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Playing Cat and Mouse by SkinAndBones_
Chapter 14 : [14] Peace at Last...?
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Chapter 14
Peace at Last...?

Today was the day. Draco had gotten up early because of it, his mind racked with his options, everything he could do. He had won already, that was definite. He didn't have to worry about Hermione anymore, and he could just break it off and everything could go back to the way it was before she managed to mess up their lives in the strangest way.

This would seem like the logical conclusion, considering it had been the plan since he started the pursuit for Hermione, when he had noticed Blaise taking far too much interest in her. The problem? He wasn't ready yet. No, he wouldn't say he necessary had feelings for her, but he would surely miss messing around with the girl, just like any boy would miss physical contact of any kind. He liked sneaking off with her, touching her skin and kissing her like it meant something. She made it far more exciting then many of the Slytherin girls he had been with. She was fun, cute, and sweet, and he liked corrupting her.

But Blaise would get the completely wrong idea if Draco kept up with the girl. It's not that Draco liked her, but that's what Blaise would get from it, and if he found out he would surely disown the blonde, either from offence that his best friend would dare defy him like that, or just out of pure disgust when Blaise's regular, muggle-born hating brain started functioning correctly again.

"You seemed distressed." Draco hadn't even noticed when the girl who was occupying his thoughts started striding next to him as he walked down the hall, and he had actually jumped the slightest bit in startle when her voice sounded. He took a look around, and when confirming that there were no bystanders that would see the two of them walking side by side, relaxed slightly.

But only slightly. Despite his somewhat swayed judgment of the girl, he was still ready to push her into the closest classroom if he saw anyone starting down the hall towards them. It could not be let out that they were conversing without snide remarks or hateful tones. It might just distress the school, making them think that perhaps a dimensional rip in time had broken open and the world was all about to end.

After all, most believed that would be the only situation that would ever include Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy politely being in each other's presence.

"A bit." He replied simply, still watching the hall with silver eyes, daring someone to turn a corner to make it easy on him. He wanted to get this over with. He knew what he had to do, but he really didn't want to yet.

"I can fix that." She said, a playful tone, and Draco saw her bite at her lip out of the corner of his eye, her hand soon grasping his elbow and pulling him quickly and suddenly into the shelter of a shadowed part of the deserted hall. Hermione had her lips on his just as quickly as she had pulled him, and he held back a smirked, remembering this as another reason why he enjoyed her, why he didn't want to finish it just yet. At the strangest times she had far more confidence then usual, the lioness in her pouncing, surprising him with a burst of dominance.

She tasted like mint, and Draco made the note that she had probably just brushed her teeth. She had went to pull away, but he refused this, grabbing the nape of her neck and bringing her lips back to his for another moment longer, putting the pants of the 'relationship' back on with the movement. She was not going to offer such a kiss and then deny him satisfaction. He'd have her pay for making it so difficult.

She finally got away, putting her fingers to his lips to keep him from continuing as she smiled and spoke.

"I have news. It's rather important."

"Nothing could be more important then what we were just doing." Draco muttered in reply, putting a grip around the wrist of the hand she held to his lips, pushing it aside and moving towards her again, only to have her opposite hand replace the first.

"This is. I was with Blaise last night. I told him I didnít want to see him anymore." She had said it timidly, as if nervous for his reaction, and she should have been. Or at least, partly, because one of the reactions he could send to her, was not in her favor.

Draco held back a sigh. She couldn't have just let it last a little longer. Couldn't have played along with him for a few more seconds so they could enjoy at least one good final snog before Draco ditched her. Girls always ruined it.

He didn't bother replying, but instead just went with the physical instincts of before. She allowed it for a moment, a beautiful sound of content rolling in her throat that lulled Draco into a false sense of security, thinking that the kiss had diverted her attention. He was fooled as she pulled away again, turning her head so his lips went to her cheek, the kiss turning to a sigh at himself for thinking he could distract her so easily.

