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Time Again by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 34 : Chapter thirty four
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Disclaimer JK Rowlins owns Harry and friends; I just sit here and wish I did.

Time again chapter thirty four

Albus Dumbledore Headmaster of Hogwarts School had so often in the past few years found himself thinking of Harry James Potter almost as his own son. Today was one of those times; Harry had once again shown that what ever came his way he would take in his stride.
Things like the springing on him of the NEWT exams a year and a half before he was due to take them.
Harry was all that Albus would have wished for in a son of his own but, he had never been blessed enough to marry the woman he had loved, and so once she had been joined to the one she had been betrothed to at birth, he had lived a rather solitary life as a teacher.
Preferring to teach children rather than to have children of his own with anyone other than Daphne Raven, the one girl he had truly loved, and the one girl in his long one hundred and fifty four years of life, he had ever made love too.

Albus had never allowed himself to be emotionally involved with his wards until that is little Harry Potter had arrived in his care at the age of just one year. Harry Potter had somehow rid the world, albeit temporarily of an evil wizard. And Albus had literally found himself holding the baby.
He had many regrets about how Harry had been treated as he grew up and he blamed himself for that, but his heart was swollen with pride when he saw that no matter how bad his early years had been Harry had grown into a fine good and generous person, a young man who would help anyone in trouble no matter the risk to him self.

Today his pride in Harry was overflowing as he wandered slowly toward the main gates of the school. He would soon disapparate from outside the school gates to Potter house, where he could offer his congratulations to Harry and his young wife Hermione, they had both completed their final school exams a year and a half early, and they had both exceeded the previous best results by quite a margin.
Hermione had in fact shattered an age old belief that the sort of pass marks she had achieved were impossible to reach. The fact that he himself had set the previous best only served to swell his pride in the young couple, and now they were expecting their first child, Albus felt like a real grandfather.

Opening the gates and stepping into the world beyond the school Albus stopped in mid stride, outside the hidden gates standing there amongst a group of people were the two people he had been thinking about, but even more of a shock was the fact that they were accompanied by Daphne Raven, the woman he loved, who he had not seen for over a hundred and thirty years.

“Daphne Primrose Raven,” the words had escaped his lips as a whisper as memories of passionate nights with her flitted through his mind. Somewhere in his mind he registered the fact that the woman he was looking at was not old enough to be his Daphne but the shock had over ridden those other thoughts and he moved closer to take a better look.

It was then he heard the words she was telling him “Daphne was my great grandmother.” A slight feeling of nausea came on him as for the first time in all those years he thought of Daphne with another man, giving another man the children she was never allowed to give to him.

Dumbledore pulled himself together enough to listen as Harry and Hermione told of their strange meeting with Merlin, and his even stranger request that they leave the inn they were at and his influence on where they had ended up. He found it odd that they should arrive at the castle gates as he was about to leave, he found it even more unusual that they should arrive with the great grand daughter of his one love, on one of the very few days he now thought about her, he would ask Minerva for her thoughts on the matter up at the school.

Harry watched as Albus kept on glancing at Marjorie, there was something there that Harry just couldn’t grasp yet, but he decided to keep watching.

Back at the school the castle elves were falling over them selves to be of service when they received news that Lord and Lady Gryffindor had arrived and were in the great hall with the headmaster.

Tea was served in the best silverware and preparations for a meal were begun. The Grangers’ and Puckle’s stared around at the magnificence of Hogwarts, Helen was amazed by the magical ceiling of the great hall.
Mr Granger told Hermione that her descriptions of the castle were just a little wrong as the whole place had a splendour she had never described.
Granddad Puckle was astounded when through one of the elves he found out that the castle belonged to his granddaughter and her husband, and he finally began to realise just how wealthy the young man was. He was also fascinated by the elves and their apparent loyalty to Harry.

Hermione asked that the Muggles be shown around the castle, taking her mum and dad to visit Gryffindor tower and showing them the common room where she and Harry had grown up together, herself.
She showed them their favourite armchairs in front of the fire, their favourite table for doing their home work on, and she pointed out to her mother the sofa in front of the fire where she had spent some of her favourite hours with her husband.
she showed her mum the dormitory she had spent so many nights in, laughing as her dad tried to follow them up the stairway, Helen thought the safety precautions for the girls dorms were hilarious as Richard slid down the now slippery slide that had moments before been steps.

Once the grand tour of the castle was complete they all sat in the great hall accompanied by Minerva McGonagall and Rubeus Hagrid, Harry shared the news that they were expecting twins around September, he then went on to tell of his visit with bishop Granger, after that Harry called for Dobby to fetch more tea, while Hermione told them all about their strange encounter with Merlin.

Unusual for him Dumbledore told them about his thoughts as he left Hogwarts to visit the Potter’s, he told them of his shock when he saw Marjorie, who he swore was the image of his only love.

That was when Minerva had her idea, “Why don’t we get septimus to take a look at Mrs Puckle’s ancestry, maybe we can find something about why she so resembles her great grandmother,” she queried.

“Who’s Septimus?” Harry asked looking puzzled.

“Oh you met Septimus on your first day here at Hogwarts,” Minerva told him smiling. “I’ll just pop over and fetch him.”

Harry looked at Hermione but she looked as puzzled as he was, if they had met a septimus then neither remembered him.
It was not long before Minerva returned with the sorting hat, “Harry meet Septimus,” she chuckled.

“The hat has a name?” Harry asked amazed.

“Of course I have a name, you think I spend my entire year sleeping only waking to do the sorting,” snapped Septimus the sorting hat.

“Now Septimus, that is no way to talk to lord Gryffindor,” Minerva scolded the hat.

“Lord Gryffindor, oops I boo booed,” the hat chuckled making every one else chuckle.

