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Marius Chasing Love by inevitable
Chapter 3 : Twelve-Year-Old Girl's Jealousy
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A/N: I quit PW, but I find a big fondness to continue this story. I love reviews, so review.

Marius and Anna’s Puppet Master, this is for you!

Hey there,
I know it's hard to feel like I don't care at all
Where you are and how you feel
With these lights off as these wheels
Keep rolling on and on
Slow things down or speed them up
Not enough or way too much
How are you when I'm gone?
(Ohio is for Lovers - Hawthorne Heights)

“Tatsuha Nishimura.”

The loud thrashing and trashing of piled up messy files down his table hit Tatsuha when he finished his last on-air show with Dafydd. He looked up slowly, his defeated eyes focused on the person in front of his desk in his little cubicle.

“Auxxel Simon,” Tatsuha replied, he blew a slow yawn, wiped a tear from his eye then scrubbed it with his lazy hand. He stretched his hand and hugged his pillow next to him. Yes, pillows. The wizarding radio was like a second home for Tatsuha and the other important crew in Hogs Radio. They barely go back to their own flat. If they really wanted a nice bed that’s comfortable, cozy and cuddly, Auxxel’s own flat was the best alternative since it was right across the street, a nice high-rise that can view city lights of London.

Tatsuha looked at the figure in front of him, the nineteen-year-old girl wore torn jeans and black t-shirt that said I Need Coffee and a careless pulled up brown messy hair was looking back at Tatsuha; she looked completely blank and obviously tired. Auxxel dragged her chair while saying, “Marius told me to do the next script of the episode.

Script? Wasn’t this Marius’s idea? Why was he giving the job to Auxxel?

“And… the reason you hand over these files supposedly means that you’re making me do it for you?” Tatsuha responded.

“No, he said he had plans, since the listeners can’t wait for the next radio play, Alan’s fastening the deadline. Since I’m Marius’s secretary…” Auxxel explained, she pulled up a laptop and said, “So, I guess we can do it together!”

Laptop, the one thing unnecessary in the wizarding world. But who can fight the Auxxel Simon? She got her own way. Muggleborns rule all of the chicken, as Auxxel frequently said when others were asking about her yellow laptop. Yellow, like a baby chick. Why was she obsessed with chickens? It’s not as if she eats them often (probably because she respects and worship them) especially after Auxxel found out that Tatsuha’s vegetarian. Sweet arrogant girl, still respecting the seniors.

“Do it together?” Tatsuha asked unsurely, “This radio play is dull, an Aurors romance story… why don’t Marius just end it up with them kissing while dying in a battlefield? The end.”

Auxxel nodded in agreement and started typing while saying, “Okay, that’s one possibility for an ending.”

Tatsuha resisted rolling his eye, Auxxel did several soft clicks with her fingers down the touchpad; muggle music dived through the empty chamber and jingled his ears smoothly in an indolent Saturday night. Tatsuha passed his head over the window and saw Auxxel’s apartment across their Hogs radio building that was lit with a dull lamp, Dafydd was probably already dozing off on one of those comfortable futon. Through his tired mind and eyes, sleepless because of coffee.

He reached a parchment that slid off from the files of Auxxel's that read:

A corridor delusion, becomes a suicidal romance, never ending obsession
Till I take control and stop my aspiration from calling out for you another race to find love
Like a shadow easily swept with by the wind whispering words into the ears of a stranger
And secrets into your soul blinded and now fumbling around for you
No where to be found, it's hard to hold this pen and write the last wish…

Haha. Auxxel's definitely can't make this poem, it's too deep for her. Besides... Where are the chickens?

“Why are you asking me to do it? Can’t you discuss it with Marius himself?”

Auxxel shrugged, “I don’t feel like talking to Mar—never you really mind… Uh… It’s just that I noticed how the names of the characters are Hanna, Mario, and David… Marius is stupid talking about his love life through a radio, and people are actually liking it.”

Tatsuha laughed lightly and said, “The reason you want my help?”

Auxxel bent her head down and wiped her shyness away by looking at the window, Tatsuha saw those little cheeks of hers were blushing. “Well, you know him better than I do, I mean… you know, with Anna and Marius thing.”

Tatsuha looked at Auxxel, his blue blazing eyes watched Auxxel’s, there were dark shadows when Auxxel mentioned Anna’s name.

Tatsuha always knew Auxxel had a fancy feeling for Marius. The last ball Marius attended, helped Auxxel sneak in and slip her a dance. It cheered Auxxel but mostly she ended up dancing with Tatsuha because Anna was Marius’s current girlfriend; it was entertaining when Auxxel was slapping away Jewel Helter from Tatsuha’s reach because she was aptly mad. He remembered precisely, as she swayed with Tatsuha, her eyes were fixated on the perfect couple dancing from the distance. Marius and Anna. It was a nice memory kept in a Pensieve of his, seeing the twelve-year-old Auxxel looking truly jealous, a priceless expression of childish emotion.

“You like him don’t you?” Tatsuha said playfully, trying to entice the blushes of hers back when it started to fade.

“Shut up,” Auxxel said quickly, she was red again. Great job Tatsuha!

“What if I do?”

Tatsuha almost gagged.

That was fast.

Usually people needed an hour interrogation when a guilty person is in need to confess.

Tatsuha shrugged again, “Just asking, Xel, just asking…”

“That’s why, Tatsuha… Can you tell me more about… Marius?”

Tatsuha eyed Auxxel, betting mentally that this was his coffee sleep, just his mental mind wandering off in an excessive way. He pinched his arm and realized how the burn stung and hit him in a conscious sane mind. No, he’s not dreaming. The person in front of him was really Auxxel, and she’s asking him whether he can talk more about Marius.

Who is Tatsuha? Marius’s grandmother?

