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Life, Love, and Everything in Between by invisiblemaurader_1
Chapter 14 : It's Time to Talk
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A/N:  Well, I waited quite a while to put this chapter up,  but POOF!!!  Here we are!  Read, review, enjoy, and eat cookies!  And I'm sorry, but it's somewhat shorter than some other chapters.  It really couldn't be helped.
~"How do we know which room to go to?" someone asked Cam and Sirius.

"There are four doors; one red, one blue, one green, and one yellow.  And yes, I know, those are the House colors of Hogwarts.  So don't even mention it.  Anyways...the color of yoru slip of paper is the color of your door.  And no, you didn't get a slip based on whether you were in Slytherin or Gryffindor." Cam said, rolling his eyes as two or three of the guys raised their hands and opened their mouths, only to have their questions answered before they were even asked.

"Well, if there aren't any more burning questions, then numbers one through four...come with me." Sirius said with a grin.  The and the other four guys marched out of the room, all of them making a thunderous amount of noise.  The girls, at the other end of the hallway, could tell the moment the guys were all at their doors.

When each guy was in the right place, Sirius headed over to the other room.

"Go ahead." he said when Rebecca opened the door.  "Send 'em out."

Every nine minutes, the routine would repeat.  When the people came back, they were flushed, and almost all of them had goofy grins on their faces.  Finally, after about half an hour, Rebecca's number was called.

" to meet the firing squad." she said cheerfully, leading three other girls out of the room.  Each went to her respective door, opened it, and went inside.  Rebecca had just closed hers when she launched herself at the room's only other occupant.  He staggered back, surprised, but managed to keep both of them from falling to the floor.  

"How did you know it was me?" he asked in shock.  

"A little birdy told me..." Rebecca replied cheekily, just moments before she kissed him.  With a bright grin breaking out on her face, she said the words her family would be shocked to hear.  "I love you, let's give Aisley her money's worth."

Aisley waited impatiently for Rebecca to return.  She and Cam had worked so hard on their plan to get Becca and Byron back together that she didn't know what she'd do if it didn't work out.  So when Rebecca came back smiling, Aisley considered it to be a good thing.  "Well?  Who was it?"  she asked quietly, trying not to convey her anxiety.

"Byron, of course." Rebecca replied.  "But I bet you already knew that."  Aisley laughed and gave Rebecca a nudge with her elbow.

"I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about." she responded with a grin.  Rebecca just raised an eyebrow at that, but laughed all the same.

"Hey, who's up next?" a woman asked.  Aisley recognized her as being one of the women from Rebecca's impromptu party; she was pretty sure her name was Jen.

"Let's see..." Aisley mumbled.  "That would be numbers twenty-one through twenty-four."  She looked down at her slip of paper.  Number twenty-five.  She was going to be in the last group of women, which meant only ten more minutes before she could finish up her part in this little game.  Aisley looked toward the door.  Jamie, Jen, and two women whose names escaped her were lined up and ready.  She gave them a nod, and off they went, giggling like a bunch of silly little girls.

It seemed like the four were back in far lss than seven minutes.  But Aisley checked the clock, and they weren't early.  They were actually a few minutes late.  Aisley caught the look on Jamie's face as she walked through the door; it was a smug "I know somehting you don't know" kind of look, and seeing it mirriored on Rebecca's face made her nervous.  Still, she called the last three women, and they headed out.  As soon as the door was shut behind them, Rebecca stated to speack.  She opened the link between her and Sirius, and knew that he was about to say the same thing to the remaining guys.

"All right, people!  We have a job to do!" she said with a smile.

Aisley stood in front of the blue door, hesitating.  The other three girls had already gone in, and she was completely alone in the hallway.

"Relax, Lupin." she told herself silently.  "Whoever's in there, he isn't going to eat you.  NOw open the bloody door already!"  After taking a bolstering breath, she did just that.  When she was inside, she shut it with a quiet click.

