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Once Again by Ink Laden Quill
Chapter 50 : Harry James Potter
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Author’s Note

*gets back up*
*dies again*

You guys are…amazing, beloved, coolio, delightful, ecstatic, fantastic, great…basically, the whole alphabet when it comes to good adjectives. See, everyone has a goal. I remember when I first started this story. I don’t think I got the first review until the second chapter was up. It was a struggle, trying to collect reviews. And here I am now, on chapter fifty. My goal was never one thousand…only because I thought that it was absolutely impossible to get up that high. So, you can only imagine my shock when I turned on the computer and saw that four digit number. For that, I thank all of you…for reading, for reviewing, whatever. So, here is the next chapter, just for you. Dedicated to all of you. I really enjoyed writing it.

Disclaimer: Everything you do not recognize belongs to me. The rest belongs to that wonderful woman who created the origin of this Fan Fiction.

At exactly 9:47 PM on July 30, 1980, Lily Potter’s water broke.

She had been cleaning the dishes from that night’s dinner when it happened.

James was sitting at the table with a headache. He had been spending the night trying to balance how much they had spent the last few months. And then subtracting that from his earnings. Math had never been his strong point. He detested it, especially when there were too many numbers.

The throbbing migraine didn’t help matters much either.

“How much was that crib we bought?”

“I dunno…fifty galleons?”

“Are you sure?” asked James. “Do you know the exact amount?

“Look in the drawer for a receipt. I think it was something like fifty galleons and fourteen sickles.”

James pulled out a slip of paper. “I think that’s right.” He reached up and turned off the light. It had been killing his head.

“James, I can’t see!” Lily cried. There was a small crash of dishes breaking and a muttered ‘reparo.

“Well, I can’t think with it on!”

“Then do your work tomorrow, when your headache’s gone.”

“I can’t! This had to be done tonight.”

“But I can’t do the dishes…”

“Then use magic!”

“James…my water broke.”

“Then fix it with your wand! For God’s sake, are you a witch or not?”


Then it hit James.

“Oh my GOD!” he cried. “We’ve got to get you somewhere…we need a heeler…but we can’t apparate…or use the floo network…or a portkey. How are we going to move?!”

“James, calm down,” said Lily, holding her stomach.

“I’m not going to CALM DOWN! The baby is coming! And we have no way to get out of here. No…wait…we can go on my broom!”

“Are you crazy?” cried Lily, as another contraction hit. “I’m not getting on an effing broomstick!”

She suddenly let out a gasp and he knees buckled.

James caught her before she hit the ground. “What’s wrong? What’s happening?”

She winced and doubled over into the fetal position. “I think,” she gasped. “I’m having…contractions.”

James cradled her head in his arms. “But how are we going to get to St. Mungo’s? Everything is too dangerous for the baby.”

Lily gasped again and squeezed his hand so tightly that they both yelled out in the shared pain.

“Wait,” he managed to gasp. “I know what to do.”

He picked up his laboring wife and cradled her in his arms.

He grabbed his wand and carried Lily out the front door and down the drive.

“James –gasp- we can’t –gasp- walk to –gasp- St. Mungo’s!”

“We’re not going to walk, Dearie.” He stopped when he got to the next house. “We’re going to drive.

He was standing in front of a silver Sedan.

“Are you –gasp- crazy? First of all –gasp- that is not our –gasp- car. Secondly, -gasp- you don’t know –gasp- how to drive –gasp- a muggle car.”

“Oh, it can’t be that difficult. You got the wheel and the brake, and that thing that makes the car go…and that stick in the middle.”

Lily groaned and seized his hand again. “We can’t steal it!”

“We’re just borrowing it. This is an emergency.”

Five minutes later, with Lily safely laid out in the backseat; James started the car with his wand, hoping the owners wouldn’t notice.

That was when he realized that driving a car wasn’t as easy as it looked.

He pressed his foot on the peddle to the far left and the car shot forward with an unexpected lurch until he slammed his other foot on the peddle next to the gas.

“James,” croaked Lily from the back. “Use that stick in, ow, the middle to put, ow, the car in reverse. Ow, only use one foot to drive, your left. And go, ow, slowly until you can cruise in an open space.”

James grabbed the lever and tried to pull it. It wouldn’t budge.

After about his fifth try it finally moved and the car began to inch backwards.

