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Along Came Sirius by HPsmartone32
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three: How’d You Do That?
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Chapter Three: How’d You Do That?

The next morning, Adara was on time and down at breakfast early. She had Runes first period and was excited because, contrary to most, she actually liked that class. She chatted with David, a fellow Ravenclaw prefect, about his classes and ate a strawberry treacle tart.

“Oh, yeah, we have Runes together!” David realized.

Adara nodded as she chewed, “I know you think it’s weird how I love that class.” She said once she swallowed.

“Of course I do,” David told her, “that’s why I sit by Christine and pass notes all class.”

“I still don’t know how you passed that class,” Adara laughed.

“Spell-copied your notes.”


“Hey, what?” Christine joined them.

“David just informed me that you copied my notes,” Adara told her.

“Oh,” answered Christine as she poured herself some Pumpkin Juice, “how would we have passed if we didn’t? All we do in that class is pass notes.”

Adara rolled her eyes.

Fifteen minutes later, the three were in standing in the classroom, Christine and David trying to find the “perfect spot.”

“Well, if we sit over there, the sun might cause a glare on the white parchment.” David was saying.

“True, true, but if we sit in the opposite corner, the chalk dust will get all over us.” Christine replied.

“Okay, I’m going to go sit in a random seat and you two can follow me,” Adara said.

“Yeah, sure,” David waved her off.

Throwing her arms up, Adara wondered how her friends could give so much attention to where they were going to sit, yet not pay attention in class. She walked up to the second row from the front and sat down in the first seat. She saw that Christine and David had sat down in the seats behind her.

Her other classmates were already arriving. Adara put her head in her hands and allowed herself to relax for a few more seconds.

Someone tapped her on the back. She lifted her head and turned around, “Sirius?” she gasped. How could he be in this class too! He couldn’t be going for the same profession as she… could he?

“Hey, Adara! I thought that was your hair. It really is quite long, you know.” Sirius announced happily.

“I know my hair is long, Sirius,” Adara sighed, “Now why are you here?”

“Well, this is my Runes class and you are in my seat.”

“Your seat?” Adara repeated, amused.

“Yes. My seat.”

“I don’t see your name on it.”

“Well, you should,” Sirius told her carefully, “See? It’s right here!” he pointed to a spot in both the chair and the desk where the faint wording of “Sirius Black” could be seen carved in the wood.

“That’s vandalism.” Adara said.

“That’s my chair.”

“I’m not moving.”

“If you have not noticed, dear, I tend to get violent when I do not get my seat, take Prongs – James for example,” Sirius told her.

“Where is your little group anyway?” Adara asked.

“They don’t like Runes, for some odd reason. I, personally, think that reading symbols is quite interesting. But they don’t think so,” Sirius explained, shrugging, “But, you are very much mistaken if you think that will distract me from the fact that you are in my seat.”

“Come on!” Adara said, “Just go sit in any of the other chairs. Look, there’s one beside David right there.” Adara pointed to the chair beside David.

“Yes, why don’t you take it?”

“Because I already have a seat.”

“My seat.” Sirius pointed at it.

“Mine now,” Adara shrugged and turned to face the front of the class.

“We’ll see,” Sirius mumbled. Suddenly, Adara was in the air.

“SIRIUS!” she yelled as she was levitated, “Put. Me. Down. This. Bloody. Instant!” Sirius was very lucky that Adara had dropped her wand.

“Addie!” David cried.

“Shall I curse him?” Christine asked.

“NO! I’ll fall!” Adara told her.

“Don’t fret, I’ll put her down, one second,” Sirius smiled as he pulled out his seat and sat down with his wand still levitating Adara.


“Almost,” Sirius held up the finger of his other hand to tell her and her friends to ‘wait.’

Adara was beyond angry. She crossed her arms. Sirius slid Adara’s stuff onto the next desk and chair then turned to look at the levitated girl.

“See, this could have all been avoided!”

“Black, put her down or I’ll report you!” David threatened.

“Will you?” Sirius asked.

“Just put her down!” Christine told him sternly.

“Fine, fine.” Sirius levitated her down to the chair next to him just as the door to the classroom shut.

Adara glared at Sirius before taking out her quill and parchment.

“Don’t be angry, ‘Dara. I just wanted what was rightfully mine!”

Adara huffed at him and looked determinedly up at the teacher, who had begun to talk.

“Come on, it was a little fun,” Sirius whispered. Adara ignored him.

