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How Far? by Tom_DracosGirl
Chapter 4 : Lucius Takes Control
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A/N: Thanks to everyone who has been reading and reviewing this fic. 
I promised that I wouldn't be too long with an update. Hope you like this chapter.

Chapter 4

Lucius Takes Control

Narcissa glanced up at her husband a suspicious look on her face. “What exactly are you plotting now?” She demanded.

“You’ll see, Cissy darling. Just don’t mention anything to Draco.”

She sighed heavily, “I wish you wouldn’t insist on telling me these things. I don’t like to take sides between you, but you always somehow rail road me into it.”

“Draco has to learn, Cissy. Tonight has proven that he has learnt well, he lies proficiently. But he also has to learn that he cannot lie to me.” Lucius smirked and rubbed his hands together. “This is going to be fun. You just wait and see his little face.”

“Oh I don’t think there’s any need for all this nonsense. Can’t you just let him think he’s won?”

He eyed his wife in surprise, “Do you know me at all?” he asked dryly. He was answered with another heavy sigh as she picked up her glass and took another sip of her wine. “Mika!” He bellowed making his wife jump.

“Don’t do that!” She snapped, pressing a hand to her chest.

A small house elf appeared in the door way, “Master called?”

“Yes I called. Go and fetch Master Draco.”

The house elf did a little lopsided curtsey, “Yes sir.”

Two minutes later Draco and Luna entered the room again. Lucius was quick to spot the suspicion in his son’s face. “Nice walk?”

“Oh yes, your house is lovely, Mr Malfoy. Although I wish I’d arrived sooner to see the grounds better in the day light.” Luna told him, aware that her voice had gone a little higher pitched than normal. But that was the effect he had on her, Lucius Malfoy scared her.

“I’m glad you like it, Luna. We can of course always rectify the situation of you seeing the grounds. Tell me, how are you fixed for the remainder of the holidays? I take it you're not going anywhere due to the fact that you’ve hardly seen Draco this summer. I presume that you would wish to spend as much time together as possible.”

“Naturally.” Draco answered for her. He didn’t understand why his father kept pressuring Luna, it was extremely annoying.

“Well, that settles it then doesn’t it, Cissy?”

Narcissa looked up startled. “Does it?” She couldn’t remember agreeing to anything, had she drunk that much already?

“What does it settle?” Draco demanded warily. He wouldn’t trust his father as far as he could throw him when he wore that satisfied, smug expression.

“Luna will stay here for the remainder of the holidays. We can send for your luggage of course. Good idea?” He questioned, mentally chalking one up to himself and feeling immensely pleased at the horrified expression on his sons face.

Luna stared stupidly at the man before her. He couldn’t really be suggesting that she stay here at the Manor for the remaining two weeks until school started could he? What the hell had Draco gotten her into?

She glanced up at him but he looked just as confused and horrified as she did. Evidently this was new to him as well.

She could think of nothing to say. Lucuis on the other hand seemed to have quite a lot to say.

“You see Cissy, I told you they’d be shocked that we’re such….what’s the word I’m looking for? Cool is it? Is that the word you kids use today?” He didn’t wait for either Luna or Draco to reply but carried on regardless. “We’re such cool parents, Cissy.”

“We are?” She questioned, being momentarily stunned herself.

“Well of course we are, inviting the girlfriend to stay and everything. This way everyone’s happy. We get to know Luna better and they get to spend all the time they want together. Are my ideas good? Or are my idea‘s good?” He smirked victoriously.

“Um, I suppose.” Narcissca replied.

“Cissy you know it‘s a good idea. We’d have killed for this opportunity when we were their age. Remember all we wanted to do was spend all our time together?” He prodded.

“Of course I remember.” Narcissa smiled softly at her husband.

“I also remember how we used to be when we hadn’t seen each other for a few days. I know we don’t really like to think of Draco and Luna like that, but they’re no different to us are they?” He pointed out, absently running a hand across his wife’s bare shoulder; his eyes never leaving the strained face of his son.

Narcissa sighed, “I suppose not. If you're happy with it then I’ve no objections. It’ll be nice having another woman around the house for a change.”

Draco’s mind was reeling, where the hell had this come from? He was knocked for six, this he hadn’t expected. What was his father playing at now?

“Don’t just stand there gawping, Draco. Take Luna to the study, she can send word to her father from there can’t she? Go on.” Lucius waved a hand towards the door.

Draco didn’t need telling twice. He grabbed hold of Luna and almost hauled her out of the door, dragged her protesting across the foyer, down the corridor to the right and into the study shutting the door firmly behind him.

