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Life Or Death by hunny
Chapter 1 : Life Or Death
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Harry was sitting in the Griffindor common room when he heard a noise coming from the Great Hall.Harry rushed out of the door and straight to the Great Hall were the mysterious sound was heard.To harry's amazement there was the big haired Groundkeeper Hagrid!!!!! "Hagrid what are you doing with that knife"
"Why do you need to know harry boy"replied haagrid
"What's come over you,your some what possesed with carrying knives"said harry caustiously
Harry rolled his eyes.Hagrid ran as fast as he could to the spot were harry was standing.
"I'll kill you potter"
Harry ran to every corner and every space to get away from the 10 foot monster with his knife. Harry was trapped bettween hagrid's knife and hagrid's big afro hair.Harry's only choice to get away from hagrid's knife was to jump in hagrid's hair.
"Here it goes".Harry leaped into the and finding himself in hagrid's afro.Harry noticed that he could see a long white beard in front of him,harry pushed through hagrid's hair to find the one and onley Dumbledore twiddling with his hair.Harry yet again rolled his eyes.

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