort to win) and had taken the chair beside her.

Five minutes of silence passed, in which Adara watched Sirius add not measured amounts of ingredients to his potion out of the corner of her eyes.

Finally, when Adara had thought she’d won and they would actually be working in silence for the rest of the period, he spoke again, “What is wrong with you? You’re not even muttering like a mad woman today. Did Booty forbid you to look, speak, or hear me? Cause then, you guys need to work on your relationship, you have to be able to trust th – ”

“No, you insensitive prat! I’m not talking to you because for the last three days, my back has been hurting terribly!” Adara spun furiously to face him.

Sirius looked uncomfortable, “Okay, ‘Dara, that’s a little too much information, if its you’re time of the mon—”

“What?” Adara cut in, then realized what Sirius was thinking and blushed, “Merlin no! My back hurts because you threw me off my bloody broom twice on Friday!” she said, a little loudly, as she cupped some of her potion into her glass vile. She stormed up to the professor’s desk, slammed her vile down, gathered her stuff and strode out of the room.

How dare he? Not even know that I was mad. Stupid brainless git.

She was storming down the corridor, lost in her furious thoughts when she suddenly hit something very hard and fell backwards to the ground. Her bag was on her back, which just made her landing more painful as she collided with the ground. She pulled her arms through her straps and rolled onto her stomach.


Her back was killing her. She sat up and reached her hand out to touch the invisible barrier. This has never been here before… she thought. I mean, it’s right in the middle of a normally busy corridor.

“Adara!” she turned her head and scowled as she saw Sirius running towards her. This wasn’t exactly the person she wanted to see most, “Finally. I’ve been screaming your name for the last five minutes! Luckily this stopped you,” he said as he waved his wand. Adara’s hand was left touching nothing as the barrier disappeared.

You put this barrier here?” she almost yelled, “I almost killed myself thanks to you… again.

“Sorry, love, but I had to stop you somehow.”

“Well lose some weight and try to catch up on your own,” Adara snapped as she made to stand up.

She lost her balance and Sirius caught her and helped her up.

“Don’t touch me, and don’t call me “love.” I have a boyfriend,” Adara said harshly, “One that runs to catch up with me, instead of putting up invisible barriers.”

“Look, I’m sorry. The other night I was just playing. I didn’t mean to hurt you. And you even laughed,” he told her, his grey eyes pleading for forgiveness.

“Yeah, well,” Adara said. Maybe she couldn’t be that mad. About that.

“Come on.”

“Well, then you went and insulted my boyfriend in potions,” Adara said determined to find something to be mad about.

“Sorry, I just don’t like the bloke. You obviously do, though, considering you’re dating him and doing Merlin–knows-what else with him late at night in the corri—”

“Sirius!” Adara interrupted loudly.

“Sorry, what I’m trying to say is, if it bothers you, I’ll stop talking about Booty.”


“So can you be civil with me?”

“I guess.”

“Thanks,” Sirius smiled and picked up Adara’s bag, “Do you want me to help you carry this, considering your back hurts and its kinda my f –”

“Adara?” Adara turned in the other direction to see Jayden walking towards her… and Sirius. Adara quickly grabbed her bag from Sirius, but dropped it when her back stabbed in protest. She instinctively brought a hand to her lower back.

“Hey, Jay, Sirius was just helping me. I dropped my bag,” Adara said, “Well I dropped it before just now, then he handed it to me and I dropped it again.”

“Are you okay?” Jayden asked as he reached them.

“Yeah, it’s just my back hurts a little.” She glanced at Sirius, who was standing awkwardly only feet away from them.

“I’ll get your things,” Jayden told her without looking at Sirius and picked her bag up easily, “Where are you headed?”

“Common Room.”

“Let’s go,” Jayden turned and started to walk away from Sirius.

“Bye,” Adara said as she left.

“See you in Defense,” Sirius smiled as he turned to go.

Adara caught up with Jayden.

“Why does you’re back hurt?” he asked her concerned. Adara was slightly worried that he wasn’t bring up what just happened.

“When the dog scared me Friday night, I fell.”

“Oh, right. Why didn’t you tell me it hurt?” Jayden asked.

“I didn’t want you to think that I couldn’t tryout for Quidditch,” Adara answered trying to read his emotions.

“I know you can fly, Addie, you’re already on the team,” he told her.

Adara smiled at him, “Thanks.” He smiled back and put his hand on her back, then took it back hastily, “Sorry!” he exclaimed when he saw her wince.

“It’s okay.”

“No, if it hurts, you should go to the hospital wing.”

“Jay, I’m fin—”

“Just go get some potions, then. I know they’ll make you feel better. I insist.” He told her sincerely. Adara was grateful that he wasn’t mad. He had not reason to be, though. She and Sirius had just been talking.

Adara looked up at him again, “Okay,” she gave in realizing that a pain relief potion might be good to have.

“Do you want me to come with you?”

“Can you just take my stuff up to the common room?”

“Sure,” he smiled and kissed her forehead. Adara took a right when Jayden took a left. As soon as she turned the first corner she saw Sirius, leaning up against the wall as if he had known that she would be coming this way.

A/N: Thanks for all the reveiws, guys! They make me soo happy. =] So, I updated really fast! But this is also the last chapter I have done, so the next update probably won't be as fast. But it won't be too long, I hope. =]

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