"Your not happy?" She asked, seeing right though his cover up. He rolled his eyes.

"I never said that."

"You didn't say anything. Like always." She retorted.

"What was I suppose to say? Thanks Hermione for breaking the heart of my best friend so we can snog without guilt. Great job." He regretted the words right after, biting his tongue to scowled himself, then put a hand on the back of her neck again to bring her into another kiss. She needed to stop talking; he needed to shut up her before she turned back into the Granger he had hated for all these years. She was going back to bookworm, and her transformation back was causing him to return to Mud-blood hater.

She turned her head away from him again shrugged out of his grasp.

"Is that what you think our relationship is? Mindless snogging?" Her voice was cold, eyes narrow as he watched her fold her arms across her chest. That was what finished it. Because the moment those arms had crossed and she had popped her dainty hip out to the side in a manner of expectance, as if waiting for him to grovel at her feet for his foolish attitude, he knew it was done. The old Hermione had returned, and this one would not have him if not exactly the way she wanted.

And the old Draco Malfoy would never, ever, be what she wanted.

Her call.

"In all the years you've known me, have you ever seen me in a deeper relationship? You thought it would change for you?" Draco replied, letting a laugh taint is words, the true ridiculousness that he felt towards that comment showing. She seemed hurt for a moment, then put on a hard face.

"You're right. I haven't seen you in anything deeper then what we've had, and I've obviously made a mistake meddling with either of you two slimy Slytherins." She replied, Draco holding back another laugh. Yes, the Hermione that he had the smallest twinge of feelings for was defiantly gone. The original Potter loving, Malfoy Hating girl had reared her ugly head.

"Obviously." Draco replied, having the urge to yawn as if in the midst of a very dull class, a reaction of the bored feeling he got from the return of his old enemy. She scowled at him, opened her mouth as if to speak further, but then seemed to decided that there was nothing else to say. A disappointment twinkled in her eyes for a moment before she turned on her heels and stomped off, that hair that he had become fond of lacing his fingers in bouncing on her back as she walked with fake confident steps.

Draco watched her go, a dwelling pit of regret hitting his stomach. He knew it was too good to be true, that it would have to end because it wouldn't be to long before the dragon that she was came back to bite him in the ass for letting his guard down. But it still twisted his insides to know it probably could have been stretched a little while longer.

Their affair had fulfilled its original purpose though. She hated him, and she had far too much pride to go running back to Blaise. Both boys were home free.

He continued his walk to the Great Hall, where he was suppose to meet Blaise and Tracey, both of them going down before him after he had lied and said he slept in. Part of him had been hoping to get this whole thing over with before breakfast, so he had planned to walk down the hall he always did in hope that the girl would seek him out as she did. Now he felt the smallest bit sad that he had done so.

He almost literally slapped himself, feeling utterly foolish for the thought, and trying to get some sense. It was done. forget about it Draco

Draco sat himself down next to Tracey at the Slytherin table moments later, her pink lips brushing his cheek while she smiled. Blaise noticed first, a questioning glance in Draco's direction, which was replied to instantly with a wordless look back, Blaise reading what had happened in Draco's silver eyes. They stopped needing to speak years ago. Words were for lesser beings. Why speak when they both already understood each other better then most would think possible?

Tracey saw the exchange and knew something secret had been pasted between them immediately.

"Draco, something wrong?" She prodded, too innocently. Draco was always nervous around her because she was so good at knowing. How they had gone this long with her as his girlfriend and Blaise as his... well... He didn't know. Perhaps she just choice not to see it.

"Nothing really, just not in the best mood." She knew he was lying, he could tell she saw it, but she let it go at that. She had learned better then to ask Draco a question twice.

"Well don't worry, I have something to cheer you up. I was planning on having a dorm party Friday night, considering my birthday is on Monday. I've already invited some people, it should be fun." She said, turning into her peppy self again, dropping her suspicion although Draco saw it mingling in the depth of her dark eyes.

