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Time Again by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 30 : Chapter thirty
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Disclaimer these characters are just borrowed from JK Rowlins

Chapter thirty

The words sounded like thunder in Harry’s ears as Mr Granger spoke in the quiet of the living room, Mrs Granger and Hermione had gone up stairs for some odd mother daughter talk about babies, leaving Mr Granger and Harry alone in the what now seemed to Harry like a shrunken living room.

Mr Granger had heard the last parts of the conversation, Lord and Lady, his little family now had titled children.

“So Harry, you’re going to be a father and I am going to become an old man, a grandfather?” Richard Granger said with a grave look on his face.

“Yes, look Mr Granger, we both wanted this, it’s not an accident or a mistake, we both knew what we wanted and we are wealthy enough to make sure our children are well looked after,” Harry mumbled, hoping Mr Granger was not going to be a problem.

“Harry son don’t you think it’s about time you called me dad, or even Richard. How’s it going to look to our new family member if his or her dad calls me Mr all the time,” Mr Granger sighed, he had been in a similar situation that Harry now found himself in, sitting alone with his own father in law not so many years ago, though the outcome then had been far different.

“Sorry, just never thought about it, dad it is then,” Harry said with some relief, things seemed to be going better than he expected.

Mr Granger looked at Harry with an odd smile on his face “I suppose you were expecting a lecture from me, all about being too young to be parents and what have you,”

Harry nodded, that was exactly what he expected.

“How old would you say I am Harry?” Mr Granger asked.

Harry hadn’t a clue, it was something he had never thought about, he had never had reason to. “I haven’t a clue sir,” he admitted.

“Well I want you to think about this, I am going to become a grand father at the ripe old age of thirty five,” he told Harry

The silence in the room was tangible as Harry worked out the math, ‘if he’s going to be thirty five, that must mean he is now thirty four or just thirty five, Hermione is seventeen, bloody hell they were younger than we are when they had Hermione’ Harry began to chuckle and it slowly built into a laugh as he saw the grin on his father in laws face.

“I would enjoy the laugh while you can Harry, because you my boy are going to be taking a trip to the seaside with me and Helen, and you are the one who is going to tell Hermione’s fifty seven year old grandmother that she is about to become a great grandmother, and believe me Helen is just a cuddly toy compared to her mum,” Mr Granger was now the one chuckling at the look on Harry’s face.

For some reason Harry got a sinking feeling in his stomach, Hermione had grand parents but she had never once mentioned them, and he wondered why, not that it mattered he just found it odd he had never known.

‘Hermione Jane, could you come down here please, I think your dad wants’ to throw me to the wolves or something’ Harry called to his wife.

Mr Granger had been sitting chuckling away quite merrily as Harry thought through what he had said, and he was still grinning like the winner of a lottery when Hermione and her mum entered the room.

“What is it Harry love?” Hermione asked as she walked over and held his hand.

“Your dad says I’m to visit your grandmother with him, you know the grandmother you never mentioned,” Harry answered.

“Oh Richard you wouldn’t?” Mrs Granger said disbelief in her voice.

“Oh yes I would dear, I haven’t forgotten the reception I got when we told her about us, and if Harry survives that, then he can accompany me to see the Bishop,” dad answered with a grin still on his face.

“The Bishop, now that’s just cruel, I thought you said you loved Harry like he was your own son,” Mrs Granger audibly gasped.

Harry and Hermione stood wondering what the two parents were talking about. ‘Do you know who this Bishop is?’ Harry asked Hermione.

‘Yes, he’s my dads dad, though I never met any of my grandparents, they disowned mum and dad when they got married, so we never talk about them, I haven’t even thought about them since I left primary school’ she answered.

‘Well my darling wife and mother of my unborn child, it seems we are going to be paying them a visit, oh and by the way did you know your mum and dad were only sixteen when your mum got pregnant with you’ Harry told her with a hint of pride.

