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Scarlet Lady by cutie_katie
Chapter 4 : Boys, Brooms and Bitches
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Brooke's first week of school had flown so quickly, before she knew it, it was Saturday, and she was coming down the stairs from the girl's dormitory, chatting and laughing with Lily and Sarah. Alice and Mary were already joined at the hip since the 1st year, and Brooke was glad that she hadn't caused any jealousy or friction between them all. Brooke, Sarah and Lily had formed a kind of trio, and it felt so good to Brooke to have been accepted so quickly, not only by hew new best frieds, but by the other 6th years, her fellow gryffindor house and the teachers too.

Just as they were about to head out of the common room, they passed the noticeboard, and Brooke spotted a particular peice of parchment stuck on the wall, with the heading 'Quidditch try-outs'.

Lily and Sarah were already outside the portrait before they realised Brooke had stopped.

"Come on, Brooke, why are you reading that old thing?" Quizzed Sarah, coming back to Sarah to see where she was looking.

"Are you signing up for the Gobstones team?" Asked Sarah with a suppressed giggle.

"What's so bad about Gobstones?" It was Brookes turn to do the questioning.

"Nothing Brooke, you do it if you want to," interuppted Lily, with a gleam in her eyes.

"It's just it's not exactly cool, is it? I mean, it's mainly all the Ravenclaws who sign up for that!" Whispered Sarah smiling.

"Hey, I did gobstones up until my third year here," said Lily, giving Sarah a small, playful punch on the arm.

"Don't worry, I won't ruin your reputations! Actually I was going to sign up for the quidditch team try-outs," finished Brooke, searching for a quill in her robe pockets, which she found and started to write her name down.

"I didn't know you played quidditch!" Said Lily amazed.

"Yep, Seeker. Practised all the time at home with my dad."

"Do you by any chance actually know who the team captain is?" Asked Sarah, an all too knowing look in her eyes.

"No, who is it?" Asked Brooke. They had set off walking again and were walking down the grand stairs to the great hall.

"A certain boy. In our year." Said Lily.

"Who?!" Laughed Brooke.

"Someone you've taken a liking to. It's Sirius Black." Sarah blurted out, a smile playing on her mouth.

This was all Brooke needed. A chance for her to get away from it all and do what she really did do best, however the likes of Sirius Black bossing her around and flirting with her made Brooke sick. All the same, it was true that she had taken quite a shine to him.

"I do not like Sirius!" Exclaimed Brooke, yet she was going red as she said it.

"Brooke, two things gave that away. One is that you're trying not to laugh, and two is that you're blushing very violently!" Laughed Lily, and they both looked at Brooke, which made her blush and smile more.

"Okay, so maybe I do like him. Just a little, little, tiny tiny bit. But it disgusts me the way you said he treats girls," concluded Brooke talking at Sarah.

"Yeah, same here. And Potter is no different, Lily knows all about that!" Said Sarah, giving Lily a friendly dig in the ribs.

"He seems ok, why what's up with him?" Said Brooke.

"Shall I make a list?" Said Lily, she sounded annoyed at James, yet there was something in her eyes....

"Well let's see," Lily continued, turning round to face the two girls.

"He won't leave me alone, he's always there when you least expect, he humiliates me in front of everyone by the way he acts, he's forever putting his arm around me as if he thinks there's something between us!" Moaned Lily exasperated. However Sarah and Lily were smiling.

"Lily, he doesn't leave you alone because he's smitten with you, he's always there becuase he only wants your undivided attention, he expresses his feelings in front of everyone becuase he fancies you to death," said Sarah fairly. They had just reached the bottom of the stairs and entering the great hall. Lily was obviously lost for words.

"Well, he...he.." stuttered Lily, thinking of a comeback.

"Loves you?" Filled in Brooke as she and Sarah sat down opposite Lily, who was smiling, yet faking a look of outrage.

"O ho, speak of the devil," muttered Sarah, reaching across to get some toast as James Potter plonked himself down next to Lily and flung his arm around her. Lily gave Brooke a 'what-did-I-tell-you' look.

"I think you were just talking about me," smirked James at Lily.

"Whatever gave you that impression, Potter?" Retorted Lily, removing his arm with a look of disgust.

"You were talking about somebody who loves you. Or someone you love?" Said James hopefully, grinning into her face.

"Oh, piss off Potter!" Was Lily's reply, tightly folding her arms and turning round on her seat to face the opposite way.

"That's no way to treat the love of your life now is it?" Said James, ruffling up his hair at the back, giving him a seriously good look. He knew this, and Brooke suspected that Lily probably thought so too, yet she was a serious feminist.

"You are NOT the love of my life, Potter, stop living in a fantasy!" She exclaimed, turning back round again to glare in his face. However this last remark just made him laugh.

"You know you love me really," said James, about to get up and leave. He actually had the nerve to attemp to give her a kiss on the cheek! Yet Lily was having none of it, and turned her head away so that he would have got a mouthful of hair had he not pulled away at the last second.

James sauntered away, leaving the girls alone once more.

