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Time Again by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 29 : Chapter twenty nine
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Disclaimer these characters are just borrowed from JK Rowlins

Chapter twenty nine

The next four days were spent at their cottage, and in those four days they hardly left the bedroom, Hermione had made a quick tour of the house when they first arrived but it had been a very quick tour indeed as Harry had plans for the rest of Christmas day. Plans that Hermione had absolutely no objections to at all.

On the afternoon of the fourth day a rather tired and slightly worn out Harry got dressed and made his way into the now plate strewn kitchen, neither of them had washed a single pan, dish, or plate, since they had arrived. They had been having just two proper meals a day along with a small supper, neither of them wishing to spend too much time in doing mundane things like eating, when they could be practising making babies. Though as Hermione pointed out, with her contraception potion no longer effective they could well be actually making their very first baby at the very time she was talking.

Harry had just begun the dishes washing them selves when a naked Hermione joined him. ‘Clothes off Harry love’ she ordered him as she approached him from behind.

“Hermione sweetheart we have to get ready to visit the Weasleys, we did promise to spend New Year with them,” Harry moaned as he turned and looked at the beautiful naked body standing next to him, he loved to watch the way her breast moved as she did, they were not large in fact they were, as far as he was concerned a perfect fit for his hands, he took in the small waist that hopefully one day soon would be quite a few sizes larger, he was once again amazed at the length of her shapely legs, legs that reached right up to what was the next best thing to heaven for him, then he turned back regretfully and watched the dishes washing them selves.

“Exactly dear, now give me your clothes,” Hermione said giggling as she opened the door on their washing machine, “I need to wash these before we leave.”

Hermione had never used a washing machine before and it took her a few moments to figure out how their brand new one worked, they left the cottage by port key and arrived back at Potter House, everything they were wearing had a pale blue colour too it. Apart from Hermione’s under wear which were now a rather awful grey colour.

Hermione couldn’t help wondering as they prepared for their visit to the Burrow if she had conceived, and if she had, would the baby be just a little bit Irish, she smiled at the thought as she suddenly realised she would need to give birth over there for their child to be classed as Irish.

As she left Potter House for the Burrow, Hermione prayed that she was indeed on her way to being a mother, she hoped that the four days she had spent in Ireland just making love with the man she adored and loved with a passion, were the days that made her wishes come true. For nearly two years she had been longing to give Harry the family he so desired, to be the mother of his children, which was something she herself truly desired.

Hermione arrived at the Burrow to find a surprise party was being held for her, almost everyone she knew, her mum and dad, Neville, all the Weasleys and their girl friends, several of the professors, Luna, Sirius, Dig, Remus, and even their house elves were waiting along with the girls she had once shared a dorm with, all waiting to greet her.

There was a huge Banner hanging across the front lawn, ‘HAPPY ANIVERSARY HARRY AND HERMIONE’ flashed in bright colours as it gently swayed in the light wind.

Tears fell down her cheeks as she was greeted and hugged by everyone, ‘We missed celebrating when I was ill, so though it’s just a little late, happy anniversary sweetheart’ Harry thought as he too hugged her.

There was a small marquee in the back garden and thanks to several charms by Mr and Mrs Weasley it was warm and comfortable, Neville was playing music on an old wind up gramophone that had been charmed to play the more modern tunes.

They all spent the evening dancing; even Glanry had a dance with cook though Harry thought that maybe cook would refuse a second helping of toe bashing. Harry danced with Hermione as much as he could between them both being whisked away to dance with a guest.

Just before midnight a rather tipsy Glanry got slowly to his feet and having waved his hand at the gramophone and stopped the music he offered a toast “To lord master, Harry Hogsmeade of Gryffin – thingy, cheers,” he then fell to the floor and began to snore rather loudly.

Everyone looked on astonished as the little elf was taken away by his fellow elves “He never had butterbeer before,” cook explained to a laughing Harry as she helped carry Glanry away.

“Whats all this lord stuff then Harry?” Ron asked raising the question on nearly all their minds.

