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Time Again by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 32 : Chapter thirty two
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Disclaimer these characters are just borrowed from JK Rowlins

Chapter thirty two

At three that afternoon as Harry and Hermione arrived at the vicarage along with her parents and grand parents, Harry noticed someone watching their approach from one of the downstairs windows.
Having waited a short while after knocking before the door was opened Harry informed the woman he assumed to be the house keeper that he was there to see the bishop.

“Sorry sir but the bishop refuses to see you,” the woman said nervously from behind the door.

“He must have seen us arrive,” Mr Granger said sounding just a little disappointed.

Together the small group turned to leave, once out of sight of the vicarage Harry stopped.

‘Hermione love, you go on with the family, find somewhere for us to all get a meal, I have a visit to make to your other grandfather’ Harry told her as he pulled his trusty invisibility cloak out of his pocket, this was not the first time he found it useful always having it with him.
Forgetting that Mr and Mrs Puckle new nothing about him being a wizard, and before Hermione could say anything to him, Harry slipped the cloak over himself and instantly vanished.

“Ere! That’s handy,” Mr Puckle exclaimed as Harry vanished right before his eyes, “where the heck did he go?”

“It’s ok granddad I’m still here, see you shortly bye,” came Harry’s disembodied voice from in front of them.

Grandmother Puckle turned to Hermione “So you’re the one!” she whispered.

Totally surprised Hermione stared at her grandmother wondering if her grandmother had meant what she thought she meant.

Grandmother Puckle then spoke to Hermione in a way she new that only a witch or someone who knew of their magical world would understand; the things she said would make no sense to a normal Muggle, she prayed that Hermione would really be the one she thought she was.

“My great grandma’s was a unicorn hair core,” Mrs Puckle whispered, she knew that if her suspicions about her granddaughter were correct then she would soon know the answer to her question.

“Dragon heartstring,” Hermione answered getting an odd look from her granddad.

“And Harry?”

“Phoenix feather, you know then? About us, about our world?” Hermione asked her now slightly shocked but much happier grandmother.

“Not a lot dear, just the few things I remember my great grandma telling me about,” Grandmother said pulling Hermione into a hug.

“The family thought she was the last one, but my grand mother said there would be a new branch on the tree and it would be the greatest ever, with one more powerful than any other, I never understood exactly what she meant till Harry did that neat little vanishing trick. Wanting your mum to marry a man with Harry’s abilities was one of the foolish reasons I had for the stupid things I have done.” Grandmother Puckle said whispering.

Hermione did not know what to say; as she returned the hug her grandmother gave her, she was beginning to understand her grandmother a little now.

‘Harry, where are you?’ Hermione asked.

‘At this moment I’m waiting for your grandfather to open his study door’ he answered.

‘Grandma Puckle knows about us, about our world’ Hermione told him.

‘Can we talk about it later love I’m just about to tell your other family member that you are expecting a baby’ Harry said chuckling a little.

Hermione suddenly realised that her granddad was still staring at the spot where Harry had been, not quite knowing how she was going to reveal everything to him without giving him a heart attack or something, she searched around in her head for an answer, unable to come up with a better Idea she decided to take a leaf out of Harry’s book and just come right out with it.
Hermione place her arm around her granddad and whispered in his ear “Harry’s gone granddad, right now he is giving granddad Granger a lecture on forgiveness or some thing.”

“You, he, are, how? What happened?” her granddad spluttered pointing at the spot he had last seen Harry “he’s with Granger now, how on earth?”

Marjorie Puckle joined Hermione in placing an arm around the confused man “I think we should find some place we can have a quiet talk Dave, there are a few things about our beautiful granddaughter that you should know, Harry wont have any problems finding us will he?” she finished asking Hermione.

Granddad Puckle stood absently nodding his head as the women began to gently push him forward, ‘Harry just up and vanished, how the heck did he do that’ he thought as he began walking with his wife and granddaughter.

Richard Granger walked a little slower than the rest of his family, he was really enjoying the way that things were turning out, his only regret was that his own father was, well he disliked his own father, he always had, he figured he always would. Richard let out a little sigh as he watched his family walking in front of him and he felt really proud. he was proud of his little girl, he was proud of the man she was married to, but he was more than proud of his own wife who had forgiven her parents so quickly and freely for all the hurt she had suffered for so many years.
He remembered the tears on birthdays and at Christmas, his little princess was now a married mum to be, and she had never had so much as a single birthday card from any of her grandparents.