“Okay,” Tatsuha heaved a long sigh before starting, he really felt the tension of being an old woman where they tell dull stories to their little grandchildren.

“I kissed Marius.”


“Also your brother.”


“It was his first kiss.”


Yeah, this is going to be a long night with Auxxel…


I want to break every clock
The hands of time could never move again
We could stay in this moment
For the rest of our lives
I want to be your last first kiss
That you’ll ever have
(Anberlin - Inevitable)

“…And next week, because of your owl votes, Hanna will pick her true soul mate… It’s either Mario or David. Keep on sending those pretty owls, one of you will win a door prize if you guess it right! A nice package filled with Tatsuha Nishimura’s narcissist pictures will be sent right in front of your door!” Dafydd announced; his voice rang throughout London city as it was smeared with stimulation and pleasurable anticipation. Hogsid radio was loud at a nice Sunday morning. “Oi, Nishigit, are you still awake?”

“Oh, uh… Yeah,” Tatsuha responded by the other side of the mic. His lazy baggy eyes were scrubbed with his hand as he searched for his cold old coffee. He sipped it then spat it. “Keep listening to Hogsid’s radio play, script written by our producer… Mighty-V and Wasawzki.”

Marius that was behind the soundproof room shook his head like he used to, every time Dafydd and Tatsuha went on air. It was a daily activity, an unstoppable one, a sickening one. He gave a light morning greeting as he passed Auxxel’s cubicle then decided to go back to his own miserable cubicle—the one next to the toilet that smelled oh-so deadly. His grim look didn’t last forever as he saw the portrait moving beside him. Two figures looking happy as ever, as the boy kissed the girl with blonde curls so passionately. Marius missed Anna Sophia, like a five-year-old misses its grubby blanket. Two years had been so long… Why did Marius act so foolish and immature? The incident when he decided to isolate himself away from the girl of his life was terribly a big mistake, a colossal one.

“Still obsessed, I see?” Auxxel spat irritably and suddenly, her head popped out from the walls of Marius’s cubicle as she glided herself with her chair to his place.

“Morning, Xel,” Marius greeted dully, he pushed away the portrait and looked up at Auxxel, “What do you want?”

“Nothing,” Auxxel coolly, she pulled up the frame and gave a slight glance and glare as she watched Marius kissing Anna for the fifth time in the portrait, “I’m bored.”

“What should I do to make you feel… less bored?”

“Nothing,” repeated Auxxel.



Odd silence. One thing Auxxel hated the most, never did Auxxel had babbles block when she was near Marius. Ever since the frame was stacked on his table, Auxxel’s been a terrible jealous girl.

“Auxxel,” Marius said her name. The calm voice of Marius always soothed Auxxel, it was an anti-drug for Auxxel. Slap yourself, Auxxel… Quit it. Are you having a mindless infatuation?


“Have you… Ehm… Well… Consider to forgive someone when you know they cheated on you?” Marius asked quietly, Auxxel stared at his deadly hypnotizing eyes. How can Anna let go a bloke like this? He’s the perfect man any woman’s searching!

“Eh,” Auxxel gave a nervous chuckle, “Marius, you know I never had a boyfriend before in my life. Why are you asking me?”

No, I never had a boyfriend because I’ve been waiting. Waiting for so long… Waiting for you. Auxxel’s eyes told Marius the whole truth, it gazed Marius’s fair hair as his fingers went through it. Bad thing was, Marius’s eyes were focused down the frame Auxxel’s holding.

“You’re the only sane one in this radio station,” Marius replied quietly.

“Oh,” Auxxel simply replied, her tone of response shook so terribly.

Was she supposed to be relieved?




“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“How are you?”

“Not bad…”

Auxxel looked up at Marius that was obviously confused. She then said, “Uhm… Marius?”



Auxxel looked at Marius, never knew he was still deeply in love with Anna. Well, Auxxel wasn’t entirely shocked; Tatsuha did tell her last night that Anna was one of the few women Marius got sensitive spot on. Last night was a sleepless night with long hours of classes about Marius. It was the weirdest subject, but Auxxel would definitely get an “O” in exams. Without her own realization, the hot tears spilled from her eyes as a sign of disappointment. In no way of logical words that Marius got a space for Auxxel’s heart to fit in. It was fully reserved with Anna.

“Auxxel, are you—why are you crying?”

“Am I?” Auxxel let out a nervous chuckle, tried to wipe the weak tears away but it was not stopping at all.

“Auxxel, if you—”

“Marius, I’m alright, honest… Anna’s looking for you, her new office is right across the food court. She badly wants to see you,” Auxxel said quickly, her sentence was clumped like the longest word.

“Anna? Who? I mean, she wants to—?”

“—Who wants free concert tickets for Collapsing Trolls?” Tatsuha’s voice boomed in the chamber when he exited his on-air room.

“I DO!” Auxxel shouted. She walked away from Marius’ cubicle and reached out a ticket from Tatsuha’s grip.

“Morning, Xel.”

“Morning, Tats.”



Tatsuha grinned at her then gave her a sudden warm hug as he flung over his arms around her and pressed his chest against hers. Marius peered over his cubicle simply watched Auxxel’s sudden exit, completely befuddled with the fleet incident then Tatsuha suddenly embraced her. Did Marius miss something?

Auxxel bobbed her head and exit the place and disappeared.

Tatsuha walked over Marius and handed the ticket as Marius asked, “Did I miss something?”


A/N: Please, don’t think of any clichť things going to happen. Like Tatsuha comforting Auxxel and they fall in love or blablabla… Think deeper :D. I don't like cliches, so figure out a twist. -winky winky-

Oh, and the poemthat was not creditted were originally mine, so I'm not stealing anything, but don't steal mine!

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