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Harry Potter and the Lord of Destruction by Kestrel
Chapter 1 : Harry Potter and the Lord of Destruction
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Harry Potter and the Lord of Destruction

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or the Diablo computer game series. Harry and company are owned by Warner Bros. and J.K. Rowling. Buffy is owned by Mutant Enemy and Joss Whedon. Diablo is owned by Blizzard Entertainment. Besides if I did, would I be writing fanfiction?

A/N: Okay I had this idea after I had beaten Diablo: LOD for the umpteenth time and noticed that Baal’s SoulStone was never destroyed at the end.

[] denotes thoughts.

Sunnydale, California July 10th 3:30 pm

The steps to the Sunnydale Museum of Art was crowded as a large groups of people were ascending and descending the stairs in a constant flow of traffic. Why? Well maybe the banner “Jewelry and Metal work of Ancient Egypt June 15th -July 15th“ that hung over the entrance might be a good reason. Hardly anything exciting, well exciting in a normal and mundane way, happened in this town. It was also a major Exhibit, people from L.A. and San Fran were coming down in droves, flocks (and in some cases herds,) to see it.

In the middle of all this chaos was a group of four people, who on any other occasion looked like a normal bunch of kids heading for a day of culture. Well only one of the group could lay claim to the description of being normal, his three female companions were anything but and it was the dark haired girl who decided to voice her opinion of spending a nice summer day cooped up in a stuffy old museum.

“I don’t see why we can’t do this tomorrow, B.” said Faith as the groups trudged up the marble steps and through the art deco entranceway. “I mean we can always do it tomorrow or the day after that..”

“Like we told you F, this is the only time we had to go together before the exhibit moves on.” explained Buffy for the umpteenth time that day. “Besides you know how much we like to look at jewelry, even if it is five thousand years old.”

“Yeah and some of it might be magical...” whispered Willow to the rest of the group. “I want to see if I can get a tingly feeling from any of it.”

“I thought only Oz gave you that tingly feeling.” teased Xander as he walked next to Faith.

“Alexander LaVelle Harris! My love life is not for public discussion!” hissed Willow as the group made its way towards the second floor Galleria set aside for touring exhibits.

“Really? I thought it was,” said Faith in a teasing tone, “seeing the last time we went over to your place he was dong more than humping your leg.” All Willow could do was blush and stammer a bit at that.

“Well, uhh, see....” was all that the red headed witch could stammer out.

“Oh you guys are ones to talk about walking in on something,” said Buffy coming to her friend’s defense. “I can recall you two missing a few research parties...” Now it was Xander and Faith’s turn to blush and stammer for a few minutes. It didn’t last long seeing that Faith was the quickest to regain her balance.

“Well of course you can say that B, seeing that you..” said the dark haired slayer.

“Okay I get the idea Faith, but remember I live vicariously through you...” retorted the blond slayer as she pushed the swinging doors open and entered the gallery.

“Touche, B” said Faith and Xander in unison as they followed Buffy and giggling Willow into the room containing riches of past empires and pharoahs.


At the same time across town as the two slayers, a witch, and a muggle were entering the second floor gallery of Sunnydale’s biggest and only, museum a black-hooded figure with long black hair was entering a small room on the first floor of one of town’s nicer motels.

He quickly shut and locked the door and hurried over to the only chair in the room and dropped to one knee before it. The two figures flanking the door also moved to kneel before the chair and took their positions slightly behind and to the side of the first figure.

“Well, Malfoy, have you located the amulet?” asked the hooded figure from the chair in the small room. Though the room was in one of Sunnydale’s smaller motels an the chair had seen better years, the way the figure sat in it and the tone of his voice made it seem like a throne room.

“Yes, My Lord. It is on the second floor gallery. We can Apparate there anytime we wish.” stated the other from the floor before the chair. “It should be easy, My Lord. There are no Aurors around and no magical protection of any sort surrounding it.”

