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To the Past, From the Future by Phoenix_Flames
Chapter 41 : Pumpkin Guts
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Author's Note:
Wow, you guys!! Here is CHAPTER 41!! I can't believe I've made it this far. I was never expecting this story to hit this many chapters. This is absolutely amazing. I want to thank each and every one of you readers and reviewers who have followed this story!
Look at the number of favorites! Look at the amount of reviews! Nearly 1,000!! It's amazing! I could never thank you guys enough!! Woo hoo, I'm gonna pretty much throw a party when reviews hits 1,000! That will be amazing!
For the Final Showdown, I am definately making some progress. More and more songs are inspiring me. I have replaced "Phoenix Rises" for "Optimus vs. Megatron" from Transformers and, also, another song, "The All Spark" from Transformers, has inspired, yet again, another chapter! I will find some way for readers to listen to them if they like. I have to find a new way since youtube has been banned from the site. But don't worry!
Well, don't listen to me anymore!! I'm done rambling! This is a pretty fluffy chapter!

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"Aw, Gin! Why not?!" Harry teased as he pressed his fiancée’s body up against the front door of their home and snickered, letting his hand spread out on the door next to Ginny's ear. He tipped his head down to her at approximately seven o'clock that evening and looked Ginny who was rolling her eyes. He teased, trying to make her give in, "It's my birthday! And since my father, Sirius, Tonks, Ron, Hermione, and Merlin knows everyone else is avoiding me today, they won't walk in!"

"Yes? So?" she asked with a small snort. Ginny turned around and opened the door, stepping inside. Harry engulfed her into his arms and began kissing her. He teased as he closed the door behind them, not letting her leave his arms, "Just one quick little snog. That's all I'm asking!"

"No. Later, Harry." Ginny sighed, shaking her head at him and walking into the living room. She turned back to take his hand and Harry then only realized the darkness of the room. He snorted and went for the light switch, "Bloody hell, how do you expect me to see if there aren't any lights?"

"Um! I thought I was the pregnant one!" Ginny snorted just as all the lights went on and James, the Blacks, all the Weasleys, Neville, Luna, Dean, Seamus, Lavender, and Paravti jumped out from behind the furniture, shouting, "Surprise!!"

"Merlin!" Harry shouted and cowered backwards at the sudden outburst. He straightened after a moment and unshielded his face as laughter sounded. Harry turned his head from side to side and took in his friends, family, and then burst, "Oh, you guys!! Thanks!" Harry laughed loudly and as he was engulfed into the massive hug. Harry laughed and cheered, "Thank you so much! This is so great!"

Ginny smiled and kissed Harry's cheek as he beamed at all of them, "We thought you'd like this."

"Thanks." Harry smiled to her, kissing her once and looking around the room quickly. He took in the banner strung across the wall, reading "Happy Birthday, Harry!" and the presents, piled in a corner. He chuckled and as everyone began having a fun time, Harry walked to Neville and Luna.

He beamed, "Hey, Neville, Luna! I haven't seen you two since you're wedding! How is everything?!"

"Oh, it's great, Harry." Neville smiled, squeezing Luna's shoulder gently. Harry chuckled at the sight of the couple and Neville continued to speak happily, "I've been hired at the ministry and Luna's writing for the Daily Prophet."

"You never tell people the most exciting news first." Luna giggled, squeezing her husband's hand. Harry watched the two and admired their care for the other. He smiled and asked excitedly, "What's the exciting news?!"

"We're going to have a baby!" Neville burst, hugging Luna tight. Harry smiled, remembering that Chloe was beginning to come into the picture and he smiled and hugged Neville and Luna as if they were family. They practically were. Harry congratulated them asked how the pregnancy was going, along with how far she was. Luna nodded her head and said, "It's been all right, I guess. The morning sickness is driving me over the edge, but it's good. I'm two months along."

"Awe, Luna!" Harry said, chuckling as he felt his cheeks sting. If he continued to smile like this for the rest of the evening, then, boy, would he have a problem! Surely, tomorrow, his cheeks would be sore from all the smiling. He continued, "That's wonderful!"

"Yeah. How's you and Ginny's pregnancy going? She only has a little more than two months left right?" Luna smiled. Harry folded his arms across his chest and rocked back and forth from his heels to his toes and nodded enthusiastically, "It's great! You know, she's up all the time with morning sickness, but she doesn't care. I mean, I'd get so bloody tired of it, but it doesn't bother her. We're really excited for out little boy."

"Have you thought of any names?" Neville asked excitedly.