‘I knew they were young, but I never thought about their age, no wonder mum always looked younger than the other mothers, I suppose I should have known their ages really but it never interested me, strange that, I mean the age people become parents differs around the world…’

‘Hermione love, now is not the time to go off on tangents about the rest of the world, I could be in deep trouble here’

While Harry and Hermione were having their private conversation Mr and Mrs Granger sat waiting for them to bring their attention back to the original conversation.

“Huhmmm,” Mr Granger cleared his throat.

“Oh sorry dad, you were saying?” Harry said feeling a little uneasy.

“Let me tell you about us,” dad said nodding at his wife “You don’t know this but we were married as soon as the law allowed. Well in our world that happens to be sixteen, at the ripe old age of just turned sixteen we neither of us could bear to be apart any longer. We were in love and we wanted to be together so much it was driving us mad. Anyway I got a pal to forge the parental signatures on the forms to allow us to get married, then we took off and spent four months working our way through college before our parents found out about the marriage, they were furious but they decided not to do anything because we were already expecting Hermione. And no Hermione it was not an unwanted pregnancy. Anyway they decided to totally disown us; they have not spoken to us since. They were all convinced we would end up penniless paupers living on the streets. We both worked hard to prove them wrong and to get through all our schooling and qualify as dentists, we have done ok I think, anyway they still don’t speak to us and they never once asked about our child.”

Mrs Granger looked at the young couple “It can be hard being married young sometimes.” She said sadly “I’m sorry you had to grow up not knowing your grandparents dear.”

Harry suddenly knew exactly what dad had been thinking, he smiled held out his hand to his father in law and with a huge grin he said “lets do it then.”

The two women looked totally confused as Richard Granger beamed at Harry, he had waited eighteen years for an opportunity like this, he was surprised that Harry had caught on and once again knew his trust in his son in law was well founded, this boy would never let his girl down.

“So dad when would you like Lord and Lady Gryffindor to put in an appearance?” Harry asked grinning as madly as dad.

“Well how about tomorrow, the sooner the better I think don’t you?” dad answered laughing at the puzzled look on his wife’s face, “revenge dear, a visit from the little family that would end up in the gutter. I cant wait to see their faces.”

Hermione was smiling; she would get to meet the grandparents she had never known, even if it was just so her dad could prove to them just how wrong they had been.

Harry went all out to help his father in law make his own in laws eat their words, he would also do the same with the bishop. Together father and son in law drove down to the village, Harry thought about how useful it would have been if mobile phones were already invented while they drove the five miles to the village. Once in the village they went into the local pub, dad ordered two pints of beer while Harry asked to use the phone.

Mr Granger listened as Harry asked the operator to put him through to the offices of one of the biggest store chains in the country.

A short wait and Harry was talking to a company receptionist, “I would like to talk to the company manager please, Yes of course, Lord Gryffindor company chairman, yes I’ll wait thank you,” they could both hear the sounds of turmoil Harry’s call had caused at the head office, eventually a voice came back on the line.

“Hello sir, I’m putting you through now,” several clicks later a rather stiff voice harrumphed before saying hello, “Ah yes Lord Gryffindor speaking, I would like the company to acquire accommodation for me, best hotel in Poole, yes the Poole in Dorset, I want a complete floor, for tonight and for the rest of the week including the weekend, yes, no I will be paying cash, yes I will be sending confirmation by courier a little later today, yes that will be fine please inform the courier of the hotel selected, oh and thank you for your letter, yes that will be all for now.” Harry turned and grinned, “All sorted, we all get to have a long weekend by the sea.”

Back at the house Harry asked Dig if he could deliver a letter for him, one that had to be delivered in person, Dig always willing to help agreed and went off to clean up some. Harry conjured a piece of parchment with the Gryffindor seal embossed on it, he added a header along with the Gryffindor shield ‘Lord Gryffindor of Hogsmeade’ he then made several copies of the parchment before he wrote a short letter confirming his telephone call to the company manager and signed it H. Potter. Lord Gryffindor. Dig apparated away with the letter just a few minutes later.

