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Psycho Path, Cho Chang by Samhria
Chapter 19 : Adventures
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Luna and Ron bid Harry and Hermione good-bye on their way out of the Burrow. They were finally leaving to their honeymoon in Italy. The lovely couple stopped by the Burrow to say their ‘good-bye’s’ to the family before they left. Harry and Hermione showed up only a moment before they were heading out the door.

Luna and Hermione embraced while Harry and Ron shook hands and gave each other a pat on the back.

“Have fun you two!” Hermione said as Luna and her husband were walking out on the lawn, preparing to apparate.

“Take care now…All of you!” Luna replied and with that, she and Ronald were gone with a ‘pop’.

Harry and Hermione shut the door, seating themselves with the rest of the Weasley family.

“Would you two like some juice?” Mrs. Weasley asked politely, hustling and bustling around the kitchen.

“Sure. Thanks.” Hermione replied.

They all sat together in silence; Fred and George, Ginny, Bill, Fleur, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. Unfortunately Charlie couldn’t make it. A new shipment of dragons was coming in so he had to stay at work, but he sent his little brother a present to take along on the honeymoon.

After gulping down their breakfast nosily, the boys rushed outside to play a game of Quidditch.

Fred, Bill, and Ginny were versus Harry, George and Fleur. Hermione sat down with one of her favorite books underneath a tree’s shade. She occasionally watched the game and kept the score, but mainly she stuck her nose in her book.


Cho noticed her messages were full so she checked them with annoyance. She pressed the play button and twirled her wand in her fingers, listening.

‘Miss Cho Chang, this is Victoria Hansen at the St. Mungo’s Hospital. There is someone by the name of Alex Whittler that came in last night with severe injuries. Since you are the only other person on his contact list, we wanted to let you know immediately.’

Cho quickly pressed the delete button without hesitation. She didn’t want to listen to that bull.

The next two messages were from her cousin. Apparently Belle called in to apologize about her behavior at the beach. The second time, she just called to say that she heard about Alex and was also sorry. Cho deleted that message, too.

Her anger was growing again. She had to think of something to stop Granger from ruining her chances with Harry. She had to plan to stop her in her tracks.

The final message, surprisingly, was from Harry. He called in to say that he never wanted to see her again. And that he didn’t want anything to do with the present she had for him when they were still dating.

Cho grabbed the phone and thrust it against the opposite wall. “Damn it!” She screamed. She grabbed at her hair and yanked furiously.

She thought of Harry’s message in her mind over and over again. She didn’t want it to end. She wanted to do something before it was too late.

Then, she stopped. Her eyes widened with shock.

“That’s it!” She ran to her room, searching for the one thing that was her key to destroying Granger once and for all.


Alex slowly opened his eyes. They were so badly bruised that he could barely see anything.

A nurse in a plain white suit sat next to him. “How are you feeling Alex?” She asked softly, leaning in.

Alex couldn’t fully make out her face, but responded anyway. “I---I---feel like a t—ton of br—ricks.”

The nurse laughed. “I understand that!” She stood up and took out her wand, pointing it at Alex.

Alex spotted it when it was near his face. He flinched. “Get that away from me!” He yelled, tossing and turning.

The nurse looked frightened. She quickly placed the wand tip to her neck and said, “Help needed in Room 205.”

Only seconds later, two men dressed in large white overcoats came hustling in. “What’s wrong?” The elder one asked the nurse.

The nurse merely stood back and watched the men try to contain Alex. “He’s doing it again.”


The Wicked Wizards won the Quidditch match. That would be Fred, Bill and Ginny’s team. They came up with their own wacky team name. They won by two points.

Everyone finally flew back down and placed their brooms away. Everyone, except for Harry. He flew down beside Hermione, chuckling.

Hermione eyed him. “What’s so funny?”

“Hermione, is there anything else you do besides read?”

Hermione scoffed and shut the book, standing up. “There are a lot of other things I do!” She replied as a matter-of-factly.

“Name one.” Harry crossed his arms across his chest.

“Um….there’s uh….that….thing….”

“Come again? What ‘thing’?”

“I like to visit the Shrieking Shack. That’s something.”

“Alright then,” Harry sat on his broom, holding his hand out to Hermione, “Let’s go.”

Hermione looked taken aback. “Wh—what? Right now?”

“Yeah. Why not?”

“But what about the Weasley family?”

“I’m sure Ginny has already told them by now.”

Hermione sighed and smiled. “Fine then.”

She reached for Harry’s hand and took her spot in front of him. She dropped her book near the tree trunk, not remembering it.

