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Ron and Hermione:It was never going to be easy by Littowitch
Chapter 2 : Ron's Princess
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Ron hurtled down the corridor of St Mungos, so fast he nearly fell twice and knocked a healer into a cupboard.

When he finally reached the reception, he was out of breath.

“I think you need level 4, spell damage looks like a nasty bat bogey hex gone wrong” said the receptionist taking in Ron’s red face and rapid breathing.

“What! No, my wife Hermione Weasley was brought in she’s having our baby”

“Ohh right, em….” Said the receptionist picking up a file and began looking through it.
She then put it down and picked up another file and rifled through that one.

Ginny walked up to her out of breath brother and husband, “Why are you two here come on” she said running as quickly as her legs would let her down the hall behind the desk.

The trio passed several rooms, which either had screaming women or smiling women in them. Finally at the end of the corridor they came across a young woman sitting up in her bed reading the daily prophet.

“Hermione” gasped Ron, running into the room, he went to kiss her on the cheek but she ducked her head away. Ron’s face fell, “Err…so you’re not in any pain right now then?”

“What are you talking about Ronald?”

Harry and Ginny stood at the doorway, James hanging onto his dad.

“Well the labour, does it not hurt? I remember Ginny screaming like a banshee she was”

“Oh no Ron” sighed Harry rubbing his head

“No Ron the labour doesn’t hurt because I had the baby 20 minutes ago, but thank you so much for commenting on my post baby figure” snapped Hermione

“Ohh…sorry Hermione” said Ron, looking at her with a small smile on his face

“You say that far too much Ronald” snapped Hermione, crossing her arms and looking away from him

“Hey Hermione, I got you the salad because I wasn’t sure if you liked fish sticks” said Cormac Mclaggen coming into the hospital room.

“What are you doing here?” spat Ron

“Yeah Mclaggen, it’s not your…”said Ginny, who couldn’t finish her sentence because of a sharp pain in her stomach, “Oww” she gasped grabbing her stomach.

“Wow our kids really love coming when there is lots of things going on, first James at their wedding” said Harry, laughing he grabbed a Healer and showed Ginny to him.

The Potters were then whisked away.

“You still haven’t answered me Mclaggen” said Ron, drawing himself up against Cormac. True Ron was 6’1 but Cormac was even taller standing at 6’5.

“I was with Hermione when she went into labour Weasley, unlike some people” said Cormac, smirking.

“What do you mean with her? Are you sleeping with him?” asked Ron, looking at both of them

“Like I would sleep with someone while I’m pregnant and married to you”

“So why were you with him then?”

“I don’t have to answer that” said Hermione, “I think you should leave Ron”

“No” said Ron, firmly

“I think you better listen to the lady Weasley” said Cormac, cornering Ron at the doorway

“Look I don’t care what both of you think, I will not leave until I see my kid”

“Daughter Ron, your daughter”

Ron’s mouth fell open; he had always wanted a daughter, “Where is she?”

“In the nursery, you can go see her but then I don’t want to see you again today, understood?”

“Perfectly” said Ron, as he left he glowered at Cormac and whispered, “Stay away from her”


“Harry, where’s James?” asked Ginny, sweat dripping from her brow

“It’s okay, George took to your mums”

“Ohh ok, now where is the Healer?”

“Right here Mrs…Potter?” said the Healer coming in the room

Harry couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Malfoy? You’re a Healer?”

“You sound surprised Potter; this is what I have always wanted to do”

“Well I am a bit, your family is rich you don’t need to work”

“I know my family is rich but I love what I do”

“Hey sorry to interrupt catch up hour but I’m having a baby here” said Ginny, glowering at both of them.

“Weird isn’t it Potter, once tried to take your life, now I’m helping your kid into the world” said Draco, smirking

Harry wasn’t sure about Draco and was sure something was up.

“Is there not any other Healers available?” asked Harry

“No there is not Potter, but let me tell you this. You will not find a better Healer in this hospital than me”

“Yeah I’m not too sure about that” said Harry, walking towards the door, “I’ll be right back Ginny”

“Yeah do what you want, while I have your kid”


Harry rushed down the corridor looking for a different Healer when he passed the nursery and saw Ron gazing into it.

“Is that him Ron?” asked Harry, following his gaze to a baby boy.

“What? No we had a girl”

“Well you are looking at a boy” said Harry smiling

“Ohh admiring my son, takes after his dad doesn’t he” said Draco coming up behind them

“What that’s your kid?” asked Ron, “And why are you wearing a Healer coat?”

“Yeah, little Scorpios two months earlier and I’m wearing this Weasel-bee because I AM a Healer” said Draco, “Come on Potter, your wife is almost at 10 centimetres I’d hate for you to miss the birth of your son”

“Son?” asked Harry, “I’m having a boy” a huge grin spread across his face and he and Draco rushed back to Ginny’s room.

Ron looked over the nursery until his eyes fell on a little girl; it was a girl this time because she had a pink blanket wrapped round her. She had shocking red hair and brown eyes. Ron knew instantly that this was going to be his little Princess.

A/N Thank you for reading my newest chapter, hope you enjoyed it please review. Tell me the bits you liked best x

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