Harry beamed and felt like yelping with joy. He nodded and smiled, "James, actually. We want to name him after my father." Harry felt his mind go off on a tangent as he thought about his son. He was anxiously awaiting the day when he could actually hold the boy he had been speaking to over time. He felt himself come back when Luna replied in her dreamy voice, "Oh, how sweet."

"Yeah..." Harry sighed heavily, wanting desperately to hold that child. Harry scratched the back of his head and cleared his throat. For some reason, he felt as if people had intruded into his thoughts, but he knew that was insane and asked, "What about you two? Any names on your mind?"

"Well," Neville began, looking down. He nodded slightly and then blushed as Luna giggled. He continued, "Yes, actually. If it's a boy, we know we're going to name him Frank, but if it's a girl it will be Chloe."

Harry smiled and looked at them in a kind way, "That's great." He felt his insides turn in an odd way...

But it was in a good way...

He felt so odd listening to his friends speak about their baby that was only so small inside her mother. He felt odd knowing that their baby, growing inside of them, would someday fall in love with the baby inside his fiancée. It all felt good though. In some way, it made him ecstatic and he wanted to take Neville and Luna in now and call them family for real. Of course, they would always be family friends, but they still had a little less than nineteen years to go until Neville and Luna became family with Harry and Ginny. Harry touched Luna's arm gently and smiled, deciding he had better go and be friendly with everyone. He hadn't spoken to Seamus and Lavender in a while. Perhaps he would visit with them next, "All right, well, have fun, you two. I should go and converse with everyone else before my fiancée fusses at me."

"Okay then. Happy birthday, Harry!" Neville beamed. Luna nodded with him and said with a tease, "Yes, Happy Birthday, you big nineteen-year-old!"


October was here. It was the 23rd and that meant, that in nineteen years, James and Lily's grandson would be born, but only Lily knew that much. James still remained oblivious to Lily still having contact with Harry. James was out with Remus, Sirius, and Peter and Lily had no idea when he would be back. They had had a rather rough day of training down at the auror headquarters and the boys needed to get out. Lily had had difficultly with letting them go, even though James had begged on his knees. After all, they did have a three-month-old baby playing with his toes in a play pin.

But Lily was bound and determined to make good of her evening as well. Earlier that afternoon, she had taken Harry to a muggle store and she had bought pumpkins. Since she was free the whole evening, she had decided to go back and remember some childhood memories before she had gone to Hogwarts.

She had scattered old Daily Prophets all over the kitchen tile and set out pumpkin carving tools. She decided it was no fun to carve pumpkins by magic. Seriously, what was the fun in that?! The funniest part of it all, for her, was gutting the pumpkins and sticking your hand into the orange goop.

Oh, how fun...

She had put on some old sweats and moved Harry's play pin into the kitchen where she could see him and had set about on carving her five pumpkins. She bit her bottom lip with a laugh as she cut the top of the first pumpkin and set it aside, eagerly taking the scraper into her hand. With excitement and a giggle, she dove into the pumpkin and began pulling out the guts. Harry gurgled from his pin and Lily cheered, "Aw, that's right, Harry! Look at Mummy! Isn't this fun?!"

James walked into the kitchen with his booming friends and with a yelp, brought out his wand and cursed loudly, "What the bloody hell are you doing to that pumpkin?!?! Shit, woman!"

"James!!" Lily gasped in amazement at her husband. Fuming, she motioned to Harry in the pin and glowered, "Not around the baby!"

"S-Sorry," James stuttered, straightening slightly. He walked forward as Remus, Sirius, and Peter looked at Lily sticking her hand into the pumpkin and pulling out the guts and seeds in disgust. James poked the guts and stuck out his tongue, "Ew, Lils! Why aren't you using magic?!"

"James, it's no fun when you carve pumpkins by magic!" Lily snorted, inspecting her first gutted pumpkin. She nodded in approval and smiled to him, "Before I went off to Hogwarts, every year my sister and my parents and I would carve pumpkins together. I loved it. It was always so much fun. Especially pulling the guts out."

James smiled and watched her, the corner of his mouth quirked up in an odd smile and a snort, "You like that?"

Lily nodded enthusiastically and motioned to a pumpkin, "Carve one! It's fun!" James smiled at his wife and chuckled, sitting down opposite her and taking a pumpkin into his lap. Sirius snorted, "HA! I'm not doing that! That looks like sooo much fun! I'll catch up with you guys later."

Sirius was about to apparate out of Godric's Hollow when Lily shouted, "No! Out! How long will it take you to remember not to apparate in the same room as the baby?! He hates the sound, you know that!"

Sirius rolled his eyes and sighed, "You're right, you're right. I'll go outside first."

