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Harry Potter and the League of the Phoenix: The Rise of the Sorceror by jasper21
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four: The Crusaders of Gryffindor
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Chapter Four: The Crusaders of Gryffindor

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters.

“ Wake up, Ronald.”

Ron woke up slowly and wiped the drool from the corner of his mouth. A bright aurora of light was shining at him. He squinted and found that the light was now leaving the room. Getting up slowly he took his wand and left the room.

The light led him to the Living Room. The light stopped at the center and remained still. One more aurora of light came into the room followed by Arthur.

“What is this about?” Arthur asked drowsily.

“Destiny is calling you both,” came a voice from the light.

The light condensed revealing Godric Gryffindor. Minutes later Harry emerged from the fire.

“Harry, did you get the necessary information from Queen?” Godric asked.

Harry nodded.

“Ron and Arthur must travel to Antarctica to find the first clue of the burial place of Ian Dumbledore.”

“Who’s Ian Dumbledore?” Arthur asked.

“Ian Dumbledore is Albus’ father,” Godric said.

“So it must be down to us to find this dagger,” Ron said.

“When do we start?” Arthur asked.

“Tomorrow morning. Oliver has a plane that will take you to the edge of South America. From there a vessel called the Tomorrow will take you to Antarctica. According to a recent newspaper article, there has been an archeological find in this continent. You need to find out where it is, and if it is connected to the dagger,” Harry explained.

“Well, that doesn’t sound so hard,” Ron said.

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” Gryffindor said.

“What do you mean?”

“Because several members of an archeological group have been killed because they were in the middle of certain activities,” Harry said.

“What kind of activities?” Arthur asked.

Harry tossed the paper to Arthur. He quickly read through the article and a word caught his eye.



“ANTARCTICA! ARE YOU MAD!” Lavender yelled.

“We’re in the middle of a war Lavender. We have to do what is necessary,” Arthur said.

Ron, Arthur, Cho, and Lavender were at the airstrip waiting for the plane to South America.

“Lavender, I’ll be fine. I’m just going to break into a couple of labs, threaten and beat up some pirates, and steal a dagger from a dead dude. I’ll be fine,” Arthur said cheerfully.

Lavender frowned at him.

“Just don’t do anything you wouldn’t normally do,” Cho said buttoning up Ron’s muggle jacket.

“Then what’s the point of calling it an adventure?” Ron laughed.

“Just come back in one piece,” she whispered before kissing him.

An airplane with the symbol of Queen Industries arrived and several people began boarding.

“I’ll try,” Ron whispered back throwing his bag over his shoulder.

Arthur and Ron made sure that Lavender and Cho apparated safely out of the airstrip before boarding.

Underneath the plane, Bellatrix Lestrange stood next to a hooded figure.

“ Do whatever it takes to get to the dagger first,” she ordered.

The figure removed his cloak.

“That shouldn’t be a problem,” a muggle criminal said replied.

“We’ll have your money waiting for you when you complete your task,” Bellatrix said smiling


Buenos Aires, South America…

“Mr. Queen, you should take a look at this.”

Oliver set down his lemonade and walked over to his technician.

He pointed to one of the live video feeds from England showing the pilot walking out from beneath the plane with Bellatrix Lestrange.

“DAMN IT!” Queen yelled.

He dialed the number to the United States Embassy.

Several hours later…

“This is your pilot speaking. We are one hour away from our destination!”

Everyone in the plane cheered.

“We are about to face some turbulence so strap in tight.”

Ron look around the plane. More than half of the people on the plane were tourists, while the others seem to be returning to their home country.

The flight attendants, Arthur had noticed were staring at himself and Ron. One of them walked over.

“Would you like anything to eat before we land?”

“I thought we were going through some turbulence?” Arthur asked.

The attendant looked agitated.

“Oh, I’m sorry. This is my first day on the job,” she said before leaving.

She walked over to one of the male flight attendants and whispered to him. He looked over a Arthur and frowned.

Arthur’s cell phone began to ring.


“IT’S A TRAP!” Oliver’s voice echoed through the phone.

Arthur’s mouth went dry. Ron’s eyes widened from hearing the loud voice from Arthur’s phone.



“Attention ladies and gentlemen, we are now half an hour from our destination-”

Arthur and Ron slowly rose from their seats, while Oliver was still yelling through the phone.


