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Your Discovery by dracolover4ever
Chapter 1 : Your Discovery
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In front of Hermione stood her two seventeen year old kids. Desirae and Drake didn't look the same as they had when they were one though. Now they had been charmed so they both had dark brown hair and honey colored eyes.

Hermione had done this when they got offered a spot at Hogwarts. Draco was the master potions maker there and taught the advanced classes. Hermione had charmed both kids so that no one would know the difference.

But neither of her kids was happy to be going back to school where they had to be brunettes. They both loved their platinum blonde hair and gray eyes. Their pale skin got to stay the same but it looked strange against their new hair color.

"Mum please why do we have to do this all the time?" Drake asked her again.

"Oh shut up. If I wanted to hear whinnying I'd stay at home with mum! But give me a effing break!"

Hermione shouted at her daughter for her language. Hermione had gotten used to her daughters Slytherin ways. Over the last year Desirae had chopped off most of her brown hair spiking what was left, and getting as many piercing and tattoos as she could.

Drake was always the good one. He was her little Gryffindor; he was well behaved and smart. Except in potions, that was his one weakness in school. He had never been able to master it as well as his sister.

Desirae on the other hand was in the advanced class. She was also a student teacher with Professor Malfoy. Many of the girls in her dorm thought she had a teacher student relationship going on. She did fuel the gossip a bit, but it was absolutely untrue. It would be disgusting, and not even she would go that far.

"Just be glad you don't have half the year thinking you're sleeping with a professor who's really your dad." She said with a look of disgust on her face.

"Both of you stop that right now. You are to go back to school and behave, tell the truth, and don't look for trouble." Hermione ran with the moving train after that till she could no longer run.

Drake sat in the head boy compartment with his sister. They were both head's this year. Not that their mother was surprised at all by the fact. So they just chatted about everything. They talked about their father and school. But mostly about their father, they seemed to have a fetish with him.

Drake would have Draco in his potions class this year. Just because all seventh years were in an advanced class. Desirae however would be spending over half her day with her wonderful father. It made her so happy.

But she had learned some things about him that didn't match up with her mum's story. One, he wasn't married. Two, he didn’t have any kids, that he knew of obviously. Three he never had been legally married and had never even impregnated a girl to his knowledge.

"Isn't strange that mum claims he was married and had a kid just before she had us. Don't you think this is weird at all that he says he was never married and never even got a girl pregnant?" Desirae asked her brother.

But he wasn't paying attention. He was thinking of ways to tell his father the truth. Because no matter how he acted in front of his mum he hated the mask he had to wear. He wanted the Malfoy fame and money, the glory of it all. But because his mother had some twisted sense of reality he'd never get any of it unless he did something about it.

"Hello earth to Drake!"

"Sorry I was thinking of ways to tell him."

"Tell him what bro?"

"Tell him who we are, mom said to be truthful this year so let's be truthful."

Desirae stared at her brother. Sure she had thought about going against her mother's wishes all the time. But that was only to be a smart ass. She would have never been serious as he was now. She could tell her brother meant what he had said. He was going to tell.

"Bro we're the heads this year, that made mom so proud don't ruin that okay?" she asked him but it went unnoted.

When the train got to the station Drake knew what he was going to do. He was going to march right up to his father and tell him the truth. There was no reason he shouldn't know that he has two kids.

After the feast was over with drake found his father on the way to his room.

"Sir!" he called after him. "I have a message for you that my mother should have told you long ago."

"What is it Mister Granger?"

Drake did the spell so his appearance would change to its normal stature. His brown eyes and brown hair changed back to their original color.

"Hi dad!" he turned and walked away.

Draco didn't need anymore than that. He ran to his office and called Hermione to him. He said it was about her son. She came thinking he had gotten in trouble.

"He told me Hermione."

Hermione seemed unfazed, "You have a family to get back to Malfoy, leave mine alone."

"I have no family. That bitch of a wife lied to me about being pregnant we divorced right before she got killed. She was sent to Azkaban and had a kiss. I was never really hers Hermione. That's what I wanted to tell you in the hospital but you wouldn't let me Dame It!"

Hermione couldn't say anything. She didn't want to believe that this man really was here for her. She couldn't believe that he really cared in the least.


"Mione take this ring!" Draco laughed fighting with her to get it on her hand. "I'm not asking you to marry me or anything, it's just a promise ring."

"Draco I don't want your promises I just want you!" she cried to him.

Draco took her in his arms and kissed her on the lips. He pulled her to her feet and twirled her around once or twice. He gave her another sweet hug and whispered in her ear.

"You have all of me Miss. Granger. Any piece you want you can have, forever."

Hermione stared at him with a blank expression. He was staring at her as well. Then she took the ring from him and never took it off.

End Flashback

"You're still wearing it." Draco said staring at her finger.

"Well you said I had all of you, sometimes I still like to believe it." Hermione's voice cracked as she held back tears.

Draco looked down at the desk he was leaning on. It was covered in papers and everything else imaginable. The one thing it didn't have was a picture, a picture of his family. That was something he had wanted a picture of some beautiful girl.

"Legally their names are Malfoy did you know that? Or the fact that both of them are just like you. Drake though… he has always hidden that part of him. He and I had a fight over the summer and he went a little nuts after that. I told him not to tell you but he seems to think that it will kill him if you don't know."

"Well now it won't kill him…"

Hermione stared over at Draco. She sniffled still trying to hold back the tears. She couldn't think about what to do now. Maybe it would be okay.

"Listen I had better stay away from them as much as usual I don't think they really want me in their life. I am just glad they let me in on the secret."

Hermione gave a little hiccup and walked to the door. Draco watched her walk to the door. If it had been another time or place he would have run after her. But she seemed happy and he was too. There was no reason to ruin everything they had worked for.

"Some discovery we've made."

"No Mr. Malfoy it's all you. What happens next is because of your discovery."

AN. Thanks for reading all of my stories. You know that I don't own Harry Potter or it's characters. I wrote this in free time between classes so if it isn't good I am very sorry. I hope you do enjoy it though

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