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Can Life Be A Fairytale? by crazywrita123
Chapter 1 : A run in at the park
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Lily sat idly on a swing, listening to her iPod. Lately, it seemed she had been spending a lot of days at the park, trying to get away from her family. Her best (muggle) friend, Adam, was playing with her little brother and his little sister on the slides on the near by play set.


Lily glanced up; looking at the clouds and her eyes fell on a little boy running towards the swing next to her. She watched him hold on to the ropes and try to pull himself up, failing miserably. “Need some help?” She asked him. The little boy struggled some more before finally saying yes. 


“Can you give me a push, too?” The little boy asked, as he tried to get himself started. 


“Of course.” Lily gave him a really big push and as she walked back to her swing, she noticed how familiar this little boy looked. There was something about him… Is it the black hair? Or maybe it’s that look on his face- that smirk… Lily couldn’t seem to place her finger on it.


“What’s your name?”


“Lily, and what’s yours?”


“Sean. My brother knows a girl named Lily, she has red hair too. He talks about her a lot.”


“Does he? Guess there are a lot of red haired Lilys out there.” Lily smiled at Sean.


“Ya. How old are you Lily?”


“I turn 17 tomorrow. And how old are you, Sean?”


“I turned six last week.”


“Really? That’s pretty exciting!” The two were silent for a while, each occasionally looking over at the other. 


A boy of 17 watched from his spot against a nearby tree. Wow, she looks beautiful. I love the way her red hair blows in the wind when she swings. He watched as the boy said something that made her smile. In efforts to hear their conversation, he moved to a closer tree. 


“Ya. How old are you Lily?”


“I turn 17 tomorrow. And how old are you, Sean?”


“I turned six last week.”


“Really? That’s pretty exciting!” He noticed how Lily kept looking at Sean, with a look of wonder and curiosity on her face, as if she was thinking about something.








“You’re really pretty.”


“Aww, well thank you. You’re pretty cute yourself.”


“Well, well, well, what have we here?” A new voice entered the conversation. Lily whipped her head around to see none other than James Potter leaning up against a near by tree. God, he looks really hot leaning against the tree… wait, James? James Potter? What is he doing here? He straightened up and walked over to the swings. “Seems that Lily Evans has captured the hearts of both of the Potter boys.”


Lily faltered for a second, completely shocked by James’ sudden appearance. She looked back and forth between the two boys. “You have the same eyes.”


James leaned in slightly closer to Lily, as if to get a better look at her. “Ah, correct you are Miss Evans though I didn’t know that you had looked into my eyes enough to notice,” he responded in a sly, but happy, tone.


Lily leaned in closer, making her point, “very well, Mr. Potter, there are a lot of things you don’t know about me.” Lily said in the same tone. 


“Try me.” James said, without moving.


“Did you know that… my family is one of the richest muggle families in England and that my dad is a Member of Parliament?”


“No, actually, I didn’t.” James said matter-of-factly. “But I happen to know for a fact that your favorite color is green, your favorite flowers are lilies, your favorite band is ACDC, you have a little brother, who you love with all your heart, and an older sister, who you can’t stand, and I know for a fact, that you have come to this park everyday for the past four days.”


Lily looked amused. “Stalker much?”


“Nah, my brother just likes the park.”


“I didn’t know you had a brother.”


“There are a lot of things that you don’t know about me.” James imitated Lily. “Hey Sean, why don’t you go play with the little boy and girl over there?” James said, pointing to where Adam and the kids where. Sean quickly ran over, leaving the two big kids alone. 


James sat down on the swing next to Lily that Sean was occupying less than a minute ago. “So Lily, what classes are you taking next year?”


“Um, Potions, DADA, Charms, Arithmacy, Herbology, Transfiguration, and Care of Magical Creatures, just for kicks.”


“Sounds like the right classes to become an Auror.”


“Well, that is what I want to be.”


“Really? I always thought you were more of the healer or apothecary type, since you are so good at potions and charms.”


“Ya, but I want to make a difference in the world, and an Auror seems like a good way to do it. What about you? What classes are you taking?”


“Pretty much the same, but Divination instead of Care of Magical Creatures.”