Dumbledore stepped forward just as the count down to the New Year began; he raised his glass to Harry and Hermione, “To Lord and Lady Gryffindor of Hogsmeade, happy anniversary and a very happy new year.”

The beginning of the New Year passed in total silence as everyone registered what Dumbledore had said, Hermione’s mum was the first to pull herself together, she left her husband looking stunned in the middle of the small dance floor as she rushed to her daughter and son in law.

“I am so proud of you both,” she said as she pulled them both into a hug.

Just a few seconds later and everyone was trying to get to the couple and congratulate them. “When did all this happen then Harry?” Neville asked smiling at his two best friends.

It struck both Harry and Hermione at the same time; they had been so busy practising their baby making technique that they had totally forgotten to tell anyone other than Albus about passing their NEWT exams and all the other things that had happened since Harry had been injured.

A rather red faced Harry left it to Hermione to explain what had happened and why they had told nobody about it.

Hermione’s father had a tear in his eye as he took his daughter in his arms and gave her a hug, “Who would have thought it when that bushy haired little girl left home for her new school, she would end up being a lady married to one of the richest men in the land. Look at you now, my little girl is all grown up.”

Ginny was the next one to hug Hermione “What am I supposed to do at school without my best friends there to talk too,” she gently thumped Harry on the shoulder “You knew all this at Christmas and you never told me,” she said pouting.

Harry could see from the smile in her eye that she was not upset with them, he watched as her eyes grew wide when Hermione whispered something to her, “When did you decide?” she asked.

Hermione was pleased Ginny had not said something like you are too young or it’s too soon, she could see her best friend was happy for her, she knew how much it meant to Hermione for her and Harry to have a baby.

The celebrations began anew as everyone wished the Potters a happy anniversary then began to celebrate the new year, Harry had never before in his life been kissed by so many women, as they all lined up to give him a kiss for the new year, Hermione and Ginny were giggling at him as his face went ever more red by the second.

“You best give him one too Gin or he might start pouting, if his best friend is the only one who doesn’t,” Hermione said now laughing out loud as his face was now a bright scarlet.

Ginny giggled even more as she gave Harry a quick kiss, “I think its your turn now M’lady,” Ginny laughed as she left them to dance with Neville and to give him his New Year kiss, one that would be neither quick nor a peck.

Hermione did exactly as Ginny suggested and gave her husband a rather passionate kiss that had them both forgetting where they were.
They were left to dance together once the new year had begun, holding on to each other they swayed gently to the music, they never even noticed when the music changed beat as a new song began, they were lost in a world of
Love as they danced together.

It was on the Wednesday of the third week in February when Hermione sat down to lunch in the great hall with Ginny.

“Harry thinks I’m at the Burrow having another cooking lesson with your mum, but I’ve been up to see Poppy,” Hermione said as they started eating.

“And?” Ginny asked rolling her eyes.

Hermione frowned looking down at her plate, “I just happen to be a little pregnant,” Hermione said no longer able to keep her face straight.

The smile she had was about the biggest Ginny had ever seen on her friends face, she turned and threw her arms around Hermione and almost squealed her congratulations, “When will you tell Harry, Oh I wish I could be there to watch his face,” Ginny said as she hugged Hermione.

They were joined a moment later by Neville, “You can talk about it at dinner, after I have gone home,” Hermione said when Ginny pleaded with her eyes to be allowed to tell Neville.

“So what brings you back to school?” Neville asked as he gave Hermione a hug and a quick peck on her cheek “you missing us already?”

Hermione smiled “Something like that Nev, something like that.”

Harry was helping Dig to clear a path through the three feet of snow that covered the path down to the stables, when Hermione arrived home.

“Harry darling can I have a word,” she said seriously as she went into the house.

Harry gave Dig one of those ‘wonder what I did wrong’ sort of looks before he followed his wife into the house “I’ll be back,” he said to Dig holding up his hand to show he had his fingers crossed.