"Sure." He agreed, monotone, filling his plate with the closest food, a few eggs. He didn't even really like eggs, he just needed something to do.

"Well, it should be fun, but there are going to be a few downers there. I invited that girl from Ravenclaw, Cho's friend, and well, Zacharias Smith heard us talking about it and asked if he could come. I was going to say no, but she just jumped in and said sure. Apparently she has the biggest thing for him, problem is, he's 'on again' with that little Weasley, Jenny, or Gene or something like that, so she'll probably be coming too." Tracey talked like dragons breath fire, a long flow of endless flame that have no point at all except to burn bystanders, or in this case, dull them to death.

Draco watched Blaise across the table, his blue eyes on Tracey, listening. At first Draco thought he was just trying to be polite, but as he continued watching he noticed Blaise trying not to seem interested.

"Merlin, a Gryffindor, in the Slytherin Common Rooms. Imagine. I hear she pretty corrupt anyway, with the number of guys she's had on her tail. Probably something about being the only girl in her family, but it's still utterly imaginable. Her Traitor blood is probably going to taint the aura of the whole dorms. Do you think I should cancel?" The question came out of no where, and Draco had a second of thought, but Blaise was already ahead of him.

"No way. I mean, sure, we'll have a traitor within sight, but she'll be easy enough to ignore. And anyway, Draco needs to have a little fun, remember?" Blaise's blue eyes were on Tracey for his whole reply, except for the last part, which ended with him taking a glance at Draco. The look had teasing written all over it, and Draco let an eyebrow arch slightly before kicking the boy's foot gently under the table, causing both boy's lips to twitch upward.

Draco felt suddenly a lot better, and he knew exactly why. His friend had finally come back. The Blaise that was drowned with love struck puppy eyes towards Hermione must have died in his sleep last night, and the old Zabini had come back to him; the boy that knew Draco's thoughts and didnít like muggle-borns, who teased him and flashed subtle suggestions in his gaze, and who Draco could go back to casually making out with in their broom closet.

Who would have thought that getting rid of Hermione would make things go back to normal so quickly?

Normal. Draco almost laughed.

"Blaise, what is your problem?" Draco prodded during potions, when Blaise had adjusted his seating more times then necessary, unable to find a comfortable spot on the seat next to Draco.

Blaise had known since breakfast, having been told by Draco's eyes, that he finally had Hermione to himself, but Blaise was anxious to go and find her himself after class to verify. The fact that the girl was only a few seats ahead of him, head low over her paper as she wrote, beautiful brown hair falling over her face in a gorgeous way, was making it even harder to wait. If anything he wished to lunge forward then and there and kiss her pout lips until they were raw, but he would have to resist the urge.

That was unacceptable, even when you were openly together.

As a result of his held back emotions, Blaise had been fidgeting all class. He was quite aware of it, so was trying to change the way he was doing so every so often; tapping his pen, playing with his hair, biting his lip, clearing his throat. But, despite his very hard attempt, it was more then noticeable that he was uncomfortable and distracted.

"Nothing, I'm just hungry. I can't wait to get out of here." He lied; clearing his throat again and turning his blues eyes back to his work, in hopes that perhaps, somehow, it would distract him. Instead of writing he started doodling on the parchment, swirls of pointlessness, which pointed and peeked at the will of his pen. Right when he thought he had finally put aside his foolish fidgeting, Draco's hand flew to his knee in a tight grip.

"Stop." Draco hissed, annoyance on his tone, although there was an undercurrent of amusement. The grip on Blaise's knee caused it to keep from bobbing up and down, like he had been doing with it unconsciously moments before.

