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Time Again by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 27 : Chapter twenty seven
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Disclaimer these characters are just borrowed from JK Rowlins

Chapter twenty seven

Getting Well and NEWT’s

The day after Harry had the tree branch removed from his chest Madam Pomfrey declared Harry off the critical list, and returned to Hogwarts, telling Hermione before she went that both she and Harry were suspended from school until after the holiday on medical grounds. Harry was not to leave the bed for more than a few minutes a day for the next week, he can go to the little boy’s room and that’s all. She had told Hermione. Hermione had giggled; Harry was quite a few things but a little boy he most definitely was not.

Hermione cancelled everything she had planned, that included the new squib classes; she intended to get herself fit again. She had a husband who needed her, she had forgotten that for a while, and she had nearly lost him, she wanted no repeat of that.
She wasn’t even sure yet if Harry had forgiven her for the things she had said, they were cruel and nasty, and though she had not meant them, she had used the very words that had been used by his evil aunt and uncle to put Harry down for a very long time. She had not really had him to herself since his accident, but today she was putting her foot down and sending everyone home, or in Ginny’s case back to school.

As soon as she had sent her final visitor away, Hermione made her way to the kitchen where cook had some delicious chicken soup ready and waiting. Hermione had gotten her appetite back with a vengeance once she had eaten cook’s special broth, her colour was back to normal and she was feeling better by the hour. She was still worried, her periods had stopped some weeks ago, madam Pomfrey had told her it had been her poor physical condition, and lack of food that were the cause, she could only hope and pray that they would return to normal, she prayed she had not ruined their chance of having the family she knew they both wanted so much.

She remembered Harry’s words so distinctly, at the time she had thought them an insult but now she knew that Harry had been so desperately worried about her and their future family, his words echoed in her head.

“If you keep this up we will not be able to have children, you are working your body to a standstill and you are being too stupid to see it”

He had obviously noticed she was no longer having her periods and he was scared of what damage she was doing to her body.

Now she ate alone in the kitchen, the soup was full of goodness, cook knew what she was doing, and she would have something else ready for Hermione to eat on the hour every hour for the next three days, one day for each bowl of broth Hermione had eaten.

Harry was trying with some difficulty to raise him self up in the bed, he was totally sick of lying on his back; he knew he had been seriously hurt, but he just had to move.

Hermione walked into the room as he attempted to swing his legs from the bed. Rushing over to him she placed her hands on his shoulders and stopped him.

“Where the heck do you think you are going?” she asked as she swung his feet back on the bed.

“Aw come on Hermione love, I’m just off to the bath room,” he told her.

“And why would you want to go to the bathroom, you went just fifteen minutes ago, so come on Harry where were you off too?” she scolded

“Truth is I just wanted to get out of this bed,” He replied a little sheepishly.

Hermione joined Harry on the bed after placing his pillows so that he could sit up comfortably. Resting her head on his shoulder she suddenly began to weep.

Harry placed his arm around her and pulled her to him, “what is it love?” he asked with such gentleness in his voice it made her cry a little more.

“I love you Harry, I love you so much, but now I’m scared you don’t believe me anymore when I tell you,” Hermione sniffed as she managed to stop her crying “Those things I said were so thoughtless, horrible, and so cruel, I would rather die than hurt you, but I still managed to nearly get you killed.”

“Well I will admit I was stung by what you said, but I knew then and I know now you didn’t mean the things you said, I’ve been there remember, tired angry, irritated. I know what it’s like, I know how the words just come from nowhere and pop out, so stop all this worrying, you will never get well if you worry so. And I nearly killed myself, I’m not good enough a rider for the things I tried” Harry told her truthfully.

They sat holding each other on the bed until Hermione could resist the need for food no longer, “Cook gave me some broth yesterday, I don’t know what is in it but it has made me feel a whole lot better and my appetite has gone past that of Ron’s. I’m just off down to the kitchen to get a bite, I wont be long so don’t you try to get out of this bed while I’m gone, now promise me Harry,” she said as she made sure he was comfortable.