“Promise to hold me?” She asked cautiously as they rose from the ground.

“I will never let go.” Harry whispered against her ear, making her smile even more.


Cho finally found what she was looking for. She admired it. She kissed it, like it was a major treasure.

She smiled mischievously, talking to herself. “I know exactly what to do with you Granger.”


Belle came rushing into St. Mungo’s Hospital. She figured Cho would have been there already, but when she received the call from a nurse telling her about Alex’s request, she wasted no time.

She opened the door to Room 205, where a nurse stood in one corner, fumbling with some potion bottles. Alex was in his bed, asleep.

When the nurse spotted Belle standing at the door, she motioned her to sit down.

“Dear Merlin…” Belle whispered, eying Alex’s beaten body. “What happened to him?”

The nurse sighed, taking a seat next to Belle. “Well, we don’t really know. We’re caught between the Imperius Curse and the Crucitas Curse. But…”

“But what?” Belle asked, her eyes falling on the nurse.

“But he’s also grown a fear of the wand.”


“He might not ever use or be near a wand again.”

“You mean that he’s…” Belle stopped, watching Alex’s soft breaths.

“He’s never going to be a wizard again.”


Hermione sighed happily against Harry’s ear. She was worried when they first took flight, but after Harry nibbled against her shoulder, she just let herself fall into his arms and relax.

They were finally there. Hermione could spot the Shrieking Shack about a few feet below them. They landed successfully, making their ways off the broom and heading to the abandoned doors of the shack.

When inside the pitch dark room, Harry lit his wand and they took a seat on the two chairs that were in the middle of the room, along with a table.

Harry sat down and something on the table immediately caught his eye. He lowered his wand to get a better look. “Hey,” He said, making Hermione look up, “Something’s carved here.”

Hermione made her way beside Harry and bent lower to the table to see.

She read it aloud. “Harry…my friend…my lover.” Hermione blushed quickly. She forgot that she wrote that on Harry’s birthday when she celebrated alone.

Harry smiled mischievously up at her.

“It’s---probably Ron or---Fred---even George’s idea of a joke!” She exclaimed, taking her seat back on her chair.

“Oh, really?” Harry asked playfully. “Well, I don’t know about you, but I doubt any of those guys could have written something like that to me.”

“Like I said, it was probably a prank or something.”

“Well, you know what I think?” Harry asked. Hermione busily shuffled her fingers. “I think that someone I’m in love with wrote that.”

Hermione smiled and blushed.

Harry continued, nearing Hermione, taking her hand in his. “And you know what else? She’s my friend and lover, too.” His lips mingled with Hermione’s, causing all her thoughts to blackout.


“Do you know when Harry and Hermione will be back, Ginny?” Mrs. Weasley asked, constantly peering out the window. “I don’t want them to lose their appetite.”

The whole table, excluding Mrs. Weasley, burst into laughs.

“Oh, what’s so funny?” She asked, slapping her towel against Fred’s shoulder.

“I’m sure they’re losing more that just their appetite.” He replied, winking at his twin.

The table roared again. “Yeah, mum. I’m sure they’ll be all full when they come back.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Before anyone could answer with a funny remark, Mr. Weasley came strolling through the door. “Hello Weasleys!”

“Hello dad.” Everyone replied cheerfully, including Fleur.

Arthur gave a small peck on Molly’s cheek, taking his chair at the table. “I’m only here for an hour’s lunch.” 

“I know Arthur. Don’t worry; I’m brewing up some of your favorite stew right now.”

“Sounds terrific Molly dear.” Mr. Weasley plopped his manly hands onto the table, staring directly at his son, George.

George noticed and looked back at his father’s glare. “Is something wrong father?” He asked in a mockingly innocent tone.

“Well, I thought there wasn’t, but didn’t I tell you not to have your owl deliver fragile vials overhead. For Merlin’s sake son, it can fall on some innocent muggle and we’ll have the ‘secret wizarding world situation’ all over again.”

George raised his eyebrow in confusion. “Dad, what are you talking about? Felix doesn’t carry any vials for delivery. I always have the vial wrapped in a package. Besides, I don’t let my owl carry that kind of stuff. I deliver it myself.”

“Well, isn’t your owl flying outside?”

“No. Felix is in his cage, in my room.”


Harry’s hands wandered underneath Hermione’s shirt naughtily. Hermione sighed against his touch. She felt safe. In all that darkness, she felt Harry was her light and safety.