"Sorry." Blaise replied, surprisingly sheepish, clearing his throat and returning to his work, assuming that Draco would release his leg in moments. He did, but only in pressure, Draco's slender fingers relaxing from their death grip around the boys kneecap, but never left Blaise's leg. Instead, the hand dared slowly up his leg. Blaise sucked in a breath silently, staring ahead, unable to react as a flood of unwanted lust hit him like a wave of cold water, his skin crawling as his mind seemed to blur. He bite at his lip, clearing his throat yet again and trying to go back to his doodling, as if he wasn't even noticing, but it wasn't working, and when Draco turned to racking his fingernails over the fabric of the inside of his thigh, Blaise had to shut his eyes to hide them rolling back in surprising pleasure.

His hand was quickly on Draco's to stop his, and he could almost hear the smirk growing on Draco's lips.

"Still hungry?" He asked slyly, almost silent, knowing well that what he was doing would divert from any feelings, let it be fake hungry feelings, or very real urges to see Hermione. He had succeeded yet again in distracting Blaise.

"Yes, but not in the same way." Blaise replied, surprised at himself for admitting it, and Draco replied by squeezing his leg under Blaise's loosened grip, making the dark haired boy have to catch the groan he was going to let out in his throat, before slipping his hand away, obviously satisfied.

Thankfully Tracey found Draco immediately after potions and stole him away, making it impossible for the blonde to follow through with any affairs that he might have been hinting to with his surprising behavior. And making it very easy for Blaise to tail Hermione. She knew he was there, he was positive, but she kept on walking as if she was alone, and had a determined destination.

He was careful not to act on impulses until he was sure the two of them were alone in the hall, but once he did he acted quicker then he thought possible. He strode forward and caught up with her in a few steps, grabbing her hand and pulling her off to the side into a nook by the bathrooms of that floor.

"Blaise." She said, slightly surprised.

He loved his name on her lips.

"I told him."

"I told him."

"He said he was going to end it."

"He did. It's done."

A pause, one that held silence for both of them, even though there was so much to say. Blaise wanted to scream out to the world how happy he was, but there was no quiet sound that would reflect his pleasure, so he decided being silent was better. He couldn't wipe the smirk off his face, and he couldn't stop looking at the new found happiness in the girls eyes.

"Kiss me already." She demanded after the silence had grown too long, and he obliged immediately, pressing his lips on hers roughly, lips that were only his to kiss now. Lips that would only ever taste his.

Just the thought was amazing.

Before long she was tugging desperately at his shirt as he licked the amazing taste of her from her neck, Blaise holding back with all his strength to not take her right there, take her because she smelled like coconut and orchids, because of the way her eyes looked at him through her lashes, and because she was all his, every bit of her.

She breathed, a sigh of complete bliss on her lips, and he realized that there was a sound that reflected his happiness perfectly in almost silence, and that had been it.

She pushed him up against a wall, and then pulled away quickly, taking his hand to dragged him with her. Where she was going he didn't care, he just knew that he would follow her off a cliff if she looked at him in such a way while jumping. Her eyes flicked mischief as she looked over her shoulder at him, and he was sure whatever they were on their way to doing was going to be worth following her for.

"Where are we going?" He asked, curiosity getting the best of him. She smiled.

"I'm taking you somewhere you've never been. You'll see." She replied, her voice as sexy as she could manage, and the fact that she was trying only made it more of a turn on for Blaise.

He loved how hard she tried for him.

She turned into a secret passage, were they tangled with each other again in the safe darkness of the small hall, hitting walls back and forth as they strived to be closer then physically possible; kissing and breathing and laughing when they would have a rather rough encounter with the each other or the stone of the wall. The anticipation of it all, the need to be close to her, hold her, touch her, kiss her, and the fact that he couldn't when they emerged back in the hall of another floor, made it all overly erotic to Blaise.

Blaise kept as far from her as possible while still holding her hand as they practically sprinted down the hall of the fifth floor, wanting to keep as much distance between himself and her to discourage latching himself onto her in the middle of the hall and never making it to wherever she was taking him. He could feel the electricity in just that little bit of touch were their fingers hung onto each other though, and even that was making his heart race and making his fingertips want to roam over more of the smooth skin of the girl.