"Hello?" she called.  Out of the shadows stepped a tall figure wearing a black cloak and hood that completely covered his face.  "Um...shouldn't you take that off?" she asked.  The man shook his head.  "Fine then." Aisley snapped.  "If you won't, then I certainly don't have to stay in here."  Her hand was already on the doorknob when he spoke.

"No, wait.  I'll take it off." he said, removing the hood.  Aisley turned aroud and saw with a rapidly beating heart that the guy was none other than Cam.  Her face blanched, and she would have fallen to the floor if he hadn't caught her seconcs before she hit the ground.

"Hey there." he said quietly, straightening.  He still held her in his arms, and his mouth was perilously close to her own.  At that range, she could see that his eyes had darkened.  They weren't that clear, bright green that she loved so much; they were nearly black in the darkness.  His mouth curved in a slow smile when she said nothing in return.  Cam dipped his head to kiss her, and his mouth was almost to her own when Aisley suddenly put a hand between them.

"No." she whispered.  "We can't."

"Why not?" Cam asked, his voice bordering on the anguished.  

"It'll ruin everything." Aisley replied, her voice thickening with tears.

"Oh, on the contrary." Cam said quietly.  "It's going to fix everything instead."  Before Aisley had a chance to respond, Cam captured her mouth with his own., years of pent-up frustration, jealousy, lust, curiosity, and love were conveyed with one simple kiss.  Aisley, who, at first, had resisted him completely, gave way.  She met his fire with one of her own making, and there was no telling how long they stood there, battling with emotions both of them had been too scared to mention.  Gasping for air, Cam broke away, but his forehead remained touching Aisley's.  

In all the years they'd known each other, both of them had witnessed more than their fair share of 'Best friend P.D.A.,' but he'd never known that Aisley could be so...passionated.  It astounded him, gratified him, and it humbled him.  He had to tell her how he felt; there was no way in hell he could let her go now.

"Aisley..." he began softly, but she interrupted him with another kiss. Love for her flowed through him, and because of it, he was devastatingly gentle.  At least, that was what Aisley thought.  He made her go weak at the knees, and her legs felt like a bowl of jelly.  She'd waited ten years for that moment, and Cam had finally come through.  He'd stopped being so thick-headed and had taken the chance that had been there for years.  And after months of missed opportunities, interruptions, and misunderstandings, her perfect day had come.  She didn't think she'd ever loved him as much as she did at that very moment.  But once again, Cam pulled away.

"Did you feel that, too?" he demanded.  Aisley couldn't do anything but nod.  He opened his mouth to continue, but a knock on the door ruined the moment.

"Oi!  It's been half an hour already.  Would you two bloody get out here already?" came the voice of Aisley's older brother Riley.  She and Cam separated instantly.  Aisley's face could not have been a brighter shade of red as Cam opened the door and they stepped out.  She saw with annoyance that Cam didn't even look flustered.  He was obviously used to spending half an hour snogging in a closet, then being interrupted by his partner's older brother.  Bloody git.

"Why, little sister, what HAVE you been up to?" Riley asked dryly.  Aisley opened her mouth to speak, but Cam beat her to it.

"We were just discussing several very important matters." he said smoothly.

"Oh, really?  Then why is there lipstick on your collar?" was Riley's question.

"My sweater doesn't have a collar, and I'm wearing a cloak.  Besides, Aisley isn't wearing lipstick tonigh, or hadn't you noticed?"  Riley just shrugged.

"If you say so, Potter." he replied as he walked away.  In his stead cam at least twelve other people, all of them laughing uproarously.  Aisley started to walk off, but Cam stopped her.

"Listen." he said quietly, so only she could hear.  "There's something I should have told you.  Aisley...when this is over, we have got to talk."  With those words, he let her go.  He had made Aisley incredibly nervous, and she wondered vaguely if he had just threatened her.  With what, she couldn't be sure....

A/N:  Well?  What did you think?  Was it horrible?  Should I never write again?  Or are you happy that I finally stopped beating around the bush so much?  Leave me a review and tell me what you think!

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