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The Living Dead by auror_snape
Chapter 1 : Detention
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter.

 Author's Note: Watch out for violence and Vampire attacks. Detention from canon, vampire is not.

 The Living Dead

 Chapter 1: Detention

 Harry Potter was just heading out of the clearing after encountering the remnants of Lord Voldemort. He knew it was Voldemort because he's the only creature evil enough to attack something as pure as a Unicorn. Harry was eleven years old, and was serving a detention in the Forbidden Forest near the end of his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry was alone in the forest since his ... partner... Draco Malfoy ran off, taking Fang the Boarhound with him. Personally, he thought Malfoy had the right idea. Then he looked at the dead Unicorn, and rage filled him. On second thought, Malfoy's a bloody coward, and I know deep down I wanted to stand and fight. Though I didn't do much fighting.

 As the little boy walked out of the clearing, the creature watched. I just know if I try to attack one of his little ones Dumbledore will end this. He would have no choice, and I am heartily tired of this, what do I call it, life? No, not life, I've been dead for four hundred years. Sustaining myself on the blood of innocents. This is why I left my Black Forest home, to end it. Well, I guess I must attack, or Dumbledore will never know of my presence. And he jumped the small boy, sinking his fangs in the child's neck almost in an instant.

 When Harry was attacked from behind, he reacted instinctively. He bit hard into the arm of the person holding him. He was scared when he felt the person drinking his blood. Then the person let go and disappeared into the darkness. Harry collapsed onto the leaf-strewn ground and felt the world going dark. He could hear hoof-beats, but didn't feel rough hands picking him up.

 Firenze the centaur hurriedly took the injured child up to the castle. The boy was rushed into the infirmary and Madame Pomfrey started trying to heal him, but she already knew it was a lost cause. Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall both came running in, and she turned to the teachers fearfully.

 “It was a Vampire, Headmaster. And he isn't going to make it,” the head nurse said mournfully.

 Dumbledore said, “We must tell the students only that it was a tragic accident in the forest. There would be a panic if word of a Vampire in the forest got out.” At hearing these words, McGonagall burst into tears. She had come to view this precious child as a grandson. He was so brilliant, and sweet; he didn't deserve this fate. He was a model Gryffindor, so brave and noble.

 Time ticked on. Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley, Harry's best friends, were called and told he had been attacked in the Forest, probably by Voldemort. Dumbledore had told this tale because he didn't want to alarm the two first years unnecessarily. Ron Weasley left after that, trying to hide tears. Finally, at almost one o' clock in the morning, Madame Pomfrey checked on Harry and said, “Time of Death: 12:58 on May 27th, 1992.” She choked up saying that; she was also mourning the loss of the sweet little boy. Ron wasn't there to here the announcement. Nor would he be there for the big surprise...

 Four hours later, Hermione Granger was still crying over the dead body of her best friend. She stared at his sheet-covered face, imagining she could see the look of peace on it. Over the last several months she had discovered how terrible his life had been. And now, he's at peace. He's with his parents. Then, the sheet twitched. It looked like Harry was getting up, but that was impossible...

 Harry Potter awoke in darkness. He sat up, pushing the sheet down off his head. He saw Hermione backing away quickly. “Hermione, what are you doing in the boys' dormitory?” Harry asked, not knowing where he was.

 “ARGHH!” Hermione screamed. Madame Pomfrey came running and saw Harry sitting up. She put a hand to her chest and sent a message to Dumbledore. He came quickly, realizing the significance of the warning “HE'S AWAKE!” It could mean only one thing, as Harry was the only patient, albeit dead. He approached the boy cautiously. He wasn't sure if he'd be vicious, like his brethren. “Harry, how do you feel?” he asked.

 “I feel fine, sir,” Harry replied confused. He recognized Dumbledore's caution, but was unsure as to why the most powerful wizard in the world would be afraid of a child.

 “What do you remember about what happened in the forest?” Dumbledore asked next.

 “Someone grabbed me from behind, I couldn't fight back or get away; he was too strong. I managed to bite him on the arm, but I was really scared when he drank my blood. Why would he do that, was he insane?” Harry asked curiously. 

 “You bit him?” Dumbledore asked, trying to clarify Harry's story, though he didn't need any clarification. The fact that he was sitting up and talking four hours after being pronounced dead was proof enough. The Boy-Who-Lived was a Vampire.

 Hermione was listening to the whole story, and her emotions were going through the entire spectrum. First there was horror at what had happened, anger that it had happened, then pity for her friend. Lastly, there was acceptance. She was determined to support him, no matter what. She couldn't fathom a time when she would not stand by him.

* *

 A week later, Harry looked very well for being dead. While he was in the hospital wing he had gotten a note and a package from Dumbledore. The package was a ring, and the note said he had found the ring in an old shop he used to frequent. The ring was supposed to hide the effects of living death. It allowed a vampire to look like he was eating real food, when in all actuality the food was vanishing in the mouth. Harry kept the ring on at all times. 

 At dinner one night, Harry noticed that Quirrell looked even more nervous than usual, like he was planning something. He decided to keep an eye on him. When Quirrell left the Great Hall, he left too. He followed the Defense teacher all the way to the third floor where he saw him enter the forbidden corridor. He knew he had to stop him, but he didn't know how he'd do that. He saw a shadow and stepped into it. Quirrell put Fluffy to sleep and went down the trap door. Harry wanted to follow, but he didn't want to risk waking the dog. After a most curious sensation, Harry noticed that he was in an open room with a large mirror and a lot of pillars. He had appeared in between two pillars behind the mirror. He watched and waited; finally, Quirrell came.

 Quirrell was trying to figure out how to get the Stone from the mirror. Harry was circling around him, moving from shadow to shadow. He hadn't taken the ring off, but he could feel the adrenaline coursing through his veins. It was affecting him in certain ways: he could feel his fangs starting to descend. He was watching for the right moment to attack. Suddenly, Quirrell turned around.

 “Ah, Potter! So good of you to join us! But I must ask, how did you follow me so quietly?” Quirrell said with a sneer.

 “I didn't wish to be seen. That's why you didn't notice me,” Harry replied coldly. He stepped closer, almost threateningly. 

 * *

 Dumbledore left after that. He had followed Harry down here to see what he was up to, and he didn't like what he saw. He had no idea he had misunderstood Voldemort's meaning. This misunderstanding would dictate how Dumbledore would treat Harry in the future.

 * *

 Harry suddenly leaped on Quirrell, drawing his wand at the same time. Quirrell leaped back in response. “Incarcerous!” Harry shouted. Quirrell, taken by surprise by the non-offensive spell, had allowed himself to be caught in the ropes. Harry leaped forward and grabbed Quirrell who struggled out of the ropes and fought Harry off. Harry caught him again and grabbed him once again. This time, Quirrell wasn't able to fight the younger wizard off. He disintegrated after the prolonged physical contact. Voldemort fled Quirrell's body and the school. 

 Now that the threat of the Dark Lord was neutralized, harry studied the mirror. He saw himself putting the Stone in his pocket, and smiled. He stepped back into the shadows to return to main castle. Once there, he sent Dumbledore the Stone with a school owl. He had guessed that he'd been followed because he'd felt the fear. Because of that, he didn't want to try to convince Dumbledore he'd been wrong, or he'd still be trying to prove himself years later. He planned to gather proof that he'd always been loyal to Dumbledore over the years then present it to him all at once. 

 * * * * 

 EDITOR’S NOTE: Happy Halloween everyone! How do you like the beginning of this little surprise? Review! And also, thanks a lot for reading.

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