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All I could hope for by tookool4you
Chapter 16 : Amelia
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Hermione and Draco really didn’t talk anymore. Hermione began to sit at the Gryffindor table far away from Ginny and other people. Hermione knew she would have to work with Draco for the Halloween dance (that was about a week away), but couldn’t bring herself to do it.

Deep inside she still had feelings for Draco. He was now going out with a sixth year Hufflepuff that got on Hermione’s nerves. Her name was Amelia. She had long straight blonde hair and green eyes.

Amelia didn’t like that Hermione and Draco lived in a Common Room alone. She was always giving Hermione evil looks and obviously trying to make Hermione jealous by kissing him every time she is around. Hermione just ignored this, yeah she might have been jealous, but she couldn’t let Amelia see that.

“Hermione stay away from my boyfriend,” said Amelia in a low voice one day at breakfast.

“Excuse me”

“You heard me stay away from Draco; he doesn’t like you anymore so just leave him alone”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t want Draco anymore”

“Oh, come off it. I see how you look at him. You want him and you can’t have him”

“Ok, I’m not going to fight with you about this so just leave ME alone,” said Hermione calmly.

Amelia pushed away Hermione’s plate and gave Hermione the ‘you can’t do anything about it’ look. Hermione stood up and told Amelia to get out of her way. Amelia crossed her arms over her chest and just stood there looking at Hermione with fire in her eyes.


Hermione tried to walk around her, but Amelia stepped in front of Hermione. Then Amelia slapped Hermione.

“Stay away from Draco,” she screamed.

Hermione could feel her face grow hot with anger. She tried to walk pass Amelia, but Amelia walked in front of her again. Hermione then punched her in the face. She watched Amelia fall to the ground holding her nose, screaming for Draco. Hermione then ran out of the Great Hall.

Hermione ran until she got to the steps and then sat down. She didn’t know what had come over her. One minute she was quietly eating her lunch minding her own businesses the next she punched her ex boyfriend’s current girlfriend.

Then Hermione heard footsteps coming from behind her. ‘Great’ Hermione thought and wiped her eyes. Just then the footsteps stopped.

“Please go away,” whispered Hermione.

Hermione then felt a hand on her shoulder which made her jump. When she looked behind her she found Draco sitting behind her. Hermione looked at him in disbelief and he gave her a weak smile.

“Look Draco I’m sorry about…” said Hermione before Draco cut her off.

“Mione she had it coming I don’t know what had gotten into her”

He shook his head and laughed gently. Draco then looked at Hermione and took her hand. Hermione pulled away and gave him a sly smile. Then Draco put his arm around her and she put her head on his shoulder. Man, did Hermione miss this.

“Draco, we need to start planning the dance. It’s in about a week.”

“Ok what do you think we should do?”

Just then Rafael appeared out of the shadows. Hermione didn’t think that Draco had seen him. She gave Rafael a slight smile; he winked at her when he saw this. Hermione looked at the marble floor and bit her lip. What was it about him that made her heart skip a beat every time she looked at him?

Rafael ran his fingers threw his hair and walked silently towards Draco and Hermione. He wanted to stay away from Hermione, but couldn’t seem to do it. He would never want to hurt her, but every time he tries to stay away from her he grows crazy. Rafael had never felt this way about any mortal…any girl for that matter.

“Mione can I talk to you?” asked Rafael.

“Yeah, Draco hold on. I’ll be right back” said Hermione never leaving Rafael’s eyes.

Rafael walked down the hall so he knew that Draco couldn’t hear. He put his hands around Hermione’s slim waist. He felt a shiver go through Hermione’s body when he did this and pulled away. ‘Stop this. You need to stay away from her, to protect her’ screamed a voice in Rafael’s head.

“What did you want to talk about Rafael?” asked Hermione sweetly.

Rafael sat down by the wall dragging Hermione down on him. Hermione smiled and sat beside Rafael. Rafael kissed Hermione on the hand and brought it close to his eyes. Hermione wanted tp pull away, but couldn't take her eyes from his blue eyes.

“I have a band. Do you want us to play at the dance?” asked Rafael looking into her honey brown eyes.

“You do?” asked Hermione.

“Yeah, we just don’t have a lead singer”

“Well, we could find one….” Said Hermione

“I want you to be the singer” said Rafael looking down at the floor.


“Come on sweet pea”

Hermione opened her mouth to argue, but closed it. Hermione stood up and walked away until she heard Rafael call her name. When she looked back Rafael had a red rose in his hand.

“Just think about it,” said Rafael handing her the rose.

“I’ll think about it”

“That’s all I’m asking,” said Rafael flinging his hands up and walking away.

Hermione walked back to Draco who was lying down on the steps. When he saw Hermione he sat back up stretching his hands above his head. Hermione sat back down on the steps and looked at Draco. His eyes got wide when he saw the rose. ‘Damn it. He’s got her’ thought Draco.

“Umm…Mione? You want to go to the dance with me? I mean as friends…I thought because we are Head Boy and Girl we should go together,” said Draco looking at the floor.

“Draco, what about Amelia?” asked Hermione unsure. 

“I want to be with you. Not her”

Hermione knew it was bad to go to the dance with Draco because of Rafael, but she and Rafael weren’t dating. Hermione nodded and gave Draco a hug. She still loved Draco and probably always would.

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All I could hope for: Amelia


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