“Hold on Lily,” cried James, moving the shift again and attempting to level out the car. “We’ll be there soon.”

He turned the wheel and they are lurched to the left. He automatically turned it again and righted it.

“James,” moaned Lily. “Stop jerking us around –gasp-. You’re going to kill us all.”

“I’m sorry! But the care moves even when I’m not on the gas. Is that normal?”

“Yes! Hurry up…the contractions are becoming more frequent!”

“Alright,” James pulled the unsteady car onto the highway and found himself in the same lane as an oncoming truck.

He swerved as a swarm of honking met his ears.

“Sorry…sorry,” he yelled. “You okay, Lily?”

“Just dandy,” she croaked.

For the next forty-five minutes James was trying to keep his foot steady on the gas peddle, but the speed of the vehicle wasn’t consistent. That, along with trying to keep the wheels parallels with each other and staying in the given lane, did not result in a very happy Lily.

“James, if we –gasp- don’t get there soon, -gasp- I’m going to give birth –gasp- in the back of this car.”

“We’re still an hour from London! Can you…err…hold it in?”

“It’s a baby, damn it!”

“Alright, alright…just breathe, Lily. I’ll get off at the next exit…”

For the next five minutes James tried to read the signs as he sped by, but also tried to make sure he didn’t hit any of the cars surrounding.

Since it was late the roads were fairly empty, but the darkness did not do well with James’ driving skills.

“How’re you feeling, Li —,”

But Lily’s sharp cry cut him off. She moaned, “Are…we…nearly…. there?”

“Uh…almost, I think.” Just as he spoke a set of red and blue lights started flashing behind him.

“Er…Lily…there’s a car behind me with flashing lights. What do I do?”

Lily managed to lift her head a few inches and see the reflection of the lights.

“James…you have to –gasp- pull over.”

“Are you kidding me? I’m not stopping!”

“But the police officer behind him had his megaphone out now.

“Pull over your motor ve-hicle. If you do not oblige we will use force.”

James swore at the crude muggle tactics and turned the wheel to the left and came to a screeching halt at the side of the road.

“James,” croaked Lily. “Do you realize that we are in a stolen car…-gasp- and you don’t have a license?”

Before he could answer there was someone knocking on his window.

James tried to collect himself before lowering the glass. “Is anything wrong…err…officer?”

“Were you aware that you were traveling ten miles above the speed limit?”

“Sir, my wife is in labor. She’s going to give birth any minute. I need to get to the nearest town.”

The man pointed his flashlight into the back seat and saw Lily lying there, drenched in sweat.

He turned back to James. “I’m going to need to see some registration and ID.”

“But Sir…I need to go. My wife—,”

“You can go as soon as I see some registration and ID,”

“Right.” James rummaged around his pocket and closed his hand over his wand. He whipped it out before the officer could draw his gun. “Confundo!”

The man froze, and then looked dazed. “You may go,” he muttered.

James pocketed his wand and then started the engine up again.

Back on the road, he noticed a sign: Godric’s Hollow — 1 mile.

“Lily…we’re going to Godric’s Hollow.”

He managed to keep the car straight for the last leg of the race and turned off into a quiet village.

He stopped the car when he saw a man at a crosswalk and rolled down the window.

“Excuse me,” he called. “Is there a healer here?”

“A what?” asked the elderly man.

“A doctor,” moaned Lily. “Muggles call them doctors.”

“A doctor,” called James. “Is there a doctor?”

The elderly man gave a toothless smile. “Ah, no, I’m afraid not. Nearest place is London.”

James swore and hit the steering wheel. “Look, my wife is about to give birth…. What can I do?”

The man shrugged. “There’s an empty house up the lane. It’s deserted and unlocked. You can set up camp there.”

James groaned as Lily let out a small cry. “Alright.”

He drove the car onto the dirt road and came to a halt in front of a cozy looking two story house.

He leapt out of the driver’s seat and opened the back door. “Lily, Lily, are you hanging in there?”

“Is a healer coming?” she whispered, putting her arms around his neck as he lifted her up.

“Uh…I’m working on that. Let’s get you inside first.”

He carried her through the front door and found a non-furnished house. He pulled off his cloak and laid in on the floor in the back room. “I’m sorry this is so crude, Lily. Our first baby…it should have been better…I’m sorry—,”

“It’s fine James,” Lily managed to choke out. “It’s actually –gasp- sort of romantic -gasp- in a way.