“Ok love, I promise I’ll be good, for a while anyway.” Harry said reluctantly.

“I mean it Harry you are to stay in this bed or else,” Hermione said smiling at him as she left the room.

A week later on his first day out of bed Harry got a surprise visit from a group of people he had only ever met during exams at the school, they were led by Minister Bones.
Glanry answered the door bell and led them into one of the reception rooms, then having been asked he led the minister to the kitchen where both Harry and Hermione were finishing off a late breakfast. Hermione welcomed their visitor and offered her a cup of tea. The minister was only too pleased to accept it; she had been busy since six that morning, with only a very short break.

As she sipped her tea with Harry and Hermione she dropped her surprise on them. Hermione thought she saw something in the minister’s eye but could not be sure what it meant, it was like the look of glee a young girl gets when asked on her first date.

“Now Mr and Mrs Potter, since your capture of those Death Eaters at Malfoy Manor, I have been trying to think of a way to show you the appreciation of the wizarding world, I have spoken with Albus and on his suggestion I have bent a few small rules and changed a few ancient practices. I have a proposal for you; if you accept it I think we might all feel just a little happier. Now Harry I heard about your riding accident and about the dreadful injuries you received, so I need to ask you if you would be capable of using your magic today?” The Minister said in her official tone.

“I think so, it was not a magical injury and I have had plenty of rest, thanks to Hermione who point blank refused to allow me out of bed for a whole week,” Harry said with a smile.

“Hermione would you be capable of using your magic today?” the minister asked.

Harry looked at his wife, she had begun to fill out again, whatever it was that cook was giving her was building her back to her former self, He nodded to her to show he thought she should say yes.

“Yes I should have no problem, might I ask why you want to know?” Hermione enquired.

“Yes well that’s where my proposal comes in, if you two can take and pass your NEWT’s today, then you would both be allowed to use your magic you would both be classed as of age, you Hermione are already an adult in our world, Harry you would be declared legally an adult too, me I would get a whole lot less paper work to do sorting things out every time you two catch a criminal, the paper work is murder, so I propose you save us all quite a lot of trouble by sitting your exams today” the minister answered.

“Take our NEWT’s today, but we still have a year at school to do, and that’s not including next term,” Hermione gasped.

Harry could see Dumbledore written all over this proposal, Albus knew that neither of them needed to go to school, they were already more highly skilled than any of the professors, it had just not been admitted to by anyone. Albus was also worried about the amount of work that Hermione was capable of doing surreptitiously, he had told Harry as much just two days before on his last visit. He had even suggested that Harry place an alarm on the bedroom door to wake him should Hermione try to sneak some work in while he slept.

“I’m willing to give it a go if it means we get to finish school a year early,” Harry volunteered.

“Well if you are going to do them, then I might as well do them too,” Hermione said, she was not really happy, she liked to prepare well in advance for exams.

“Right that’s settled then, we will start at around eleven,” minister Bones grinned “meanwhile perhaps you could see to it the examiners get a cup of tea, they are waiting in your reception.”

Harry and Hermione spent the day doing all their exams, they had no written work, instead it was all either practical or verbal, the only thing Harry struggled with even after all this time was history of magic, it was a subject he could just never enjoy.
The two of them did different exams all through the day, none of which seemed too hard or taxing for Hermione, Harry how ever was getting tired by mid afternoon.

‘Hermione love, I don’t think I’m going to get through this, all my energy seems to be gone’ Harry called to her during his charms exam.

‘Harry you sit down right now, I’ll be with you in a minute’ Hermione ordered him.

‘I still have two more of these exams to get through’ Harry replied to her order to sit.

‘Oh and how am I supposed to have my babies with a dead husband, now you take a seat, and I mean it Harry’

Harry was half way through his charms exam when an idea came to him, “Excuse me sir,” he said to the examiner, “I’m not feeling to good at the moment, is there any way to speed this up a little.”