“—and I will need absolute quiet, Mr. Black, for this year’s translations are going to require much concentration –”

Sirius poked Adara on the shoulder.

She didn’t respond.

He poked her again, harder.

She still pretended that he didn’t exist.

He then levitated his quill and poked her with it, hard, “Ow!” Adara whispered, “Stop!”

“I hate being ignored!” Sirius whined.

“Well, don’t levitate people, or things at people, and you won’t be ignored!” Adara told him and turned her attention back to the professor.

Wait, how did he do that? Said a little voice in the back of Adara’s mind, I didn’t hear a spell, but he sucks at nonverbal spells… unless he’s improved overnight… yeah, right.

The professor had given them some “review” translations. The room was quiet except for the scraping of quills. I have to know! Adara thought.

Adara ripped off a piece of parchment slowly so that it wouldn’t make loud a noise and scribbled,  How did you do that? and passed the note to Sirius. Sirius took it mouthing, ‘but you have a boyfriend!’ and clutching his heart. Adara rolled her eyes and pointed at the note. She watched as Sirius read the note and looked at Adara questionably, then wrote something and passed it back. Adara read it: Do what, love?

Rolling her eyes yet again, Adara wrote back, Levitate me and the quill without saying the incantation.
Sirius read the note and his face fell a bit: I whispered.



I’m not stupid; you can do nonverbal spells, can’t you!


You faked it yesterday!

Faked what?

Stop playing dumb. You faked not being able to do nonverbal spells in D.A.D.A.

Fine, I did. I’m really a god, I came here to Earth to protect virginity. By the way, I like your knickers – very festive… just kidding.

Stop that, it’s not funny. You’re good at nonverbal spells, why’d you fake it?


Because wh--- we sound like three year olds. Just tell me.



Because I like passing notes.

Sirius! Tell me or I’m stopping.

I’m actually surprised that you went on this long, we’re supposed to be almost done with our translations!


Adara, frustrated with herself, crumpled up the parchment and shoved it in her bag. She then started working on her translations. Luckily, because she had looked over them over the summer, she finished only a few minutes after the rest of the class. She ignored Sirius the rest of the class, but as soon as class was over, he tried to get away from her, but she caught up.

“Why are you trying to avoid me?” she asked him as she kept pace with his fast strides.

“I’m not.”

“You are. Now, tell me why you faked being able to do nonverbal spells,” Adara asked.

“You are very nosy.”

“I know.”

“And persistent.”


“Well, I’m off,” he tried to lose her down a corridor.

“Nope, can’t loose me that easily Sirius, I’m a Seeker.” Adara said proudly as she spotted him in the crowd.


“Just tell me!”

“Fine,” Sirius spun around, “I thought it was cute when you tried to help me.”

Adara was shocked, she opened her mouth and closed it many times. This was not what she had expected, “W—what?” she asked.

“You heard me,” Sirius mumbled.

“Yeah, I just can’t believe it.” Adara admitted. She and Sirius stood in the emptying corridor awkwardly.

“Well,” Sirius said.

“I have to get to Charms.” They said together. Finally, Adara smiled.

“Well, since you’re obviously stalking me, might as well make the job easier for you,” she mock-sighed.

“I’m eternally grateful,” Sirius announced as they walked towards their next class.

They walked down the hallway talking about how people who thought liking Runes was weird were weird, “But who wouldn’t want to know how to write and read odd symbols and stuff? I mean then you can write secret messages to people!” Sirius said, “the others just don’t get it.” He shook his head sadly.

They walked into the Charms classroom about two minutes before the bell was to ring. Adara looked and saw that Jayden, Christine, David, and Laila had saved her a seat next to them.

“I have to go claim that seat before Prongs gets here,” Sirius told her as he walked over quickly and took the third seat next to Remus, which left one of the four – whomever was Prongs – without a seat. Adara took her seat next to Jayden, but when she looked up at him, he wasn’t smiling.

“What’s wrong?” she asked. She followed his stare ad saw that it was directed at Sirius who was sitting directly across from her, “Oh, him.”

“Yes, him. He’s trouble. I know it.” Jayden growled as the bell rung.

“He’s just someone I talk to when I have a class with him alone,” Adara whispered.

“Still.” Jayden said, tearing his glare from Sirius to look up at Professor Flitwick.

The door swung open as Potter walked in, “Sorry I’m late, Professor,” he said, “I was caught up by Peeves.”

“Don’t do it again, Potter.” Flitwick warned.