The plane shook. A man sitting across from them had dropped his cup of soda. Ron looked down and saw that cup didn’t contain soda but Polyjuice Potion.

Arthur felt his heart racing.



Lavender, Cho, and Hermione were crying silently as all the boys stood in shock as they watched the television.

“Our correspondent from Britain is now with us. Caroline can you tell us what is happening?” the anchorman asked.

“Jonathan, from what I am understanding there has been reports that airport security has found the body of Queen Industries pilot Eli Wellington in the storage closet of the basement of the airstrip. The Interpol cannot find any causes of death…wait.”

Harry stared at the screen at anchorwoman who is listening to her earpiece and nodding.

“We now have confirmed reports that the passengers who are suppose to board the very same plane are also dead!”

Pictures of the dead passengers appeared on the screen.

Lavender screamed in shock.


Bart looked at Lavender.

“That’s impossible! How can these people board the plane if they were already dead-”

He froze in mid-sentence and looked at Harry.

“Oh my God,” Harry whispered.


“Mr. Queen. This makes no sense. The passengers are dead. But our cameras shows them boarding the plane,” the technician said.

Comprehension and shock coursed through Oliver’s body.

“Oh my God.”


Ron and Arthur were still standing in shock as everyone in the plane stared at them with utmost loathing.

The pilot’s voice came on again.

“We would like to thank Ron Weasely and Arthur Curry for flying with us today…”

All the passengers stood.

The pilot’s voice changed into a deep raspy voice.

“and we hope that they live to make the return trip.”

All the passengers removed their wands.

“Get our bags, we’re leaving,” Arthur whispered.

“We’re 10,000 feet in the air, and you have an idea?” Ron whispered back as the flight attendants removed their wands.

Arthur looked out the window. Ron nodded.

“Brace yourself.”

Arthur removed his wand and pointed it at the window.


All the windows shattered sucking the air out of the plane. Instantly spells were being shot at Ron and Arthur as they began deflecting them. The plane began spinning out of control as everyone was thrown around like rag dolls. Now Ron and Arthur was in a wild mid-air combat with the Death Eaters.

Ron was slammed against the wall as he aimed his wand at a Death Eater on the other side.


The Death Eater went limp and was sucked out of the plane as a larger hole was made on the side of the plane.

Everyone was being slammed from wall to wall in the plane. If one person could get a clear shot, they would soon be thrown to the other side of the plane.

Arthur held onto one of the chairs as Ron and the Death Eaters were slammed against the ceiling. Ron pointed his wand at the floor.


As soon as a hole was blasted in the floor, everyone hit the ground, but soon were thrown against the walls again.

Ten Death Eater pointed their wands at Arthur.


Arthur blasted a hole in a wall behind them and they were sucked out of the plane. Everyone was being held against the walls of the plane as it made a crash course towards the Atlantic Ocean.

“ACCIO BAGS!” Ron yelled.

His and Arthur’s bags soared into his stomach. Grunting he watched as Arthur point his wand behind them.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!” Ron yelled.

“MAKING AN EXIT!” Arthur yelled back.


Arthur looked out of the gaping hole too see that the plane was closing in fast with the ocean.


The wall behind them blasted apart.

Arthur and Ron yelled at the top of their lungs as they were thrown out of the plane and aimlessly into the sky.


“They’re going to be o.k. right?” Lavender tearfully asked Harry.

Harry clenched his teeth. Right now, he felt like he has lost all control of reasoning.

“There are more confirmed reports that the aircraft belongs to Queen Industries. There is no word yet from CEO Oliver Queen, seeing that he has been missing for weeks after the attack several months ago on Queen Tower which is located in Star City of the United States.”

“Where the hell is Oliver? We all know that he’s alive,” Bart said.

“What do you mean? Are you saying that you know Oliver Queen?” Hermione asked.

Bart closed his eyes, and Harry answered.

“Arthur’s father works for Queen.”

“Do you think we can find Arthur’s father and maybe we can make contact with him?” Hermione asked Harry hesitantly.

“That won’t be necessary,” Harry said with his eyes closed.

“Why not?” Cho asked.

Harry opened his eyes.

“Because Arthur and Ron are alive.”


“Bloody hell, Arthur! This is you animagus form?”