"Thank you." Lily said, shaking her head in a disapproving way at him. Remus pointed to James, curiously picking up a tool and viciously stabbing the stem, and snorted, "Yes, like I'm going to try that?! Good luck with that, Prongs!"

James narrowed his eye brows at the pumpkin and then shouted, "How do I do it?!" Lily laughed as Remus and Peter waved to James and Lily and left, apparating outside. Lily set her pumpkin aside and crawled over to her husband. She crawled up behind him and kissed his clean shaven cheek lightly, laughing at his stupidity with carving pumpkins the muggle way. He laughed as she took the tool from his large hand and she said in a funny way as she jabbed it into the top of the pumpkin and began carving a top, "It's easy. Just cut a lid, so the stem is in the center, and make sure you carve the top at an angle. You try."

He stuck out his tongue as Lily handed the tool to him, now slimy with the guts from Lily's hands, and continued carving from where Lily had left off. She laughed, "There! See, its not that hard!"

James smiled as he pulled the lid off easily and set it on the ground. He glanced into the pumpkin and asked in disgust, "Do I really have to stick my hand in there?"

"Mm-hmm." Lily nodded. She squeezed his shoulders as she pressed her breasts against his back and laughed, teasing in a husky way into his ear, "Come on, Potter. You want to battle the mean old Voldemort, but you're too afraid to stick your hand into a pumpkin."

"Oh, shut up!" he snorted, sticking his hand quickly into the pumpkin. He grimaced at the feel surrounding his hand and he began pulling out the guts. Lily laughed as she looked at his face from behind him and squeezed his shoulders, massaging them gently. James shivered and continued pulling the guts out and then burst, "Would you stop it?!"

Lily snorted and asked in a husky voice, "Is this bothering you, Mr. Potter?"

"Well, if you must know," James teased as he ignored his wife's body pressing up against him and he continued, "It's rather turning me on and I'm busy gutting pumpkins!"

Lily giggled and swooped down, drooping her head onto his hard chest and kissing him delicately, "Is it, now?"

"Lily!" James burst, pushing her off of him. Lily giggled and crawled away from him and back to her own pumpkin. She took it into her lap and as she began poking a design into the pumpkin's face. She snickered a question out as Harry made a particularly funny noise in his pin, "Remember when I was changing in the bathroom at St. Mungo's and you were helping me?"

James laughed and had to stop gutting the pumpkin and hold onto his side, "Merlin, yes."

Lily giggled and continued, "We never came up with our own ideas, you know."

James rolled his eyes and sneered, "So, I've noticed..." With a laugh, he picked up a piece of the pumpkin seeds and gut and tossed it at his wife. She yelped and looked down as she guts splattered across the chest of James' shirt that she was wearing and sneered, "James Potter!!"

"Yes, my Lily Potter?" James smirked as Lily wiped the muck off of her chest. She picked up a chunk of her own and sent it flying across the room. James jumped up, the pumpkin tumbling from his lap and he stuck his thumbs in his ears and wiggled his fingers, sticking out his tongue like a little boy, and teased, "You missed me, you missed me! You missed - HEY!" James shouted as a pile of muck hit his face and rolled down his cheeks.

He wiped it off and picked up a chunk of hit, hurtling it across the kitchen as Lily rose and pranced about. It hit her square in the face and she roared, "Not fair! You have the Quidditch arm!"

"Is too fair!" James shouted, running forward and tossing Lily over his shoulders. He held her legs as she beat as his back, smearing pumpkin guts all over his shirt, "Put me down, Potter!"

"Nu-uh!" James teased as he ran about the kitchen with her slumped over his shoulder. James ran past Harry's play pin and Harry let out the strangest giggle. Lily stopped beating at her husband's back and laughed loudly, "He laughed!! James, he laughed!! He laughed!"

James smiled brightly and teased to Harry even though he knew perfectly well that Harry couldn't understand a word James was saying, "That's right! Your parents are so immature, my mini Prongs!" Lily giggled and James pulled her off of him and spun her about the room, laughing hysterically. When he set her down, Lily bent over and took a handful of pumpkin guts into her grasp and chucked it at James.

He laughed, but then whined, "Hey! I thought it was over!"

"Nope!" Lily shouted, continuing to throw pumpkin guts at James until he began cowering backwards, covered in the orange slime, "Not until you surrender!"

"Never!!" James pleaded sarcastically, bursting forward and tackling Lily to the ground. She squirmed under him as they tumbled across the floor and they came to a stop. James panted from under Lily, staring up at her bursting face, and he picked a few seeds off from her face. He flung them away and chuckled as Lily wrinkled her nose at him. James whispered calmly, feeling his energy go down a bit, "You look so beautiful, even when your covered in muck."