“Ah yes your injuries, Madam Bones did tell us you might still be a little weak, dreadful injury thought eh?” the old examiner said sympathetically. “How about we finish off with a levitation charm.”

Harry smiled and calling for the earth magic he levitated every thing in the room without saying a word. The examiner was thrilled “I’ve never seen such power and skill,” he exclaimed as he placed a huge pass mark against charms on the form he held.

Hermione entered the room just as the furniture was settling back on the ground, she was furious at Harry for not sitting down and taking a break when she had told him too, ‘You just dare to die on me Potter, and I will come after you kill you again myself’ she scolded him.

Harry sank into a chair, he really was not feeling well, Hermione gave him a small phial, “From cook, she says to take a tiny sip every quarter hour till you are finished,” she told him as he looked at the scarlet coloured liquid.

Harry obediently took a sip, his eyes lit up when the taste hit him ‘by heck! Hermione in a bottle’ he chuckled.

‘Harry what are you on about’ Hermione asked confused by both his huge smile and what he had thought.

‘It tastes like you when we you know, only in a bottle, this could be embarrassing, if I weren’t so worn out’ Harry chuckled again.

Harry felt the energy returning to him as he sat wondering just what cook had put in this potion. Hermione took the small phial from him and took a tiny sip, at first there was no taste then it hit her taste buds, Harry kissing her was what it tasted like. ‘someone could make a fortune with this stuff’ she thought to him as she too felt a lift in her energy.

“What did you think, was I right, Hermione in a bottle?” Harry said as Hermione’s eyes glazed for a second.

“Harry Potter kissing me,” Hermione said as she passed him the phial back.

Just a little confused Harry put the little phial in his pocket, he had the defence exam next, it was one he did not wish to fail at, so he checked that the phial was definitely secure before making for the foyer, it was the largest clear space in the house and had been large enough to allow several shield charms to be placed to prevent the accidental escape of any stray spells. Hermione had already done her Defence and had thanks to Harry’s teaching done quite well.

Harry entered the foyer and was greeted by two enthusiastic Aurors who called over in unison, “Hi Harry.” It was the same two who had visited before.

The instructor was an ancient almost skeletal figure, “Ah Mr Potter, your Defence against the dark arts will consist of two duels, first you will face one of you adversaries, then you will face two adversaries, do you understand this?”

Harry nodded, it seemed easy enough.

“The only two spells you will be allowed are the disarming spell and the petrifying spell, is that all clear?”
“Yes sir, perfectly,” Harry answered

One of the Aurors walked out onto the floor, “I’ll be giving this all I’ve got Harry so no holding back, lets show this old one just how good you are, then maybe we could get another butter beer while you tell us all about how you caught seventeen of those dark beggars,”

Harry stood and faced his opponent and bowed, “I’m going to have to make this quick, not to well at the moment,” he said as he raised his arm in the usual salute.

The instructor told them to begin on the count of three.

As the word three left the mans mouth, the Auror lifted his arm and called out “Expilliarrrrrmmmus” then he looked down at his empty hand, his wand was gone.

“You looking for this,” Harry said grinning like a fool, the look on the Aurors face was worth taking a picture of. He had not seen Harry move or heard him speak and yet there he stood disarmed.

“Bloody hell Harry, I know you said you’d make it quick, but bloody hell,” the Auror said awe showing in his voice.

Harry passed the man his wand back and still grinning he said “Next.”

Facing the two Aurors Harry only watched their faces; he had learned long ago that waiting to see a hand movement was not a good idea. As one of them gave the slightest nod for his partner to go to the left Harry saw it and was ready when the old man said three, he disarmed the one who was going left while he petrified the other one; it was all over in just two seconds.

“Absolutely astounding, amazing, never saw anything like it,” the old man was saying as he scribbled furiously on the parchment. “If you need a job Mr Potter I feel sure the academy would accept you even at your young age.”