She moaned as Harry caressed her neck with his sensual kisses. But as soon as Harry’s hands successfully undid her bra, she knew she had to stop.

“What’s wrong?” Harry asked when she silently pulled away.

“Not here, Harry.” She replied, her breathing loud.

“Why not?” Harry asked roguishly, embracing Hermione in his arms again, nibbling her neck.

“We…have to get…back.” She answered, but couldn’t help but to moan a little more.

“You sure?” Harry whispered against her ear, making her shiver.

She buttoned up Harry’s shirt. “Yeah, we should.” She gulped as she eyed Harry’s bare chest. She wanted him so much that moment, but she knew they had to go back to the Weasleys’ before they started worrying. Who knew what they were thinking already?

“Alright. Let’s go.” Harry kissed Hermione one last time before grabbing her hand and heading outside. His broom was still in the same spot. “Accio broom.” He said with his wand once he was outside. The broom came flying at him.

He helped Hermione on and sat down behind her. They headed back to the Burrow.


“She what?!” Belle shouted, making Alex jump.

“Please! Don’t talk so loud!” He replied, covering his ears, or at least trying to with his hands.

“Oh dear Merlin.” Belle whispered, marching back and forth in the room. “Merlin. Oh, Merlin. How could she---she did----oh, dear Merlin.”

“I know.” Alex responded back, his eyes closed. “Try being the person that went through it.”

“Oh, Merlin Alex!” Belle rushed toward him again, tears welling up in her eyes. “I can---can’t---believe she---would----do som---something like---this!”

“She deserves what’s coming to her.”

“I knew she loved him, but I didn’t think that she would do something like this just to be with him.” Belle sobbed freely now.

“She’ll do anything to make him hers and she’s not going to let anyone stop her. She didn’t even let me talk some sense into her.” Alex didn’t seem to have one bit of emotion in him that moment. He looked as if he were lost in thought. “Belle…” He took the lady’s hand in his own, “There’s something I need you to do.”

“What is it?”


Harry and Hermione landed directly outside the Burrow’s front door. Just in time to see Mr. Weasley leave.

“Hello Harry and Hermione.” Mr. Weasley cheerfully greeted them.

“Hello Mr. Weasley.” Hermione replied, giving Arthur a quick hug.

“Hello sir.” Harry shook Mr. Weasley’s hand.

“Oh, please Harry. Don’t call me that. You two always know you can call me Arthur or father anytime.”

They smiled warmly before Arthur’s watch shot out a firecracker. “Oh, I’m getting late. Better be going. Good day.”

Harry and Hermione bid Mr. Weasley goodbye and headed inside, where everyone’s eyes were on them.

“What took you darlings so long?” Mrs. Weasley asked. “I’ve been waiting to serve you lunch. Everyone else has already eaten.”

“Sorry Mrs. Weasley, Harry and I sort of…” Hermione slightly blushed and looked at Harry for some help.

“….Forgot.” Harry finished.

Mrs. Weasley didn’t really pay attention to this, but everyone else did.

“Yeah, a lot of things can make you forgetful nowadays, huh mate?” George kidded, nudging Harry in the ribs. Harry turned red without answering.

“Hermione,” Ginny said. “I put your book in the den. You shouldn’t leave it outside like that. Someone could take it.”


After lunch, the family left their ways. Bill and Fleur were planning on visiting her side of the family that day and spend dinner at their house. The twins had to head back to the shop and Ginny decided to go with them since she was promised a part-time job.

Mrs. Weasley was heading out to Diagon Alley to buy some new curtains for her windows. The old ones were wrinkling and nagging all the time. The new ones are pure and always praising Molly’s good house-work.

Harry and Hermione headed home. Hermione made sure to take her book with her this time. It was her favorite book. She didn’t want to lose it.

Harry dropped off Hermione at her place since she persuaded him that she really wanted to finish her reading. After a few frustrating groans, Harry agreed and left. But he made Hermione promise him that she would join him for dinner later.

When Harry was gone, Hermione seated herself comfortably on the couch, kicking off her shoes and relaxing. She looked at the book in her lap. It was getting very old, but it was an aged book already so sometimes Hermione couldn’t tell the difference.

“Ah, Hogwarts, A History. My favorite book of all time. I could never get tired of reading you.” She turned the page to a pink feather lying in middle of the pages.

Only when she fully opened the book and inhaled the lovely smell of rose fragrance, did she realize that she never placed a pink feather in her book.

Her eyelids were getting heavy, causing her to fall asleep. Only then did she realize that she dim-wittedly fell into a trap.

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