Richard chuckled as he watched the completely confused David Puckle walking between two women, the poor man looked totally and utterly dazed, and Richard found he enjoyed all the things that he was watching.

Marjorie Puckle led the way into a local inn that advertised in bright colours

‘Home made fresh food served daily between Ten am- six pm’.

Hermione enquired about a private room, the answer she received was that the inn did not have any private rooms, but that the lounge bar was empty, and usually remained so throughout the day. Asking for a menu Hermione led the small family into the lounge.

Harry had arrived back at the vicarage under the cover of his invisibility cloak and rang the door bell, after a short wait the house keeper had opened the door but not wide enough for Harry to slip past her.
Waiting until she closed the door he rang the bell again, once again the door opened and the house keeper poked her head out only to see that once again there was nobody there, again she closed the door.

Harry rang the bell again and as the house keeper opened the door with a look of annoyance on her face, he reached forward and rang the bell again, twice, the house keeper stared at the offending bell push as Harry once more rang the bell ‘Come on woman for crying out loud’ he thought as she remained in the door way with just her head sticking out. One more press of the button and the house keeper finally stepped out of the door way to take a look at the bell push.

Quickly stepping around her Harry walked into the hallway of the vicarage, “Who the dickens is ringing that confounded bell,” a voice bellowed from a room a little further along the hallway.

“Sorry Bishop Sir, faulty connection I think,” the house keeper called back, rolling her eyes and giving a distasteful look in the direction the voice had come from; she turned into a room just before she reached Harry who stood holding his breath.

Harry made his way to the room he thought the voice had come from, he knocked gently three times before stepping back a little, then he heard Hermione telling him that Mrs Puckle knew about them, that was when he remembered they were Muggles and knew nothing of the wizard world.
He was about to say something to Hermione when the door opened and the bishop walked out of the room.

“Mrs Landrey could I have a fresh pot of tea, the one in my study seems to have gone cold,” the bishop asked as he opened the door to what Harry assumed was the kitchen.

As the bishop turned to walk back into the study Harry stepped silently into the room, a quick wave of his hand at the tea pot reheated the tea so that it was steaming when the house keeper followed the bishop into the room. Harry squeezed himself into a corner as she gave the bishop a peculiar look “This tea is scalding hot,” she mumbled before leaving the room tray in hand and grumbling something about miserable bad tempered vicars and what should happen to them.

Harry stood behind the bishop and watched him as he worked his way through a rather thick pile of letters; reading over his grandfather in laws shoulder Harry could see that most of the letters were appeals for help of one kind or another.

Each and every letter that the bishop picked up he stamped with a large ‘rejected’ printed in faint red ink. Harry also noticed that he hardly even glanced at any of them, then one that had just been stamped rejected caught Harry’s eye; with out thinking he picked it up and began to read.

The letter was from a boy of thirteen who had written to the bishop asking for his help, the letter might well have been written by Harry himself, the boy’s uncle had been beating him with out reason, and as the uncle was a vicar he had written and begged the bishop to help him, and to put a stop to the beatings. Harry knew from the details in the letter that it was a real cry for help from a frightened young teenager.

Harry realised that the bishop was staring open mouthed at the letter that seemingly floated in mid air by his side. Harry still under his cloak placed a disillusionment charm on himself, then he reached out holding the letter in front of the bishops gaping eyes.

“You’re not really very good at your job are you?” Harry said anger welling up in him “this boy has used all the courage he could find, risked further beatings to ask for your help and you never even read his letter, tell me bishop, what exactly does it take to get you to do the right thing?” Harry asked.

The bishop sat trembling with his eyes bulging wide, and Harry realised what was going on in the other mans mind. ‘I’m going to enjoy this’ he thought as he spoke again.

Wandering around the rather large and comfortable study, Harry spoke “If you think I’m the boss you are very wrong, though from my last conversation with him I don’t suppose he is very happy about you,” he said thinking of the day when the one who made it all happen had spoken to him.

Harry remembered every thing that had been told to him that day as clearly as though it was being said right there in that room. He fought with himself for a moment as he tried to turn off his anger at the man sitting frightened at the desk; he only managed to cool it a little, just enough so that he could control it.

