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Time Again by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 31 : Chapter thirty one
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Disclaimer these characters are just borrowed from JK Rowlins

Chapter thirty one.

Harry watched wondering who would speak next, he was a little surprised as all eyes turned to him, starting with Hermione, followed by mum, and dad then grandmother, and grandfather all looked at him one by one, then Harry remembered Mr Granger’s words about him being the one to tell the fifty seven year old she was to be a great grand mother.

‘So its time for lord Gryffindor to do his bit’ Harry thought as he took a steadying breath.

Harry briefly wondered how it was he always found himself in these situations, before he took another deep breath.

“Mr and Mrs Puckle, I have the great honour to tell you that my wife, the beautiful Lady Hermione, and I are to have a baby, your great grand child.”

Mrs Puckle made no sign that she had heard a word, Mr Puckle however stepped forward and held out his open arms to his daughter “Helen sweetheart, I’ve missed you so much,” He said as he stepped forward.

Mrs Granger reacted like a little girl, her dad was holding out his welcoming arms to her, and she rushed forward and hugged her father as he held her tight.

There was a sniff as Mrs Puckle stuck her nose in the air, “Oh shut up Marge, if you don’t like it then push off, you snobby bitch,” Mr Puckle said with anger in his voice.

“I’m sorry Richard, I have missed my little girl so much thanks to that snob,” he said as he indicated his wife.

He was still holding onto his daughter with one hand when he held out his other to Hermione, “Can you forgive your granddad,” he asked as he looked her in the eye.

Hermione stepped forward and joined her mum in hugging her grandfather; Harry hid the tear that rolled down his cheek by reaching up as though to brush his hair from his eyes.
Mr Granger stood not quite knowing what to do as the two women in his life hugged the older man, he had come expecting a little pay back, make the man eat his words, now he was watching them through a teary blur, as father and daughter were reconciled.

Mrs Puckle stood and watched still standing stiff, but no longer so sure of herself. Finally the hug broke up both Hermione and Helen were crying as was her grandfather.
Turning to his wife Mr Puckle took a deep breath, “You lost me all these years with my princess and my family, just for some stupid stuck up idea that you were better than the Grangers, well I’m sick of it. I’m proud my dad was a simple miner, if you don’t want to be proud of your own family then go join your snobby friends I don’t care anymore.”

Harry like Mr Granger didn’t know what to do as Hermione reached out her hand to him, stepping forward he took her hand as Hermione introduced him to her grandfather.

“Harry this is my grandfather, grandfather this is my husband Harry Potter,” she said feeling a little silly.

Harry held out his hand and shook the hand offered to him. Richard Granger stepped forward and offered his hand to his father in law as well.

“I don’t deserve this Richard, I was stupid to listen to Marge, her mother always told me she would ruin my life, I should have listened to my in laws, I’m so pleased you didn’t,” the older man said quietly.

Mrs Puckle had not moved while all this went on in the room, Harry took a moment to look at her, and he saw the tears that were being held back, hidden behind the stiff look put on by the older woman. With the wisdom gathered from the years of his other life, he thought that maybe she wanted so much to be a part of the reconciliation, but just truly had no idea what or how to do it, she needed some help.

Feeling odd about what he was about to do he did it never the less, he stepped up to the older woman and held out his arms for her.
After a moments hesitation she fell into his open arms and burst out crying.
She was still crying when Helen joined Harry in hugging her mother, apologies were made and unspoken words were felt as the whole family became one unit.

Mrs Puckle turned to Hermione who was now standing along side her grandfather “Can you find it in your heart to forgive me please, I never really wanted to hurt you, I was just being foolish.” she pleaded.

Harry phoned down for room service and asked them to bring up a bottle of champagne and a small bottle of lemonade. Hermione smiled at him as he gave her a small wink,

‘Today you get lemonade love, lemonade and grandparents all in one day’ Harry told her as he put the phone down.

‘Aren’t I the lucky one’ she chuckled silently.

‘I don’t know about luck and all that, what I do know is that this baby has done a lot for this family, and he or she isn’t even born yet’ Harry said.

‘Yes a real Potter, that’s for sure’ Hermione leant over and gave Harry a quick kiss.

The champagne and lemonade arrived a few minutes later, the conversation going on between the small family was aimed at telling Hermione about her grandparents and her mothers childhood, Harry did not somehow feel a part of that history, so he busied himself opening the champagne, ‘It always looked easy in them films’ he thought as he struggled with the bottle.

Having poured out four glasses of the champagne Harry poured two glasses of lemonade, he had no intention of sipping the bubbly French wine while his wife sipped at lemonade, he handed the glasses out and earned himself another kiss from Hermione when she saw him drinking the same as she had.

Harry hoped their next visit went as well as this meeting had, he wondered for a moment how it was that a Bishop could be so unforgiving. He would find out soon enough.

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Time Again: Chapter thirty one


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