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Luke by Snitchsista
Chapter 17 : Chapter Seventeen: No, Help, And I Want My Daddy!
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“Heya Draco,” I say, trying not to look inconspicuous. “Um, I was just, going to . . . ” Fuck it. Why can’t I think on my feet? He’s surveying me like a trapped fly caught in a web. I grin cheesily, raising both eyebrows. “Can I, I’m going to have a drink. I have a head ache, you know the ones you get? It’s throbbing, and, well, err, ouch?” I know he’s sussed me out, but I’m not giving up yet.

“Relax, Luke. I think it is about time that you and I had a little chat.” Draco throws the knife up and down, catching it deftly in his hands. Any other day, I would have been impressed but now, I just want to run away and hide!

“No seriously mate, it’s alright. You don’t need to say anything,” I whisper, laughing nervously. “That’s a clever trick. Where did you learn it?”

Draco sniggers, stroking the blade. “That need not concern you, Luke. Now, let us make our way into the living room.”

“Uh, no it’s ok. I’ve got a bit of stuff to do up here actually, getting ready for the party.”

“Oh, I am sorry, but I’m afraid it had to be cancelled.”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter, mate, I’ll just . . .”

“Ok, let me put this in a way your pathetic excuse for a mind will understand”, Draco insults. “Shut . . Your . . . Face.”

“Alright, no need to be rude”, I snap, feeling more scared then I’m letting on.

“When you discover the real me, dearest little Luke”, he spits, “You will realise that rudeness is a trait of mine that is frequent, malignant and deliberate.”

“Stop using big words”, I order. “I really don’t have a fucking clue what you’re talking about.”

“See? That is why I need to put you in your place. Your lack of intelligence is highly infuriating.” Without warning, he points the knife to my chest. “Now, walk.”

I pause, appearing dumb.

“That is what you call it when you move your legs!,” he snarls mockingly.

That’s patronising, and I really want to kick him in the balls. “I do know what walking means.”

“Well, that does surprise me.”

However, I do what he says. There’s a mean look in his eyes, and I have a feeling I should listen to him. Something is telling me that I’m about to pay for my mistakes. Oh, why didn’t I trust Dad all along? He’s been trying to warn me, and every time I ignored him. Maybe it’s my own fault for being so bloody arrogant. I always thought that the whole world bowed before me, that I was the son of Merlin, but no. I’ve got it all wrong. I’m not more special then anyone else, I’m just a stupid ordinary teenager, with a void for brains.

Draco is behind me, prodding his wand into my back. “Keep moving.”

Fucking prat. How could I have ever been so naive? “I’m going.”

We arrive downstairs, and round into the living room. As I suspected, there’s nothing. Not even a hint of anyone even starting to prepare for a party. I’ve been nicked, and I know it. Draco must have begun this months back. I’ve been nothing but a tool. Fury snaps at me and I feel as small as an ant.

“Please. Sit down. Don’t worry, Luke. Remember? ‘You are allowed to go anywhere you like.’ The recognisable words are thrown back at me with wrath.

“Right, if this is the case, then I’ll be off.”

“You take one step towards that door, and I shall have no choice but to throw this dagger.” He raises the weapon tauntingly. “Well?”

“Fine.” I hate myself. Funny, as I used to love myself.

“Sit back and listen, Luke. Have another drink,” he sneers, folding his arms. “I am going to tell you a tale about a selfish, useless, downtrodden, pathetic boy, who curiously enough shares the same name as you.”

I scowl, squeezing the cushion.

“Yes, his name was Luke Potter, who ran away from home one day, because he was too unhappy with his parents. Why? The answer is simple. He was not getting what he wanted. As I understand it, he described the father as a ‘bastard.‘ He assumed that he did not love him, when in reality he could never have a more abhorrently affectionate loving Daddy”, he mocks. “Moving on”, Draco half laughs, “He was about to stay in one of the cosiest inns, The Leaky Cauldron, but due to his gullibility he met a stranger who offered to let him reside in his Manor . . .”

If I aim right, I could crash this lamp over his head.