“Very good, Lucius. The sooner we get the necklace, the sooner we can leave this accursed little town.” said Voldemort from his seat. All four wizards stood quickly and with an audible ‘pop’ four black-cloaked wizards wearing silver masks Disapparated from the room.


The two Slayers and their friends had been walking around ‘ooohing’ and ‘ahhhing’ over the various pieces of jewelry for a few minutes before they came to stand in front of a particular piece in the collection. What made it stand out was that it was made of a simple gold cage that would fit a oblong crystal and a rather nondescript chain to go around the wearers neck. But in the end it was the name that got their attention.

“The Chains of Destruction” read Buffy out loud. “Weird name for a piece of jewelry.”

“Sounds like trouble to me.” said Xander “I mean if names are anything to go by, we’ve haven’t had the best track record.”

“Oh come on Xander,” retorted Willow as she too looked at the necklace a bit warily “I mean the most dangerous things we’ve encountered have had rather normal names.”

“Like Adam and Ted.” finished Faith as she leaned over the case to get a better look at the necklace as well, but unlike Buffy, she was getting a weird vibe from the bauble resting within the case.

All of them were concentrating on the necklace so much that they all failed to notice a faint popping sound behind them. Faith, was the first to notice that they were not alone and turning to look over her shoulder to see who was there. What she saw was enough to make her blood run cold, or maybe perhaps Halloween was early this year.

Four men, though two of them could be counted as another four because of the sheer size of them, were making their way towards them. Three of the men were wearing silver masks and all of them were wearing black hoods, though it was the man, if you could cal him that, at the head of the pack drew her attention and set off her ‘spidey-sense’ into overtime.

The man at the head of the pack was of average height and of slight build, but it was his blood red eyes and the menacing sneer that was plastered over his features that gave anyone who looked at him the shivers. The three men walking behind him were menacing as well, but for different reason. Maybe it was the silver masks that they wore along with their cloaks, or maybe it was the menacing strides that they were using to close the remaining space between the two groups.

“Uhhh, Buffy, I think we have some not so nice company.” said Faith, getting the attention of the whole group.

Buffy and the others looked up and saw the group of men walking towards them. “Whoa, I thought the whole Mr. Roboto thing went out in the eighties.” said Xander.

“Yeah really, you know you guys should really think about looking at the calendar, Halloween isn’t for another three months you know.” said Buffy

Willow started to giggle at that but suddenly her magical alarms went up as she felt the air tingle around them as soon as the four men raised what could only be taken as four wands at them.

“Um, Buffy I think we should...” but Willow didn’t get to finish her warning, seeing that the four of them were flung across the room by an invisible force. None of them had the chance to scream out and when they had the chance all the air in their lungs were driven out of them as they impacted the wall. Though for Buffy and Willow they hit the double doors and then went flying into the hallway.

Faith felt her back impact with the wall and the rush of air being driven out of her lungs. [Jesus, what was that] thought Faith as she fell bonelessly to the floor. She looked out of the corner of her eye and she saw Xander lying not to far from her.

“Malfoy, secure the door. Crabbe, Goyle do keep our ‘guests’ entertained while I get the necklace.” said the man with the red eyes. Three heads nodded and walked over to Faith and Xander.

All she could do was watch as the man with the red eyes stride over to the necklace, and holding his wand at the case a stream of blue light erupt from the tip of his wand. As the light hit the polymer case a sound much like a glass cutter was heard. Rolling her eyes upwards towards the men, she saw one close the doors with flick of the wand. Another flick and the door locked with a loud click.

Suddenly the larger of the three men stepped into her line of vision and he pointed the wand at her. The last thing Faith heard before she descended into a sea of pain was one word: “Crucio!”


Halfway around the world a young man asleep in a sleepy little suburb in England woke up, panting and bathed in sweat. His hand was also at his forehead clutching his lightning shaped scar.

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Harry Potter and the Lord of Destruction: Harry Potter and the Lord of Destruction


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