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Harry's journal by MrsRemusLupin
Chapter 1 : Harry's journal
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27th of July

The moment I saw Siriusí body fall gracefully through that horrid veil, I thought the world had come to an end, as I knew it. His eyes were wide with alert, but I could clearly see the shock plastered on his face; it was awful. I kept trying to tell myself that he had just fallen, though deep down I knew other wise. This is why I got you. I couldnít pour every feeling into Hermione and Ron as they have their own things to deal with and having people telling me ďit will be okĒ or ďheís gone to a better placeĒ isnít what I need at the moment. Of course I still intend to fill them in as usual, no difference there. I think your as god as a pensive for me though. Iíll fill you in on every peculiar happening and many daily events. Iíll do this because some times I feel guilty about not looking at things thoroughly and what had happened in their result every year. For example, you may have been able to help me put together the clues of Mr. Crouchís disappearance in 4th year, or help me see who Quirrell really was in my 1st. Now, in my 6th year, I cannot let anything else happen without notice; not after what happened this past year. Iím sorry, but Iíll have to continue this after supper. Damn Aunt Petunia is screaming for me now and if I donít get down there soon, Dudley is likely to eat my dinner as well as his own. Figuring as I have only been surviving off of the food Mrs. Weasley has sent me, I must go quickly. I do hope I can get down to the burrow ASAP!!!


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Harry's journal: Harry's journal


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