He grinned. “I’m going to go get a heeler. Don’t move.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

James ran into the front room and pulled out a square cut mirror out of his pocket.

“Sirius! Sirius!” he yelled into it.

There were a few moments pause and then Sirius’ groggy face appeared. “Prongs…do you know what time it is? What’s going on?”

“It’s Lily.”

Sirius yawned. “Look, married couples fight. So what if she kicked you out? She’ll take you back tomorrow. I’ll leave the back door unlocked and you can kip on the couch…”

“Sirius!” James yelled again.

“What?! Fine, if you prefer Remus’ couch…”

Sirius, the baby’s coming!”


“The baby is COMING! I couldn’t use any magical means to transport her because I didn’t want to hurt the baby. So I drove a car—,”

“A muggle car?”

“Yes, a muggle car. But I didn’t make it to London because Lily’s contractions were becoming too frequent.”

“So where are you?”

“We’re in an abandoned house in Godric’s Hollow. I need you to disapparate to St. Mungo’s and get a healer and bring her here. And send messages to Remus and Peter…and bring Emma. HURRY!”

“You’re in an abandoned house in Godric’s Hollow?”


“All right, all right. But after this that kid definitely deserves to be named after me.”

“You’re already godfathering!”

“Fine, fine. I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

He was gone.

James ran back to Lily’s side and took hold of her hand. “A healer’s coming.”

“How?” she whispered and then winced as the contractions hit again.

“Sirius is getting one.”

“You put the fate of our baby in SIRIUS BLACK?”

“He’ll do fine. He’s on his way to St. Mungo’s right now.”

Lily bit her lip and squeezed his hand again.

“Lily, why aren’t you screaming and cursing me out in rage?”

“Because,” she gasped and wrenched his hand. “I’m not…like that.”

“No, you need to let it out. Yell out…”

“No!” she gasped. “I this…without that.”

“Look, Lily. Look at me. You need to let everything out.”

“No I don’t! I’m fine.” She squeezed his hand tighter still.



“You and me Lily. We’re going to scream at the same time.”

“No we’re, ow, not.”


“James, -gasp-, stop it!”



“Yes, do it Lily. Three!”

Together, the two of them both let out screams of anguish and pain. Their voices intertwined and all emotion seemed to rush out and engulfed the air around them.

“Jesus Christ almighty,” came a voice behind them. “You trying to raise the dead?”

It was Emma. She ran in, followed by Remus and Peter, all three were white. A short, squat witch with a healer coat on came stumping in with a bag full of supplies.

The witch pulled out a smoking goblet of potion and attempted to tip it down Lily’s throat.

“No,” the soon to be mother gasped. “I want a natural birth.”

The healer sighed and examined Lily.

“She’s ready to go. She’s ten centimeters and counting. Boys out.” She turned to Emma.

“You can stay.”

“But I’m her husband,” protested James.

“Yeah, but I don’t need the husband to pass out. You look like the queasy type. So get!”

The three boys scampered.

As the door closed behind them they heard Emma speaking soothingly to Lily.

“Where’s Sirius?” asked James.

“He told us to go ahead,” said Peter. “He was talking to someone at St. Mungo’s.”

The minutes inched by and James reused his pacing back and forth across the floor.

“Everything’s going to be fine,” said Remus. “You’re going to have a tiny baby girl soon…”

“When are you going to accept that it’s going to be a boy?” came a voice from the doorway.

Sirius had arrived, his traveling cloak billowing out behind him.

He hopped onto the porch and stopped in the doorway. “Is Emma with her?”

“Yeah,” said James, wringing his hands. “Where have you been?”

Sirius shrugged. “I went to visit my Mum.”

“Visit your m—WHAT? But you haven’t seen her in years!”

“I know. But I needed to.”


“I saw this.” He held up a copy of the evening prophet and turned it over to show the last page: the obituary. There, embedded in black ink, was the name Regulus Black.

“Regulus?” breathed James. “B-But…who…why…how?”

