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L'impossibile da Ottenere by marauderchick
Chapter 2 : Rhymes With Witches
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Disclaimer~Anything that you recognize belongs to J.K. Rowling!

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After lunch I quickly ditched Theresa to rush back up to our dorm room before our next class. I had left for breakfast that morning really not caring about how I had looked, considering how I had not even wanted to get out of bed this morning much less worry about my hair and make-up. But now that I had my plan to become untouchable, my old self seemed to be returning quickly and the first thing I had to do was somehow fix the disaster site that lay before me in the mirror.

I let my blonde hair out of the knot I had tied upon my head and let the blonde ringlets fall around my face. I quickly did all of my make-up, making sure to apply some red lipstick, which I had read in Witch Weekly helps get you noticed and that was exactly what I was aiming to do. I shortened my dumpy gray skirt a few inches and kicked off my boring black ballet flats and exchanged them for my trusted black pumps. I took a look in the mirror and smirked happily back at my own reflection.

The lunch bell rang just then, so I grabbed my backpack and sprinted the best I could in two inch heels down to my History of Magic class room. When I entered the cold, musty room I immediately spotted Theresa waving me over to the desk in the front row yet again. I really did not want to sit there but I couldn’t just sit by myself…now that would be just awful to say the least.

I was halfway across the room when I heard someone say, “Hey Blondie, you want to sit here?”

I spun around quickly and was met with a very demanding look from Ava Carmichael. Ava was a breathtakingly beautiful girl with caramel skin and deep brown eyes. Her brown hair was set in tight curls and her high cheekbones and elegant neck only added to her beauty. There was no way this girl couldn’t be a model, it was impossible.

She looked at me, awaiting an answer, even though I knew that it had been more of a demand rather than a simple question. I looked over my shoulder at Theresa, watching her face start to sink. I had to make the decision quickly. Either sit with Theresa and be bored stiff for the next hour or sit with Ava Carmichael, one of the untouchables.

I made my decision quick and turned to Theresa, shrugged my shoulders, and gave her a ’what can you do?’. I then turned back to Ava, smiled, and took the seat next to her, meanwhile praying that Theresa wouldn’t be pissed. I hoped that she would understand that this was just too good of an opportunity to give up.

“So you’re the new girl huh?” Ava asked, with a mischievous smirk upon her face.

“Yeah,” I answered, seeing Ava throw an entertained look to the desk behind us, occupied by a bored Remus Lupin and an amused Sirius Black.

“You went to Beauxbatons, right?” Ava asked.

“Yeah. How did you know?” I asked, wondering how anyone would know anything about me. I hoped it was because they had noticed me and wanted to know everything about me before they asked me to be an untouchable. But hey if my life didn’t suck enough, the next moment just made it a living hell.

“Well…from all the make-up caked onto your face making you look like a clown of some sorts, your blonde hair that looks like it came right out of a bottle, and that skirt that makes you look like a cheap hooker, the only guess I could fathom is a slut from Beauxbatons. Welcome to Hogwarts!” Ava exclaimed with a wicked smile on her face.

“Bitch much Ava?” Remus asked, with a dirty look on his face.

“Shut up Lupin. You know you love me!” Ava said with a flirty smirk towards Remus who only just rolled his eyes and focused on the professor who had just started his lecture.

If I hadn’t been tying to keep the tears from escaping, I would have seen Sirius throw Ava a dirty look and Ava just roll her eyes and turn around to actually focus on the lesson.

But all I could think about was what I had done wrong. The way I was dressed was how all the popular girls dressed at Beauxbatons. I should know, I had been one of them.

Chancing a glance over at Ava, I studied her outfit and how she was put together. She barely had any make-up on but the amount she did only added to her beauty. She was wearing a set of pearl earrings and necklace opposed to my somewhat tacky diamond studs. Her skirt was definitely longer than mine but insinuated all of her curves and she was wearing pretty black ballet flats. She of course looked old fashioned classy and well put together and didn’t look like she was trying to prove anything. She knew she was beautiful. A bitch of course but no one could deny her beauty.

I looked over my shoulder at Lily Evans who sat at a desk with James Potter. She was dressed exactly like Ava, only her red, curly hair was up in a high ponytail with a white bow in it.

I knew what I had to do. I had to change everything I was so I could fit in with these kids. Because in my seventeen year old mind, the only thing that I wanted was to be popular and the only way I could be popular at Hogwarts, a.k.a. my personal Hell, was to become an untouchable.

If there was one thing I loved though it was a challenge and becoming an untouchable, especially after the scene that had just gone down, seemed like it was going to be one big ass challenge indeed.

All I can say is ‘Let the games begin!’

A/N~Hope y'all liked the second chapter...please leave a review!

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