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Last Hope by hotohori2931
Chapter 1 : Terminal
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Disclaimer: Anything you recognize doesn't belong to me.

“I’m afraid this condition is terminal,” said Hermione’s doctor, sympathy clear in his deep voice, pity in his eyes. No matter what, she was going to die.
“Isn’t there anything you can do? Anything at all?” Hermione fought to hold back the steady flow of tears she was sure would fall soon. She couldn’t really be dying, could she? There were so many things she hadn’t don’t yet, she thought, and she was so young, not even eighteen.
“I’m sorry Hermione, nothing can be done,” said the doctor, “surgery would merely progress the tumor at this point in time.”
“How long?” Her voice was coarse, and her throat seemed to tighten from holding back the tears.
“Eleven months,” he replied honestly. “I’m prescribing this for the pain. Take it twice a day.” He handed her a white paper and began packing up his own.
“I’m sorry,” he said, just before leaving the room, “really, I am.”


Hermione drove home in a daze, wind and rain splashing onto her windshield. This was real, she thought, she was really going to die at the end of this school year. At least she would be able to graduate, she thought, trying to be optimistic. Or maybe they overlooked something that indicated that the tumor was treatable.
She arrived home and pressed the button in her car that would open the two car garage. Hermione parked and noticed her mother’s car was absent. She must be working late, she thought sadly.
She unlocked the door and let herself in, a strong gust of wind closing it behind her. She walked to the phone and dialed her mother’s cell number, nobody answered. Hermione, not wanting to worry her mother too much, just left a message to come home when she got the message, saying that they needed to talk about something.
Hermione then went upstairs and removed the pills that the doctor had prescribed and placed them on the sink top in the bathroom off her bedroom with trembling hands. Slowly, she made her way back to her room and lay on the bed, her stomach down, and she gazed out her window, watching the rain form paths down the glass. Her heavy eyes began to droop, until finally she allowed herself to fall into a fitful slumber.

It was dark. The wind and rain slashed across her bloodied face like tiny shards of ice. The bodies of the people she knew littered the ground, which was much too cold for them. She looked up just in tome to see another comrade fall as the rain came to a sudden eerie stop. But this one, this one hurt more than all the others.

Gods, how this fallen man hurt, his blonde locks sticking to his face. She didn’t know if she could bear to lose him; he was her meaning, her life. Desperately, she ran to him, taking his limp form in her arms as hot tears crept down her face, shoulders heaving in broken sobs.

"No," she cried, "no, you can't leave me, not now, not like this. You promised." The boy gave no response or indication that he had heard her. Of course he didn’t, the dead cannot speak. She allowed her grief to consume her as she huddled over his body.

There was an unbearable power building within her from this grief. It was something much too dangerous, she knew, though she couldn’t stop from releasing it. It was just so
painful. Resigned, she let the power flow out of her.

She was so alone, sitting here beside this blonde angel who had rescued her, whom she had loved so much. Never before had she felt so afraid, all that she wanted was for it all to stop. She wanted the boy to wake up, she wanted the pain to stop, and she wanted to be protected again, as he had always protected her. Never again did she want to feel this sense of loss.

The power shat had been within her released itself in one dangerous, painful surge, distracting her for a moment. She took solace in the knowledge that she would soon join her savior in death.


It was her last thought before being thrown out of her reverie by a shove, a blinding light, and at last the escape she had sought.

Darkness at last. 

Hermione woke with a start, her eyes searching the room frantically until she realized where she was, and what had happened. Her eyes shifted to her alarm clock, which glowed a bright green, and she sighed. 10:57. knowing that sleep was no longer an option, for she knew that it would continue to elude her, she stood instead and headed to her bathroom.
She removed her clothes and turned the shower on, carefully setting the temperature. She gingerly stepped into the water, closing the sliding glass door behind her, and let the warm water flow over the contours of her body, easing the soreness of her tired muscles. The water felt so good, made it feel as if there was nothing wrong, that she would be alright. But she knew that it was there, slowly ebbing away at her life. Finally, she allowed the tears to flow, resigning herself at last to the fact that there was no hope for her.
Hermione stood there for a long while, her arm rested against the shower’s wall, her head hung low and atop her forearm. She let the water run along her body as she attempted to pull herself together, until the warm water began to cool. She then reached to the temperature control and attempted to make the water warmer, only to find there was no more hot water left.
With a sigh, she turned the water off and reached for a towel. Her hands grasped the fluffy, warm purple towel from the metal bar it hung upon, and wrapped it around her dripping body. She stepped out from the shower and leaned against the wall until finally deciding to clothe herself.
She slipped her silky pajamas on, they were the same shade as the Gryffindor red, and went downstairs to await her mother’s arrival. Tears began to prick at her eyes and she did not attempt to stop them as she heard her mother enter the house.
“Hermione?” called her mum. “Are you alright? I just got your message. Is everything-“ Jane Granger broke off suddenly as she entered the living room and saw Hermione crying on the couch. She quickly closed the gap between them and sat beside her daughter, embracing her and whispering soft words of comfort to her.
“Come now, tell Mummy what’s wrong. You haven’t cried like this since your father passed.”
“Mum,” began Hermione, her voice hoarse, “you know how I went to the doctors today?”
“Of course, I made you go. You were having so many headaches, and you even fainted once.”
“Well, I-“ Hermione searched for the right words to tell her mother that she was going to die, until she decided there really weren’t any and she just blurted it out. “I have a brain tumor Mum. It’s terminal. I’ve a little more than eleven months left to live. They gave me some medicine for the pain, but it’s only a matter of time,” finished Hermione, her throat sore, and there were tears streaming down her delicate features, which were now somewhat puffy and blotched with red.
Jane hugged her daughter closer and wondered what Hermione had ever done to deserve this. She was always so kind, and always thought about others before herself. She wondered, even now, if the tears that Hermione shed were for the grief that she felt as a mother. After all, Hermione had never cried for herself, but for the pain of others.

Determined, Jane finally broke the silence that had passed between them. “Hermione, listen to me.
"This does not change anything. You can still have fun in your last year of school, and you can still have friends who care about you. And I’m certain that you can still graduate at the top of your class. We’ll figure something out. I’ll notify that headmaster of yours, and he can tell whomever he must. You don’t even have to tell anyone if you don’t want to.

"Besides, you’ve gotten Head Girl this year, right? So you’ll only be sharing a common room with that Malfoy boy.” Hermione snorted, and Jane was glad that she had drawn something other than sadness from her daughter. “Oh, come now, I’m sure he’s not all that bad. Maybe he’s even nice.” This time, Hermione scoffed. “Don’t worry baby, I’m sure we’ll get through this somehow.” Jane inwardly smiled that she was able to make Hermione smile now, because she knew that once school started, Hermione’s time would be filled with sorrow and lies.

A/N:I hope you enjoyed the first chapter^^ This is my first and favourite story, so be kind and shower reviews on it?

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Last Hope: Terminal


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