Having given back the wand and setting the petrified man free Harry chuckled “Come on you three, you look like you need a drink,”

Harry walked back in to the kitchen and asked cook for some beer and sandwiches for his guests. He then snuck up behind her as she set about making the sandwiches, and placed a small kiss on her cheek, Harry had no idea until then that house elves blushed, but cook gave him a very bright red faced smile as she said “Ooooh, Master Harry, you’re going to get cook in trouble with Mistress Hermione.”

“Hello, what you doing to our cook? Harry” Hermione asked as she walked into the kitchen.

Hermione laughed when Harry placed another kiss on cooks cheek and cook once more turned a really bright red, “Oh dear cook, now he knows about that you are going to have to keep an eye on him,” she laughed as cook fumbled with the plates.

“I thought you had a defence exam to do, you should be getting on with it and not annoying cook,” Hermione scolded him laughing at his expression.

“Done it, think I might have passed it too,” Harry declared.

“I haven’t even started on mine yet,” Hermione said huffing a little.

Hermione picked up a few of the kitchen utensils, “Just borrowing these for transfiguration,” she told cook when she received an odd look.

Thirty five minutes later Harry had given the Aurors a mostly truthful version of what had happened at Malfoy mansion and was just enjoying a sandwich when Hermione returned. ‘So how did you do love?’ he asked only being polite, he knew Hermione could transform anything she wanted too.

‘I think I did ok, but I wasn’t happy with my clock, I’m not sure if it was set at the right time’ she complained

Harry burst out laughing surprising the Aurors who were looking at him as though he had gone completely insane.

“Sorry, the look on the wife’s face, she gets like that after exams, always questioning if she did well enough, or if she missed dotting an i on the third word in the seventh paragraph, that sort of thing,” he said trying to cover his tracks.

“I do not wonder about my punctuation afterward, I just like to think through the way I did things,” Hermione told the two now grinning officers.

The two Aurors told Hermione about how well Harry had done, and how quickly he had done the task set. Hermione chuckled “What took you so long dear?”

“You know full well I’m not feeling too well yet, Hermione Jane Potter so don’t you go around suggesting I’m getting slow, and if I am then it must be old age,” Harry pouted till they all burst into laughter.

Madam Bones and the two Aurors stayed for the evening meal after Hermione invited them all to stay, the examiners all refused saying that they had to go back to their office and hand in the results of the examinations.

They informed the young Potters that their results would arrive by owl post sometime the following week, “It will be a nice Christmas present for you both I feel quite sure,” said the eldest examiner as they were bid goodbye.

Three days later Harry and Hermione were invited over to the Burrow for Christmas but had politely refused. Hermione explained that they were going to celebrate with the staff this year, Dig had no family and they had all become good friends, so along with Dobby, Sirius, and the house elves had been invited by Hermione to take a day off and join the Potters for Christmas lunch. Ginny wanted to spend Christmas with Hermione, and possibly Neville, although Neville was never mentioned in front of the Weasley matriarch, but her mother had put her foot down and she had been told she had to spend it with her family.

Harry promised that they would be spending the new year with the Weasley family, and that they would not miss it for anything, making Molly Weasley a little happier with things.

As Christmas week approached the weather turned mild and Harry wondered if they would get to see any snow this year. Hermione had a slightly pleasant surprise when exactly one week before Christmas day, she had her first period for quite some time, the relief she felt was tremendous, when visiting Madam Pomfrey about it, she was told that all her worries were over, everything was working as it should, children should be no problem though if she was foolish enough to do the same thing again she might not be so lucky.

Thursday morning they awoke to find over a dozen owls waiting with post, all the envelopes looked very similar, Hermione began to remove them while Harry sorted out a bag of owl treats for the birds.

‘Wonder what all these are about’ Hermione thought as she opened the first one.

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Time Again: Chapter twenty seven


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