Thirty minutes later Harry called Hedwig in to deliver two letters one to dads’ dad the bishop, and one to Helen’s mum and dad.
At seven thirty that evening Lord Gryffindor and party registered in to the five star hotel, they had entire the top floor to themselves, Mr Granger was still beaming and Harry wondered with a chuckle if the smile on his face was stuck there permanently now.

The following morning Harry and Hermione were awoken by the delivery of breakfast, getting out of bed to get dressed Harry thought ‘wonder if that smile was stuck on your dads face while he slept’ he then burst out laughing. Hermione lay in the bed and watched Harry get dressed, ‘Harry I would much rather you came back to bed and showed me how much you love me than get up and eat breakfast’

‘You my dear should get up and eat, there are two of you now so come on, I promise I will make love to you all night tonight, or at least until you wear me out’ he replied with a chuckle.

Hermione could not argue with that, she would do nothing that would jeopardise her pregnancy, even if it meant getting up early and eating when she definitely did not feel that way inclined, and a promise of making love all night, sounded rather good.

Harry Hermione and her parents had just sat down to lunch in their room when a tap at the window alerted Harry to the appearance of his owl Hedwig, she was sitting on the widow sill waiting to be allowed in, Mr Granger was the one who got up to open the window.

The letters Harry had sent the day before were gone and Harry knew she had delivered them to the main wizard post office and that they would even now be in the hands of the people they were addressed too.

Hermione dug some owl treats from one of her pockets and Harry wondered just how she managed to remember everything. An hour later they were interrupted from relaxing by a knock on the door, Mrs Granger answered and gave the boy who delivered the two notes she now held a few pound coins from her purse.

Harry watched as she read the notes, replies to Harry’s request for an audience with the grand parents, they were invited by the Bishop to take tea with him while the other grandparents had asked if they could visit Harry. The note informed them that they would be waiting in the foyer at three pm.

Harry picked up the phone at two minutes to three and rang the foyer, “Could you direct Mr and Mrs Puckle to Lord Gryffindor’s suite please, yes thank you as soon as they arrive thank you,” Hermione heard as she listened to Harry talk.

Just a few minutes later a knock at the door announced the arrival of Hermione’s grandparents, Mr and Mrs Granger had stepped in to another room and would wait there until Harry called for them.

Two people were ushered into the room by the same boy who had delivered the letters, he must have thought it was his birthday as Harry handed him a ten pound tip. It was well worth it to Harry to help his in laws and to meet the kind of people who could disown their own daughter, something he thought impossible.

Harry and Hermione both knew within the first few minutes why and they did not like what they saw, both of the grandparents were out and out snobs, at least that was what Harry called them while talking to Hermione.

Harry held out his hand as the two strangers entered “Mr and Mrs Puckle, welcome, I suppose you are wondering why I wanted to see you,” Harry said to them politely.

Mr Puckle answered “Yes Your lordship, we were wondering why you would wish to see us.”

“Well the truth is my dear wife Lady Gryffindor wished to meet you,” Harry said as he nodded to Hermione.

Hermione took a deep breath, she did not want to admit it but she had taken a dislike to these her grandparents, “I believe you know my parents,” she said without any feeling “Mr and Mrs Richard Granger.”

Both visitors stared at her as they realised the family resemblance, “Yes that makes me your grand daughter, I’m afraid,” Hermione said as they both continued to stare.

Harry wondered what would happen next as he walked to the door to the room where the Grangers both stood with their ears to the door, Harry knowing he would be eaves dropping if he were in there coughed before opening the door.

“Mum, dad would you care to join us,” he called into the room.

Mrs Granger entered first “Hello mum, dad,” she said as she walked over to Hermione.

“Mr and Mrs Puckle,” Mr Granger said as he stood on the other side of his daughter.

Harry held his breath as he waited to see who would speak next, and wondered what they would say.

A/Note sorry about the cliffie but I just need to alter a few things in the next part of this chapter so I have split it into two. Don’t go mad with me please.

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