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Ron and Hermione:It was never going to be easy by Littowitch
Chapter 4 : Home Sweet Home
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“Wait Hermione, I’ll get the door for you” called Cormac, running from his side of the car to hers,

“No, really Cormac it’s fine” said Hermione, opening the door

“Ok, come on you open the door I’ll get little Rose”

“What…err yeah ok” said Hermione, going through her bag. Unable to see under some files and make-up, she placed the bag on the front step and emptied it.

“Come on Hermione” said Cormac, coming up behind her, “She isn’t as light as she looks”

“Two minutes, I can’t seem to find them”

“Here give me your bag” said Cormac, setting Rose in her car seat on the step, “Give me your bag Hermione”

“No need, got them” said Hermione, putting her key in the lock,

“And about time too” said Cormac, picking Rose up and taking her into the house.

Hermione rolled her eyes, and exhaled. Her little house was exactly the same as she left it, 4 days before.


“Yeah, mum I’ll phone you later” said Hermione, the doorbell rang again, “Look, I have a guest; yes I love you too, bye”

Hermione put the phone down then walked swiftly to the door. She opened the door.

“Cormac Mclaggen?” asked Hermione, “Come in”

“Hey Hermione… em I’m here on behalf on my boss”

“Your boss?”

“Viktor Krum, I’m his PA”

“Really and what does Viktor want”

“He wants to invite you and Weasley to his wedding, he heard about yours through Fleur”

“Ohh…well tell him thank you and I probably will come but Ron and I aren’t together anymore”

“Really, I mean you look together” said Cormac gesturing to Hermione’s swollen stomach

“Yeah, well he was flirting with another woman so…”

“Ahh right” said Cormac, “Well here is the invite” he rummaged through his briefcase and found a lilac envelope and handed it to her

“Anyone I know?” asked Hermione

“Yes actually, Cho Chang”

“He’s marrying Cho but she went out with Cedric and Harry”

“Yeah well she likes her Quidditch players and champions”

“Yeah I suppose she does. Do you want something…” said Hermione, clutching her stomach and breathing heavily

“Hermione are you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fiiiiiiine” screeched Hermione, she began breathing faster to try and stop the pain.

“You are not here hold on to me tightly” said Cormac, and he turned as apparated them to St Mungos.


“You should have sent the cleaners around before hand” said Cormac, glancing round at the hall

“Why? It’s not exactly filthy and I’m not made of money” said Hermione, lifting Rose out her car seat and putting her in her Moses basket

“Well… I have quite a bit; I’ll send them round first thing tomorrow”

“No Cormac, its fine. I know a few cleaning spells”

“Yes, well alright then”

“Thanks Cormac, for everything” said Hermione, kissing him on the cheek

“No bother, I’ll see you at the wedding. 25th don’t forget”

“See you then” said Hermione closing the door

Hermione leant against the door and breathed a sigh or relief. A small cry brought her back to earth. She picked out Rose and held her close. She breathed in Rose’s baby smell and smiled.

“You made my life complete, do you know that” said Hermione, looking down at her. She gently rocked her baby to sleep then placed her in the basket once more. She out the baby monitor next to the basket then went through to the kitchen and sat down at the table. A huge crack up the side of the table, reminded Hermione of a memory that made her giggle.


“C’mon Hermione” urged Ron, standing behind her as she unpacked the kitchen stuff,

“Not the now Ron later”

“Please Hermione; you know you can’t stop when you get going”

“I know” said Hermione, laughing, “That’s why I’m saying no”

“Come on Hermione, we didn’t do this much on the Honeymoon”

“That’s because someone ate too many clams”

“Fair point, please Hermione”

“Fine” she said, picking the cardboard box off the table and putting it on the floor

Ron smiled, as she pulled out the Wizards edition of pictionary.


She remembered when Ron didn’t win he hit his wand off the table causing both to snap in half. She remembered shouting at him then laughing for hours at it.

Hermione went into the hall and took her hospital bag up to her room. Gone was Ron’s tacky style, of hanging Gryffindor scarves and flags all over their bedroom. Hermione knew this wasn’t a man thing because according to Ginny, Harry didn’t care much about the decoration as long as there was a bed he was happy, but Ron kicked up such a fuss if she moved it.

Now free of his taste, her room was a modest cream with brown scatter cushions on her matching cream bed. The chest at the bottom of her bed would serve as Rose’s basket place. Hermione pulled out her clothes for washing and out fell the note she had read a thousand times, the one that Aurora asked her endlessly about. The one that was nearly thrown in the trash. The note that Ron had given her; she uncrushed it and read it once more.

Dear Hermione

I know this probably isn’t the best way to apologise but it seems to be the only way. I’m sorry about everything, my wandering eye (which didn’t tarnish our marriage, I have never touched another woman), my selfishness and my tiny drinking problem. I can see why you chose Mclaggen (again) he has money; he doesn’t seem to drink and would make a better husband. I think we should name our daughter Rose, because everything else pales in comparison to her(just like her mother)It is amazing that she is half of each of us and is so gorgeous, not saying that you aren’t gorgeous just me I’m referring to. I just want to tell you this Hermione, he may be able to give you more but you will never find someone who loves you as much as I do.

Yours forever and always

Ronald Weasley x

Hermione, lay back on her bed and closed her eyes, wanting to get a few hours sleep before having to get up in the middle of the night to feed Rose. She was drifting off to sleep when an almighty crash came from downstairs and a baby’s cry made her sit up and listen.

A/N: Naughty naughty I know what you must have been thinking that made Hermione giggle. Thank you for all the amazing reviews so far. Keep a look out for chapter five.

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