“You should read this and help the young man,” Harry said as he placed the letter on the desk doing a quick charm to remove the red ink.

“Tell me bishop, when did you begin working for the other side; was it before you rejected your son, and the wife that was chosen for him?” Harry asked as the bishop shakily picked up a little bell and rang it.

Harry waited until the house keeper entered the room before he spoke again, remembering what he had heard her mumble as she had left the room with the tea pot Harry smiled to him self before he said,

“Ah, Mrs Landrey my dear woman, you will not be required while your prayer is answered.” He chuckled silently at the look of shock on her face when she heard his voice apparently coming from nowhere.

The bishop looked pleadingly at his house keeper as she stared around the study, “Yes sir, thank you sir,” she said as she backed out of the room past Harry, he heard her mumble “about time he got what he deserves.”

Harry continued playing his game with the bishop for a while before he tired of scaring the man, “I came to inform you that your grand daughter is expecting a child, it would be a rather nice surprise if she at least received a card from you.”

“A grand daughter, my son’s child, could you tell me what she is like?” The bishop suddenly asked speaking for the first time since Harry had begun to scare him.

“Sorry bishop Granger, if you wish to know about your grandchild and your soon to be great grandchild, then you will have to find out your self,” Harry answered as he opened the door and walked out of the study, with a very quiet pop sound Harry left the vicarage and landed a few dozen yards away across the street.

In the lounge of the inn Hermione smiled at her grandfather as he sat still trying to work out just where Harry had gone and how.
Her grandmother answered for him when Richard asked what they would like to drink.

“We haven’t had a beer in a very long time, maybe its time we got back to our roots,” she said as Richard smiled at his father in law.

“You really should put him out of his misery,” he chuckled as he turned and went to fetch the drinks.

“Grandy, is it ok me calling you that, it sounds so formal to keep saying grand father?” Hermione asked before she carried on talking “you will know all about Merlin, I suppose.”

David Puckle became aware that his grand daughter was talking to him when she mentioned Merlin, “Merlin, yes I know about Merlin, legendary wizard who helped Arthur become king,” he answered wondering what Merlin had to do with things.

“Well you know that Merlin was a very powerful wizard,” Hermione said hoping that her grandfather would be able to put it all together himself.

“Yes well he was just a myth, a legend fathers told their children about,” David Puckle said finally beginning to see where things were headed.

“Well Grandy, my Harry is rather like Merlin, its just that my Harry is much more powerful than Merlin ever was,” Hermione could see the light in her grandfathers eyes as he realised what she was telling him.

“So you’re trying to tell me that Harry can do magic, like that guy on the TV,” Mr Puckle said.

“No Grandy, Harry isn’t a simple magician doing tricks, Harry is the most powerful man alive, he is a real wizard, just as I am a real witch,” Hermione told him and watched as he finally knew what she meant.

“So you can just vanish like Harry did?” granddad was asking as Richard returned with the drinks.

“Takes some getting used too dad,” Richard said as he placed the four beers and an orange juice on the table.

“Yes Grandy, I can just vanish but I wouldn’t dare while I’m pregnant, Harry would be furious with me,” she said chuckling.

“So you can do anything you want,” asked the rather shocked man.

“No Grandy, we cant do just what we want, we have laws we have to obey just like everyone else,” Hermione turned to her dad “dad would you just keep watch on the bar while I show Grandy a few things?” she asked smiling.

“Certainly sweetheart,” Mr Granger said getting up and walking to the door. “All clear here,” he called quietly.

Hermione waved her hand at the chair next to her granddad and turned it from a wooden straight back into a really comfortable looking armchair, she showed her grandfather several more things before she looked up, “Harry is on his way dad, he says to tell you he has quite a story to tell,” she giggled as Harry said something she would not like her mother to hear.

Hermione gave Harry directions to the inn they were at, while her father went to buy another pint of beer. Harry joined them just as Mr Granger was placing his drink next to Hermione.

“So Harry my grandmother was right, Hermione will be the start of a new branch, and so much more powerful than the others” Marjorie Puckle said as he sat down next to her.

“Ok Harry what happened with my dad?” Richard asked and they all leant forward to hear about Harry’s visit to the bishop.

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