Hermione was usually only that serious if she was angry for some reason, but for the life of him Harry could not think of why she would be angry at him, he followed her into the living room. Where Hermione was doing her utmost to keep her face straight.
Harry sat down in his usual chair as Hermione stood in front of the fire; he was waiting with his breath held as she turned to him.

“I have been to see an old friend of ours and she has informed me,” she paused for a few moments “Harry we are going to be parents,” she said her lips twitching as she tried to suppress the smile that was trying to force itself onto her face.

Harry sat with a blank look on his face as he recited her words in his head, “We are going to be parents,” the penny dropped with a rather large thump when he realised what she had said.

Hermione could no longer hold back the large smile as she watched as Harry comprehended what she had said, his eyes lit up and he let out the breath he had been holding, “A baby?” he asked grinning like a cheshire cat.

“We are having a baby?” He asked again before jumping to his feet and hugging her for all he was worth.
“You should sit down and put your feet up or something,” he said as a great pride in his wife suddenly filled him “Oh cripes I’m really going to be a dad aren’t I, what do I do now, do I have to fetch a healer or something?”

“Harry love, first thing you should do is to put me down, I’m not going to break, then you can call my mum and let her know,” Hermione said.

“Oh heck Hermione, I’d rather face another dragon than tell your mum I got you pregnant,” Harry said as the colour drained from his face.

“Hello, what’s this then the most powerful wizard in the world afraid of a little Muggle,” Hermione laughed as she saw the dread in his face, “Harry love, we are married, and no doubt mum has been waiting patiently to become a grandmother.”

“But she’s your mum, she’ll know what we’ve been doing,” Harry said a little quietly.

“I think she has known about that for quite some time now love,” Hermione could not help giggling at his fear of her five foot five inch mother.

“Tell you what love, you just floo call mum and ask her if she can pop over for a chat while I go get changed, then I’ll tell her all about it, ok,” Hermione said leaving him in the living room to go and get changed into something more comfortable she giggled at the thought that he would rather face another dragon.

Harry did as she asked although he did think of getting one of the elves to do it for him. He suddenly remembered the same sort of irrational fear had been with him in his other life when he had found out Ginny was pregnant for the first time.

Having thought about it for a while Harry made a huge decision, leaving the house he picked up a large glass jar, checked that the lid was tight, he then picked up a shovel and started to make his way down to his favourite spot on the river, it was hard going as he trudged through the snow but he needed some privacy.

Having dug a rather deep hole in the soft riverbank soil, Harry stood pondering how best to do what he wanted to do, he opened the jar and placed the lid next to it on the tree trunk that he usually sat on, then one by one he began to remove all his memories of making love to Ginny. He removed his memories of her naked body and all the things that he had tried so hard to suppress when he was alone with her. He also removed the memories of his children from that love making; he left only two memories of her in his head. One of them was the memory of his thinking he was once in love with her but had discovered he wasn’t, the other was the memory that though they had been together they had just been best friends till the day she had died, placing the memories inside the jar and then sealing it and placing several really powerful protection charms around it, he buried it deep in the cold soil.

Now, though he knew he had buried his memories of Ginny here by the river, he was no longer aware of what those memories had been, he just knew that he felt so much better now than he did an hour ago. He also knew he would feel much more comfortable when he was alone with the red haired best friend of him and his wife.

It was time to go back up to the house and face his mother and father in law, following his own foot prints, Harry made his way slowly through the deep and cold snow, back to his pregnant wife and her parents.

Harry was greeted by a very happy Mrs Granger as he walked into the kitchen, she mentioned about them still being so young but she also thought they had done and seen more than most people twice their age, she was truthfully happy that she was to be grandmother.

Mr Granger how ever was sat with his head in his hands repeating the words “I don’t believe it, me a grandfather, that’ll make me an old man.”

Harry sat down at the table next to Hermione and took her hand in his “So on too the next adventure then,” he smiled and gently kissed her knuckles “I do love you so much your Ladyship.”

Hermione gave him a small playful tap on his shoulder before replying “I love you too you Lordship.”

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Time Again: Chapter twenty nine


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