“I don’t know.” Sirius shrugged again. “Mum wasn’t very keen to see me. She went into another one of her screaming fits. But I had to see if it was true. And I deduced that it was. That house elf, Kreacher, was muttering under his breath again. Although, not as much as usual. He was covered in cuts and scrapes. I figure that my mum is so distraught that she’s ordering him to punish himself again…”

“I’m really…sorry. Do they know what happened?”

Sirius shook his head. “Don’t worry ‘bout it. I saw him going downhill form the start. Its’ about time, really.” He tried to smile. “But it’s not a bit deal. We should be celebrating. Little Sirius is on the way!”

James was still worried about his friend, but he couldn’t linger on it, for just at that moment, Lily cried out from the other room.

James jumped up, startled, and then ran forward to the door. It was locked.

“Lily! Lily!” he yelled. “Is she alright?”

“She fine, James,” Emma called back. “Just relax.”

“So,” said Sirius, addressing Peter and Remus. “You guys wanna change your bets to the right answer. I’ll give you one more chance…”

Remus laughed. “In your dreams. I still say it’s a girl.”

Peter grinned and shook his head. He looked at his watch. “It’s midnight exactly. So it’s—,”

He was cut off by the sound of a crying baby.

Everyone froze exactly where he were standing. James’ face drained of all color and then he ran over to the door and began pounding on it like his life depended on it. “Open up!
Are they all right? I want to see my baby! Open this do—,”

The door swung open and Emma stood there, her hair tousled and eyes puffy, but beaming nonetheless. “You have to see it! Your baby’s the most beautiful creature I’ve ever se—,”

But Sirius shoved past all of them and ran forward. He let out a roar of laughter. “I was right! It’s a boy! Moony, in your FACE!”

He turned around, his smile lighting up the entire room. “Cough up guys.”

James smiled weakly. “Really? It’s a boy?”

He walked forward hesitantly, afraid to see what his son looked like.

And there he was.

Lily smiled up at James. She looked exhausted, but she too had a larger than life smile on her face. The baby was in her arms. Its eyes were squinted together and it was shaking its tiny limbs in the air.

As James approached, the baby seemed to sense his father, for he turned his head slightly and took in the image of the tall man with untidy hair and glasses.

James inhaled sharply.

“He knows his father,” said Lily. “You guys have the same nose.”

Father? He…he was a dad? The realization hit him full force. “I’m a dad!”

Sirius came over and draped an arm around James; his pocket rattling from his newly collected gold. “Yeah, ickle Jamesie is a daddy.” He looked proud. “And I’m a Godfather.”

He went back over to join the others as James sat down next to Lily, who was still lying on the wooden floor.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

“Splendid for someone who’s just given birth. That healer lady, Margaret, she gave the baby and me some medicine and filled out a birth certificate. He was born at exactly midnight. So, his birthday is July 31st. And we’re both perfectly healthy.”

He took hold of her hand. “I’m glad.”

“You know what I thought of during labor?” she asked. “I was thinking about Sarah and Nathan…and how they never got to see their child.”

James grimaced. “It’s horrible what happened to them. They didn’t deserve it…”

“So…I was thinking that our baby could be a tribute to them.”


“Remember, they wanted to name their boy, Harry. What do you think?”

James squinted his eyes and looked down at the child in Lily’s arms. “I think he could look like a “Harry”. It’s growing on me. Sounds royal.”

“Harry James…it sounds catchy, don’t you think?”

James grinned. “Can I hold him?”

Lily picked up Harry from where he had been lying on her chest, and placed him carefully in James’ arms. “Make sure to support his head.

James held his newly born son carefully in his arms and walked over to where everyone was standing in conversation.

They fell silent as he approached.

Emma fiddled around in her cloak pocket. “Don’t move. I need a picture of you and the baby. You guys look so much alike!”

James grinned as the flash went off. Nothing could damper his mood. He was a father!

“I’d like to introduce you guys to Harry James Potter.”

“Harry James Potter,” repeated Remus, talking slowly as if to test out the words together.

“It flows really nicely. Good choice. Better than naming him ‘Sirius’.”

“Hey!” cried Sirius.

“You guys need to all gather around Lily. I’ll take a picture.”

All the boys crouched down around the new mother.

Just as the flash went off, James held up the boy that would one day become the most famous wizard in history.


Ah, little Harry has made his appearance. This was so much fun. I hope you guys like it. Now, I have an important assignment. This is something I’ve never done before, so we’ll see how it goes.

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