Another secret passage, one that he recognized as going to the seventh floor for he took it often back when he was taking divination, And their bodies were once again together, himself colliding with her when she had been waiting on the other side of the drapery. Blaise took her lips again, kissing her as they somehow made their way blindly along the dark hall.

"I can't wait much longer." He whispered on a heavy breath, caused from their rushed pace down the hall and steamy collisions in the dark. Holding her to him as she tried to get away, she laughed slightly, although he heard the desire in the chuckle, his knees practically falling weak at the hidden lust.

"We're almost there." She replied, pulling him back out into the open of the seventh floor hall.

"You're pushing it." He complained, although only to hide the fact that he was so willingly letting her drag him around, and would wait however long it took. He couldn't let her know that he was so quickly relinquishing the reigns of the relationship to her.

And he didn't want to reveal how much he loved her taking control.

She put her fingers to her lips to shush him, shoving him in a corner and motioning for him to wait as she continued a little ways down the hall. He heard her conversing with someone, but when he peeked around the corner, no one was there.

A portrait swung open suddenly and she beckoned him over, which he jumped to obey as quickly as possible.

"I should be expelled for this." She explained under her breath to him, Blaise knew exactly what she was referring to as he crawled through the portal behind her, considering she had just let a Slytherin stray into the Gryffindor common rooms.

"You should." He agreed, only too happy to admit it, smiling as he heard the door close behind him. He had very little time to take in the warmth of the entire room, it's rich golds and reds, plush chairs and warm fires, because she had grabbed his wrist again and was hauling him off into another direction.

The next room was even more welcoming. Blaise hadn't been sure how they had gotten there suddenly, but one minute he remembered looking at a red chair in front of a fireplace that looked exceptionally inviting for an afternoon read, and the next he was surrounded by lush purples and rich browns. He looked around, bewildered for a moment by his new location. Dark violet sheets covered a large canopy bed, one that looked much like Draco's although somehow different. The walls were the dark brown color, like chocolate, and the wood furniture was stained dark to match the brown. Spots of silver littered the room, the door handles, knobs to drawers, and lining a mirror on a vanity across from were he stood in front of the door.

And somehow he knew where it was as if he had spent all of the last few weeks here, because, in a way, he had. This room had Hermione written all over it, right down to the shelving in the corner for a large amount of books, which he realized was simply clothes storage in Draco's.

This was Hermione's Head Girl dorm.

Blaise was surprised that it was so different from Draco's now that he knew where he was. He had always thought that it was decorated according to the occupant's house, but apparently it was according to some of their favorite colors. Blaise assumed that Draco was just too unoriginal to think of any colors other than green, silver, and black.

She was cleaning, ridding her bed of school books and trying to throw together the welcoming bed covers, a flush on her cheeks that gave away her intent for bringing him her as well as writing it out on her forehead would have.

He loved that blush.

"It's terribly messy in here, I shouldn't have brought you, I'm sure you'll be uncomfortable." Hermione bantered, getting redder by the second, breathing heavy from their long sprint all the way here from the dungeons. Blaise smiled, finding her awkward attempt to fill the silence very charming. He took a sizing glance around the room as he advanced slowly, as if he had only finally decided to scrutinize the room. He shrugged when he reached her, watching her brown eyes for a moment before slipping a hand away from behind his back and around the nap of her neck, placing his lips on hers yet again.

She tasted like him now.

He loved it.

"I really don't think a messy room is going to distract us, do you?" he asked in a whisper that still somehow managed to tease her because of her words. She had shaken her head in reply, arms around his neck and lips back on his before he even had time to enjoy his clever comment.

Of course, this was far better then basking in the glory of nicely placed wit.

A/N: I don't care what anyone says, how can you not LOVE Blaise after this chapter huh? I just want to pet him, he's as cute as a box full of kittens. x3

Review please :D

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