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Rons Bad Hair Day by hunny
Chapter 1 : Rons Bad Hair Day
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Harry crept along the corridor, whishpered the password to the fat lady and slid into the common room. There were very few people still awake as it was getting late. Harry had been tovisit Hagrid and was feeling tired so he took his invisibility cloak off and made for the boys dormitories. He could hear laughter in the distance and it sounded like it wascoming from the boys dormitories.
As he walked into the room all he could see was a head of electric blue hair.He looked again and realised it was Ron. A crowd of boys were gathered round him some laughing and some still in shock.
"Ron what have you done?"Harry questioned with a smirk on his face.
" I dont know"whimpered Ron as he threw his blanket over his head.
The next day when Harry woke up, he got dressed and noticed that Ron was nowhere to be seen.He went into the common room Hermoine was hovering over Ron. As he got nearer he could hear her saying "you stupid boy you will have detention for life when McGonagall finds out" But Ron wasnt listening. He was flicking through a book of reversing spells hoping he could find something that would reverse the mess."You'll never find anything there," Said Hermoine "lets just go to breakfast"
"Good idea!" answered Harry.
The whole of the dining hall shot round to look at Ron whos face was now as red as a tomato. He slumped in his seat with his head in his hands as most of the dining hall where whispering pointing and laughing at him. When Dumbledore entered the hall everyone fell silent.
"Like the look Ron" Smirked Dumbledore as he took his seat.
Again the whole hall fell silent when McGonagall entered.She shot a hateful look at Ron."Mr Weasley, COME HERE NOW!"
Ron got out of his seat and slowly walked over to her.
"What is the meaning of this?"
"Where did you get it from Mr Weasley?"
"Because i might like to try it myself"
The whole hall erupted into laughter...

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