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Little Nymph by toonmili
Chapter 11 : PART XI: Febuary- Happiness.
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PART X: February - Happiness

Tonks lay on the bed with a muggle magazine in front of her eyes. She was looking at patterns of drapes all morning, trying to find something that Severus would find acceptable.

After New Years day she expected things to change drastically but it didn’t feel like much had changed between them. He was still the same Severus, except she saw much more of him than before. They spent a lot of time together. She had managed to get him to agree to take her out. They never went places where a lot of wizards would gather, the stuck strictly to muggle London but it was good all the same. They had been to restaurants, the movies and even went the theater once. She could convince him to do almost anything. The only thing he drew the line at was dancing. He made it clear that he did not dance. She asked him all the time but he was just say. “I do not dance, I can’t dance and I won’t dance.” However he did consent to watching her dance, which she did for him sometimes when she was in the mood or trying to make him laugh, she wasn’t a good dancer.

The biggest change in their relationship was that he no longer paid her. She did not get a paycheck at the end of January and was happy for that. There were certain things that he was good at figuring out on his own and others she had to point him in the right direction. He knew that if he paid her it would feel like she was getting paid for sex. That would have definitely earned him a hit over the head.

She looked at him in the corner of her eyes. He was reading the morning prophet, like he usually did before he started the day. Sometimes he would read an article out loud if he thought she would find it interesting. She loved it when he read to her. It was just like they were back in the office when he would sometimes dictate a report for her to write only this time she could just lay next to him and listen. That was their usual morning routine and maybe one of the things she liked most about their relationship, that they had a morning routine. She and Remus never had one because he always had to leave before the sun came up. She never got to lay in bed with him next to her like she did with Severus.

She smiled at the thought and let out a light giggle.

“Is there any particular reason why you are laughing?”

“No,” she said looking down at her magazine.

“I didn’t think so,” he said, not taking his eyes off the article.

She held the magazine in front of his face. “What do you think about this,” she said trying to fight the urge to laugh.

He glanced quickly at it and rolled his eyes. “I am assuming that you are trying to amusing.”

She had just shown him a floral window panel with pink backings. “I knew you would love that,” she teased. She continued to flip through the magazine, stopping every once in a while to look at a piece of furniture that she thought would have been interesting.

“Hmm, we’re in the paper again,” he said.

He did not sound too enthused which meant it was most likely some report about their relationship.

“Read it,” she said. She always thought it was funny the sort of things they came up with.

“Newly weds Nymphadora Tonks and Severus Snape were seen smooching in a muggle movie theater, which is a dark place where they show photographs that tell a story. This was just a day after we reported that their marriage may not even be legal because Nymphadora is still married to a mystery man for the past three years.

“Tonks is a bit of a tease,” says Ben Stonewall a former colleague of Nymphadora. “She had a boyfriend that died and she was with him while she was married I reckon.”

For yesterday’s exclusive interview with the wizard who performed the ceremony turn to page 15.

For a list of all Nymphadora’s former boyfriends and an interview with the woman who designed her wedding robes turn to page 16."

She sighed. “And it would be such a stretch to imagine that the guy I was married to is the one that died.”

“You see that would actually make the article partly accurate, you know they try to avoid that under all circumstances.”

The prophet had been reporting since November that she and Severus were married. At Christmas it said that they were spending the holidays in his mansion in Italy. Severus had never even been to Italy.

“Does it say what we’re doing Valentine's day?”

“No, I expect that will be tomorrow’s news,” he said casually.

“What are we really doing exactly?” she asked.

“We’re doing something?” he asked holding down the paper.

“Yes,” she said playfully.

“Well I’m not really the sort to celebrate Valentine’s Day,” he said.

She giggled. “I know but I’m the sort. So you’ll have to get me chocolates, and flowers, the whole nine yards.”

He frowned and looked at her. She playfully raised her eyebrow at him. “And what do I get out of this?”

She shrugged. “Well you get nothing.”


“Let me clarify; me in nothing,” she said.

“Well that's hardly fair at all. I can disrobe you anytime I wish.”

She whacked him with the magazine. “Not anymore,” she said matter-of-factly.