Lily giggled and pressed her chest into his, teasing him as she picked at his hair, "Your hair is literally orange, it's so filthy!"

"Let it be filthy..." he whispered, kissing her gently. He teased into her mouth as he let his body rest against the pumpkin gut covered Daily Prophets. Lily teased to him as James let his arms and legs rest by his side as she kissed his chin. With a giggle, she smirked, "Well, I've never had this pleasure, Prongs. Since when did you ever let me be on top?"

James laughed and as he brought her head to his, he snickered, "Better take it in, babe. It's a one time thing."

Lily giggled and whispered, drawing her mouth away, "What do you say we put Harry to bed and...have some time of our own?"

James smirked and stroked Lily's pumpkin gut covered hips, "I like the sound of that."


"Harry, I'm really scared." Ginny sighed from their living room. She paced back and forth, trying to gain her breath as she held onto her stomach. Harry rolled his eyes and sighed, "Gin, it's only nine thirty. There's still two and a half hours to go for the 23rd and, who knows?! You could have a thirty minute labor!"

"B-But...James is due today and so far he's made no signs of popping out!" Ginny snapped. Harry sighed and watched his fiancée pace. She stopped and blinked, looking at Harry and then snapped her fingers at him, "I've had it! All right! Pants off, Potter!"

"What?!" Harry yelped, quickly crossing his legs as Ginny ran to him and grabbed his belt. Ginny straightened and glowered, her hands on her hips, and she snapped again, "We're having sex! Now, pants off!"

"Why?!" Harry yelped again, jumping up and running to the other side of the couch. Ginny rolled her eyes and argued, "Because! Sex will help speed up the process! Now, take your pants off!!"

"Gin, I'm not going to have sex with you when you're going to enter labor any second!" Harry barked. He pointed at her and said sternly, "You just be patient! He'll be here, all right? He'll come."

"I'm tired of waiting and the swollen ankles! I want him out! Out! Out! Out! Now!" Ginny yelled, stomping her foot like a stubborn child, "Now, let's have sex!!"

"Woaaaaah!" James yelled, throwing his hands into the air and a way of surrender as he walked through the front door. Harry's eyes went wide as he spotted his father and he clamped his mouth shut, swallowing. Ginny barked, "Leave, James! Harry and I are going to have sex!"

"How many times have I told you?!" Harry roared, throwing his hands up in mock defense, "We are not, I repeat NOT, having sex!!"

"We are having sex whether you like it or not, Harry James Potter!" Ginny screeched, her face turning a beat red, her hair seeming to stand on end. Harry looked back and forth from his fiancée to his father, not wanting to give into Ginny's hormonal rampage. James threw his hands up and shielded himself, "I'll leave, I'll leave! Harry, go have sex with her before she kills us all!!"

"Gin, I've told you! My answer is no! Just wait!" Harry pleaded.

"No! Pants off this instant!!"

"Gin - "


"Gin - "

"We are having sex no matter what you say!"

"Gin - "

"Pants off now!"

"Ginny Weasley!!!" Harry shouted at the top of his lungs. James shoved his fingers into his ears and made a face of disgust at Harry's shout, his voice cracking in the process. Ginny stomped her foot and cursed loudly, "Damn it! What do you want?!"

Harry pointed to her pants and growled, "Well, would you look at that?! All it took was a little shouting!" Ginny looked down to her pants and clamped her mouth shut. She hadn't even felt the water running down her legs. She blushed fiercely and then lifted her face to Harry who was now standing with his hands on his hips. His expression seemed to be saying I think you owe me an apology, missy!

Ginny threw up her hands, "Well, don't just stand there! Get me to St. Mungo's!"

"Merlin, Ginny..." Harry whispered, really for himself. He walked forward and looked back to his father, "Dad, will you tell the rest to meet us at St. Mungo's?"

"Sure thing, Harry." James chuckled, looking like he wanted to run away from Ginny as fast as he could before she engulfed him into her wrath just like she had done his son. James laughed and snorted to Harry, "Have fun with that one, son."

Harry rolled his eyes and said in a rather dull voice, "Ha-ha, Dad. Very funny!"

"Hello! Woman in labor here!" Ginny called.

"Oh - my - God, - Ginny! We'll get you to St. Mungo's! You just chill, woman!!" Harry called, leading her into the fire place. Ginny shouted to Harry, "Carry me!"

"Hell no, woman!" Harry said in a stunned voice. Inside, Harry was bursting that their son was on the way and he knew that the hormones of Ginny's pregnancy was pushing her to say what she was, but...

He couldn't help but have a little fun with it all...

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