“His name was Draco Malfoy,” Shit face continues, “And he had a marvellous, exhilarating scheme, to lure Harry Potter’s only son into his house. Of course, he had to be sure that it was the right boy. One night, he took a ride on the Knight Bus, on the intent of meeting an old friend, Severus Snape. However, it just so happened that on that exact night Potter decided to give out some flyers with a photo of his son. The man saw everything, and in that instant, knew he had struck gold.”

Dad was looking for me? Shit. He really does care.

“So, when he’d accomplished the most wearing task of presenting himself to Luke as a trustworthy citizen, he made sure to begin round one of the plan: Turn the boy entirely against his father. Well, it started off well, I must say, the pathetic prat surprised him. He was so mouldable, an easy target. After discovering that the idiot had a clear addiction for alcohol, he drugged a packet of fags, and gave the boy tea topped with Veritaserum, so the genius could easily ask him questions and Potter would have no choice but to answer them.”

Oh my god. What a wan-

“And then he moved onto the next round which was to show Little Luke just how awful his famous father was. The genius selected a scene from a pensive from the last war of Voldemort, and made sure not to display the section where Potter kills his parents in . . . . revenge for the man’s parents attempting to murder his friend, Hermione Granger.”

“You never showed me everything?” I growl. “You skipped . . . he protected her?”

“And therefore,” he speaks over the top of me, “This man deceived the idiot into thinking that Potter was a cold, ruthless murderer, when the truth is”, Draco shakes his head, “he is anything but. In fact, Luke’s father ”, his hate for my Dad is now blatantly obvious. “ . . is an honourable, wonderful, brave, ugly, wining, pining little twat who this man despises more then anyone could possibly imagine, and little Luke was destroyed, broken by the fact that his Daddy was a killer.”

I could kill him.

“So, naturally the teenager’s instinct was to blub to his generous saviour, who pretended to feel awful for what he had revealed to Luke, but the whinger was insistent, and swore revenge on Potter. Well, this is where things get much more interesting,” Draco slurs, as if he is drunk, “The man faked anger at Luke having even suggested vengeance, when inside, he was secretly celebrating. This was exactly what he wanted to happen. The plan was working to perfection.”

‘Keep talking, and I’ll ram this glass down your throat’, I think.

“So, the next step”, Draco smiles smugly, “ . . . was for the man to plant an old newspaper in a locked room, where he just knew the pathetic waste of air would break into. He did, and like a bad boy, tried desperately to cover up the fact. Lying through his teeth, Little Luke went through about every excuse in the book, whilst his secret betrayer was quietly celebrating. The paper was planted to spark off an idea to tell the Ministry of Magic his father’s deadly secret, which is exactly what he did, so after finding the parchment placed deliberately underneath his bed, complete with a quill, he contacted the Ministry, not suspecting anything because of his strenuous, but twistable character. Oh, and additionally, the man planted a dagger in the drawer of a desk, which he knew he may use to threaten his father.”

That’s it. Soon as he’s finished, I’m going to snap off his bollocks.

“The intelligent man knew that the youth would not wish to tell him about Potter. Pretending to go out to the pub, he sneakily slipped off to the wasteland that is Azkaban prison. How did the man know, because he just so happened to know an old friend called Severus Snape who has tailed Little Luke for months now. The man called Draco Malfoy,” he carries on hungrily, “. . . was never more pleased to hear such progress.”

Shit. I’m in for it now.

“And so,” he says, inspecting his fingers, “Luke went and visited Potter, calling him all the names under the sun. and wished he was dead.” Draco stops. “Luke returned back to his welcoming arms, who showered him with gifts, so the prat would not be suspicious. There was no worries there though as the teenager was more stupid then he had ever thought. Everything from there was a anxious free ride.” He glowers, holding up the knife. “Oh, and did I forget to mention what the man’s most prized triumph was? Murdering Ginny Weasley.”

“You what?”

He ignores, kissing the blade. “In order to make sure that Harry James Potter’s life was shattered to the point of him turning insane, the man sent Severus Snape to poison his wife whilst she was asleep in bed, next to her husband.” Draco pauses, smile widening second by second. “Then, he asked one of the Death-Eaters to disguise themselves as a Healer. Oh yes, Little Luke”, he sneers, switching back to a normal tense, “It’s true. Your mother could have easily been saved, with the wave of a wand, but no. I was not going to allow it. You see, the whole point of the plan was to destroy your father’s whole life, and what better way to do that then to murder the two most important people in his life? Not that you are dead yet, but it will not be long now. Throughout the manipulation, you were probably wondering why I was showing you the rules of chess? Well, that was to convey to you exactly what your part was in this scheme. You were merely a Pawn, on my way to defeating the King.”