“Divination? Seriously? I thought most seventh years would drop that because of NEWTS… and its extreme pointlessness and stupidity.”


“No, Sirius and I are just doing it for the hell of it. We get quite the laugh from Professor Blitz and his crazy robes and incense.”


“Ya, he is pretty insane. I just couldn’t stand all his nonsense about the Grip or whatever it was. I quit that class less than a month in.”


“Oh ya, I had forgotten about that. That was one of the best moments in Marauder History.”


“Marauder History?”


“The era where the Marauders rule the school of course.” Damn, I shouldn’t of said that. I’m sure that came across as ‘arrogant, bulling, toe-rag’ not ‘nice guy who might have a chance’. 


“Well, that wasn’t arrogant at all.” His arrogance is cute though, it works for him… 


“Sorry. Slipped. Hey, do you want a push?”


“I haven’t been pushed on a swing since I was about 6.”


”All the more reason for me to push you, then.” James got up off his swing and walked behind Lily. He placed his hands on her hips and pulled her towards him. Lily looked at him over her shoulder and he held her gaze for just a minute before pushing her forward and letting go. When she came back, he pushed again, making her go higher. He stepped aside so that he could see her face. He watched her as she threw her head back and laughed with her eyes closed. I love her laugh. I can’t believe that I can finally make her laugh like that, that I can make her happy. 


“I love swinging. It’s so… childish. I remember I used to swing and wish I could fly, back when I was a little girl. God, when Severus told me that people in his world could fly, I was so jealous.” 


James walked in front of her swing, gently stopping her before she hit him. He lowered his to her level, with his hands rested just above hers on the swing’s ropes. They stared into each other’s eyes, trying to read what the other one was thinking. 


Suddenly, James’ watch started beeping and little snitches began to fly around it, causing them both to jump. “Damn, it is almost 5. I promised my mom we’d be home in time for dinner.” 


“What time do you eat dinner?” Lily asked, secretly hoping that he would say some outrageous time like 10 pm. 


“We usually eat pretty late-“ Lily’s face light up, “-but tonight we are eating at like 5:15 because my parents have some party to go to.” 


“Oh that sucks. At least your parents feed you before they go to a party, my parents just make me fend for myself and Josh, my brother. They are actually going to a formal dinner or something stupid like that tonight, too.” 


James looked at Lily and considered his options. “Hey Lily,” he glanced at her timidly.


“Hey James…?”


“Do you wanna come over and hang out tonight?” He rushed on, “I completely understand if you can’t or anything. If you want to bring Josh that would be fine. My mum makes great food and she always makes too much, so you can eat too, and-“ Lily held up her finger to his lips and looked over to Sean, who had just walked up. 


“What do you think Sean, should I come over?”




“I don’t know… why should I?” James looked taken aback, wondering if Lily was seriously going to turn down hanging out with him after all the fun they had had at the park. Sean, on the other hand, didn’t seem worried at all and said simply, “We have popsicles.”


“Well then! I absolutely have to come, don’t I?” 


James laughed. “So that’s it? All these years I could have gotten you to go to Hogsmead with me if I had just bribed you with a popsicle?”


Lily smirked at him, “Maybe.” 


“Hey, so if you want to bring Josh over, he is welcome too…”


“Nah, the kid is great, but I need a break from him sometimes. I’ll take care of it, hang on.”  Lily walked over to where Adam was playing with the kids, with James and Sean trailing behind her. 


“Hey, Adam!” Adam turned around to face Lily. “I am going to go over James’ house for dinner, do you think you could take care of Josh for me? Can you keep him at your place tonight? I don’t want him around when I come home.”


“Ya, I suppose, but how are we going to get home?”


Lily smiled and dug keys out of her pocket. She dangled them in front of her before throwing them to Adam.


“Are you serious, Lily?”


“Yes, and if you get one scratch on my beautiful red Ferrari convertible, I swear to God I will kill you!” Lily said through a smile. Adam gave Lily a quick hug and said thanks, before taking Josh and his sister off to the car. 


“So,” James said, “I’m not the only guy whose life you threaten.”


“No, James, you’re not. It’s not like I hate you or anything…” 

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