Ron was riding on the back of a large sea dragon as they made their way through the Atlantic. Several minutes later they spotted land ahead. When they were close enough, Arthur shifted back to his human form.

“We swim from here,” he said.

They both made their way to the harbor.

As soon as they reached the edge, they dried themselves and looked at their surroundings.

“Where are we?” Ron asked.

“We must be in South America. We need to find a village and ask anyone for directions,” Arthur said as they walked onto a main road.

“My Spanish is kind of rusty,” Ron replied as they walked into a city crowded with people.

There were markets everywhere selling poultry, tools, and weapons.

“Not a friendly place is it?” Arthur asked as some people glared at them.

“I don’t like the fact that their selling weapons on the street. Other than that, it can’t be that bad,” Ron said.

Arthur turned on his Translator Ring and approached a stand where the man was selling live chicken.

“Can you tell me what is the location of this city?”

“Montevideo. Chicken?” the man replied holding up a struggling chicken.

Arthur shook his head and turned to Ron.


“We’re in Montevideo,” Arthur replied.

“And where’s that?”


He turned and took a map from the stand. He opened it and examined it closely.

“We need to travel south until we hit the edge of Argentina. Oliver told me that there will be a boat that will take us from Argentina to the Falkland Islands.”

“I thought we were supposed to go to the edge of the continent and the ship called the Tomorrow will take us to Antarctica,” Ron asked.

Arthur lowered his voice.

“That’s to throw our enemies off. We’re going to the islands where the ship called the Niagara will take us to another part of Antarctica.”

“Then let’s go,” Ron replied.

“Just one problem,” Arthur said.


“We’re being followed.”

Ron slowly turned his head at a mirror and saw several men at an outside bar looking at their direction while drinking beer.

“We have to lose them,” Arthur whispered.

“I have an idea,” Ron whispered.

Both of them walked through the crowd, and sure enough, the men followed.



George picked up the phone.


“Is this Fred or George?” Oliver asked.

“George. What happened to my brother and A.C.?”

“Bring me to your hideout and I’ll explain everything,” Oliver replied.



Harry was staring down the charts of the Atlantic Ocean around South America. He looked up and saw Hermione standing in the doorway.

“Hermione, what do you need?”


Harry looked back at her.

“Is this one of your mood swings, Hermione. First you want me, than you don’t want to have anything to do with me. You say you love me one day, then you say you hate me the next day.”

“Harry, I know it’s sounds a bit odd, but it’s not me saying those words,” Hermione replied.

“Yes that sounds odd. You need to elaborate that more for me,” Harry said, giving Hermione his full attention.

“I don’t know,” Hermione yelled.

“Well I think that’s the problem don’t you? If you’re having an inner conflict with yourself and you’re not letting me in to help, than this is something that you need to work on your own. If you want you can take some time off from the league…”

“NO! Harry you need me and you know it!” Hermione said with her temper rising again.

“I’m not saying I don’t need you. But before you can help anybody, you need to think of yourself. You haven’t been doing that lately,” Harry said.

“I agree.”

They both turned to find Bart, Fred, George, Dean, and Neville walking into the room.

“Haven’t you hear of KNCOKING!?!” Hermione yelled.

“I’m sorry, but I have some important information about Arthur and Ron,” Bart replied.

Everyone waited and then turned to Hermione.

“I have every right to know!” Hermione exclaimed.

“You heard me, Hermione. You need to take care of yourself. I’ll give you word when they are safe,” Harry said.

“Are you taking me out of the League?” Hermione asked him.

“Only temporarily until we see that you have improved,” Neville said.

Hermione looked around.

“You’ve planned this!?!”

Neville nodded.

“So who’s going to replace me? Where are you going to find someone trustworthy?” Hermione asked laughing.

Fred cleared his throat uncomfortably.

“He’s already here.”


The door to Harry’s office opened. Everyone turned as the Green Arrow walked into the room.


“You need to take care of yourself, Hermione,” Fred said.

Hermione turned and looked at Harry.

“This was never your decision, was it?”

Harry shook his head.

“It was almost a majority decision.”

Hermione looked at everyone.

“I thought you were my friends.”

“We’re only looking for you best interests,” Fred said.

Hermione glared up at the Green Arrow. Even though she couldn’t see his eyes through his dark glasses, she can tell that he was staring back at her.