I’m breathing fast, not sure whether this is just a nightmare.

“Your father represented the King. You see? Oh, and lastly, he is under the false impression that Snape is friends with him, as he went and joined the Ministry as a cover. Everything that your old man”, he uses my words, shaking his head disgustedly, “ever said was reported back to me. Yes, he came to see you the other day, but I made sure to send you out of the house as my friend so loyally informed me that he was planning to stun you and drag you home. Well, I could not permit that, could I? So,” Draco says softly, “Thinking fast, I recommended that football club so you wouldn’t meet your father, and therefore you could never get home, however much at the time, you did not wish to do so.”

I really wish I had the other knife in my pocket.

“And so there you have it.” Draco shows a row of sparkling teeth, “My plan, my operation nearly finished. There is but one piece left of the puzzle, or should I say two? Yes, your father is going to wish you were never born.”

“You, you leave my Dad out of this!”

He raises an eyebrow, shaking his head. “So young, so easily manipulated. Oh, and let us not forget the newspaper I planted so you could hear about your mother’s death. That’s right, when you were crying, and I was hugging you, I was laughing”

“I am fucking going to kill you!”

“I’m pleased it set off a reaction,” Draco replies. “Because that is exactly what I am about to do to you.”


“Oh, but let us not forget your father,” he says. “After all, he should feel privileged. This was all concocted because of him. If he had not have killed my parents, I would not have taken this too far.”

“So all that time,” I spit. “All that shit you told me about burying the fucking hatchet, none of it was true, was it?”

Draco sniffs. “Surely even the thickest people would understand something like this? But yes, you are correct. It was your father that wanted to score out our personal vendettas, but I rubbed it in his face, and told him to hurry up and die. Honestly, Luke, you should hate your Dad even more now. If it wasn’t for his past, you would not be sat here, about to meet a horrific fate.”

“It’s nothing I don’t deserve,” I shout. “You must have thought I was a right sap. Well, now you’ve told me, I’m going to knock you out, kick you repeatedly in the balls, spit on you, go and find Dad and then together, we are going to bring you down.”

Draco rolls his eyes. “Insolent child, and just how do you intend on ‘knocking me out’ when I am about to resort to bloody violence?”

“Bloody violence?”

“Why else do you think I brought the knife, Luke?,” he teases, waving it in front of my face. “To show you a circus trick? Hmm? You predicted I was going to catch it in my teeth?”

“Yeah,” I answer, “Something like that.”

Draco throws back his head and laughs. “You never had any faith in Potter, and now the irony is I am suspecting he is the one person who you would love to see right now?”

I don’t give him the satisfaction of knowing he’s right.

Draco moves towards me, knife pointed down at the carpet. Within milliseconds, I’m cowering as the tip digs into my neck. My captive has me in a head lock, and I can hardly breathe. “But you see,” he hisses venomously into my ear, “Daddy isn’t here to save you.” He drops me, as if I’m as light as a feather, and I crawl behind the sofa. I know I’m being cowardly, but Draco is right. My Dad, my brave, loving Dad isn’t here. I’m all alone. This is no work of fiction. It’s real life, and when you cut it down, I’m fighting to survive against a crazed maniac.

“Please,” I beg. “Can’t we talk about this?”

Draco blinks. “What else is there to say? I have revealed to you my plan, said I am going to kill you and your father, and now, all that is left is the torture.”

“T-toture?” My voice jumps an octave.

Draco disappears from sight, and next second, I’m screaming. He’s just slit my arm, great droplets of blood staining the floor. “Torture”, he repeats.

Hope I'm not dragging the pace! Please do review and let me know what you think. Reviews are an author's breakfast, um, well, you get the point! They start you for the day. Lol. We are nearly near the end, everyone. It has been such a ride, and I thank you all for joining me!

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