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dumbledores affair by hunny
Chapter 1 : dumbledores affair
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The school was full of students running to their lessons, the corridors were full. Baboushka crept into the slytherin common room and grabbed her bag. she knocked draco malfoys bag onto the floor and a small bottle fell out! the evil Babouska picked it up nd examined it
"ah this is the potion that kills any-one who drinks it!" Baboushka shouted just as snape walked in
"yes it is and i will think u will find it is mine!" he grabbed it and hurridely walked out of the common his long dark hair flowing behind him.
"damn, now i will have to find another way to kill potter!!!" she shouted really loud as loads of slytherins walked in. everyone stared as she ran out!
she ran into the libary and there was Harry dancing with Hermoine
" potter Hi! i have been looking for you!"
"why?" Harry asked
" i need your help please follow me to the owlery, my owl is trapped"
Harry shoved Hermoine to the floor and ran to the owlery.
" it is trapped down there" she exclaimed
Harry bent over out f the window to see the owl
"hahahahaHAHAHA" Baboushka shouted
she gave Harry a push and he fell out of the window! he grabbed onto Baboushka who came falling down with him!
luckily baboushkas big geen afro broke her fall!
she ran inside the school and burst into flitwicks lesson
"she walked over to thepile of books he was standing on and gave them a little shove
"whoops, what have i done!" Baboushka laughed and ran out!
she bumped into dumbledoor on the way out
"dumbledoor their you are!"
"did you do it?!" dumbledore asked worriedly
"yep!, now can we get out of here?"
Dumbledore grabbed his broom and they ran out on to the school grounds
"hop on" Dumbledore shouted laughing
they ok of into the fresh afternoon breeze leaving the school behind forever!
* kissing!*

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