“We shall see about that,” he said, turning the page.


They received an owl that Mrs Weasley would call on them later in the day. By the time they got out of bed, it was already midday. They took a bath together in his bathroom which really looked more like a Roman bath house to her. In the night they would stay in for more than an hour but now that they were going to have company they got out and dressed after about quarter of an hour.

When the alarm sounded that indicated that someone was at the gates, it was little after four. Form the window in Severus’s room, Nymphadora could see that that Ginny and Harry came along with Molly as well.

“Heavens, did she have to make it a family outing?” complained Severus as he saw the trio at the gate.

She laughed at this as it always fascinated her just how much he detested being around other people. They walked out of the room and into the living area. He took his wand and in a wave, dropped the guards on the house. Seconds later Molly, Ginny and Harry materialized in front of them.


“So how are things,” Molly started.

“As good as they can be,” she replied. Tonks, Ginny and Molly were in Tonks’ old room sitting on the bed talking. Harry had requested that he speak with Severus alone and Molly managed to pull her away to a quiet spot where they could have a talk. Tonks was certain that this had to do with the prophet article.

Molly was the type to beat around the bush but Ginny was more straightforward.

“Is what the prophet saying about you and Snape true?” Ginny asked.

“Ginny,” Miss Weasley scolded.

Tonks looked at her and raised her eyebrows. “It depends on what you read in the prophet.”

“Well we know that you both did not spend Christmas in Italy because you were at our house but... just last week there were reports and they sounded very convincing.”

“What were they saying?” she asked amusing herself.

“That you two were spotted in a muggle restaurant,” Ginny said.

Tonks got the feeling that Ginny came solely for the purpose of gossip. She smiled at them. “It is true, we did eat at a restaurant.”

Ginny looked revolted. “Why?”

“Well we were hungry you see.”

“Ginny stop it,” demanded Miss Weasley. She turned to Tonks and took Tonks’ hand in hers. “The question is dear, are you and Severus in a romantic relationship?”

Tonks looked at her and signed. Ginny looked like she was dying from suspense. “Well Yes,” she finally said.

Mrs Wesley streaked like she was in pain. “Tonks are you quite sure you know what you’re doing. Do you know the kind of man he is?”

She looked at her firmly. “I know the kind of man he is, I know him better than you could imagine. It’s not like I haven’t thought this through Molly.”

“But Tonks, it’s Snape,” Ginny said.

“I know that’s how you see him but he is not that to me, he is not that way with me.”

“But what could you two possibly have in common?” Mrs Weasley asked, gripping her hand. “Now Charlie is more your speed.”

“I have more in common with Severus than I’ll ever have with Charlie. Charlie may be my age but he is at a different stage in life that I am. Severus and I want the same thing. And besides he makes me happy and I believe I make him happy as well.”

Mrs. Weasley looked like she was painfully accepting the truth. “Well if you’re sure Tonks,” she said releasing her hand.

“I am, very sure.”

“Question,” Ginny said. “What do you two do locked up in this big old house all day. And why is this bed so dusty.”

He giggled. “Well to answer the first and second question; I stopped using this room a while ago.”


“So did you hear McGonagall is retiring?” asked Harry as he sat in the chair opposite Severus in his office.

“I read something of that sort in the prophet a while ago. I hardly believe anything in there.”

“Well it’s true,” Harry said.

Snape looked at him and drummed his fingers on his desk. “You had to leave the Burrow to tell me this.”

“Oh sorry sir, I came to give you a wedding invitation.”

“A wedding invitation; who’s getting married?”

“Me,” Harry said smiling.

“You and the Weasley girl?”

Harry nodded with a grin on his face, he took out a crisp envelope form his traveling cloak and handed it to Severus. “I made one for you and Tonks because you two are you know...” he said.

Severus narrowed his eyes looking at him. “ And you had to deliver this in person, I feel honored?” he said.