“Yes, sir.” Adara watched as he noticed that there were no more seats for him over by his friends. Sirius stuck his tongue out at him. He scowled at him and came to sit next to Christine, who was on Adara’s other side.

“So, first, we are going to be learning the charm that produces water,” Flitwick squeaked, “the incantation is Aquamenti! and the wand movement like so,” he demonstrated, “Please summon one of these buckets on my desk, and begin trying to produce water.”

Adara summoned her bucket and began trying, on her third try a small squirt of water came out of the tip of her wand, “Very good, Ms. Moore!” Flitwick squeaked, “Ms. Evans,” to Adara’s dismay the professor turned to the red-head from potions class, “it looks like you have some competition this year!”

Adara smiled proudly as the Evans girl gave her a look that could kill. Then, Evans muttered the incantation and waved her wand and a full stream of water erupted from the tip of her wand, “Four tries and a perfect charm, well done!” Flitwick told her. Adara heard James whisper something along the lines of “that’s my girl.”

Adara scowled as Evans winked, I really don’t like her. She looked over to Sirius, who understood because he had seen them in Potions. Sirius flashed her a grin and a shrug then made water erupt from his wand, but strangely stopped the flow when the professor came to observe him. Weird. Adara thought.


    I can’t tell you how disappointed I was when I didn’t receive a letter from my favorite daughter, who is off a Hogwarts, for a whole four days! Yeah, I’m writing this on Thursday, so you’ll probably get it on Friday, which is FIVE days. Apparently you don’t love me anymore. I’ll just have to have another daughter to be my favorite.
    So what’s happening? I need details, as I’m sitting here in the house all alone with no social life because I have to work. But I’m not going to beg. That much.
    Oh, well. I miss you so much, baby. Please write soon. Tell Jay that I said hi. And all your other friends.
Love you,

Addie smiled as she read her mother’s letter. It hadn’t arrived until after dinner on Friday because her mum’s tiny owl was a slow flier. She felt a little guilty that she hadn’t written yet, but with all the homework that she now had and all the things going on, she literally hadn’t had time. Usually sleep beat out writing a letter – even if that letter was to her mum. She set the letter down on her bedside table and stood to walk over to the window.

It was a nice cool September night, and Adara was thinking about going out for a nice fly around the pitch. She hadn’t been able to just fly in forever, and Quidditch wouldn’t start for at least another week. Making a decision, she grabbed her broom and sweater and walked down the stairs to the common room.

“Jay?” she asked as she walked up behind him.

“Hey,” he replied looking up from his essay.

“You want to come flying with me? We haven’t flown together in forever!” she said.

Jayden looked as if he was going through some painful internal struggle, “Addie,” he finally said, “I really want to, but I can’t I have to finish this essay.”

“It’s Friday!”

“Yeah, but Professor Sprout gave us an extension because it was due today but she said we could turn it in tomorrow. Sorry.” He explained.

Adara tried not to show her disappointment, “It’s okay. I’ll just go by myself and have a nice peaceful ride.”

“Wish I could join you,” Jayden smiled. Adara nodded, pecked Jay on the lips, and headed out of the door.

The smell of grass and mud met her as soon as she entered the pitch. She took a deep breath and realized how much she had missed that smell. She pulled her sweater over her head and pulled her long hair out of it. She didn’t bother putting her hair up into a ponytail, she liked the way that the wind whipped through it when it was down.

She mounted her broom and kicked off the ground. The night air rushed through her body and her heart gave an excited leap. She leaned forward and sped across the pitch, her hair pounding her back, her sweater tight against her chest as she raced forward. She turned at the corner of the pitch and sped back the other way. She imagined the snitch near the ground and dropped into a dive. Closer and closer she got the ground, she was just about to pull out of the dive when, “Who’s that?” she pulled the broom up so fast that it spun her off. Luckily she was only about five feet off the ground, so her landing didn’t hurt her that bad.

Lying on her back in probably one of the five puddles of mud on the whole field, Adara opened her eyes slowly to see (and possibly curse) the person that had scared her and made her fall.

“Adara?” the face of Sirius Black came into view as he knelt beside her.

“I hate you, Sirius.” Adara said.

“What’d you fall off your broom for?” Sirius asked.

“I thought it’d be fun,” Adara answered sarcastically, still lying in the mud, “You scared me, you git.”

“What were you diving for?” Sirius asked, laughing.

“I was practicing. I am a Seeker, you know.” Adara said as she lifted herself onto her elbows, “can you help me out of this?” Sirius stood up and offered Adara a hand. She reached up and took it, it was warm, Adara wished she could put it to her face – because it was warm and her face was cold, that is.

