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Heart of the Phoenix by snape_is_good
Chapter 12 : The Wrath of Remus
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Kaily groaned, keeping her eyes tightly shut. She didn’t really know what was happening; only that she had had a fabulous dream. The teen couldn’t remember any of it though. As she was trying to think back, all she could see was something too bright and vivid for a pair of pupils to witness, zooming across the brilliant starry sky, sending peace and comfort to those who saw it. Kaily wanted to stay in her sleep, to dream forever…

“Miss Kaily, miss!” Dobby’s high-pitched voice sounded as if from far away. The teen dared to open her eyes. She realized the pain in her stomach was gone, and that it seemed she was in a bedroom. ‘This must be Bill’s and Fleur’s’ Kaily told herself.

“Dobby sees that you are awake, miss!” Dobby’s long crooked nose was a near two inches away from the girl’s face. The house elf was holding a rusty platter holding up what seemed like hot chocolate and… was that a pair of socks?

Seeming to read the teen’s mind, Dobby added, “I figured your feet might be cold, miss! I made them myself!” Kaily suddenly became aware of her bare feet in front of her, a soft yellow blanket lay beneath them.

“Oh, thanks Dobby…” the girl slowly grabbed the socks. One was stripped purple and yellow while the other one was a sickly maroon color. Kaily quickly put the nicely knitted socks on her frozen feet. Dobby smiled triumphantly.


Kaily groggily ventured out the room and down a staircase to find a group of people seated around a table. They all smiled as the teen approached while they cheered and clapped. The unexpected girl blushed and smiled; no one had ever shown appreciation towards her.

“Way to go, Kaily!” Harry applauded. “Without you, Dobby wouldn’t be with us!”

Kaily was flushing horribly. No one had ever, in the teen’s whole lifetime, congratulated her for an accomplishment. It was a pleasant new feeling.  She didn’t know how to react.

Moments later there was a loud ‘pop’ sound coming from the kitchen, and Remus Lupin entered the room. The man looked ten years younger as he walked toward Harry, a slight spring in his step and a large smile spread across his face. He gave the boy a hug as he asked Harry if he’d like to be Teddy’s godfather. Harry quickly accepted the offer.

Kaily grinned in their direction. She was very proud of her most recent memory with Lupin and was certain their relationship was completely healed. To her utter surprise, though, the man looked up from Harry’s shoulder and glared at her. “Kaily, can I see you in the kitchen for a moment? In private?”

The girl was fearful of his icy, unpleasant tone, but she bravely said she’d go. The teen followed Lupin into the kitchen; glistening silver utensils twinkled upon them. Lupin slowly, almost warily turned around and cast Muffliato on the entry door. The man then swiftly turned around and clutched the girl’s shoulders, violently shoving Kaily against the frosty refrigerator. The wolf inside him seemed to unleash an unexpected, wanton behavior.

Kaily swallowed all the courage inside her as she gazed into his penetrating, moonlike hazel eyes. The hostile, vehement gaze pierced venom into the helpless teen’s heart. This caused a lightheaded feeling; which pervaded throughout her entire being.

“Don’t…ever…” he seemed breathless. His voice was barely audible, yet menacing all the same. “Don’t…EVER…” The sound augmented, sending fright into Kaily’s mind. “You…IDIOTIC…STUPID CHILD! You could have blown your cover! If anyone even SUSPECTED that you knew that Dobby would die, everything would have been for NOTHING!” Kaily whimpered, holding back the tears that were too willing to appear. “YOU ALMOST RUINED EVERYTHING!”

Lupin gave a final shove as he turned and casually strolled out the room, almost as if nothing occurred. Kaily followed him out the kitchen. When she entered the room she noticed everyone at the house was happily chatting away. Evading eye contact with those surrounding her, the girl let her legs tow her towards the staircase. Her body was numb. Her long fingers gently grabbed the staircase rail, her lower lip trembling madly. The girl sluggishly dragged her feet up the stairs. She could feel Lupin’s gaze following her. Pretending nothing was wrong; Kaily opened the door to her room, her arms shaking. She then shut the door and flung herself onto the twin bed, letting all her tears and sobs loose. The teen clutched the pillow against her chest, fruitlessly trying to drop herself into the cushion, to lose herself. Trying not to feel. Trying not to stay with reality. Trying not to exist any longer.

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