“This isn’t over,” she whispered threateningly to him as she walked out of the office.

Bart sealed the door shut before nodding.

Oliver removed his hood and glasses.

“OLIVER QUEEN!” Bart yelled in shock.

Oliver smiled at Bart’s shocked expression and turned to everyone.

“My satellite picked up these images from the Atlantic Ocean, right at the edge of South America.”

He placed down the photo on Harry’s desk.

Everyone looked down at the sky image to see a dragon carrying a red-head on it’s back.

“So they’re alive. Thank God,” Fred said.

“Told you so,” Harry said.

“So where are they now?” Harry asked.

“They rented a jeep and are heading to a small boat that will take them to the Falkland Islands. But my informants told me that they’re being followed. Arthur and Ron had to be expecting this, so let’s hope they have something up their sleeve,” Oliver said.

“And what about Antarctica? There’s bound to be Death Eaters waiting for them on all the ports,” Bart said pointing at the map.

Oliver smiled.

“Leave that to me.”

With Arthur behind the wheel, Ron and him were now driving a jeep through the forests of Argentina.

“We have a lot of ground to cover before we reach the boat,” Ron said looking at the map.

Every now and then, Arthur was looking at his rear view mirror.

“Any sign of them?” Ron asked.

“No, but I know they’re still following us,” Arthur replied.

“How are we going to lose them?” Ron asked.

“We have to physically see them first. Then we’ll do something,” Arthur said.

There was a loud buzzing sound that went throughout the forest.

“What is that, a swarm of killer bees?” Arthur asked.

Ron frowned and turned around.

“Uh. Arthur. I can physically see them.”

Arthur turned to find twelve men on motorcycles coming up from behind them.

He shifted gears and turned into a nearby village.

He parked the jeep next to a small bar and got out with Ron.

“We have to lose the jeep. We need to see how we’re going to take these guys out,” Arthur said.

“Take them down by stealth. We’ll use the building’s for cover,” Ron said.

He and Arthur went their separate ways and took refuge in two separate buildings: Ron in the town’s bar, and Arthur in a small bank.

The twelve Death Eaters split up and tried each building. Finally the first group of them went into the bar.

Ron was standing behind the bar filling seven shot glasses. The Death Eaters held their wands up at once and pointed them at Ron. Ron smiled and drank his shot.

“Want a drink?” he asked filling his shot glass again.

The Death Eaters looked at him in confusion.

“You need to come with us Mr. Weasely,” one of them said in a heavy Japanese accent.

“Well at least have a drink before we get all physical,” Ron laughed filling another glass.

“Is he drunk?” one Death Eater asked another.

“Maybe,” Ron giggled.

They all stared at him and approached him.

“That’s it come have a drink so we can ‘talk’,” Ron said.

When they all got close enough , Ron pointed his wand under the bar table.

“Drink up.”

The shot glasses soared and splashed their contents into their eyes. The Death Eaters yelled in pain and began shooting blindly everywhere.

He jumped over the counter with a large bottle of rum and broke it over one of their heads. He then walked over to another one.

“Here let me help.”

He pointed the man’s wand at another Death Eater. He fired and stunned his own comrade.

When the four Death Eaters were able to see again they looked around for Ron.

“Over here.”

They all looked over at the bar and screamed again as more shots were shot in their eyes.

Ron shook his head as they shot blindly at each other.



The six Death Eaters were tied by their hands around a large cactus behind the bank. All their clothes were discarded to the side.

“Don’t try dissapparating. The rope binding your hands is charmed to prevent that,” Arthur said.

All the towns people were laughing as two large men with whips approached Arthur.

“Have fun,” he said patting their arms.

The Death Eaters yelled and tried to escape only to be pricked by the cactus.

Arthur took their wands and walked away. He smiled as he heard the sounds of the whips along with painful screams and laughter.

Ron walked out of the bar sucking down a lime and an empty shot glass.

They saw a man with a captains hat approach them.

“Arthur Curry? Ronald Weasely?”

They both nodded.

“Captain Porter. I’ll take you to the islands. If you’ll follow me.”

They followed him to the pier which was just around the corner.

“So where’s your Death Eaters?” Arthur asked.

Ron smiled and looked back at the village.


Arthur shrugged as they boarded the small fishing boat.

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