He pulled her up out of the mud, “What are you doing here, anyways?” Adara asked Sirius as she tried to charm the mud off of herself.

“I was going to go for a ride,” Sirius shrugged, “maybe do a few mud dives, stuff like that.”

Adara glared at him, “Ha, ha.” She said,  “So you decided to come out here alone?”

“Yeah. So you decided to come out here alone? Where’s your boyfriend, Booty, or whatever.” Sirius asked her as he charmed the mud off of her back.

“He had homework,” Adara told him, “we do usually come out here together.”

“Adara and Booty sitting in a tree…” Sirius sung in a high voice.

“For Merlin’s sake, you’re sixteen!” Adara laughed.

“So?” Sirius asked as he finished charming the mud off.

Adara rolled her eyes, “You know, you could try to be a little nicer to him and maybe you could get along.”

“Really?” Sirius asked, excitedly, “Then we could hold hands and ride the unicorns over the rainbows!”

Adara laughed and scowled, “You are so incredibly witty.”

“I try.” Sirius shrugged, “Here, I’ll make you a deal.”

“What?” Adara asked, her hand on her hip.

“We race around the pitch. If you win, then I’ll to be nice to Booty. If I when then you have to… sit with me in Potions until Christmas.” Sirius proposed.

Adara thought about it, “Fine.” She said as she mounted her broom, “GO!” she kicked off and soared into the air.

“CHEATER!” Sirius called after her as he mounted and kicked off.

Adara was winning, she was a good ten feet in front of Sirius, until she looked back to see how far ahead she was and unintentionally slowed down. Sirius caught up and they were side by side. The “finish line” was right ahead. Adara bent over her broom to speed up, she was going to win…

“NO!” Sirius launched himself off of his broom and onto Adara’s. Adara pulled hers back to slow down at the sudden surprise.

“Hey!” she yelled back at him.

“Your hair is killing me!” Sirius yelled back and then starting spitting. They were still flying.

“Don’t spit in my hair!” Adara told him.

“It’s attacking my mouth!” Sirius called, his voice muffled. The broom was a good six of seven feet off the ground, but Sirius grabbed a hold of Adara’s waist and threw the both of them off.

“SIRIUS!” Adara yelled as they fell. Adara landed on top of him.

“Ouch.” Sirius said.

“You threw us off the bloody broom! What the hell were you thinking!” Adara rolled off of him and onto the grass.

“I was thinking that your long hair was going to suffocate me if I didn’t.” Sirius answered.

“If you don’t like my hair, just say it.”

“I love your hair, just tie it up when you’re on a effing broom!” Sirius told her.

Adara blew a raspberry at him.

“Addie?” called a voice. Adara shot into a seated position.

“Jay?” she called back.

“Yeah, hey, I came to ride – what is he doing here?” Jayden asked Adara when he came into view.

Damn! thought Adara, He’s going to think that I came out here with him!

“He just came into the stadium! I swear I didn’t –” Adara started but was interrupted by a bark.

“Doesn’t he belong to Hagrid the gamekeeper?” Jayden asked.

“What?” Adara turned and saw, exactly where Sirius had been a moment before, a huge shaggy, black dog. Though she was confused, she was also saved, “Oh, er, yeah.”

“Why’s he here?” Jayden asked.

“I dunno, but he made me fall about seven feet off my broom, that’s why I’m on the ground.” Adara said as she stood up, still completely confused as to what had happened.

“Odd,” Jayden commented, he walked over to Sirius’ broom, “Whose is this?” he asked.

“Er,” Adara started, but again the dog saved her. The huge dog walked over to where Jayden was holding the broom, took it in his mouth, and then, with the broom, walked right off the pitch.

“That is one weird dog.” Jayden said.

“Seriously.” Adara answered.

“So, you want to ride?” Jayden asked, “I finished early so I thought I’d come out here.”

“Actually, I’m really tired,” Adara said, “and sore.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet that fall hurt,” Jayden said.

“Both of them.” Adara nodded.

“What? You fell twice?”

“No! I meant both of my legs,” Adara invented. She needed to get sleep. Now.

“Well, let’s get you up to the common room, then. I’ll get your broom.” Jayden offered.

“Thanks.” She said as they both started towards the warm castle.

A/N: YAY! I really like this chapter. I don't know why, just do. So, please tell me whether you do or not. I really love the reviews, they make me SOOOOO happy!!!
So please continue to leave them =].

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