“Harry place the hat on Mrs Puckle and ask him to sort her ancestry for us,” Minerva told Harry as they all waited for something to happen.
Harry did as he was told and everyone sat back as the hat rested on Marjorie’s head. It was a while before the hat spoke.

Then it began, “Mother Danvers Mothers mother Griffith’s mo…”

“Hold it, hold it,” Harry called to the hat “we don’t want the entire history of her family, lets just go back to the great grandmother Raven and take it from there or we could be here all week.”

“As you wish your lordship,” the hat answered “so do we just want the Raven side or both,”

“I tell you what Septimus, why don’t you just tell us anything you think interesting or important,” Hermione suggested.

“Yes M’lady,” the hat said actually sounding sincere.

“Right then let me see, oh now that is interesting, fascinating well I never, so your grandmother was Lucinda is that correct?” the hat asked

“Yes grandma was called Lucy,” Marge answered

“And her mother was Daphne Raven,”

“Yes,” she nodded

“And your great grand father was?” the hat asked

“Edward, Great grandfather was Edward,” she told the hat.

“Wro-ong, most definitely wro-ong,” the hat said melodically.

“What do you mean wrong, I know my great grandfathers name was Edward,”

“Your great grandfather was Albus, Percival, Wulfric, Brian Dumbledore,” Septimus said to gasps from his enraptured audience.

“Bloody hell,” Harry gasped.

Hermione just gasped as the words soaked into her brain, Dumbledore was her great, great grandfather, this was going to take some getting used to.
Then the thought struck her ‘why if they were related to Dumbledore were they Muggle’s apart from herself they were all Muggle’s, it made no sense’, she had to ask Albus about it.

As Hermione was gathering her thoughts together it was Harry who asked what was to him a most obvious question,

“Albus, if you are their ancestor why are they all Muggle’s except Hermione?”

Harry got no reply as Albus Dumbledore was also taking in what the hat had told them and all the implications, not least of which would be Hermione being his great, great grand daughter.

Albus Dumbledore was as surprised by the news as everyone else, he had on several occasions spent nights of passionate love making with the love of his life but he had never had the slightest idea that she may have been pregnant when they took her away from him.
She had never made any indication she was having his child, he wished for a few moments that he could do as Harry had done and go back in time to be with her just one more time.

The thought that the young woman he was so very proud of was actually his own flesh and blood suddenly hit him like a hammer, and he let drop a tear that he had been holding back. He Albus Dumbledore had a family, his brother Aberforth would be overjoyed at the news that he had a great, great niece and she was Lady Gryffindor, they the two lonely brothers had a real family.

“Is anyone interested in the interesting part of Mrs Puckle’s ancestry,” the hat was suddenly shouting, everyone had ignored him since he revealed that Dumbledore was one of her ancestors and Septimus was getting annoyed.

Septimus took advantage of the silence his shout had brought about, “Right well Daphne Raven was the last direct descendant of Rowena Ravenclaw.”

‘So Lady Gryffindor, no wonder you are the greatest witch alive, not to mention the greatest wife alive as well, descended from both Ravenclaw and Dumbledore you just had to be great’ Harry thought to his wife as she sat taking it all in.

‘I’m a little puzzled Harry, if we are descended from such great people, why are my family all muggles, it makes no sense that the magic just came to an end, then started back up when I was born, there must be some reason some cause behind it’ Hermione thought back.

‘I’m not sure about this but I either read or heard somewhere that a broken heart can rob a witch or wizard completely of their magic.
I don’t know if that would be passed down through the generations like some sort of, oh what do the muggles call it, oh yes like some sort of genetic defect or something, a defect that would be put right by the opposite of a broken heart, like the love your mum and dad have for each other.
So if Daphne had a broken heart and lost her magic, which from what your grand mum says sounds about right, then your mum comes along full of love for your dad like we have for each other, and everything gets put right. But don’t quote me on it’
. Harry said adding a chuckle.

‘Oh Harry love you really are a romantic under all that manly exterior, it does sound like a good explanation though’ Hermione replied.

After the chatting, shock and the thinking about the words of Septimus had settled down Albus stood and called for the attention of the family, it felt strange to him as he looked at the people around the table and knew they were nearly all one family.

“Can I have your attention please” he asked when he stood.

Everyone fell silent as all eyes looked at Albus, “It would seem that for some reason the powers that be chose today to bring this family together, I think that Merlin had you leave the inn you were at so that you would arrive at Hogwarts just in time to intercept me as I was leaving, I think this is the case because I was meant to meet Marjorie, I don’t suppose there would be many opportunities for us to meet in the normal way of things.
Now that we have met, this day has made an old man very happy, not only have I discovered a family, I find I am the great, great grandfather of one of the two people I love and respect most.
I don’t yet know why we are meant to find these things out at this time but I can tell you that I will enjoy getting to know my family.”

“Profes… er Grandfather, do you have any idea why gran could see Hogwarts but only vaguely?” Hermione asked faltering on his title.

“Well all I can say for now is that what ever it was that made Daphne’s children like Muggle’s must be breaking down, failing if you will.” Albus answered with a huge smile, Hermione had called him grandfather.

“Granddad seems a little odd for someone my age to be calling someone, but never the less, granddad grandma Daphne only ever had the one child,” Marge told him as he smiled at Hermione.

A great feeling of relief and joy spread through Albus at the words of his granddaughter, his beloved Daphne had only ever had his child, she had not been the mother of another mans children, for some reason it warmed his old heart to know.

‘You know Hermione Potter since you told me you are having my baby, our family keeps growing, I wonder what tomorrow will surprise us with’ Harry chuckled as he saw the happy faces of those around him.

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