"See what I mean? That is what I have to put up with!" Lily exclaimed, grabbing her drink of pumpkin juice and drinking it moodily. Yet Brooke and Sarah gave a secret smirk to each other.

"Speaking of boys, what about you Sarah?" Brooke questioned her. The three were making their way back out of the hall again, heading back up to Gryffinor Common Room to start on their homework.

"What about them?" Brooke rushed hurriedly, then said more loudly, gesturing outside. "Isn't the weather wondeful today!" By now Lily was back to her old self again wih no Potter hanging around, and she entered into the conversation.

"Don't change the subject, Sarah! You've told me plenty of times before who you like!" Lily warned her. Now it was her turn to smirk. Brooke interuppted.

"Oooo! Who is it? Tell me, pretty please?" Brooke stopped in her tracks, putting her hands together in a prayer like way and giving Sarah the most innocent look. Sarah murmured two inaudible words that Brooke didn't understand.

"Sorry, I didn't hear you" said Brooke.

"I said, Remus Lupin." Said Sarah quietly, betroot red and looking down. This was one thing Brooke had noticed about Sarah. She could be confident and bubble with everybody, however when it came to boys her personalitly had a complete change. She turned incredibly shy around the guys she liked, considered Brooke. The girls had set off again, Brooke looking in the opposite direction to where she was going as she was watching Sarh intently.

"Wait, is he the one th-" But Brooke's sentence was cut short as she had walked into another girl whom she didn't recognise. The stranger had fallen to the floor from the force of the impact, and Brooke rushed to her aid. However, Sarah and Lily hung back.

"Sorry, here let me help you. Are you OK?" Brooke asked the girl, offering a hand out to help her up. But the girl didn't take her hand. She just looked from Brooke, to Lily and Sarah, and back to Brooke again, giving her the deepest look of disgust.

"I don't need help from the likes of you." Said the girl coolly, getting up to her feet.

She had extremely dark brown hair, and piercing eyes the same colour to match. She looked fierce, yet extremely pretty and striking at the same time. Her curvy, voluptuous body and her perfectly powdered face made Brooke suspect that she cared a lot about her appearance, and what people, particularly the boys, thought about it too.

"Hey, I was just trying to help you." Said Brooke taken aback by the strangers attitude.

"Are you def? I just said I don't need you help, understand?" The girl walked over to Brooke and glared at her.

"Yeah, I understand. I understand that you're a stuck-up arrogant cow with an attitude problem." Retorted Brooke. Now it was the unknown girl who looked surprised. Out of the corner of her eye, Brooke saw Lily looking gob-smackd and Sarah trying not to laugh.

"Get out of my face," the girl hissed at Brooke. "I don't know who the hell you think you are, but you're going to regret you said that."

"Try me," Retorted Brooke, raising an eyebrow and folding her arms. The girl whipped out her wand, yet Brooke was too quick for her.

"Expelliarmus!" Called Brooke, her opponents wand flying through the air and into the casters hand.

"Now, I'm new here, and I have no idea who you are, but never try to get the better of me, because you'll loose. Always."

"New?" Sneered the girl, getting up once again and snatching her wand from Brooke's grasp. "Well let me tell you this. Get out of my way before I really loose my temper. Believe me, you haven't seen nothing yet."

"The feeling's mutual. I've only just begun." Retaliated Brooke, out-staring her opponent.

"Come on Brooke, don't waste your time on her," said Sarah, beckoning for Brooke to follow her.

"If I were you, I'd take your little friends' advice. If you know what's good for you." With that, the mystery girl spun on her heel, grabbed her bag and stalked off down the corridor.

"Brooke that was amazing!" Exclaimed Sarah, hugging the new girl and spinning round. Lilly was looking anxious.

"Lil? What's up?" Brooke asked her friend.

"I'm not sure that was wise." She spoke in a tiny voice. "I mean, don't get me wrong, it's great that somebody finally stood up to her, but it's what she's capable of that scares me," finished Lily, looking at the two other girls.

"What do you mean, somebody finally stood up to her? Who is she, by the way?" Brooke asked them both.

"That was Lorraine Lewis. Our year, but Slytherin. She is one nasty peice of work." Said Sarah, pulling a face at Lorraines back which was now way in the distance.

"True. Keep out of her was Brooke, she's best friends with that Bellatrix Black, and everyone knows that their family is in deep with the dark arts. Except Sirius, for some strange reason," considered Lily, thinking.

"Don't worry, it will take more than a moody Slytherin to get to me!" Laughed off Brooke, and the other two joined in. However, inside, Brooke was taken aback at how quickly she had made an enemy.

"You don't really think she'll do anything bad to me, do you?" Brooke asked the other two hopefully. Lily looked doubtful, yet Sarah smiled.

"Hey, if she does, we'll be there for you," Said Sarah, giving her new best friend a quick one-armed hug on her shoulder.

"Course we will. You can count on us." Replied Lily, and there was so much warmth and friendliness in her voice that Brooke was so overjoyed.

With these last reassuring words, Lily, Brooke and Sarah carried on walking to the common room, their arms linked together, gossiping on the way.

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