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When The Raven Caws... by Raven_Potter_4Ever
Chapter 5 : Visions of a Raven
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When The Raven Caws...
Chapter 5~Visions of a Raven

Recap: "Don't worry about it. Hopefully this will pass like all the other days I couldn't get any of them out of my head." Remus said. But for some reason, he knew he wouldn't be able to. He felt like something about that was wrong. Like one of them was alive. But he placed Lily's and James' coffins in their graves himself, and he watched Sirius go through that veil. That left Raven. But he had seen her picture in the Prophet himself. But then again, most vampires did look alike…

"Well, you shouldn't loose any sleep over it, Remus." Charlie said, standing up. Remus nodded.


Raven apparated in her old flat, in the sitting room. The fact that the fire was going strong led her to believe that Remus had just recently gone to bed. If he still lived here. She crept silently down the hall, a moving shadow. She slipped into the room that had been Remus'. Thankfully, it was Remus in the bed. She stood at the end of his bed, and smiled. He looked great. For a rather poor werewolf anyway. His shaggy dirty blonde hair was about his head, spread out on his pillow. His sea blue eyes were closed, and unmoving, meaning that he wasn't dreaming. Raven walked around, and sat on the edge of his bed. He'd be dreaming soon.

"Remus…" She called softly. He stirred slightly. "Remus, dear…Wake up…" He stirred some more. "Come on Remy, you can't sleep forever…" His eyes opened at the name Remy. Only one person had ever called him that.

"Raven." He said.

"Shh….I'm just a dream." Raven said. "But I must say, you look well for a poor werewolf." She chuckled softly, keeping the dream effect up, and her vampire trance abilities on, and low.

"Thanks. You don't look so bad for a dead vampire your self." He said.

"Actually, I'm not dead. But you already know that, don't you, Remy? You already know that you're not the only one left." She stroked his hair behind his right ear, and allowed her hand to skim nicely, and lightly down his cheek. "You have to be careful, Remy. Look after Harry. He knows about me. He knows I'm alive. Help him. Protect him. He's around aurors. I'm being hunted by the ministry. He's in danger…Help him, Remy. I'm counting on you…" She let her voice trail, and her hand slip down to his chin, and allow her fingers to slip off, one by one.

"WAIT!" He called, and made a grab for her hand, but she made his dream leave. He was now awake, looking around, thinking it had just been a dream. He got up, and grabbed his robe. He tied it around his waist, and went out to sit in front of the fireplace, her standing, invisible in the corner. She had done what she had come to do. Time to leave or face being found out. A tear slipped down her cheek, and fell to the floor silently. She disapparated, silently.


Remus sat in front of the fire, thinking about what had just happened. She had done this before, contacted him in a dream. That meant she really was alive, and that Harry really was in danger. He had to do something. He knew he couldn't search for her. She'd just hide, and never come out. He had to do what she had told him to do. If he was to find her, she would've told him so.

He sighed and rubbed his face with his hands. He stood up and went to get dressed. He saw on the hard wood floor, light reflecting when he turned on the over head light. He looked. It was a water spot. He dipped his finger in it, and smelled it. No. It was a tear. He sighed, and shook his head. She had actually been here. She hadn’t just sent over an image of herself, she had come in person.

Damn wrench!!! He thought, and kicked the foot of his bed, ignoring the sharp pain that flew through his foot. Why, Raven!?!?! Why must you do this!?! Why must you do this to me!?!

“WHY!?!?!” He yelled out. He rubbed his face again, a tear slipping through his fingers. He got dressed, and went out into the sitting room, to the fire place.

“Remus?” A sleepy Charlie asked from the door way. “Are you alright? I heard you yell. Where are you going?” He asked, noticing that Remus was dressed.

“To Grimauld place. I’ll be back.” Remus said, grabbing a pinch of floo powder. He threw it into the fireplace.

“Number twelve Grimauld Place!” He called, and then stepped into the emerald flames. He was gone.

Disclaimer: I only own that which you don't recognize. The rest belongs to the Fab J.K.Rowling and including, but not limited to the Scholastic print shop place, whatever they're called!!

And now that that's out of the way...

A/N: Alright, Alright, ALRIGHT! I know it's been forever, and I know it's really short, but a lot of serious things have happened, keeping me from upating, and I am SORRY!!! I will update me other story shortly, I promise! Please don't forget to review!!!!


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