It wasn’t lost on Harry that he never denied that he was with Tonks. He resisted the urge to grin at how much of a genius he was. The real reason he wanted to talk to Professor Snape was quite different though. He actually felt nervous and embarrassed about it. He cleared his throat. “ I was actually hoping that...well you know that I don’t get along with my aunt and uncle... and well Mr Weasley is already speaking for Ginny... so I was wondering... In fact I would be honored if you could speak for me.”

He was expecting him to say ‘no’, maybe even to laugh at him for suggesting it but he didn’t. “I suppose I could find something to say,” he replied.

Harry nodded. “Good, brilliant,” he said. It was perhaps one of the most uncomfortable moments in his life. Even though he and Professor Snape always butted heads at school and Harry always thought that Snape hated him all that changed when he learned that Snape was willing to lay down his life for him. This was his way of extending the olive branch to him, his father never did it but he would complete the task. Besides he was certain that his mother would have liked it.

“I have a small job for you,” Snape said quickly. “I was planning on doing it myself but I think you can if I instruct you properly.

Harry looked taken aback. “What sir,” he asked.

“Understand that you cannot speak of this with anyone, not even your wife.”

“Sure but what is it that you want me to do...”


“Harry asked me to speak for him?” Snape said undoing the covers in the bed.

She looked at him and frowned. “Speak for him?” she asked.

“At his wedding,”

“Harry's getting married?” she asked shocked.

“Well yes, I though that was the whole purpose of their visit,” he said.

“Well Mrs. Weasley just wanted to ask me if we were dating.” She said. “I can’t believe they are getting married.”

“It's remarkable how much like his father he is. They both seem to have some sort of weakness to redheads.”

She laughed lightly and clapped her hands. “I’m very excited about this.”

“Too excited almost, it’s not like you’re getting married.”

She leaned over him and kissed him. “You’re really charming, has anyone ever told you that?”

“Surprisingly no,” he said returning the kiss. He pulled back and looked at her with a satisfied smile on his face.

“What’s that look about?” she asked mischievously.

“Nothing,” he said moving closer to her and wrapping his arms around her waist. “It’s just that you hair just turned purple.”

“What?” she asked, thinking she had misheard him.

“Your hair just turned purple.”

She let out a loud scream and jumped out the bed and position herself in front of the mirror. She was almost afraid to look but she opened her eyes and saw that her hair was a deep shade of purple. She let her hands past trough he hair like she was afraid that she would find out it wasn’t hers. She pulled on it; it felt real so it was he hair. She blinked thinking about green hair and she opened her eyes to see that it was green. She blinked again, thinking about blue and she opened her eyes and saw she had blue hair. Still not believing it, she blinked again, thinking of pink and opened her eyes and saw that it a bubble gum pink, much brighter than the one Molly had given her.

She turned to Severus, who was laying on the bed looking at her with a content look on his face. “I got my powers back,” she said. She didn’t even notice that tears of joy were running down her face.

“So you’re finally happy,” he asked. She walked over to him and sat on his lap. He passed his fingers through her hair playfully. She smiled at him. “Reach in that drawer and take out the box in it,” he instructed her, pointing at the nightstand next to the bed. She leaned over and opened the drawer and pulled out a black long box. “Open it,” he instructed again. She looked at it wondering what could have been in it. She smiled and opened it. There lying on a piece of black satin, was her wand.

“Oh my God, where did you get this?” she asked looking at him.

“You forgot it at the office when you were leaving. I wanted to be the one to give it to you when you got your powers back so I kept it.”

She picked it up and wrapped it in her fingers and wrapped her arms around Severus’s neck with her free hand. “I think I’m in love with you Severus,” she whispered in his ear. She shocked herself when she said it but when it came out it was only then she realized how true it was.

He was silent for while, she knew he was letting it sink in. “Good,” he finally said. “So we’re on the same page.”

She giggled at him. “Is that your way of telling me that you love me too?” she asked playfully.

He let his hands grip her waist. “Come now Nymphadora, it's been in the news for ages, did you happen to miss it.”

She traced a kiss from his cheeks until she stopped at his lips. “I’d like to hear you say it.”

“Nymphadora, I love you...” he said, with the words disappearing into a deep kiss.

Wasn't that the corniest little thing ever. That was all fun. So two more chappies to go.

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