Luna spun round placing her hands on her hips and glared at him. “What do you think you are doing? What is going on? You never said I had to stay here, a couple of hours one night you said.” She reminded him heatedly.

Running his hands through his hair he began to frantically pace the room. “I know, I know. Let me think for a minute. One of two things is happening, either he knows we’re lying and is trying to freak us out, or he thinks we’re lying and he’s trying to trip us up. Bloody hell!”

Luna watched him pace and listened while he muttered to himself his head bowed and shoulders hunched. She knew it was important to him that his father believe their relationship was real, she could see the rivalry between them easily. What she assumed to have started out as some innocent fun had escalated out of control over the years and now they fought each other tooth and nail for the upper hand. At least Lucius did.

Draco she knew now didn’t want the upper hand with his father so much as he wanted to prove he could do everything just as well as his father could. He wanted to live up to his father expectations and he wanted his father to be proud of him.

It sadden her to think that Draco found in necessary to lie to achieve his aims. The situation didn’t have to be real, so long as Lucius thought it was Draco was happy.

She tilted her head to see his face better, the usually smooth skin was creased up in concentration as his Slytherin mind spun over the possible ways of getting out of this mess without losing face.

“This is important to you isn’t it?” She questioned gently.

Draco stopped pacing and sighed heavily.  “Yes. But don’t worry, I’ll think of a way out of it, just bare with me.” He began to pace again.

“It’s ok, Draco. You don’t have to think of a way out of it. I’ll stay and help you out.” She offered, although even when she said it Luna wasn’t totally sure where the words had come from. She knew why though. She felt sorry for him, but she wouldn’t ever say that aloud it would hurt his pride too much.

It grieved her to see him fight so much with his father when her relationship with her father was so different. They had warm, friendly feelings between them but Draco didn’t have that and she felt sorry for him. Besides, what could it really hurt if she stayed and helped him out? It wasn’t as if she had a full social diary was it? And perhaps, after all this was over they could remain friends. She’d like to be friends with Draco she had the feeling he could be very nice if he wanted to be. He had been nice to her so far; albeit she was doing him a favour, but it hadn’t seemed like an act.

Draco blinked at her, “I’m sorry, you’ll do what?”

She smiled at his astounded tone. “I’ll stay. I’ll help you out, and I don’t want anything from you either.” She added quickly.

“Why? Why would you do that?” He couldn’t believe it, wouldn’t allow himself to believe that she had really offered to do this for him, with no hidden agenda of her own, she just wanted to help him out.

It was too good to be true, that he would get to save face with his father and have Luna around him for twenty four hours a day for two whole weeks! He could work wonders in this length of time, he could show her what he was really like. Show her how much he could really care about her if she’d only let him. This was his chance, he’d never ever get another one like it if he lived to be one hundred!

Luna shrugged, “I want to.” And she did, it wasn’t a lie she did want to help him. He had looked so lost and distressed during his pacing that her heart went out to him and she was determined to help him now.

Draco breathed deeply reminding himself not to touch her. He had no right to crush her to him the way he desperately wanted to; but maybe, one day soon he would be allowed to be with her and she would want him the way he wanted her.

“Are you sure?” He had to give her one last chance to change her mind.

“Yes. Where’s the parchment? I’ll need to give daddy specific instructions.” She sat at the desk and began to write a letter to her father with Draco leaning over her shoulder reading every word she wrote and breathing heavily against her neck making her shiver.

“I can give it to a house elf, it’ll be quicker than by owl and then they can do the packing and bring your things straight away.” He suggested

Luna nodded, “That’s fine with me. Here.” She handed him the letter.

Ten minutes later Draco and Luna re-entered the dining room where Lucius was still sat with Narcissa congratulating himself on a well executed play.

“I hope you don’t mind father, but I gave Luna’s letter to her father to Mika to take to her home. It’ll be faster than by owl and then Mika can do the packing and bring Luna’s things straight away.” Draco informed his father smugly.

“What?” Lucius stared stupidly at his son.

“That’s fine, Draco darling. Very good idea. The sooner Luna’s settled in the better. Wouldn’t you agree, Lucius?” Narcissca silently congratulated Draco on an excellent come back.

“Oh yes.” Lucius managed to splutter, trying madly to control the rage that boiled within him.

So Draco was willing to push things was he? He had gone further than Lucius had given him credit for, he had underestimated his opponent one rule he always made sure he never broke. But if that was how Draco wanted to play it then fine. He was willing to comply. Lucius was sure he was smarter when he was sound asleep than his son was on his best day.

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