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Alex At Hogwarts by weluvjamesandcharlie
Chapter 1 : Alex at Hogwarts
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A/N For Alex. This is for making fun of us.      

It was 10:55am and Alex was standing on the platform with his mom. Alex was getting pretty nervous because this was his first time leaving his house in his entire life. He had become pretty attached to his mom and step-brother, who was starting his seventh year at Durmstrang.

“Good-bye Mother!” he said.

“Have a great year son! And I’ll see you during break for Hanukah!” his mother replied. The whistle sounded for any last passengers to board.

Alex was looking for a compartment to sit in. He noticed that they were all full, except for one. Alex walked in and sat next to a boy with fire red hair. It turns out it’s Ron Weasley! The best friend of the super famous Harry Potter!

“Hey are you Ron Weasley?” he asked dumbfounded.

“Yep that’s me,” Ron replied.

Alex was speechless! He didn’t know what to do but stare at Ron. But then a girl with bushy, brown hair walked in with none other than Harry Potter himself. Alex couldn’t believe that he was sharing a compartment with his idols. Over the years Alex had become a big supporter of Harry and thought You-Know-Who should be stopped.


When they arrived at Hogwarts, the surprises just kept coming for Alex. Dean Thomas had dropped out to join the Death Eaters, so Alex was the one that got to share the dorm with Ron and Harry.

Alex was so excited he got to share a dorm with the two coolest guys at Hogwarts. Ron and Harry, however, did not feel the same way. They did not want Alex around, they believed guy was absolutely insane. They soon found out that his daily routine was quite odd. He started the day off by doing squat-thrusts in the middle of the dormitory. If that wasn’t bad enough, whenever Alex was alone in the dorm he would remove his pants and then meditate right in front of the doorway. Whenever Harry and Ron walked in they always saw him, but he didn’t seem to care.

One day Alex was on his way to his chamber. Upon opening the door he found Harry and Hermione sharing an intimate embrace.

“Oh my GOD!!! What the-”

Storming from the room Alex went in search of Ron.

“They’re TOGETHER!” he blurted out to his friend who was laying on the grass.


“Harry and Hermione!”

“No!!” cried Ron in shock and dismay as he went in search of his once true love and best friend Hermione. Ron entered the room in a jealous rage and cursed Harry. Hermione rushed from the room in tears, as Ron proceeded to beat an unconscious Harry into a bloodied and beaten state. Afterward Ron and Alex left the room to celebrate their victory over Harry.

Four hours later Harry was awakened by his white owl’s dwarf nephew Bob. Harry hurried to the bathing chamber to clean his once pretty face. Upon opening the door he heard moaning. Opening a shower door Harry found Hermione with Alex and Ron all sharing an intimate embrace.

Harry promptly keeled over and died.





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